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Oooohhh the story's gotten deeper! All the links are slowly being made. Sho flailed a lot this episode but did it really well. I wonder if he'll be nominated for any awards for The Quiz Show. Next week is the final episode. Only 8? I can't believe it's so short. But I guess it was like Ota Oni; you can only push the story so far without any useless filler.

I already told Blake that I was a "maybe" for their 80s party next week. This is another reason for me to want to stay home. XD Oh, that's bad. Staying home to watch TV rather than going out with my friends... I will still stand behind the monetary excuse and be responsible. No one else is going to be responsible for my money but me.

I'm finally burning things off my xHD onto DVD. It's slow, tedious work. I'm going to have to trim a few things to get them to fit onto one single DVD. I don't really need to watch the opening credits of Ouran Host Club 26 times.

My writing muscle is still broken. :(

I made fantastic shouga yaki tonight for dinner. I will post the recipe later. I took the picture after I cut it all up so I get an F for presentation but whatever.
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I finished the last of my chai spice and it was the best batch ever. I'm attempting to make chai mushi pan with a modified recipe (the first one I tried which was a big fat failure) and we'll see how we go. The first ones are in the steamer now. :3 The last time they didn't rise and were really not good tasting which I think might have been because I didn't measure out the dry ingredients exactly. The recipe calls for 3:1 regular flour to strong flour but I have weak and strong. I didn't think the difference was that big but maybe it is. The consistancy seemed good this time so maybe it will work. I only used half the amount of sugar called for since the chai was sweet, and no soy sauce because... that just sounds gross.

It looks like Bito's going to take the fall for the school thing, according to episode 2. And only because these fucking cops have a grudge? deep buried mancrush? for him. I don't really get why he doesn't like to be touched--so what, the first girl you had a crush on kept saying you were dirty. You haven't touched anyone since then? Maybe he was abused or something. I think that might be asking for too much, even from TBS. And I don't really get why Hana is so enamoured with him. Chalk it up to her being 18, I guess. We'll see what develops tonight.
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I'm finally downloading it.  I can't remember who subbed it but there are softsubs on D-addicts and all the episodes ripped from the DVDs there all in one file.  It's going to take an entire day to download with only 2 seeds though. :/  I always find torrents much faster than MU or even MF since they don't interrupt other things and run in the background and it's like a surprise when the little bubble pops up saying "I'm done!"  Although, I don't think that's going to be the case in this situation...

I think it was Lydia or Jenny who raved about Yasashii Jikan but I forgot about it until recently, since reading that Nino has apparently admitted to his (4 year long!) relationship with Nagasawa Masami.  I sent off a list of things for Chris to download and watch and there were 3 Nino dramas on the list and that made me think of it too.  I've only heard good things about it so I am excited.  I'm still waiting for the rest of Kami no Shizuku (2 episodes) and Rescue (3 episodes) to be released before I'm done with those, and I'm watching Smile and The Quiz Show, of course.  There aren't any other dramas I've heard of that catch my interest this season.

Ahh!  I should have told Chris about Love Shuffle.  Oh well, that'll be in the next batch.  XD  Ah, I didn't even think to check the health of the seeds for anything I sent him on D-addicts.  It's been a while since IWGP and HYD came out.  
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For tackling some English dialogue in the first episode but it really did make me die inside. Just a little bit. His Rs need a lot of work.

All I could look at during his close-ups was the blemish they tried to cover up with make up. XD He's human like the rest of us, after all!

I love the homoerotic under(over?)tones at the ending.

I vaguely remember Yokoyama from Haikei Chichiue-sama with Nino but I love him in this show. Both of them put on really great performances. I just hope this bodes well for the rest of the series!
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I'm watching Tokyo Friend Park with the cast of Smile. It's interesting? strange? that it's Jun and two of the supporting cast members rather than Nakai Kiichi and Aragaki Yui. It's the chick who plays the lawyer, Koike Eiko, and Katsumura Masanobu, whose role I don't know. They are doing the soba run game this time and they even have a wind machine to blow Matsujun's mane. He looks good on a scooter though. ;)

The first episode of Smile is subbed. It's going to take 2 hours to download. I wonder if they will do torrents. They've transliterated Matsujun's character as "Vito". I'm sure that's what his mom intended by naming him after some European guy but there is no V in the Japanese language. If it was supposed to be Vito, it would be ヴィト not ビト. That's just me being picky.
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I'm at work for 1 day and I have to skip 40 entries? Jesus. And it's like the same person cross-posting on 3 different communities. Fuck.

