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The not-so-little bastard couldn't get out so I had to tip over the glass. D:  Casualty!

I sprayed the fucker with roach spray and now he's dead.  There better not be a nest of babies in my house somewhere.  Shit, now I'm all jumpy.
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I got curious as to how my expenses change from month to month so I made a chart.  This reminds me of computer class in middle school. XD  I'm sorry it isn't very pretty.  I'm out of practice.  It wasn't so fuzzy before I pasted it into Photoshop.  And I thought I changed the colours.  Oh well.  If you were wondering what a single woman in a 16.35m2 place spends monthly, here you go.

I wonder why my electric and gas bills are inversely related.

So I took my bed apart (on the off chance that, provided K stays over, he doesn't want to share) and found that my pink futon is not so pink on the bottom anymore. :/  It's not moldy, I think.  It's not the black spotty stuff that shows up on the bottom of matteresses... maybe just water stains?  I have no idea.  I sprayed it with Febreeze and am airing it out a bit outside before it starts raining. 

I found a few recipes for brown sugar mushi pan.  I want to try making it!  But I don't think I have the right pan for it?  I don't think you're supposed to have the cups sitting directly in water so I might have to invest in a new pan for that.  And then I could try making chawan mushi and Sho's green pea custard. :D  I have most of the ingredients for this so maybe I'll pick the rest up tonight.  I'm suppsed to bring a "present" or something to Tomoko's on Saturday.  Some homemade sweets that aren't so sweet or typical?  No hearts here.  Maybe I'll try adding chocolate chips to it.  I'll post about it and how it goes with pictures.

I've more or less straighted up my room... now to move on to the bathroom and kitchen.  The kitchen is alright, I just have to do the floor and I should wipe down the counter.  I did the dishes this morning.  But the bathroom.... I thought I just cleaned it.  Well, like... less than a month ago?  I guess I didn't do such a good job.  >_>  I've got my list together for shopping as well so I can do that before picking K up at the staton.

I bought running shoes yesterday.  If I want to get fit I need them since I know my ankles aren't so great (from those basketball days) and my gran has knee problems so I probably will too.  They were only 6800 yen for Nike so I went for it.  However, now my bank balance is below my float which freaks me out.  It's not like I'm broke but it makes me nervous to have so little now.  I told myself I can't take out more money until payday which is this weekend, thankfully.  If I have to eat soba for the next few days, so be it.  

I need an upbeat playlist to clean to. 

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There was a cat fight outside my door.  Physical and very loud and violent.  They hit my door and were scratching and hissing at each other.  There is blood and fur and ... cat outside my door.  I'm afraid to even go out and look at what else they left behind.  I hope I don't walk out onto a dead kitty tomorrow morning.
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I am surrounded by morons.  It is so frustrating being friends with Andrew and Justin sometimes.  I always end up being the middleman because neither of them can communicate worth shit.  Andrew thinks he's told me things when he hasn't and then wonders why I get pissed off when I'm totally lost as to what the plans are.  And I have to be the bearer of bad news when Justin says he's not coming over on X'mas eve because he has to work.  Fuck. 

Lisa's in town and she's hanging out with Andrew (holy fuck, early much?).  I'm suggesting dinner cuz I want to drop my bags off before doing anything and I also have to clean and shower and pack still.  I could be done earlier but I'm reading and posting instead.  Oops.  Yeah.  Well.  I'm being a bit spiteful since no one can get their act together and make plans. 

To do:
  • Dishes
  • Vacuum
  • Make my bed
  • Take out garbage
  • Put away laundry
  • Shower
  • Pack overnight bag
That should be good enough.  I need to go to town and scrub the shit out of this place before New Year.  I need to get a decoration for the door too.  I want good luck next year!  If I get off my ass now, I might be ready to go out by 2.  Maybe.
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Well, I do.  It gets to a point where I go on a cleaning bend because I can't stand it anymore but I like to think that I generally clean up after myself and I pick up my clothes and vacuum about once a week.  The batheroom unfortunately gets neglected for about 6, not to mention the kitchen.  Which might be why I had another litte visitor the other night.  Don't roaches hibernate in the winter like the rest of them?!  GOD.  I'm getting really good at handling them, though I still cringe at the thought of having to touch it.  My desk is covered in junk and my window sill is cluttered, as is my desktop.  The only reason I really give a shit is because Sachiyo is coming over to get pictures from yesterday because Nikki's camera broke (or got broken -- we don't know what happened; small childred are suspect) and Sachi's battery died so I had the only camera yesterday.  Hopefully the photos turned out.  I should go see if I can get the same (or similiar) as Justin on sale.  T'is the season~

