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2009: End of Year Fic Meme 

I did this last year and it's nice to go back and take a look at all the work I did. Definitely didn't write as much this year as last year; I was still new to the game in 2008. I did less this year, but it was definitely better quality. I'll have to go back and edit this once reveals for Jhols are up.

Equilibrium - Completed
Sho/Aiba, Ohno/Nino - Edo-period/Samurai AU - 38,000+ words - R
A reluctant samurai fights for love and home as life teeters on the brink of a civil war.

Nino/Miharu (OC of Lydia's) - Great Big Arashi Family AU - 2,147 words - R
Nino and Miharu's first time. The scene from Six Months to Glory that deserved to be written.

Ohno/Nino - 1,123 words - PG
Nino makes a mistake and it costs him everything.

Just Do It
Aiba/Nino - 721 words - R
Nino just wants Aiba to do it.

One of Those Days
Jun/Nino - 1,375 words - R
Jun's having one of those days and has needs.

Sho/Ohno/Nino - for [ profile] sei_shoku's June contest - ~1000 words - R
Nino has a surprise waiting for him at home and it's just what he wanted.

Jun/Nino - for [ profile] jentfic_remix - ~3,500 words - PG
Nino takes Jun on one last trip to Hong Kong.

Life & Coffee Spoons
Ohno/Nino, Gene - for [ profile] je_holiday 2009 - ~15,000 words - PG
A story of five guys, self-realization, determination, love and caffeine.

Hands On Experimentation
Nino's innocent obsession.
In which Sho loses a bet.

my favorite story this year (of my own): I'd have to say Life & Coffee Spoons. I spent so much time on this (arrr 3 months) and it really paid off. [ profile] primroseshows absolutely loved it and I've gotten so much great feedback from readers. I've set a new bar for myself.

my best story this year: Again, Life & Coffee Spoons. Three months of hard work and it shows. The other one is Self-Preservation. I had this grandiose idea of what I wanted to do and somehow managed to pull it off. The original author loved my spin on her work so that made it all worth it.

story most tragically underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Like I said last year, Equilibrium. I'm a history nerd and love period work but it's a hard thing to do well. It needs a lot of work still, and I do want to go back and add to it and make it better.

most fun story: Just Do It because never have I seen anyone work the word "urology" into a fic.

most sexy story: One of Those Days. I guess this wins by default because I didn't write much porn this year. More than a few flail-comments about how dirty it was; I think the fact that I didn't soak it in euphemism was the reason for that. And it's written from a personal experience so that helps too.

story with single sexiest moment: Again, One of Those Days. Best blowjob I've ever written.

most unintentionally *telling* story: Simplicity. I wanted to make it into sexy times and it would have been wonderful but I couldn't bring myself to do it. That's the kind of relationship I want.

"holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: None this year. Tragedy.

story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: JE Holiday fic. I talked and brainstormed for ages and ages with [ profile] aeslis about it. I am so sick of the stereotypes that have become so ingrained in Arashi fandom and I wanted to break out of the habits I know I have. I wanted something more dynamic and realistic. I know one person said she felt my Nino was a little out of character, but I have to disagree. I've taken the time to read more articles and watch interviews more closely and that helped a lot.

hardest story to write: Brilliance. I wrote this for Lydia because I knew she never would. I know what she will and won't read and so I had to walk a very fine line with this one. I knew I wanted to keep it tasteful and sweet because I didn't want to offend Lydia; I was borrowing her OC, something I've never done before. Essentially I was writing in her AU and didn't want to fuck it up.

worst story: Simplicity. Totally not what I set out to do but I couldn't bring myself to scrap it. It's okay, but I could have done more.

easiest story to write: Life & Coffee Spoons. There were some parts that I got stuck, but overall it was a breeze. Everything came together so effortlessly. I had to stop checking the word count because I couldn't believe how fast it was growing and there was still so much left to write. It helped that I had a great brainstorm beforehand and wrote out a plan.

story i'd like to revise: Equilibrium. Make it less history textbooky and melodramatic.

story i didn't write but will at some point, i swear: Oh god, where do I start this list? The one on the top of my head is the Amazing Survivor AU collabo with [ profile] littlealex.

first story you wrote this year: Since Equilibrium was already a WIP, it was Brilliance.

last story you wrote this year: JE holiday! I have wrote nothing but that since September. And honestly, I'm not really itching to do anything else--though I do have a dreamy Ohmiya AU WIP thing I should get back to. Maybe that'll be my first fic of 2010.
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Today Oh-chan is 29. My brother is 23. Yep! They share the same birthday. I should send Sean an email or something.