Work was entertaining. Kaneko found a lock for the latop (I knew there had to be one because it was locked up when I first arrived) so it's staying on my desk. :D Teaching with Imai-sensei was great fun. I'm really surprised how good all these kids are. I'll be sad I won't get to see them through to the end of 3rd year. Napped after school. Totally wasn't intentional! I hope I'm not fucked tonight (anymore than I already am).

What to do about dinner... I have left over curry but don't want to eat it. Or raisin rolls and cream cheese but that's more of a breakfast/late nite snack thing. I don't want conbini dinner again~ どうしよ~? Maybe I just have to suck it up.

I got in contact with Nelson. :D I need to write him an epic email.

Last night's Shukudai-kun looks kind of 微妙. No one is raving so I obviously didn't miss much. I'm still going to download it though, once Door to Door is finished.
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Justin's got a sudden lunch date so I'm on my own for shopping. But that means I can stay close to home and go to Ootakanomori instead of trekking out to Koshigaya. Not as big but really, that mall is too big. I am going to make a day of it and go take in a movie tonight too. Yatterman is still playing but only twice a day and no late show. I don't want to pay 1,800 for it, even if it is that good. If it's still in theatres next week, I could go on Wednesday. But I think I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it for 350. Slumdog Millionaire just opened so I think I'll go watch that. Or Twilight, even though I know that's a renter. I asked Ariel if she wants to come but she'll probably say no.

I think I am going to end up missing The Quiz Show a lot. I usually am out Saturday nights. And I don't have TiVo or something to record it. I guess I'll just be downloading it. Smile was more interesting than I thought it would be, surprisingly. When they say, "It's a human love story," that doesn't really tell you anything at all, and what the hell is a "human love story" anyway? I will be interested to see how things develop. I loved Shun's 3 lines. LOL

Now that I don't have to meet anyone, I can have a "my pace" kind of day. I just woke up (after having a really weird dream and about shopping for bras and then having the store run over with roaches and they wouldn't get out of my shoes) and if I'm going to have to stick around until 8.50 for the movie, I don't have to go mid-afternoon. I can do my shopping, get coffee and then get dinner. Bonus: I can watch more Entourage before I have to leave. :D
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It's only been 8 minutes of Door to Door and I feel like crying already. I don't know if it's because of the content or just because it's Nino. It's already hard to watch. Haha. I almost feel like I'm cheating him by watching it without subtitles because I won't (already don't) understand everything being said. I'll watch it again later, when it's subbed, since it will probably been another month or something, I bet. I'll need a refresher by then anyway.

I needed a break from Korean Hanadan. I'm on episode 9 now and it's dragging on so slow. Either the Japanese version cut a whole lot from the manga, or the Koreans have gone off on a completely seperate story line. That's what makes me want to read the manga--to see what Kamio Yoko originally wrote and intended.
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I slept for 12 hours last night and I could nap right now.  How fucked up is that?  And I have a headache.

Got my laundry done but I'm still not unpacked.  I was going to go up to Iwatsuki today but my laziness prevailed.  It's supposed to be nice tomrorow so I'll get off my ass and go in the morning.  I hope there are still some sakura left on the trees.  I should try and get to bed at a reasonable time tonight too since Himitsu is being preempted again.

I finished Mei-chan last night; I smell an SP.  I'm going to watch Voice 10 tonight and more Korean HanaDan.  It's so addictive!  I'm still waiting for more Love Shuffle, Kami no Shizuku and Rescue.  Why the hell are those taking so long? 

It's really wrong how much I love this commerical:

I've watched it about 5 times today.  Ba ba ba ba ba ba~ Yagi!