If nothing else, I just have to put all my clothes and shit in the hamper and maybe run the vacuum around.  I only have one pot and the collander to clean but the stovetop is nassssssty.  We'll see if I can pull myself together before she comes around 2 to do anything about it.  I have so much fic to read! 
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Wasn't on TV. LAME. They totally were angling for the Yamanote party, I knew it.  From what I could understand, they made it out like it was completely the fault/idea of foreigners to party on the train and that this random crazy holiday is the import of foreigners.  The comments at the end by this ancient fart were like "What's with those weird costumes?  Japanese people would never do that."  UGklajdfakj shit like that makes me so angry to live in this country.  You're 75 and set in your ways, dude.  Pull your head out of the ground.  You want this holiday?  Take it all, do it 100%.  You can just pick the parts that you like.  If you want Hallowe'en, you take the kids knocking on your door in cute costumes asking for candy as well as the punk ass bastards egging your house and TPing your trees.  That's reality. [/rant]

Got my new bed~  It didn't arrive until 4, as usual, and then I find out that I need a hammer to put it together.  So I had to run out for that but it's all good. It's not as short as I thought now that I have my futon on it.  The other mattress even fits underneath so I can hide that shit away.  Yeeah! 

I feel like I've completely wasted my Sunday waiting for this delivery and waiting for this show where they didn't even use our interview.  I did get some writing done so I suppose it wasn't a complete bust.  I should start thinking about my [ profile] je_holiday fic so that I'm not rushing at the end.  I could add a bit more detail to my [ profile] je_ficgames but I'm so over that one.  I can't even look at it anymore.  I feel like writing some letters but I just wrote Alison one and I'm holding out on Kevin until he writes me back.  It's been about two months since he's written me and I've sent him at least 3 since then.

I feel like I have something planned tomorrow but I don't know what it is.  I want to buy a toaster oven.  Finally.  

Ayumi was supposed to be/is in town this weekend but she hasn't gotten in touch with me.  She wanted to go to the Ghibli Museum either Thursday or Friday last week and I was totally down except I had work.  I don't think she has my address or number but she has my email.  I suppose I should send her a message to see if she wants to meet up tomorrow before she leaves. 

And I think I've become one of those people who I think are horribly pathetic and can't function/date in the real world.  Well, no more on that for now.

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Finished ABDC; kind of anti-climactic since I already knew who was going to win but cool nonetheless.  The sportsmanship was something to behold.  Although I think I've seen enough of Mario Lopez's squishy face to last me about six months.

My deaf fic(let) has gotten some really good feedback.  I'm going to see if I can wring anything else from that today.  At least I want to try to flesh out the backstory.  I feel like I need to do a bit more research before I take the story line further.

That fucking clock is still there.  It's woken me up both yesterday and today.  Yesterday was fine because I had to get up anyway but I wanted to sleep in today.  Well, I might have been able to sleep through it if my fucking asshole neighbour wasn't banging around and causing a ruckus when he left at 730 this morning.  I wonder if he's the asshole who's been leaving bread out for the cats.  I went to get some dinner last night and this little baby scared the shit out of me.  I was checking my mailbox and I turned around and nearly stepped on it.  It didn't look so good... it's eyes were kind of crusty and he wasn't peeping like they usually are.  Then mama-cat (or papa-cat) was sitting on the fence right outside the front door and scared me again.  Silent little fuckers!  Don't go sneaking up on people like that.  But they were gone when I came back.  Part of me wants to adopt one of the babies.. but my place is not made for kitties and it would just be cruel to keep them in such a tiny place.  Not to mention allergies.

Needless to say, I can't believe I'm up before 10 on a Sunday.  I'm already feeling sleepy.  The weather is cold and overcast... kind of a perfect mood for this fic I want to write.  It makes me feel guilty cuz Eq is still hanging there.  I want to go shopping.  I got 10,000yen gift for doing the festival yesterday which was totally unexpected.  I should get off my ass and go to Marui or Takashimaya and browse.  I can't even think of anything I want.  