Yay my stockings and socks fit! The leg-warmers on the other hand don't. I'm going to see if I can go trade them for something else. Now that I've found a brand of socks to fit my fat calves, I'm going to invest. I feel so cute in my red argyle stockings today. :D

Today, the kids will be setting up for the festival tomorrow so I don't have class in the afternoon. Yay! I can finish my World Heritage display and maybe escape early. Or maybe I'll bring On Writing Well and type up some more entries for [ profile] kotobayori.

After rereading the book, makes me want to go back and reread what I wrote for [ profile] je_holiday and edit again but, I will resist! But it would be a good exercise to go and analyze my own writing and see what habits I have and try and break them.

No time for breakfast today!
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In preperation for The Next Step, I think I should start making a CV. The most recent resume I have is this crappy 1 page thing from September 2007. Well, it's only got the most recent jobs I've had but whatever; at least I don't have to start completely from scratch. I also found the cover letter/statement I wrote for my application to Aeon. I sound like such a fucking asshole! But good bones to start with: I'm going to rewrite it for my school applications because my goal is the same.

Shakespeare once said, “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” I have spent the last four years of my life in Vancouver, Canada, a multicultural haven, but I want to see more. I want to see the world. I spent four years in university studying Japanese history and culture, and then I wanted to come to Japan and experience it first-hand. I have traveled to several countries in Asia, but Japan was always just out of my reach and its somewhere I have always wanted to explore. Having been an expatriate for almost a decade, growing up in Singapore where I learned to speak Mandarin, I already understand the challenges and pitfalls of living in a foreign country, as well as the rich and rewarding benefits. I have been in Japan for a short two months, and I have already seen so much, but there is still more I want to see and do.

My goal in the future is to teach high school English in international schools in Asia. Working and living in Japan would be a stepping stone towards that goal. In Vancouver, I know there are a large number of first- and second-generation Canadians who do not have English as their mother tongue but teachers are currently not equipped with the skills to effectively teach English as a Second Language. Teaching overseas will enable me to teach more effectively in the future, whether it be in Canada or any other foreign country I may happen to find myself in. I think that teaching in a cultural so radically different than my own will allow, and to a certain extent force, me to think of different ways of explaining linguistic problems. Anyone can translate; it takes a lot more thought and dedication to think of the best way to explain something in English to someone who does not speak the language. As a teacher in a school with any international population, catering to the needs of those students with English as a Second Language would be among one of my many duties. In addition, it is important to constantly challenge ourselves and venture outside our comfort zone. Teaching, as well as living in Japan, is a challenge I am eager to meet head on.

I have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn all I can in every country I visit. So far, I have been able to learn to order Starbucks coffee in Japanese, as well as expand my culinary repertoire to include some Japanese cuisine. By the time I leave here, I want to have gone to Kyoto and Okinawa as well as be able to have, at the very least, a simple conversation in Japanese. Not only would I like to increase my own knowledge while living in Japan, I would like to share my cultural heritage and customs with Japanese friends and students. It goes without saying that we can each learn so much from each other.

500 words, on the nose, of self-promotion. 

I'm going to set my computer to defrag tomorrow when I'm at work.  This is getting fucking retarded and I hate it.  Do you actually need Java Runtime Environment on your computer?  It's got like 10 updates at 100+MB each.  That could free up some space.  And this stupid disk cleanup is taking forever.  Why can't you just workkkkkkk?

