Aug. 22nd, 2008

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Is finally done.  GUH.  That only took me... a month to get out.  Took me about two weeks to actually write.  Shit.  And because it merits big fonts:

5,174 words.
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There was one line, about the staff member's his own age that I didn't quite get, so I guessed. X3


2008年8月22日 大野智

Hello, it's Maou~!  We've already entered into the second half of filming!  Even though I'm really busy, it's not even a fraction of how busy everyone of the Maou staff are!  They aren't only shooting my scenes, but the entire cast's and they don't get much time to sleep either.  Moreover I don't even know how many staff are the same age as me, I can't lose either!  I'll do my best!
So, episode 8!  Finally unable take the pressure, Ryou's feelings towards Shiori will overflow!  Will the revenge plan be able to continue nevertheless?  And what's more, Naoto starts to be aware of Ryou's true colours!  Look forward to it!

August 22nd, 2008  Ohno Satoshi
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It's the first time in about a month that I find the AC too cold.  I actually could sleep last night without it on and not wake up in the middle of the night suffocating in my futon.  I can have the windows open and not die of heat stroke!  Happy day!  I should reeeeeaally vacuum.  It grosses me out to look at the floor.  And there might be more left over glass to step on which would be bad.  I have my clean laundry sitting in a fantastic pile next to me that needs to get put away as well.  I should clean the bathroom and straighten the kitchen (also note to self: TURN OFF THE BURNER WHEN YOU'RE DONE.  VERY VERY DANGER.) 

The only problem with having the windows open is that the fucking cicadas are even louder than normal.  :/ 

Going to watch Maou 7 and prepare for tonight. :D  I could be productive and keep writing rather than leave it for another month, but I am so tired from the last one.  It was a lot of work.  I should go through and add links to the bottom of each chapter.  If I felt like it.

I had something else to write about, I'm sure, but it escapes me.
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Why do we suck at sports?!  FUCK.  Adam van Koerverden, you DOUCHE.  You had the 1000m in the bag!  What the fuck happened?  You better whip it out and show them whose boss in the 500m.  akdjfadkfjadlkfjdfasd I really want to just curl up and cry now. 

"Canada's Adam van Koeverden was a bit disappointing in the final, placing eighth. He managed a second place in the first 500 meters, but was overrun after 750 meters. The 26-year-old took six medals in the 2008 ICF World Cup series, including two from K1 1000m race. He will have to do his best in the K1 500m final on August 23 to prove his dominance in this competition."

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Got this idea from [ profile] trivialaffair... some "official" list of the hottest guys in Japanese entertainment was released and that's where it came from... yeah, anyway. Enjoy the eye candy.

I think I like a Kinki Kids song... I'm watching their performance of Secret Code on M-Ste now... it's jazzy and Dot is wearing specs so I just like it automatically. When did they learn to sing?

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Are you surprised that 4/5 Arashi members are there? Haha..

Um.. pictures are taken from all over... mostly [ profile] boys_paper  scans and random google searches. I do not claim to have done any work.

While I'm spamming you... I found this while rewatching some Shukudai-kun. It's been a while since I found any Ohno's cock pictures:

Now I want to download some AAA and Hoshimura Mai's single and wait for Maou~!

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