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Fever's down. Hit 102 last night. Quite unpleasant. Was going to wake up for Shukudai but I decided not to get up. I still feel a bit hot right now but apparently my temp is normal. Just blocked up to the high heavens. And a bit of a cough developing. Bah.

Just got a call from my landlord/leasing company. They were switching over to a new furikomi system so I had to fill out papers with my banking info and I just got a call from them: they screwed up the forms and wrote my rent wrong (46,500 instead of 42,500). I thought it looked fishy but just filled it out and mailed it yesterday. They're going to send new ones today. I'm also waiting for a delivery from NTV... it would be perfect if it came today while I was at home. Knowing my luck, it won't.

The garbage wasn't picked up yesterday so that freaking clock woke me up again at 8. Although that was probably a good thing cuz I fell asleep sometime around 9. Time for a shower and some shouga yu. :D


Oct. 18th, 2008 03:46 pm
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Went to the doctor. He suspects it's a mild case of tendonitis or arthritis in my wrist. Turns out he's a rheumetic arthritis specialist and highly doubts its the latter because there's no redness or swelling. He told me it's probably just from overuse (6 months of overuse?) and to wrap it for support (I'm using that fancy supporter I got right now) and rest it and observe it. If it gets worse or is still hurting after a week-month -- he wasn't too clear -- to come back and he'll take blood and do some tests. Well, no freaking duh. I didn't go to medical school and I could have figured that out. At least he didn't prescribe me any stupid drugs for no reason. Just had to pay the doctors fee and spend an hour and a half in the waiting room.

Went shopping afterwards, got two shirts from Gap for 3700 yen and picked up Flix Japan with Nino. There's also an equally long spread of Ryo and other people I know in it so I think it was well worth my 780 yen.

I think someone is moving out of my building because there is all this stuff piled up in the garbage area: some shelves, racks, rods, carpet.. and a nearly full-length mirror. TOTALLY SNAGGED IT. The frame is kind of dirty but that's easily fixed; otherwise it's in tip-top shape. That saves me going out to buy one. :D On the other hand, I found exactly the kind of bed/futon frame I had in mind -- no frills, just a simple frame with legs -- and it was fucking 30,000 yen! I bet you the materials cost 5,000 at most. What the fuck? So I think I'm going to go back to Jusco and see if they still had that fold up one for 12,000 and get that. More functionality for less than half the price. Fuck you, Tokyu Hands.

Staff drinking party tonight at 630. I hope that it's at the same place as last time because that's what I'm sure I read on the handout but I didn't think to bring it home with me. Ooops. I won't be going to any after party tonight; I want to conserve some cash and be lively tomorrow to get this place cleaned. It's really starting to gross me out. And maybe rearrange some furniture? I always enjoy that.
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I woke up early (for a weekend) and have got my futon out in the sun. I will leave it out there for a few hours since I haven't been taking care of it properly for a few months. I should get laundry in and out as well but I haven't quite gotten out of my sleepiness yet. I came across a new fic about male geisha (NEWS). The header looks pro so I hope the writing is decent.

No plans today. Leigh called me last night about going somewhere next weekend so I told Andrew to get on calling around and seeing about ryokan for Saturday night. We're going to go to the autumn festival in Sawara. I should figure out the travel stuff and let him do the hotel. I am a bit concerned because it's a fairly popular festival and I wonder if we'll be able to get a room. I don't really mind which one we choose (I'm down for cheap) but if we go with the most expensive one, I don't mind. I should pester him about that today.

As always... I should clean. I don't know what it is about Japan. The floors just seem to get so dirty so fast. I don't wear shoes in the house so I don't understand. The dust is parasitic. I was going to post the Anan favourite men list but I don't know if anyone gives a crap. LOL. It was interesting going through and figuring out names. I still can't remember how to read half of the first names though.
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I got my mail! It was my ballot from Elections Canada. Boring.

My fucking neighbour came by again. I didn't tell her to fuck off like I said I would (at least she came prepared with pen and paper). She needs a lawyer because she's getting bullied by Japanese people. I told her (as harshly as I could) to go to City Hall and get help from them and I can't do anything. She whined about how she's alone and it's scary and she has no power so told her that can't be helped so suck it up. It's got nothing to do with me. Hopefully she does it and leaves me the fuck alone.