I've still got this stupid cough and weird voice that I developed in Korea.  Maybe I should make a trip to the doctor, although I'm sure he's already seen enough of me this year.  I'm trying to stay away from dairy for a while and see if that helps, even though I'm craving some yogurt right now.  Gotta get well for my karaoke date with Sho-kun soon!  I should mail him and make a plan since he has to start work again before I do.  I need to meet up with people and give away this freaking kimchi that is taking over my fridge.
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I am currently watching 3 shows and they are all awesome and just started Love Shuffle. I'm strongly attracted to all the male leads, even Daigo and the nerdy shrink. Especially O-chan. It's the hair and the (squinty) eyes. Ughkdfj. And Karina! ♥ I love your fucked up head.

I've got new episodes of Mei-chan and Voice (soon to be two once the SD version comes out for 6) to watch this weekend. And I should probably watch My So-Called Love too so I can delete it. And The Witch of the West is Dead (or whatever it's called).

I am meeting at boy on Saturday~ He gets big points for actually calling me to apologize to say he couldn't meet tomorrow, how about the day after? Who does that anymore! He's got some sudden government baito. It was kind of an awkward conversation since I didn't know what I wanted to do, I just left it up to him. I'm sure it'll be fun. :)

Tomorrow is graduation! I actually need to get up on time so I can shower and do my ladies' things in the morning. Don't forget the camera!
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I hate redoing links.  It's fucking annoying.  I know that if/when I change the layout again, I'll probably scrap the frames and then I'll have to go back and take out all the target="_top" things again.  Ugh.  Why do I do this?  Cuz I'm a masochist.

Kenta's gf pisses me off.  I don't get why she cries all the time.  She doesn't want to be with him anyway!  Ugh.  I totally want him and Manabe producer to hook up. XD

Back to fixing these links... then I'll turn in.  Maybe before 1am.  The J:COM people are supposed to come between 1-3pm so that means I can sleep in at least.

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Don't go buying bread products after work because then I won't be hungry until 9pm and then won't feel like cooking (though I managed to make the strangest ramen/noodle thing from whatever I had in my fridge: yakisoba noodles, shoyu nabe tsuyu, momen tofu, cha xiu, tomatos?).  I am in love with Nagase.  I would marry that man.  Shove off Aibu whatsherface.  You're not hardcore enough for him.  And I need to make a point of watching Domoto Kyodai too.  Sunday nights?  I think that's when it's on.  

I haven't gotten around to rewatching Marathon yet... but I did see the news clip for Door to Door.  I'm really looking forward to this special.  I wonder how long it will take to be subbed.  Stormy is probably doing it and how long did they take to do Marathon?  Ugfkjgfs.  

It's Ariel's birthday tomorrow.  Justin and I are going over and we're going to cook dinner and watch Mean Girls. :D  I don't know what I'm going to do for mine... if anything.  It's on a Thursday and I think my liver could use a rest still from my last drinking experience.  The only good thing about that night is that I didn't barf. 

I don't even know when Andrew and Ben are getting back from Cambodia.  I think next week sometime.  Asshole didn't even text me to say they were leaving. 

I should join Justin on his Sexy Body diet.  Ideally, I'd like to go back to Canada 10lbs (or 10kg?) lighter and have everyone be like "Wow! You're so hot now!"  Or something.  But I love carbo-loading.

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Nino drama special info: It's called Door to Door~僕は脳性まひのトップセールスマン ("I'm the top salesman with cerebral palsy") airing March 29th (I believe).  From TBS:
Remembered for his excellent performance in "Ryuusei no Kizuna", Ninomiya Kazunari's new lead role will be in the final chapter of the moving drama trilogy.  Ninomiya was awarded the 15th Hashida Prize for his performance in the first installment, "Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekita Kana" (aired 22/03/2006).  For the second installment, "Marathon" (aired 20/09/2007), he won the monthly Individual Galaxy Prize (September) among others, as well as winning the Individual Broadcast Prize for the first time as an actor at the Heisei 19 Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival in the television category.  The series finale will be the an adaptation of the story of the life of a man named Bill Potter from northwestern America, who was an active salesman while embracing the obstacle of being born with cerebral palsy.

