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Drinking is evil.  Why do I do this to myself?  At least we followed the rules of the night: 1. No barfing.  2. No crying.  And Ariel got hit on so she was happy though looked totally uncomfortable.  Roppongi is a dive and I don't know why we go there.  They are like miniature, sub-par, over-priced versions of the (straight) clubs in Canada.  Where do all the Japanese people go?  No Roppongi, that much is apparent.  Maybe I'll text Mia (if I still have her contact) and ask her for recommendations for the next time.  I think we should go to Shibuya.  And no heels despite what Ariel says.  No one hits on me regardless of the come-fuck-me heels.

Anyway... I feel like total shit.  My stomach is doing somersaults and my head hurts for more than one reason.  The left joint of my jaw has been bothering me for almost a week now.  It's kind of worrying.  I was told by my dentist to get this night gaurd because I clench and grind my teeth when I sleep aparently and if I didn't curb it I would eventually grind my jaw down into my brain or something.  Whatever the reason, it was not pleasant.  I don't wear it as much as I should but I started again when my jaw started to bug me but it hasn't helped.  It hurts to open my mouth wide and it even bugged me when I was singing at karaoke last night.  Okay, it's really worrying me.  I asked Yvo what she knows about dental here and if the health insurance covers anything and emailed Nikki about when she went to the dentist here for her root canal.  I hope it's not arthritis or anything chronic like that.  I'm only twenty four.  I'm afraid to google because it will probably make me freak out more.  It's not like I can just not use my jaw for a while and rest it, what with the work I do.

Time for some painkillers and maybe a bit of dying.  
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So, people might be wondering about my date.  The first one was okay.  It was a bit stiff which is to be expected when meeting someone for the first time but honestly, it was pretty bland and boring.  And then I had to go meet him again yesterday because I got ahead of myself and invited him out with my friends after going to the museum.  The museum was great but I though it would take a lot longer.  We were done there by 2:30 and weren't meeting Ariel in Shibuya until 7:30.  So... we killed time wandering in Ueno and then Shibuya... and it was just awkward.  I was so bored.  I was mailing Ariel descretely with pained messages.  I felt really bad.  But in the end he saved me and said he wasn't feeling well from lunch and went home early.  I wasn't too bummed, since I am a pessimist and never expect meeting people online to work out.  It's never for me.  Not once. 

So Justin, Ariel and I got some dinner and were joined by Ben and Andrew and then we hit up karaoke.  I hadn't really thought about staying out but I usually do anyway.  We brought our costumes and dressed up in the karaoke room and snuck in our own booze and had a grand old time.  But I drank waaay too much and don't really remember leaving the karaoke place.  I remember getting on the train and waiting for it to move, staring at some girls book because I needed to focus on something because I had the spins.  And then I remember squating on the sidewalk outside Shinjuku station with water but not walking to the club because I was watching the pavement the whole time being lead by Ari.  We got to Ni-Chome and as soon as we got to Arty's I started crying and couldn't stop.  I basically sat in the stairwell crying for what must have been 30 minutes.  And then when I was feeling better, went inside to find the others, went to the bathroom with Ari who almost picked a fight with some bitchy queen who took my water away (because I bought it outside the club).  I don't even know what time it was but I lost people and then Andrew found me and then I sat in the corner and waited for him to find people so we could leave and but they took so long so I went outside to get fresh air... then they found me again and there was talk of curry but Ari and I wanted to go so we cabbed back to her place and crashed.

I woke up no-so-hungover in Ari's nice Roppongi apartment and arranged to meet Andrew in Shinjuku to pick up my phone (which he confiscated from me so I wouldn't do anything stupid last night... as if I could see letters straight in my condition) and when I got there found that my wallet was missing.  I lost my fucking wallet with all my ID, cards, money.  Everything.  I cried some more in the middle of Shinjuku station again with Andrew and Ben trying to call the karaoke place to see if they found it.  No luck.  So we asked the lady at the information booth about the number for taxi company's and apparently (luckily?) there is a central number for all the companies so we filed a report for my wallet with them in case they find it and then reported it missing to the koban.  And then Andrew treated me to lunch.