Now for Top Model until VS comes on!
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Two hours to organize my music folder.  I don't even know how long it would take to organize all the ID3 tags, I don't really want to think about it.  I've been good about getting album covers for newly downloaded stuff but practically none of the stuff I had had covers.  I don't know how many of my 2000+ songs have semi-complete information... that is a task for an entire day, no doubt.  Hopefully all the work I did before wasn't erased when I moved things and deleted everything out of iTunes and reloaded it.  Because that would suck.  Well, it's still processing artwork (400-something of 700-something) so I'll take that as a good sign.

Crap... I forgot about my laundry in the machine. 

Now that clothes are hanging.. what to do?  I don't even want to touch iTunes but I know that'll have to get done sooner or later.  The bathroom is looking mighty scummy but I don't feel like cleaning.  I'm meeting Amanda for dinner tonight and hopefully she remembers to bring my DVDs back.  I lent her Marathon and Yuuki but they didn't play on her computer for some reason.  I wonder if I should cook, or meet her and go to some place in Takashimaya...?  I'll see what she feels like.  I have fish to cook.  Although, my tum is rumbling for lunch.  If she comes for dinner, I will have to clean. 

This is a terribly mindless post about nothing, I have realized. 

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It's the first time in about a month that I find the AC too cold.  I actually could sleep last night without it on and not wake up in the middle of the night suffocating in my futon.  I can have the windows open and not die of heat stroke!  Happy day!  I should reeeeeaally vacuum.  It grosses me out to look at the floor.  And there might be more left over glass to step on which would be bad.  I have my clean laundry sitting in a fantastic pile next to me that needs to get put away as well.  I should clean the bathroom and straighten the kitchen (also note to self: TURN OFF THE BURNER WHEN YOU'RE DONE.  VERY VERY DANGER.) 

The only problem with having the windows open is that the fucking cicadas are even louder than normal.  :/ 

Going to watch Maou 7 and prepare for tonight. :D  I could be productive and keep writing rather than leave it for another month, but I am so tired from the last one.  It was a lot of work.  I should go through and add links to the bottom of each chapter.  If I felt like it.

I had something else to write about, I'm sure, but it escapes me.
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Holy crap.  Double attack of the roaches.  I want to google them and see what kills the fuckers but I'm scared of seeing pictures.  I'll have to read that article mama sent to me and check it out and try some of those things.  One was on the counter when I was going to the convenience store but I think it crawled down the drain because I didn't see it after.  And then I went to put my rice cooker back on the shelf and there was a white roach underneath!  Where do these bastards come from!?  I was in my room all evening and took the rice cooker off the shelf and put it on the floor to cook and then put it back -- how did it get under there?  I couldn't find the big black one (we're talking like 2 inches) unless it scampered behind the bottles and spices on my counter but I'm not about to go hunting.  I just did the dishes in the sink so it must have disappeared.  I think these traps I bought are useless becuase the white one ran into the corner (or limped, it wasn't very fast) but didn't go in.  I attacked it with the vacuum and may it die a slow starving death in that little dust compartment.  Maybe the traps are too small?  I should get some bigger and better ones tomorrow to set out while I'm away.  I'm thinking of sealing up the drains too with saran wrap to keep them out but I don't know if that will make the place stale and smelly. 

Went out today and ran some errands.  I wanted to print Equilibrium out so I could have a hard copy of it (for not particular reason) but the flash drive I bought was being fickle with me and crashing explorer every 5 seconds so I took it back to Bic Camera to see if I could exchange it even though I threw out the reciept like a moron.  I dug out the old SD card from my HP brick/camera and saved the files on there but 7-11 only prints pictures from cards, not documents, as does Bic.  And we don't have a Kinko's nearby.  I'll just have to wait til school starts so I can do it for free.  Got some bathmaths to keep my floor dry and a few groceries.  And shoes!  I finally found my green cons.  I loves them!  I'm going to wear them to Osaka with pride.  :D

Green cons!  Just like Aiba-chan.  And they match my layout!