Because of cerebral palsy, his hands and feet are more or less paralized and he can't speak well.  Even though everyone said it would be impossible for him to work, he never gave up.  Even though people said "Don't come again," and turned him away, he was never discouraged.  If they said no, he would think of a better way to propose things.  Before long, he will open the doors of everyone's heart with his bright, honest, positive and warm character.  Showing that "Every person's life has many troubles", this is the moving story of one man's earnestness that will soak into your heart.

Ninomiya Kazunari
Though this is the third work I've made with this staff, it's become like a lifework.  I can't say anything about the director other than that they are really unique, and I'm happy to have been blessed with these costars.  I've been asked, "Isn't a role of someone with cerebral palsy difficult?" but that's not the case at all.  I'm capturing cerebral palsy as one "individuality".  Of course there are also parts that give me a hard time, but that's the role of a boy who will continue living. Society might think it's a handicap but I act without thinking it is one.  I came to think merely over-beautifying isn't good;  I want to let people learn through this work what cerebral palsy is while at the same time thinking of how I should portray it's "individuality".


Jan. 23rd, 2009 09:08 pm
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I ate too much dinner now my stomach hurts and I'm bloated.

I finally exchanged that frame I bought for one that fits my Shichi Fukujin picture though it took me fucking 10 minutes to find one because the paper isn't a standard size at all.  But it works and you can hardly see the 1cm gap on either side between the edge of the paper and the mat.  It's hanging in my kitchen now. :D

And I bought a new camera.  There goes 25,000 yen!  But it was 15% more (or something) points and if I didn't buy it now, I never would.  I'm happy (though sad about the money).  I should throw up an add on Craigslist to see if I can sell my old on for a few bucks.  Would you pay 100$ for a model from 2 years ago that's in good condition?  With an extra battery!  Or is that asking too much?  Hm.

The meeting was kind of stupid but not completely useless.  I already know about the new textbook next year but we got to see the fancy digital version and really cool hardware to play with it.  Interactive!  But it really wasn't anything I didn't already know.  But only an hour and not as painful as the last time Tatsuya talked to us.  I noticed that on the entire staff of ALTs at IES, there are only 3 women (probably soon to be 2 because one is preggers).  Wow.  I wonder if that's indicitive of the field in general or just conincidental.

Finished watching Bloody Monday and dfkjdfdd.  I totally didn't anticipate that ending!  I'm not a fan of such unresolved endings that obviously lead to a possible sequel but this was okay.  I'm glad Otoya was safe in the end (even if he only got like 1 line in the finale episode).  :D  I really, really enjoyed this drama.  So many twists that I did not expect and really great acting.  I will recommend this to anyone looking for something good to watch.  Not to mention the hotness. X3

I'm going to try and write

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I napped for two hours semi-unintentially before UtaOni.  I'm going to enjoy this show.  I understand about 75% of the dialogue but it's not crazy technical medical/lawyer lingo and they don't talk a mile a minute either.  And the theme song fits the drama for once.  It's totally not Satoshi-like as far as solos go but he's not "Ohno Satoshi" singing it so I guess it doesn't matter.  So much for wanting to translate his mail since I've seen at least 2 other people do it.  It was strange that I was the only (I think?) who did his Maou mail.  I am scared to think of my flist tomorrow; it's going to be like UtaOni shat all over the internet.  Well, I guess it's fair since we haven't heard much from it in terms of promotions before now.

There's a show on TV about being a train driver on the Joban line on the special service train. O_o  Random.  LOL  It's strange to hear them talking about Kashiwa on TV.  Oh it was just that one part. 

Anyway.  I'm going to enjoy this show.  And I've caught a couple other dramas that I am going to enjoy watching.  I just really hope that they will be subbed!  But they've got some hot ikemen in them so I'm sure they will.

Posted Chapter Ten. :)  And embedded a counter in the page because I'm curious.  I wonder what kind of results I'm going to get.  Anyway.  It's done and I can concentrate on my kanji study for the next two weeks. 