I've called both banks and gotten all my cards cancelled and new ones reissued.  I got my phone activated to call internationally which I should have done ages ago.  I'm just waiting for RBC to do some security check so that they can mail my cards to me here in Japan and call me back.  Tomorrow I have to go to city hall and get my gaikokujin torokusho reissued and see what I can do about my health insurance card.  I've lost all my membership cards and point cards too which is a fucking pain in the ass.  Mostly for my doctor and hairdresser.   The only point card worth getting back is my Bic one because I actually redeem those points on occasion.  I've got to find out how to contact ICBC and get my driver's license reissued.  It's going to expire next month anyway, but I'll need it to get it renewed when I go back, I think.

I don't remember crying so much in such a short period of time.  I feel a little bit ridiculous.  And kind of anxious.  I have about 1000 in change on me and that's it.  It's going to be a pretty sparse week until my new bank card comes in the mail.  There is a bright side to this, however: I did want to buy a new wallet and now I have to.
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I took a nap I was so tired after getting not much sleep last night this morning between 5 and 10:30am.

I slept for 5 hours.

Shit. That's going to throw my clock all off. Not that it wasn't already. I guess there goes dinner too.

New Kumi video. ♥
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Still in Tokyo from my night out.  No boys.  The place we ended up was called Feria and it was 80% white.  The guys who weren't dry humping their girlfriends were scamming on the Japanese pussy and the white girls were probably still in high school.  I know what it's like to be an expat living overseas.  The music was decent but drinks were 900yen at best.  Lucky I drank before hand.  Ariel came out too in the end which I'm so glad for.  We don't hang out nearly often enough.  She'll be my new wingwoman.  We just have to find a good place to go.  And I can crash at her place in Roppongi. :D  She said she even has guest bedding, even though it's not very comfortable.  Is guest bedding ever comfortable?  But that makes me excited.  I don't even want to think about how much I spent last night since we hopped around 3 bars so it won't be a very frequent occurance but at least I know she's game.

Tomoko is hilarious when she's drunk.  I think we've developed more of a friend-friend than teacher-student relationship.  Fine by me!  She's going to scour her workplace for boys for me.  Haruhisa is kind of a cute name, don't you think?

I'm at Bruno's friend's place where he's dog sitting and I forgot my contacts case so I had to sleep with them in.  Owie.  Not pleasant.  My allergies are acting up too.  Puppy and I don't mix.  He doesn't speak English (only Portuguese and Hebrew O_o) but is friendly enough.  Bruno is still sleeping but I don't want to leave without saying goodbye.  It's nearly 11 so it should be fine to turn on the TV or something.  He can nap later.  God knows I will.  I probably won't get home until 2pm since we'll probably get breakfast/lunch.  There goes any plans to write today.

Well, at least I'm not hungover.  Much.
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I think bugs must be contageous through the internets. Everyone seems to be sick at the moment and now I seem to be coming down with it. Hopefully it's just a sore throat and doesn't blow up into something more. The PTA festival is this weekend and I need to have some energy/sanity for that.

The Ekiden/Welcome party last night was great fun. It was at an izakaya on my side of the station that I may be tempted to go back to; I'll have to look at the prices but they can't be more than Wara Wara or Watami. Thank god I ran into Tamaya-sensei on the way becuase I was totally going to the wrong place. Like a moron, I left the sheet with all the info in my desk at work.

Even though I was sittin between kocho-sensei (principal) and kyoto-sensei (vice-principal) and around non-English speaking teachers, it was good. Yesterday was the 62nd Toukatsu Ekiden (long distance relay) and Toyochu came in 4th place :( but set a personal best! All the teachers went to watch (I wish I had) so everyone got up to say a little something about it and congratulate Kawashima-sensei who was the coach. Even I had to get up and say something! I said that we don't have something like this kind of long distance relay in Canada (which may or may not be true, but definitely not at the jr high school level) and it was really great to see such school spirit because I didn't have that when I was in school. And apologized for my crappy Japanese to which everyone's like, "No, no, it's fine!" Haha. I wasn't nervous or shakey like the last time I had to speak in front of everyone last December when I started there (nor read off a piece of paper) so I guess that's a testiment to how far I've come.

It was a joint welcome party for Shiratori-sensei, and a celebration for Watanabe-sensei who passed some exam. I'm not sure what exam... maybe teacher's exam because he talked about how he learned a lot in the last half-year and looks forward to the rest of it.

Even though I didn't talk much, it was good. I have always really enjoyed listening to people so it worked for me. And it gave me more chance to eat. The food was so yum! Except izakaya fare never fills you up and I was so hungry. That might have contributed to my grossness today.