Though, I don't think it's "kinks" so much as common tropes and themes in fanfic, what I digress. Bummed off [ profile] happenstanc3.

1. Visit the master list, select your favorite 100
2. Post your favorite 100 behind a cut in your LJ (or if you can’t pick 100, as many as you can without going over)
3. Your f-list's job is to write you "comment pr0n" for your favorites. And yes, bold for extra favorites.

The List )

I am alive on 4 hours of sleep. It's going to be an interesting day.
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I want to avoid comms until this flailing about Ashita no Kioku subsides. I got the video and I like the song more now, I will conceed. I think it's been said a million times already, but I really like the concept of the video. I want Ohno to paint a pretty tree and swing on my walls. But I still think the song is nothing special. Where's the Muteki video! I want that one.

I'm up stupidly early on a Sunday and that makes me sad. The crows were at it again but it was probably a combo of them and my internal clock saying that it's time for work, don't be late! It would have been a perfect morning to finish my laundry if it wasn't rainy and miserable outside. My bathroom is in desperate need of a workover... I am going to steal some cleanser from work tomorrow and try scrubbing my tub. There's some kind of black buildup on the bottom that isn't mold because it won't go away with my mold cleaner. I want to know what Ben's mom used to attack their toliet because it was sparkling when they left and you don't even want to know what it looked like before.

I'm meeting [ profile] aeslis in Shibuya later today to sell some stuff at Mandarake. I thought I would sleep in until noon and then not even leave the house until 2 but it seems like I'll be ready to go by noon or 1. Haha And then! I'm meeting an old classmate at 5:30 for dinner. Kumiko and I were in middle school together. Or maybe it was high school? In Singapore. She moved to SAS and then I went back to Canada. She went to university in Hawaii and she just moved back to Tokyo. I bet she's got a wicked accent now. I'm so excited to see her!

[ profile] happenstanc3 did this kink list thing and I wrote something for her. It's really shitty but it's something. It took 45 minutes and I didn't even get to the happy ending. Maybe I'll do the list too; it might help the creative juices.

Okay, I copied everything into word and I have to pare a list of 388 down to 100. This is supposed to be common tropes/themes in fic? I want to see this somewhere:
3. Aliens make them have sex (fuck or die; fertility rituals; intoxication; taking one for the team)

Ohmiya; 368 words )
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Man, having sex really is the best mood booster ever. I'm still happy a whole week later. God, just imagine me if I ever found myself in a relationship.

It feels so good to be able to write again. It was longer than I thought it would be too. I just hope this wasn't a fluke.

TFP2 was sweet today. Got to see a few new attractions. Ando Miki is kind of a bitch. XD But Asada Mao is a darling. I think they took the most medals I've ever seen. Koda Kumi and misono are the guests next week! :DDD Must watch!!

Now for more Nintendo! Come on, Leader!
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I want to write.  Prompt me.  I will make a pouty post on my comm.  I went to see if anyone wrote anything for the Anonymeme and I found this: Sho/Shige math!sex.  The nerd in me is regailing even though Math was my worst subject by far

I watched the Utaban performance last night.  I really hate how they do filmings and then chop the shit out of them for broadcast.  But Nino's dumbstruck face was priceless.  Holy shit, they need a new choreographer.  I've seen those moves before.  Ohno looked bored and underchallenged as usual and Nino looked like he was doing the Chicken Dance on speed.

Today was another full day.  I'm kind of glad my first class got cancelled but that still meant I had 4.  I come back down from 3rd to change my textbooks and Kameyama-san is waiting for me in the hallway.  "You can speak Chinese, can't you?" she asks me and when I say yes, takes me into the principal's office.  There's a boy and his mom and sister there who is transferring in to our school from China and they want me to talk to him.  They don't really need me there since the mom and sister speak (enough) Japanese but I guess maybe they wanted someone who can speak to them in their own language?  I don't know.  But oh my god, I've forgotten everything.  I couldn't even remember the word "when".  Fuck.  He's 3rd year age, but can't speak, write, read or understand Japanese.  At all.  And they want him to be able to go to high school next year...  I wonder what's going to happen... he said he could speak a bit of English but he's not good (haha as if Japanese kids are good, and especially not our 3rd years this year).  They want him to just communicate anyway he can.  I hope he can make some friends.  This kid Kobayashi's mom is Chinese apparently and there are a couple Mongolian kids but I don't think that's going to help at all.  