I'm meeting Leigh tomorrow for lunch/coffee.  She picked up me up some more Oil of Olay at the base in Aomori.  I got her some omiyage from Hiroshima too.  I wonder if I'll be able to get to sleep again easily.

I suddenly want to write Will Smith and KAT-TUN fic.  It really struck me how expressive Will is.  He (probably) figures they don't speak English--hence the translator--except for Jin.  I don't know if that was the reason or if he's like that normally but he talks with his hands and gestures to emphasize his meaning.  It was really good.  It makes me want to rent Hancock even though I heard it was crap.  I always enjoy Will Smith movies.
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I'm watching Hanadan F now but the soft subs' timing is all kinds of fucked up. They are like 3-4 seconds too fast so I have to read ahead and try and match them up to the dialogue. It's fucking tiring man, and is kind of giving me a headache. But there aren't any other versions. There are some mistakes and not all the lines are translated, I think. Or maybe that's just the problem with soft subs. I don't know. I don't know why they don't just include English subs on the DVDs. Seriously. When they export them to HK or TW, they'll have Chinese subs. Why not English? Retards.

The shirt idea bombed. It doesn't look good. I'm not just being hard on myself. I half-assed it so I shouldn't really be surprised. But I can't give it as a present. I have to go shopping tomorrow before heading over to Andrew's place. I wonder what I'll get him now. Talk about leaving it to the last minute.
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I missed the first 20 minutes of Ryuusei... so I didn't get any build up as to who the killer was.  I didn't even consider that person until Sachiyo told me her guess.  I was completely wrong.  Sigh... can't wait to see the final subbed so I can get all the nuances and the whole story.  I still have to watch 9 again.  Nino is still pretty when he cries.  What a good job!
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My money is on the wife.  Who else could it be?

Unless it's George.

Can't wait!  What a nice way to end the term.  But I'm sad that it's over after only 10 episodes.  Maybe they'll do an SP?  Though I hope to god it's not as fucking obvious as Maou was.  Jesus.

It's definitely a cold coming on.  I'm trying to pump myself full of water and lemon juice; hopefully that does something.  I'm not sleepy now thanks to my 2 hour nap earlier today.
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Translated the Nikkan Sports press release:

Ohno Satoshi in the comedy, "Uta no onii-san"

Popular group Arashi's leader, Ohno Satoshi (28), will take on the challenge of a singing guy role, it was announced on the 7th. He will play the lead in TV Asahi's serial drama "Uta no Onii-san" (next January 16th start, 11:15).

Songs and dance, Ohno has gotten high praises for showing his acting sense on the stage, and he was in the limelight for the lead role in his serial drama "Maou".  It was a difficult role as the "defender of the weak" lawyer who, on the other hand, killed people for revenge.

The producer of this new drama, Kawanishi Taku(?), said on the casting, "Amidst the few lines of "Maou", Ohno's acting with his subtle facial expressions was the highlight. This time as well, I want him to show the breadth of his skill."

The story is a comedy of a man who, by some strange chance, becomes an uta no onii-san on a children's program, his struggles and growth. Along with his acting power, Ohno's personality supported his being chosen for the role. His characteristic pokerface with little emotion. It's a joke amongst the member's of Arashi to call him "old man" and he is known for his gentle personality. Being the high tension image singing guy from start to finish is quite far cry from the guy who, after all, has said, "I don't like kids that much." Producer Kawanishi said, "From the start, it's a story who's protagonist is a helpless singing guy struggling. It's shocking to see the character feeling forced and made to do something."

Without delay, Ohno was in a photoshoot with his uta no onii-san look. "This costume is really flashy... It's like I've returned to Johnny's Jr.," he laughed, blushing. He was enthuastic and said, "This is completely different from my last drama, "Maou", being a comedy, I'm looking forward to how I'm going to act. Seeing the figure of the hard-working protagonist, I think it would be good to be able to encourage those people who can't do the jobs they want to do."
2008.12.08 06:47am posted @ Nikkan Sports

I thought I sounded really retarded translating it as "Singing Brother" so I called him a singing guy.  You call the young guys working at Esso the "gas stand no oniisan" and the young lady working at the bakery the "panya-san no oneesan". It's just how you politely refer to young adults in Japanese. The same in chinese -- you call them 姐姐 and 哥哥 but we don't really have something like that in English. 