Afterwards, there was the 二次会 (ni ji kai, after-party) of course (karaoke~ as usual) so I decided to go. I had been wanting to go to karaoke all day and actually thought about going for an hour or so in the afternoon and didn't really want to go all the way down to Shinjuku for 2-3 hours for Ben's birthday party. It would have cost the same, if not more, and they were so flakey. They didn't know what they were going to do after dinner. Anyway, I got to talk to Watanabe-sensei and Shiratori-sensei on the way to Piero. They are the same age as me and actually pretty cool. At least Watanabe-sensei is. He reminds me a lot of the teacher from last year (whose name escapes me now) who went to teach at high school in Tokyo somewhere. His attempts at English were so cute~ And if I remember correctly (through my drunkenness), his first name is Tomo? I should check out the seating chart at school.

My love for Miyoshi-sensei has grown exponentially. He asked me to sing Koda Kumi (Taboo~) and then was telling me that Watanabe-sensei just had his heart broken so it's my chance. XDDD I'm not gonna lie; he's a looker. He even asked me if I wanted to get married to a Japanese guy and what's my type. XD I think I was getting a bit flirty but I was definitely getting touchy with him. I just hope it wasn't too obvious to everyone else. Whatever. I'm not gonna make moves although maybe I should try and get the younger teachers together and have more outings. I said to Imai-sensei before, Japanese guys are shy so I don't think anything is gonna happen even if he is interested. Her reply was "They are shy, but they are waiting". Yeah, well. So am I. I also sang Moon Crying and Jun said to me, "I didn't know you had such a cute voice." O_o Okay. Despite it being so high, I can really sing that song well.

Needless to say, I think I have a new crush.♥

I have good memories of last night at least~ I don't feel so great this morning; I could feel a sore throat coming on at dinner last night and it was pretty fullblown when I got home and my drunk wore off. I'm feeling a bit nauseous and that is definitely from the booze; I didn't drink enough water before I went to bed.

Why in the name of all that is shiny am I awake at 8am on a Sunday? The retard who's moving out put an alarm clock in the trash and it was beeping right outside my window. Whatever. I'll watch D no Arashi and then nap later. Though it should and kind of does tempt me to get some cleaning done around here. Only a little.
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And that is an indication of a good night in my books.  I did have fun.  I love festivals.  Even if we just ended up standing around in the middle of the road like obnoxious gaijin but it was great.  Met 2 of Masa's high school friends who are also Amanda's private students, ran into Masa for like 2 minutes before he buggered off again, saw all the old Nova folks and met some new people, good times.  I should have eaten more.  All I ate was some takoyaki, yakitori and some corn bread from 7-11.  And a shitton of beer.  I almost wish I had stayed but I know that Nikki and Amanda don't even have AC and even with fans, I'm sure it would be fucking unpleasant, especially with the amount of people who were going back there.  It was for the best that I went back on the last train. 

It's official: nothing more to happen with Stephen.  That was made plainly obvious in my drunken state.  Pretty much from the get go.  When everyone assembled and we were walking to the festival we hardly even talked and then when we got there, I didn't talk to him at all.  I mean, he's a big boy and can take care of himself so he shouldn't need me to hold his hand but I did feel just a little bit bad when he left and it was like, "Oh right, you're here".  I would rather talk to Masa's hot friends instead.  Who, of-fucking-course, have girlfriends.  Well, that didn't seem to hinder Vicky from dragging Yuji off somewhere and probably shoving her hand down his pants. 

Woke up irked about some BNF business that really has nothing to do with me but pissed me off anyway.  Ranted to Starr and now I feel better.  I should write some fic this morning since I have no other plans but we'll how the morning unfolds.  I'm hungry but have no food, of course, so that requires a konbini trip which might be beyond me at this moment.  I have the urge to shop but I shouldn't.  Although now that I didn't hit for Arashi stadium tickets, I get 12,000 yen back so I could shop.  I am hunting for green cons at the moment.  I should go see if the Kashiwa branch of ABC mart has them in my size.  And maybe I'll go to Uniqlo or 306 House and see if there is anything on sale.  Maybe a new t-shirt or something, since I need to purge my drawers of my old ones that are ratty and gross now. 

Need to finalize travel plans today since we leave in 2 weeks.  I wonder if Justin is free? 

