Jan. 25th, 2009

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So, people might be wondering about my date.  The first one was okay.  It was a bit stiff which is to be expected when meeting someone for the first time but honestly, it was pretty bland and boring.  And then I had to go meet him again yesterday because I got ahead of myself and invited him out with my friends after going to the museum.  The museum was great but I though it would take a lot longer.  We were done there by 2:30 and weren't meeting Ariel in Shibuya until 7:30.  So... we killed time wandering in Ueno and then Shibuya... and it was just awkward.  I was so bored.  I was mailing Ariel descretely with pained messages.  I felt really bad.  But in the end he saved me and said he wasn't feeling well from lunch and went home early.  I wasn't too bummed, since I am a pessimist and never expect meeting people online to work out.  It's never for me.  Not once. 

So Justin, Ariel and I got some dinner and were joined by Ben and Andrew and then we hit up karaoke.  I hadn't really thought about staying out but I usually do anyway.  We brought our costumes and dressed up in the karaoke room and snuck in our own booze and had a grand old time.  But I drank waaay too much and don't really remember leaving the karaoke place.  I remember getting on the train and waiting for it to move, staring at some girls book because I needed to focus on something because I had the spins.  And then I remember squating on the sidewalk outside Shinjuku station with water but not walking to the club because I was watching the pavement the whole time being lead by Ari.  We got to Ni-Chome and as soon as we got to Arty's I started crying and couldn't stop.  I basically sat in the stairwell crying for what must have been 30 minutes.  And then when I was feeling better, went inside to find the others, went to the bathroom with Ari who almost picked a fight with some bitchy queen who took my water away (because I bought it outside the club).  I don't even know what time it was but I lost people and then Andrew found me and then I sat in the corner and waited for him to find people so we could leave and but they took so long so I went outside to get fresh air... then they found me again and there was talk of curry but Ari and I wanted to go so we cabbed back to her place and crashed.

I woke up no-so-hungover in Ari's nice Roppongi apartment and arranged to meet Andrew in Shinjuku to pick up my phone (which he confiscated from me so I wouldn't do anything stupid last night... as if I could see letters straight in my condition) and when I got there found that my wallet was missing.  I lost my fucking wallet with all my ID, cards, money.  Everything.  I cried some more in the middle of Shinjuku station again with Andrew and Ben trying to call the karaoke place to see if they found it.  No luck.  So we asked the lady at the information booth about the number for taxi company's and apparently (luckily?) there is a central number for all the companies so we filed a report for my wallet with them in case they find it and then reported it missing to the koban.  And then Andrew treated me to lunch.

I've called both banks and gotten all my cards cancelled and new ones reissued.  I got my phone activated to call internationally which I should have done ages ago.  I'm just waiting for RBC to do some security check so that they can mail my cards to me here in Japan and call me back.  Tomorrow I have to go to city hall and get my gaikokujin torokusho reissued and see what I can do about my health insurance card.  I've lost all my membership cards and point cards too which is a fucking pain in the ass.  Mostly for my doctor and hairdresser.   The only point card worth getting back is my Bic one because I actually redeem those points on occasion.  I've got to find out how to contact ICBC and get my driver's license reissued.  It's going to expire next month anyway, but I'll need it to get it renewed when I go back, I think.

I don't remember crying so much in such a short period of time.  I feel a little bit ridiculous.  And kind of anxious.  I have about 1000 in change on me and that's it.  It's going to be a pretty sparse week until my new bank card comes in the mail.  There is a bright side to this, however: I did want to buy a new wallet and now I have to.
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There was a cat fight outside my door.  Physical and very loud and violent.  They hit my door and were scratching and hissing at each other.  There is blood and fur and ... cat outside my door.  I'm afraid to even go out and look at what else they left behind.  I hope I don't walk out onto a dead kitty tomorrow morning.
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That Nino graduated from high school.  I swear that wasn't on the Japanese wikipedia before.  He went to a private high school in Sumida-ku.  That kind of makes me love him more because... I think everyone should finish high school.  I will always look down on my brother because he didn't and I know he could have.

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