They tried to tell me at Bic that it was because the flash drive was for a Japanese computer but mine's in English which is totally and utter crap.  He said I should do a Windows update or try and different USB port and if that didn't work, come back.  I tried a different port and it worked fine...  I don't know what's wrong with the other one.  They're so full of shit anyway.  Now all my fic files are saved there so I don't have to keep sending stuff home and uploading to Gdocs all the time at work.  I'm going to save the OT5 files there as well.  And maybe the installer for PSPad as well so I can load that up at work since the server won't let me download. D<

Sat at Starbucks and wrote today.  I think I cross out as much, if not more than, I actually write.  I want to transcribe it now but I'm afraid I'll get in a groove and be up until 4am... again.  I wonder if I should just stay up all night tomorrow.  I don't know if I'll get any sleep on the Shinkansen but I have to leave home at 6:30am to get there, which means waking up at 5:30am.  I need to clean and do laundry tomorrow so I shouldn't sleep in too late and I thought about doing a run but I'm probably not going to.  And packing.  Still haven't found something to give Yuka's parents for letting us stay and none of the tacky omiyage booths in Tokyo Station will be open at 730am on Saturday.  What is Kashiwa famous for?  Dick all.

I just learned Jpod was canceled after 13 episdoes.  Fuck you, CBC.  You finally make a show that doesn't completely suck ass and you doom it to death by slotting it in on a Friday night.  Why must you be so cruel?  But the DVD comes out in September. :D  I have something to look forward to when I get back.  And mom did ask me what I want for Christmas... speaking of mom, should email her back.

Also found a comment box code for OT5 which I should test out.  And this goddamn song has been playing everywhere and is stuck in my head.  It's so fucking bad, but starting to sound good.

Edit: 12:35pm.  The black monster emerged just as I was about to go to bed.  Went to the bathroom and saw the bastard crawling on the kitchen floor.  How did it get past me?  I didn't see it after it was on the counter.  Unless it got onto the floor and crawled under the clothes I have waiting to go out while I went to the conveneince store.  The traps are definitely too damn small for these beasties.  I was tempted to take a picture but I didn't want it to disappear.  I chased it out of the house with a towel and hopefully it won't try to crawl back in under the door.  It couldn't quite escape that way without me opening it (and then it fell on it's back so maybe they're like turtles -- it'll just die that way) so I don't think it can get back in again.  I fucking hope not.  I feel accomplished that I tackled these buggers with minimal screaming and no crying this time but now I'm jumpy as hell.  Damn it!  And I was tired too!


Jul. 31st, 2008 11:06 am
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Not that I'm not grateful to the asshole stomping around upstairs -- or next door, I can't quite tell -- for waking me up before noon but grinding, scraping, thumping and all kinds of fuckery isn't the nicest sound in the world.  I was actually up before 11.  For sleeping at past 4am again, that's good, I suppose.  I need to make a point of sleeping right after Himitsu tonight, no matter how much I will be buzzing.  Or hope to be buzzing.  I don't remember what the preview was but I might be turning it off if they do more fucking Calorie Cowboy bullshit.  Or switching to Code Blue so I can get hot and bothered over Yamapi.  Himitsu's ratings have sucked big hairy balls for the past few weeks.  Yamapi's on Fuji at the same time -- are you surprised?  That kid has big star power all by himself that rivals all five of Arashi together.  But, Yamapi in scrubs?  You're asking for trouble.  Ahh my ovaries are fluttering.

The retardedness seems to have subsided.  Let's hope it stays that way. 

I must do laundry either today or tomorrow and get the house spotless before I go away.  I don't have any plans today or tomorrow so that shouldn't be a problem but I have been killing too much time on the computer (ahem, LJ) and shit isn't getting done.  I should go find the library and renew the books I have so I don't get overdue charges and also so I know where the branch closer to me is.  I wanted to get started on Chapter Eight for Eq but I am fucking lazy.  It might do me good to give myself a deadline -- tomorrow night -- and maybe I'll get something done.  I tend to write either 500 words and get stuck or write 1500 and a whole chapter in one go.  Eight should be easy enough, I know exactly what I want to happen but things never seem to go as smoothly as I think. 
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Andrew and Heather are reunited!  Many fun, slutty, drunken times to be had this summer!  Between all of Andrew's work and study, at least.  We met up in Ikebukuro tonight for dinner (Saizeria, so classy) and I got new black cons.  Partly because I need new ones and partly because the shoes I was wearing were giving me blisters.  I already have a nice set from my new sandals.  I wanted to get green ones but they only had hi-tops in my size and I just wanted the regular ones.  I'll go check the ABC Mart in Kashiwa and see if they have my size.  The black ones were cheaper anyway.  Tomorrow, he and some people are having a tequila party and they are trying to get Andrea to come so I'll go and see her before she leaves to go back to the States.  Sunday is the Shin-Matsudo festival so all us ex-Nova kids are getting together to drink and be rowdy gaijin. 