He's starting on Thursday and the year just started so he'll have the whole year to get up to speed.  I think he should be fine.  I recommended going to check out the Kashiwa Interantional Relations Association because they've got free Japanese classes for foreigners.  Look how far I've come in a year without any particular studying.  If he studies and is surrounded by it constantly, he should be able to become at least conversational by year end.  He won't have a huge problem with kanji and reading comprehension but it's still worrying.  I just feel really bad that I can't speak Chinese anymore so I'm no help to him.  Well, if he writes it down I can read it and look it up and I will study a bit.  I should let the teachers know to tell him if he needs something... he can ask me.  Even though I won't be able to do much.  Kyoto-sensei contacted the BOE today and asked them to send a helper/tutor who speaks Chinese to help him catch up a few days a week. 
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I want to write something but I have nothing.  I have a few AU's I'd like to play with but I don't have anything other than the universe.  No story, to events, nothing.  I want to do something new... teachers or a corporation or a restuarant.  It shouldn't be this hard, I have real life experience with 2/3 of those situations.  I want something hilariously ridiculous like JPod (or [ profile] misticloud's office!NEWS) but it's been done before.  I don't want to just... reproduce.  I could write a bit more Baby fic but I don't feel compelled to do that either.  I guess this is Writer's Block.

Another disgustingly lazy day for me.  I went to sleep around 3am and got up at 1pm.  I'm going to have a tough time breaking this habit.  What's going to suck hard is that I'll have to get up stupidly early on Friday just to go into work and do aisatsu and that's it.  No lessons, nothing important.  Just go say hi to people.  Well, I'll be able to give away those Korean sweets I bought and get those out of my fridge finally.  But then it's the weekend and I'll be back to my bad old sleep habits.  My life is so hard.

My bio-rhythm is off, I think.  And I haven't had a proper meal in... well.  I can't remember so that's not a good sign.  I was flipping through my Betty Crocker cookbook today and found some really tasty things I'd love to make but I have neither the equipment to do it nor the space to store it afterwards.  I haven't eaten anything but cheese and crackers today which might (definitely) be contributing to my blah mood.

My room is getting messy since I haven't gone anywhere in days (except for my little jaunt to Ebisu last night).  Even though its nearly 5, maybe I should throw some laundry in.  It might make me feel somewhat productive.

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Utada's "Come Back to Me" and "Apple And Cinnamon" are inspiring. You can just imagine what kind of fic I would write to those. I can feel some angsty Ohmiya wanting to come out. Angry!Ohno. I don't think that's been written, at least not for a while. Lydia wants me to write humor but I do the angst so well~

On that note, it's so nice to hear English being sung properly. Enunciated properly. You never realize how much you missed hearing final d's and t's in songs until you hear them again.

Voice episode 9!
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I think I need to get a new hair dryer.  My shitty one I inherited from the Abiko place is starting to spark and smoke when I flip the switch.  That can't be good at all. O_o

3,389 words for chapter 12.  I think it's nearly done.  I'd like to get 400 more in the last paragraph to balance it out with the 2nd but I don't know if there's anything else I should add.  And then the epilogue and it'll be done.  I might be able to post it tonight, if not tomorrow.  Pending Lydia's editing.  よろしく!

Today's the last day at elementary school.  I'm going to bring my camera and take pictures.  Tried to upload video from the Okura Kai yesterday and it took 2 hours and wasn't finished yet.  It's only 333mb!  Maybe I should convert it to smaller .mp4 and try again.
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I had to defrost my fridge last night because the door wouldn't close properly and ended up dropping the eggs. Three cracked so I made tamagoyaki with my (relatively) new tamagoyaki pan tonight and it was a huge failure. I guess it wasn't hot enough or there wasn't enough oil (even though it's a coated pan it still stuck!) or something but it kept tearing and wouldn't roll properly. I scrapped the first two attempts and managed to make a good third one but it only had two layers. :< The recipe from my new cookbook is good though--not so sweet.