<S>And I am thinking that it's going to be aired at 11:15AM, not PM as I have seen else where. It say's "afternoon 11:15" in Japanese but apparently, if my school is anything to go by, it's "afternoon" after 10am. If it was 11PM, they would have said 夜23時。 Though I could be wrong because it doesn't really seem like something that would be on during the daytime. Whatever. It will probably be subbed super quick like the last anyway. </S>

Johnny's web says 11pm.  Yayyy I can watch it real time!  I might be able to understand this one.  XD

What is next for this guy?! When is Junbug's next drama? I wonder.
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I am so excited about this drama.  I just watched the first episode (an hour and a half! woo!) and Miura Haruma can totally have my babies.  That kid has a grin to die for.  What kills me is he's only 18.  He's born in Heisei and that's where I draw the line.  Sigh... I can at least admire is amazing acting.  I can't wait for more of this drama.  It's got that serious note that I was sort of expecting from Ryuusei no Kizuna.  I wish I could read that book; I wonder if Higashino is translated into English.  I don't think he's as popular as Murakami but I should try looking.  I finished A Short History yesterday (I definitely recommend it!) so I'm looking for a new read.  I've finished everything in my wee library.

Maybe I should go to bed and wake up earlier.  I went to sleep at 9:45 last night and got up at 6 and I feel refreshed and productive.  I could take a shower and actually eat breakfast (I love my new toaster oven!) and watch an hour of drama and mail myself some fics to read at work.  And still have time to kill by writing this entry! 

My fucking echeck finally cleared yesterday and my new Animal Crossing game is in the mail!  Hopefully I have it by the end of the week but I don't know how fast HK mail is.  I'm also waiting for mail from mom.  And Kevin is about two months overdue for a letter but I knew it was too good to last with that boy.  Maybe he'll get off his ass and write me after he gets my last "threatening" postcard.  I'm feeling kind of neglected these days.

I'm having Amanda and Nikki over for dinner tonight.  I'm trying this tara-pizza recipe and making burgers.  I hope they like it.  Amanda is flying out on the 18th but that weekend is going to be crazy.  I have to work that Saturday (only 1 period) and that night is her supposed "surprise" leaving party and then I'm gone away to Nagano for a night and probably most of the Monday on the staff trip.  I will go over to Shin-Matsudo and hang out that night, for sure because her last night.  I hope (and kind of doubt she will) she doesn't make plans to go out or something.  We kept saying we should go party in Abiko one last time but they both are whining about money and such so I don't think that's going to happen.  I don't know if Nikki would be up for it eventually down the road either.  They are both having so much grief with companies not paying finally month's salary, even though it's the law.  It makes me really hesitant to leave in November next year if I'm going to lose out on my last month's pay.  Even if I got half, it would be alright.  I'd like to stay until the end of the term but I don't know how welcome I would be imposing on Andrew for a month and commuting from Tokyo to Kashiwa (if that's even where I am) every day.  I wonder if the company would pay that.  They say they pay up to 20,000 a month for transport.  I will have to talk it out with Tatsuya if that's what I'm going to do.  I need to make sure I keep in touch with Jun because I want him to write a recommendation for me for UBC.  I wanted Steve Ng from Orientations to write my other because he loves me and I was with Orientations for 3 years but he's gone off to Toronto although, I'm sure he would still do it.  Maybe I could ask Alex, my old boss from Nova, to write one even though I only worked at Nova for 2 months but I got great reviews from them.  I really wonder what the results of my final evaluation were...

Ahh, I'm thinking too far ahead of myself again.  I just need to try and get through November.  It feels so busy even though there is only one full week (plus a day) for me.  I have to think about my 6th grade lessons this Friday as well.  It's another four lesson day today so I wonder how much I will get done.  At least I am finished my round of anitbiotics so I'm not feeling sleepy all day.

This short entry turned into a monster.  But I haven't written about life stuff in a while, I guess.

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