I just watched Maou and :O  Shocking!  So many hidden relations come to the surface!  There wasn't anything I was totally lost on this time, I'm impressed.  :)  Although... there were defintely a few "ugly" shots of Oh-chan.  Sweetie, enough already with the tanning.  You used to have such nice skin!  Some of the nicest out of all of you.  Darker hair is supposed to make you look paler, not darker. 

Himitsu was a bust last night.  I'm so over this Age age thing they keep doing.  UNLESS they do an Age age mori mori whatever makeover to Ohno... >3  But that's just cruel and unusual.  His (appropriate) response of "OHHELLSNO" was quite amusing.  And Jun got rid of his poodle perm.  It's more along the lines of his Bambino hair which is my favourite for him (because it's the most normal?).  It clicked that it's because he's filming the 24hr TV drama special right now when I saw the Zoom In clip.  Ahhh Karina.  Those two are so cute together.  They would have beautiful babies.  Not as cute and round-faced as Sho and Hikaru, but attractive nonetheless.

I only got around to doing one load laundry but it was so muggy today that it's still wet, and it was only shirts.  I didn't clean the bathroom yet...  I found mold all along the bottom of my shower curtain this morning!  I wonder if I should just get rid of the whole thing. :/  That might keep the drain in the floor cleaner if it has water going in it from the shower... but without the curtain the whole bathroom gets wet.  Tough decisions...

I totally forgot that Justin and I were going to go to Enoshima this weekend... so we rescheduled.  I'll be able to chill out and clean up and wind down during the week and then we can go be tourists next weekend.  I also need to make a point of going to the library and seeing if they have anything in English (or Chinese?) and sell some books to Book Off and maybe buy some more.  I've got 1 book to read now, "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson but that won't last me very long.  I seem to have accumuated quite a few books and though I like to keep them as trophies... I should sell them.  I can always get them again back home.   It'll be a little extra money in my pocket.  I should check out the community centre and see if there are any classes or activities to do to keep busy and maybe learn something and get out of the house this summer.  Nahhhhh.

Will write more of Chapter 7 tomorrow!  

Maou Mail

Jul. 12th, 2008 04:47 pm
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Got another mail from Ohno about Maou yesterday. Haha... he's such a fool; you gotta love him.


2008年7月11日 大野智

Hello, this is Maou!  Did you watch episode 1!?  Was I alright? LOL  However, watching myself is super embarrassing~!  Even though it seems that way, I'm giving it my all so watch it!  And then eposide 2!  Who do you think the next target is!?  The hint is the last red room in episode 1!  Who was it in the photograph the lawyer stared at with eyes of hatred!?  Watch for it!

July 11th, 2008  Ohno Satoshi

Stayed over at Stephen's place last night.  It was fun; we watched a football movie (I don't know why, but I like them).  He cooked dinner (and then breakfast) and his place is really nice.  It's  2 room apartment in Minami Kashiwa, pretty much right behind Aeon on the other side of the tracks.  Not terribly far at all.  It would take about 20 minutes or so to walk home, I think.

Still... nothing.  It's not that I didn't enjoy myself, but it doesn't feel like anything special.  Or romantic?  I want to tell myself to just go with it and see what happens (and Andrew would too) but even after a month... well, I only saw him twice.  But when I get mail from him it's like "Ughhhhh...." rather than "Oh yay!".  When I get there and see him and we hang out, it's fine.  It's friendly and all good and whatever.  I don't know.  He said we should hang out before he goes to Ghana on the 28th or something (I don't know for how long) but I was kind of non-commital.  Nikki and Amanda and I were talking about hitting up some festivals and Justin wants to go to the zoo.  I don't know.  I don't know who I can talk about this with that would understand.