Chapter 12 word count: 1,130

As I was saying to [ profile] trivialaffair today, it's probably a good thing this is the last chapter because I'm getting reluctant to write it. I don't hate Eq (yet) but I am not so excited to write it anymore? I'll be glad to finish it and move on to something else. Though I have it all planned out already so I don't know why it takes so much effort to get to it. It might have something to do with the heaviness of this last part. I've never written someone dying before.

I didn't have any classes today due to finals but I hardly got anything written. I did some research for Tomoko and talked to Jun. He said he might come back to Toyochu next year but he doesn't know yet; the BOE will make their annoucement in March about placements. He might get moved back to high school. Then I went out for lunch with the 3rd year teachers to this awesome pizzaria. Set lunch included salad, pasta and pizza, a drink and dessert for ¥1550! It's near Basha Michi, where we went last time, on the #1 bus route.

I will write a bit more before Himitsu at 10. I'll try to hit 1,500.
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No, this doesn't have to do with Narnia at all but I always think of that SNL short when I think of "lazy Sunday". XD

I slept in until 11:30 and I haven't even gotten to the kitchen to make coffee yet. I fiddled a bit more with OT5 and added a couple things. And counted! There are 169 fics/series listed. I need to read the [ profile] ohmiyaday V-day challenges, though I want to wait til the reveals are posted before adding any of them to the archive. I read two of them (the really beautiful sexy one and Clint Eastwood crack) but I hear good things about the rest. They are all fairly short, or so I am lead to believe.

I should type out what I wrote for Eq last week at work and see if I can squeeze a bit more out of it. It's going to be the last chapter! And it might clock in at 5,000 words or more since I have to tie up everything. I will not be posting this one hastily. I'm going to need someone to really look over it who knows the series to make sure I haven't left any gaping holes.

No plans today other than maybe write and should do laundry. I should go return a DVD and do some grocery shopping but I think I'll stay in and watch more IWGP. It works on my DVD player! I also figure that it's a problem with the player and not the cables. The sound starts off fine but then gets fuzzy for a while and then clears up again. It was free so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. This has got to be my favourite drama of all time. Nagase Tomoya, Sato Ryuuta, Yamapi, Tsumabaki Satoshi, Watanabe Ken. I wish Kubozuka Yosuke had done more dramas. He's my favourite character. Nagase has such terrible skin and Yamapi looks so little at 16! I read the first volume of the manga since Alison had it but I should get the others and try to read it. It's not very long, only four volumes. Maybe I should make a trip to Matsudo today and see if they have it at Book-Off there. Maybe Tomoko is free for dinner or coffee. :)
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So, I got sick. What's new? The kids are all hacking and gross so I was bound to catch it. But why is it that everytime I get sick it seems to turn into an ear infection? And why only on the left side? I'm hoping it's just the pressure in my sinuses blocking it off so we'll see how things go tomorrow and Monday. I can't go to the doctor until Tuesday unless I get off my butt and go today which isn't going to happen. I'm going to be super pissed if it's worst on Monday because I'm going to see Brian Setzer with Ariel. ♥ I'm so excited!! I wonder if we'll be the youngest people there. Or what they're even going to perform. I don't even know any of the new stuff. I don't care. I'm going to have to escape work about 10 minutes early so I can catch the bus and get to Harajuku before 6pm.

Edit 28592: The show doesn't start til 7, the doors just open at 6:30. That means I don't have to worry about rushing. And I found a seating chart: we're on the 2nd floor at the 2nd last row! DDD: That sucks!! I think I paid for the more expensive seats too? Maybe. I can't remember. I bought them in December and if I got such crappy seats, it means the show must have almost been sold out. They added another show tomorrow night for a total for 4 nights in Tokyo actually.