Downloading some old GRA episodes - miso soup and figure skating!  The good ones that I missed out on somehow. 
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I don't feel disgusting today, just hungry.  I woke up around 9 again on my own, which is a good thing I guess.  My internal clock is fixed but I really want hoping to sleep in more.  Oh well.  I'm up, I'm showered, I rearranged and cleaned to make room for my new washing machine.  I'm just waiting for Yuji's call.  What am I going to do after that?  I need food, so a grocery shop is in order.  I need to return this Heroes DVD and might rent the second one.  It's another blah overcast day.  Benben and Andrew are going to a gay picnic in Yoyogi and asked me to go but I can't be bothered going that far, bottom line.  And I don't feel like drinking two days in a row.  I'm turning into such a fucking old lady. 

Last night was good.  We bailed early, unintentionally.  I hate nothing more than disorganization.  I'm down for "party starts a XXpm, come whenever) but when it's like 5 hours after the appointed start time... It really irks me whenever they plan something because it just turns into a huge mess and there is no real plan.  Bryan and Richard and Co showed up around 8 or so but we were hungry so Andrew, Justin, Ben and I went to get food and then left after that.  The plan was karaoke but "later".  When later?  Who knows.  I bet they didn't go, or went around midnight or something equally ridiculously late.  I guess I am rather OCD and need to be on a schedule (unless it's me who's making the fucked up schedule).  But I'm glad I went home; I finished watching America's Best Dance Crew and wrote a paragraph for [profile] sanctified_x's fic and slept before midnight.  I'm hungry but the only thing I have to make is spaghetti or miso soup.  And then it will really just be miso and seaweed.  Mmm maybe I'll make some udon.  Miso udon.  YUM.  Not exactly breakfast, but whatever.  I have veg to use before it goes funky or liquifies. 

Goal for the day: Finish fic.  I'm such a tease.  >:D  I know exactly where it's going, I just have to sit down and do it.  I love when that happens.

EDIT: Okay, so I went for pasta.  It was actually really good except for the severe lack of garlic.  I'm going to make a note of what I did here, because I never seem to make the same pasta sauce twice.
    Spaghetti, cooked as per package directions
    1 onion, sliced
    2 small carrots, sliced in half-moons
    ~1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
    1 12oz can whole peeled tomotoes, mashed
    1 8oz can tomato juice
    ~ 4 tbsp Ketchup
    ~1 tbsp Sugar (brown)
    ~1 tsp Cayenne pepper
    ~1 tbsp Lemon juice
    Chili oil
    Olive oil

I don't measure things when I make spaghetti so no precise measurements for you.  I just throw it in the pot and then taste it to see what I think it needs.  It's the first time I put lemon juice in and I'm surprised!  It added a nice bite.  It would have been better with some pepperoni or something smokey in but I can overlook that.  I need the veg anyway.  But it needed about 3 huge cloves of grated garlic.  Then it would have been perfect.  Next time.

STILL WAITING FOR YUJI.  WHAT THE FUCKKKK.  Lucky for him I didn't have any plans today.  But I want to get it installed and do some fucking laundry. 

I am also starting to notice that the soreness in my arms from failing at round-offs is making typing very, very tiring.  :/
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It's 8:13am.  Why is the name of all that is holy and good in this world am I awake?

Oh, that's right.  Because Shinya, who can't hold his alcohol to save his life and drinks so much that he becomes a pseudo-straight emotionally dependent child, crawled into MY bed at 6-goddamn-o'clock this morning and started snoring in my ear.  I pushed, I poked, I shook, I fucking yelled at him in my best stage whisper to roll over or SOMETHING to SHUT THE FUCK UP but to no avail.  I physically rotated this man myself and he didn't wake up.  Either he was still drunk as, or he sleeps like the dead.  If I did wake him up, I don't feel bad because it wasn't so pleasant having a cold body (I guess he didn't share so well with Benben) crawl into my warm coccoon and shock me awake. 

Wow, did that sound bitchy?

Maybe.  Just a little.

My well of writing-desire seems to have dried up.  Well, the desire is there, the motivation is not.  Despite all the wonderful comments, it doesn't bring me to write anything.  I want to write some of these prompts that I've had for weeks now, but nothing comes when I want to start.  Honooko posted a new chapter so I'm going to read that this morning and maybe it'll inspire me with something.  I'm going to work on a few more songs too until I'm tired and then take a nap.  It's a disgusting wet day so I can't do laundry even if I wanted to.  I could clean but I don't want to.  I really don't want to do anything.  I'll translate a bit, watch some of these shows that are queued up on my computer and sleep. 

