Feb. 1st, 2009

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My ears are fine today, thank god.  The last thing I need (though it would be totally fucking ironic and fitting) is an infection of any kind.  Which I know I'd get from the mountain of drugs they'd give me if I didn't have one already.  It's migrating to my lungs so I'm getting phelgmy and a totally sexy rasp going on but I can handle that.  Hopefully it will clear on it's own.

It's sunny today! :D  Maybe it will be warm enough to wear my no-so-new-anymore green coat.

I should study for a bit this morning, cram in the handful of kanji which I never get right, which I will write in my LJ now so that I can see this post and remember and writing things out is my usual form of study.  Bear with.

横 オウ → 横行
化 ける、かす
究 きわめる
曲 がる、げる
軽 ケイ → 経由
仕 つかえる
写 うつす、うつ
主 ぬしおも
*拾 シュウジュウひろ
*集 シュウ
*進 シン
*習 なら
重 かさねる、かさなる
暑 ショ
消 ショウえる、す → 消防車

昔 セキショク
*整 ととのえる、ととの
相 ソウあい → 相手、手相
待 タイ → 期待
代 わる、える、しろ

炭 タン → 石炭
柱 チュウ → 電柱
追 ツイ → 追放
定 さだめる、さだまる、さだ
調 ととのう、ととのえる ⇒ 整
笛 テキ
都 みやこ
度 たび
*投 トウげる
登 トウ
等 トウひとしい
湯 トウ
童 ドウわらべ
*配 ばる
反 る、らす
*表 ヒョウおもてあらわす、あらわれる
病 む、やまい
面 おもおもてつら
由 よし
落 ラクとす
*練 る → 寝る
和 やわらぐ、やわらける、なごむ、なごやか

43 words out of 200 that I screw up sometimes. :/  But only about 9 that I screw up always.  Chinese is a godsend at times like this.  If I just remember how to read it in Chinese (which, of course, isn't as easy as it used to be) that's more often than not close to the on-reading which will jog my memory.  Like 整理 seiri/zheng li; 鼻 bi/bi (zi); 打算 dasan/da suan.  Take that all you 3rd graders!  I'm gonna kick you asses!  I don't know if I'll be able to do as well as my 92% last time though...  UGhdfa.  I don't even know why some of those readings are listed because they are never used.  At least they haven't come up in any of the practice tests I've taken.  Like the million readings for 和.  Hopefully the real test is easier than the practices, as it was last time.  This time I won't be writing any characters wrong.  I made sure to check the stroke orders.  Someone told me the Chinese and Japanese write some differently but that's crap.  It's the same.  I've just been writing them wrong all these years because my teachers never drilled stroke order into my head.  I just guessed how to write them and guessed pretty well, most of the time.  But I always write the ear radical backwards (as in 都 and 階). 

~Sigh~  I just want this to be over.  Then I'll think about taking 7級 in May but that's going to be way harder than this because I'll have to learn synonyms and antonyms plus all the readings and stuff.  I don't know if I'm ready/willing to do that. 

I'm downloading My So-Called Love even though I hate Barbie Hsu.  I am really feeling the need to immerse myself in some Chinese.  Any drama recommendations?  I haven't seen anything that has caught my eye since Why Why Love. :/


Feb. 1st, 2009 11:05 pm
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The test went well.  I know I got one question wrong (I wrote じく for 地区) but I think the rest were good. :)  90th percentile, come on!  I just have to wait a month and some for the results.

Ariel and I were the ladies who lunch today and did some shopping.  Got a new wallet and a new Bic Camera card (my points are safe~).  I found a little black dress for 3000 yen at Zara.  I didn't even realize it, but it covers my tattoos~  Which is good?  And got cute pink nail polish from Shu Uemura for only 1575.  I'm usually a $5 Sally Hansen kind of girl but it was such a good colour and really I need to start investing in higher quality cosmetics because who ever finishes a bottle of nail polish before it goes goopy?  I don't.  The next thing I'll get is a really funky colour eye shadow from Mac or something... maybe as a(nother) birthday present to myself. 

Freaked out slightly that I'd lost my house key when I got home but realized I'd put it in the zippered pocket by mistake. 

It's too cold for the green coat.  I'm hoping I don't relapse or get a worst cold tomorrow from being severely under dressed today.  As much as I want to wear the pretty new dress tomorrow, it's too cold and I'm really too lazy to shave.  I didn't remember to buy blades anyway.  

I wanted to finish writing (or at least work on) my fic for Lydia today but no such luck.  I don't have my schedule for the month of February yet but I'm only going to be teaching 1st and 2nd year from now until the end of the school year; I don't know if that means more lessons on my plate or less.  I'll have to wait and see.  I don't really remember what happened last year.  If I'm lucky, I'll have 1 or 2 frees tomorrow in which to write (it's plaguing me... I freaking dreamed about sex last night, and I wasn't even have it).  

I'm going to leave straight from work tomorrow so I have to make sure my clothes and such are all packed up tonight so I can change.  Sexy red shoe day!  Even though they'll clash with my nails.  Or maybe my black flats.  I need to get my monies worth out of those too.  Decisions, decisions.
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Nino drama special info: It's called Door to Door~僕は脳性まひのトップセールスマン ("I'm the top salesman with cerebral palsy") airing March 29th (I believe).  From TBS:
Remembered for his excellent performance in "Ryuusei no Kizuna", Ninomiya Kazunari's new lead role will be in the final chapter of the moving drama trilogy.  Ninomiya was awarded the 15th Hashida Prize for his performance in the first installment, "Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekita Kana" (aired 22/03/2006).  For the second installment, "Marathon" (aired 20/09/2007), he won the monthly Individual Galaxy Prize (September) among others, as well as winning the Individual Broadcast Prize for the first time as an actor at the Heisei 19 Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival in the television category.  The series finale will be the an adaptation of the story of the life of a man named Bill Potter from northwestern America, who was an active salesman while embracing the obstacle of being born with cerebral palsy.

Because of cerebral palsy, his hands and feet are more or less paralized and he can't speak well.  Even though everyone said it would be impossible for him to work, he never gave up.  Even though people said "Don't come again," and turned him away, he was never discouraged.  If they said no, he would think of a better way to propose things.  Before long, he will open the doors of everyone's heart with his bright, honest, positive and warm character.  Showing that "Every person's life has many troubles", this is the moving story of one man's earnestness that will soak into your heart.

Ninomiya Kazunari
Though this is the third work I've made with this staff, it's become like a lifework.  I can't say anything about the director other than that they are really unique, and I'm happy to have been blessed with these costars.  I've been asked, "Isn't a role of someone with cerebral palsy difficult?" but that's not the case at all.  I'm capturing cerebral palsy as one "individuality".  Of course there are also parts that give me a hard time, but that's the role of a boy who will continue living. Society might think it's a handicap but I act without thinking it is one.  I came to think merely over-beautifying isn't good;  I want to let people learn through this work what cerebral palsy is while at the same time thinking of how I should portray it's "individuality".

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