I just realized that the only album of the BSO I have is from 2000. D:

Man, I can't even tell if they are dancing East Coast or Lindy Hop. They're feet are so fast. I wish I had danced more... Kevin and I were actually pretty good. Hopefully he plans to settle semi-permanently in Vancouver (or he'll be there when I get back) so we can start dancing again on a regular basis. Though, I'm sure there's a swing club or something in Toronto as well. It's been a good 3-4 years since I danced, I think. :(

I've got my kanji test tomorrow and I'm going to review at some point today. I've reached the point where I am confident about passing and therefore don't feel the need to study anymore but there are still a few I don't get most of the time so I will cram tonight. Hopefully I'll have finished writing my present for [ profile] oviparous who I think I want to make my new best friend.

The giant storm seems to have stopped, that's a plus. It looked like a typhoon this morning.

Got all my bank cards back (except for my RBC debit but I don't use it anyway). I can go pick up my gaijin card in 2 weeks and then I'll be right again. More or less. I feel incomplete without my driver's license even though it's not valid in Japan and expires on my birthday anyway. :( But this means I can get a better picture next time. :D

Word Count

Jan. 28th, 2009 07:54 am
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1,405 and I'm just getting to the part where Aiba explains how he got all busted up.  And then there needs to be the confession and the sexy times.  I'm actually kind of nervous to write that part, which is a first since I started writing.  Speaking of which, I'm going to have my one year anniversary soon!  It's only been a year?  It seems like so much longer.  I've got a free 1st and 4th today so maybe I'll get something more done.  I should be reviewing for my test though since I haven't looked at it in ages.  I've reached that point where I either know it or I don't but there are still words I keep getting wrong.  Sigh.  But I also want to get this story finished.  I can see the end in sight... just a little bit more.

I think my body clock is getting back to normal.  It only took 3 weeks to reset.  I also need a haircut. 


Jan. 17th, 2009 10:33 am
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Chapter Ten posted @ 19:20:00  There were four comments before I installed the counter around 8 or 9.  As of right now:
  • 99 page loads
  • 88 unique visitors (whatever that actually means)
  • 5 returning visitors
  • 12 comments (excluding my own)
It's not a perfect tally since some of those page views are my own but there is definitely a tip in the balance.  But then, on the other hand, it makes me happy to know that it's been read (or at least visited) so many times. :)  I guess?  It's a good thing in any case. 

Joined [ profile] utaoni today for Utaoni updates but I have a feeling I'm going to leave it quite soon, since it's probably going to be the same shit as in about three other communities on my list.  I felt like a bit of a douche for x-posting my fic... I should stop posting in and leave  [ profile] arashirabu but it does have the larger readership.  It doesn't have anything decent that isn't already posted to [ profile] kotobayori and if it's any good, someone else will tell me about it, I'm sure.  Hardly anything is flocked in the comm, so I can always check back when I'm bored.

Should text Leigh and make a plan for today. 


Jan. 16th, 2009 07:47 am
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Except that it kind of feels like Thursday to me. 

I finished writing Chapter 10 last night.  Even though I want to post it now and come home to a flood of lovemail, I'm waiting for [ profile] shourai to give it a once over for me.  I edited again this morning and fixed a couple things but I would like some feedback on the mood before I post it.  I really wanted to get it done because I'm getting stoked to write this again (yay!) and I need to buckle down and study my brains out for my kanji test that's in 2 weeks.  I didn't want to leave it that long.  2,500 words is a healthy sized chapter, don't you think?  I wonder if I'll reach the 5,000 word mark again in this fic... possibily next chapter, but maybe not.  I wonder if I'm not describing enough in order to get to the action quicker.  I don' t know.  At this point, I want to finish it.  Then I can go back and edit and tweak things and repost it again better than it was.  That's the plan anyway. 

Elementary school today.  Yay.  Grade 6 and grade 3 and we're just doing review.  I need to photocopy worksheets first thing and I've learned that printing in colour and then photocopying doesn't really work.  Best to print in black and white.  And then English club today.  I kind of really don't like these days.  I don't get to go home as early as usual.  And today sucks especially because while I usually have 5th period free (to rest haha), today I don't.  And I'm tired again today.  I slept through my snooze again... it's a good thing I set my alarm an hour earlier than I need to be up.  Otherwise it would be very, very bad.