That sounds like a great idea.

Less groggy/cranky update about the pimpin' karaoke bar we went to last night later. 
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It's been a strange day.  My hangover caught up with me finally and I've been feeling groggy and gross all afternoon.  I managed to get laundry done, moved my books and made room for a toaster oven (if I ever get around to buying one) and did some light cleaning.  I'm even thinking about cleaning my tub as I take a shower, and it's 9:20pm.  I took a look at all the pictures from last night and... my god.  There are some winners.  I don't think I've been that drunk in a while.  It rivals our retardedness in Narita, that's for sure.  I uploaded a bunch to Photobucket, if you dare.  I haven't gotten around to labeling all the pictures as such yet, but you don't really need to know/care who these drunken fools are, anyway.

I still hate that I have a fat face, but I love the stupid expressions I made. :D

The housewarming was awesome.  I met up with Andrew, Ben and Ben's friend visiting from NZ, Errol in Shinjuku after my laser appointment in Hiroo.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  Didn't hurt much at all.  Defintely not as much as either of my tattoos.  The doctor said you need a minimum of 3 sessions so we'll see how we go.  I'm going to book my next one in a month's time.  It wasn't as expensive as I had anticipated, which is a bonus.  But I'm getting money back from taxes in both Japan and Canada so that'll cover me for the first few visits.  I just hope this works... I don't see any difference yet.  It's reasonably expensive and there is some degree of pain involved, so I hope I'm not wasting my time/money.  Although it wouldn't be the first time... *ahem*Chiropractor*ahem.  Walked from Shinjuku through Korea Town (checking out some Korean idol shops on the way) to Takadanobaba.  The weather was fantastic, but I wasn't wearing walking shoes so I was hurting by the time we got to Takadanobaba.  Ben made curry and we watched Sailor Moon.  And then started drinking...  We had a fair party at one point!  I think there were 10 people there at the most... Dan bailed and went to stay with his sister at her hotel.  Ben had a "guest" and the rest of us (8 people) crammed into Ben's 4.5 tatami mat room.  There was no room to move at all.  Shinya, Errol and Ariel ended up moving into the living room but no one had a decent sleep (except for Andrew and Andrea, those fuckers who had a whole futon to themselves).  Hit up Jonathan's in the morning for breakfast, laughed at all the hungover (or still drunk) Waseda students and then came home.  Good times.

I started writing an emo fic tonight that has been kicking around my head.  It's hard.  I don't know how people write angst!  It's draining.  And makes me depressed.  It's a really good idea (I think so, at least) and it's a new genre for me, so I wanted to give it a shot.  I don't want to break up my favourite couple!  But those are the only two I think could make it work.  I can't really think of another pairing that would pull it off in a believable way.  It's definitely a short piece... I can't draw it out that much.  And you can only read so much angst before you say "Just cut yourself already and get it over with".  I really want to write something that makes people cry.  That would be talent.  I'd like to finish something tonight but I don't know if I've got enough energy physically or emotionally to do it.  I might have to put it on the back burner until tomorrow or Tuesday.

Tomorrow is the closing ceremony for the school year.  No lessons, just an assembaly and then some performances.  The dance club or group are doing a performance which I am looking forward to.  I'm going to bring my camera and take some pictures of the school because mom was asking.  I should be done around 12:30pm, just like every other short day.  There is no school lunch and they didn't tell me to bring one.  Maybe I'll head out to Saitama and visit Justin in Kawaguchi afterwards.
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Just got home from Andrew's place.  Don't know how much I slept because 8 people were crammed into a 4.5 tatami mat room.  Don't know when I fell asleep, but woke up at 7:30ish.  Now my hangover has caught up to me and I have to tackle laundry today.  At least I'm having a stroke of good karma and the weather is spectacular again today.  It reminds me of Vancouver... those gorgeous warm spring days of eating Honour Roll sushi on the Grassy Knoll people watching with my favourite homos.  Good times.  Maybe a more (or less) coherent update to follow after I get my clothes washed and hung.  I need to download the pictures from last night and put some on Facebook.  I have an idea for an emo fic that I've been wanting to flesh out for a while.  Emo is hard and it makes me depressed.  I think the workers at the konbini hate me because I clean out their 100 yen coins every weekend to do laundry.  I probably could have bought my own machine by now.  I should definitely look into that... but where would I put my suitcase?  Dilema.

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