Mar. 6th, 2009

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I think I need to get a new hair dryer.  My shitty one I inherited from the Abiko place is starting to spark and smoke when I flip the switch.  That can't be good at all. O_o

3,389 words for chapter 12.  I think it's nearly done.  I'd like to get 400 more in the last paragraph to balance it out with the 2nd but I don't know if there's anything else I should add.  And then the epilogue and it'll be done.  I might be able to post it tonight, if not tomorrow.  Pending Lydia's editing.  よろしく!

Today's the last day at elementary school.  I'm going to bring my camera and take pictures.  Tried to upload video from the Okura Kai yesterday and it took 2 hours and wasn't finished yet.  It's only 333mb!  Maybe I should convert it to smaller .mp4 and try again.
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I didn't realize (because no one tells me these things) that it was a short day at Ni Shou so my first two lessons were way over-time.  I only had 4 so I thought I would be able to ditch after lunch unless they invited me to do suji with one of the classes again but there wasn't even a 5th period!  So I got to leave at 1230.  And it was pisssssing rain.  I wore my boots thinking that I would be sneaky and not get wet but for some reason, they kick up SO much backspray and so I was wet to the back of the knees by the time I got to school.  I took the bus home and dropped off stuff and then went out again to the immigration office.  It would either have been today or next week and I figured I should just go and get 'er done.  Then I won't have to worry about it later.  Why is it that everytime I have to go to Chiba the weather is completely shit?  It's a conspiracy or something.  Anyway, I got there at 3pm and was out by 3:20!  If I had known it would have been that fast and painless, I should have fucking done it when I got my visa renewed.  But I'm stupid.  I splurged for the multi on the off chance I do have the funds to go somewhere (Singapore in September?!) so that I don't ever have to go back to that fucking hellhole again.

But there goes 7000 yen in one day so I'm going to go out this weekend except for Sunday when I have to meet Andrew in Harajuku to make Yvonne's (belated) Xmas present.

I got my results from the kanken: I passed!  I got 93%. :D  I'm proud of myself.  Maybe I'll try level 7 next... but it's more complicated with synonyms and antonyms and stuff.  I'll have to look into it.  Luckily it's 3 times a year so if I decide to pass this round, I won't have to wait that long.  Unlike the JLPT... I should decide on doing that pretty soon so I can get materials and start studying.  Even though the test isn't until December.  I say I'll start studying soon but I won't crack a book until October, I bet.

I finally got that video to upload after converting it.  Here's the school orchestra playing a Final Fantasy medly on Wednesday's assembly!

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