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I'm getting really pumped to write more/finish this fic.  I've got 285 words for Ten already.  I'm trying to set the scene a bit before jumping into it again.  It's a bit of an uphill climb getting it started. :/  I hope it works out.

I'm hungry.  Time for more Daria.
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All you writers on my flist, this post is for you.  I see all these amazing fics that get posted dedicated to awesome people on their birthdays so...

I want birthday fic. ♥

Some really good porn would be nice. I'm in the mood for some TLC and finding none. I'm giving you fair warning. :)

Thank you, [ profile] honeycorrupts. Thank you for reliving my childhood with me. Oh, O-town. I'm binging on Daria episodes on YouTube. Oh, yes.

EDIT: It's 10:30 and I feel like crashing but I want to stay up and watch more Daria. I'm still waiting for replies from Ariel, Tomoko and Bruno about tomorrow night. FUCKERS. I hate people who don't reply to shit. I need confirmation, you fucking assholes. I don't want to leave shit til the last minute. Is that such a crime? ):<
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It's hard to think my three weeks off are over already.  It feels like I didn't do any resting but for the last 3 days and well, I really didn't.  I was so busy most of the time, I was hardly home at all.  But when I was, I didn't even leave the house and now it shows.  ;_;  Poor room, you look like you were never cleaned in the first place.  Sob.  I should feel more icky than I do now, but I did manage to get into bed around 11:30pm but still not as perky as I usually am for 7:15am.  At least I didn't sleep in which is always my biggest fear after throwing my internal clock off.

Today's To-Do list?
  • Plan 6th grade's lesson for tomorrow
  • Study kanji (23 more days!)
  • Write Equilibrium (though I'm not quite sure how to move to the next stage)
  • If that fails, work on Sho/Shige collab (I'm going to find a direction Triv!)
That's it really.  I have to do the first thing, or I'm fucked tomorrow, but the others are only what I'd like to get done.  If things go as they have in the past, no classes for me today so I will be free to do my planning at least.  And then when that's done (hopefully by 2nd period) I can do whatever! :D  I most definitely should study a little bit everyday.  I want to pass my test.  I wonder if I'll see any of my students there.  Hahaa.  That would be hilarious.  I was looking through my drill book yesterday and I do recognise a lot of the words, it's just a matter of learning the fucking readings now.  I really need to put more effort into this language.  I see my みんなの日本語 textbook staring at me everyday and it kind of mocks me.  I shouldn't leave it until I get back to Canada to learn.  I wonder if that creepy brown dude is still taking lessons... maybe I should go back.  

Need to eat and dry my hair.  It feels like it's going to be cold today.

I want a new moodtheme.  But the first was a bitch enough to install. D<

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So, [ profile] trivialaffair did it so that means I must do it too. Here's a compilation of everything I wrote last year. Well, ever, since I only started writing last year. This is going to double as fic archive action. I just hope my laggy computer doesn't make me too angry. I have very little patience for that kind of thing. And I don't know what the fucking problem is. I ran spyware and registry booster programs and nothing has changed. :/

February 2008

So, I had been reading fic for a while and (like most people) though, "I can do that. I have a fucking major in English Lit." And so I started writing. I was a bit squeemish about writing 'ships and sex at first. That quickly fell by the wayside.

17thStrip TripGeneralR5,305

March 2008
I got pretty good reviews on Strip Trip so I decided to write more. And I ended up writing Ohmiya. And then I got inspired by Angela Aki and wrote the angstiest thing ever. I wanted to write something that made you cry and I succeeded!

4thIn-Flight ServiceOhno/NinoR2,023
9thMile High - In-Flight Service IIOhno/NinoNC-173,240
27thYour Love SongAiba/ShoG1,582

April 2008
My most productive month for fics. Wrote a couple fics for people and a sequel to Your Love Song.