I stopped at the 100 yen store on my way home and got some twine finally to tie up those old clothes so I can get them out.  I should go through my wardrobe and get rid of stuff... most of my t-shirts are looking pretty gross these days so I think it's time to purge.  I also got some new sandals (green!) for 1000 yen and a vacuum cleaner for 3000.  I was looking for bed/futon frames at Jusco but they only had one and it was 12,000 yen.  It was fold up one so I could make more room if I wanted to but... just for a simple frame, I don't want to pay that much.  I don't even know if something like I'm imagining in my head exists.  I will go to this E2 place Stephen told me about and Hard Off again and see what they have.  If they don't have what I am looking for... I might just cave and buy the one from Jusco.  Although I think Ikea had one online?  I will have to look again.  I was going to get a toaster oven, but I'll go to Hard Off for that because I saw a few for cheap there.  Finally got a lightbulb too.

Came home, cleaned, set roach traps, made oolong tea but my fridge is taking forever to freeze the ice, did laundry, napped, translated a bit.  I've got Code Blue 1 subbed, Maou 1 subbed and Maou 2 to watch.  :3  I want to work on my fic a bit... I edited it so far so it all fits together now, I just have to continue. 
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Today has just been the crappiest day ever.  I had 3 classes - 1st year and 3rd year were doing my lesson plans, the fifth time around for me so I was really hating them by that point.  And then I had to teach 2nd year solo.  Oh yes, alone.  Kaneko-sensei has been away since last week but no one has told me what happened.  Even if he's deathly ill he'll still come to school so I'm thinking it's an accident or family emergency.  Either way... I had to teach by myself.  I teach 4-5 or sometimes 6 classes of elementary kids every Friday who for the most part can't understand a thing I'm saying... but 2nd year of Jr High makes me nervous?  Well, fourteen year olds can talk back.  There was another Japanese teacher there for "support" but they are as useful as the elementary teachers.  I had Ohara-sensei with me today, and all the kids are scared of her so at least they weren't rowdy and fucking around during class.  But I have to do it 4 more times...

On top of that, there is a speech contest coming up so Nakamura-sensei asked me to look for some stories for the student doing it, and to do a lesson plan for the conversation elective on Monday, and I had to decide on something for grade 6 tomorrow... it was a busy and stressful day.

On top of that... BUGS.  I took a shower tonight and when I stepped out I saw this black thing on my kitchen floor and knew even without my glasses that it was a monster roach.  MONSTER.  Fucking like the size of my index and middle fingers together.  There was some screaming and flailing and crying involved but I managed to trap it and stun it with my laundry bucket and then throw it outside (along with my waste paper bin... I'll rescue that tomorrow).  I don't have anyone to do it for me....... so I have to suck it up and do it and then cry about it later. 

I hope that tomorrow goes without any stress or problems.  I get a bit of a break because one class is a week behind so I'll get to do two different lessons instead of five of all the same.  And it's the last week of term so I won't be back there until September.  Ahhh summer vacation starts next week!  I'm seeing Stephen at some point tomorrow... I'm not overly excited.  That's a sign.  Even as friends..... ahgdaf.  I just feel so trashy.  What. dfkjdfsadfjd.  And Himitsu wasn't on tonight for some reason.  And that just made me more depressed. 

I talked to Yuka and I am probably going to go visit her in Osaka during the first week of August! :3

Now since I can't write and don't want to watch Yamapi (though totally fuckable in scrubs) on TV without subs I will sleep.           


Jul. 7th, 2008 11:02 pm
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Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I cannot deal with bugs.  Of any kind.  There is major flailing, screaming, jumping, running, and sometimes crying.  I'm not kidding.  It is going to be a very long summer.

I just dealt with my fist roach of a resonable size and a monster fucking spider.  There are flying things in my room at the moment but they like the light of the screen so I can lure them to certain death.  Akljgal;kjdfads I feel like I have things crawling all over my skin.  I dropped the box I managed to trap the roach in on the way outside because I could feel it freaking out inside.  I flailed it out near the garbage but there was some smearing inside so I abandoned the box.  Alkjgalkfjdsfgadsfjg DDDD:  NOT COOL.  DNW.

And I can't just ignore them and hope they go away cuz I don't want those bastards crawling on me in my sleep. 

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