8thMaybe If... - sequel to YLSAiba/ShoPG2,098
12thMorning RitualsAiba/ShoG350
16thWhat a FeelingOhno/ShoG597
18thField of FlowersAiba/JunNC-172,188

May 2008
Another present and then. I decided to undertake my epic fic project. Gay samurai love story set in feudal Japan. And I'm still not finished. ;_;
6thMillions of PeachesSho/AibaNC-173,095
18thEquilibirum - Chapter 1
19thEquilibirum - Chapter 2 PG2,517
26thEquilibrium - Chapter 3

June 2008
I totally jumped on the "Sho's injury" band wagon and wrote a few fics on that bend. And more Eq.

3rdOnly HumanGenG638
17thEquilibrium - Chapter 4
29thEquilibrium - Chapter 5 PG3,368

July 2008
More Eq and my first attempt at het. Yamapi/Toda Erika aka Aizawa/Hiyama from Code Blue. Hot doctor sex!

17thEquilibrium - Chapter 6 PG2,400
25thEquilibrium - Chapter 7 PG1,646
29thAnger ManagementAizawa Kousaku/Hiyama MihokoNC-172,385

August 2008
Summer vacation! I only wrote one chapter of Eq (and at the end!) and experimented with writing styles and formats. Captiviation is probably my favourite fic I've ever written.

22ndEquilibrium - Chapter 8 R5,180
 Exercises in HumanityGenPG500
28thCaptivation; Perfection.Sho/OhnoR1,600

September 2008
Inspired by Triv's baby fic, I decided to write my own. I did a lot of research into pregnancy and single fathers for it and I'm really happy with the product. I want to write more adventures of Baby Sakurai. :3

13thBaby - Part 1Sho-centricR4,447
22ndBaby - Part 2 PG3,974

October 2008
Not really much inspiration this month, work was kind of kicking my ass.

25thWithout WordsOhno/NinoPG739

November 2008

Just wrote a continuation but otherwise had no time/energy to write.

2ndWithout Words II

December 2008

This year I signed myself up for a couple of challenges. The deadlines were 1 day apart which was kind of stressful but I managed to pull it off and I really like what I produced.

[ profile] je_ficgames What IfAiba/JunR4,374
[ profile] je_holiday The Stroking of BoysAiba/Ohno/ShoNC-174,941

Total fics: 23 (I only counted Equilibrium once.)

Total word count: 74,992 That's fucking a lot. Well, half of that is Eq but... actually, I thought it would be more.

Favourite: Captiviation; Perfection. and Baby. I actually like everything I've written but I've forgotten the earlier stuff.

The Best: Cap;Per. I put a lot of work into that.

Most underappreciated by the universe: I'm going to say Equilibrium. There are a few people who comment every time and I've gotten a lot of great comments on it but never as much as when I write porn.

Most fun to write: Anger Management.  Because I actually have experience having sex with a guy as a girl.  It was more real to write.  And who doesn't fantasize about fucking Yamapi?

xiest: Oh, god.  3:21, or Cap;Per.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you":  I don't actually think I have any of those.  If I had to pick one, What a Feeling?

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I guess I would have to say Equilibrium but only because I've been working on it for so long.  But they are as much my own characters as the people they are based off at this point.  The only other would be Baby.  That really needed a lot of introspection.

Hardest to do: The Baby fic.  I don't know anything about having a baby and I really wanted to get it accurate.  And it was a hard topic to write about, even if I haven't gone through it.

Biggest disappointment: I can't say I'm disappointed with anything I've written, but I don't love the earlier parts of Eq as much as I did.  They need a lot of work.

Most telling: I would say either Strip Trip, or What If.  I wrote both from very personal experiences and probably tell the most about the kind of person I am.

My own observations: I don't write short fics.  Shit.  And I don't stick to one pairing (though I do exclusively write Arashi).  I would like to break out and write News or more Yamapi fics but I have a list of things I want to write first.  Finishing Equilibrium is at the top of the list.  

Speaking of Equilibrium, I wrote a new chapter (finally)!

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