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Aso is out. The Liberal Democratic Party is out.

I don't really know what the difference between the "Liberal" Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Japan is, but it's a change from the the last few decades of power so there should be some changes.

Holy shit.

I'm just seeing the votes now, the LDP has 93 seats while the DPJ has 283 so far! And Sho-chan looks hot despite having held a concert tonight. I hope he has a day off tomorrow. I wonder which way he voted (cuz you know he did). I wonder if the rest of Arashi voted. Apparently, this year was expected to have the highest reported voter turn-out. I wonder when this will be over; this news coverage has been going on since 9pm. When will they all get to go home?

I finally caught up with my RL Sho-chan and his girlfriend and had dinner and went to some karaoke. Good times! His gf is such a cutie. She wants to meet up once a month (I guess she likes me that much), but I'll wait for her to contact me. She's a hair stylist so maybe I can get her to do my hair from now on?

Time to sleep! Stupid typhoon looks like it's going to ruin my plans for tmrw.
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I went with JR to Ebisu to some random show by this Canadian dude.  Apparently the CBC was there (so that just tells you how "cool" it was).  The guy is supposed to be a queer vegan.  I could see vegan, but definitely not queer.  But he had a ring on so he obviously doesn't have to try and impress anyone.  The music was alright.  Nothing to write home about.  I'm still crushing on Inoue Joe.  I want concert info!  So that's what I did today.  Went out and drank a 900 yen pint of some really good beer at a British pub in Ebisu.  After drinking soju on the street cuz we're just classy like that.  I'm going to lend JR my AAA dvd and turn him onto the gay wonderfulness of Arashi.

My mojo is raging, I'm not going to lie.  I just don't know what to do about it because I want more than casual sex.
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I've been silent this weekend, Lydia tells me. 

I spent Saturday being lazy and doing laundry and doing quiz things on Okcupid and then some guy messaged me and we started talking.  He's going to work for Square Enix and just got to Japan on Friday and we ended up meeting up in Koenji.  It was ... an interesting night.  He was an... interesting guy.  Not my type at all and I will probably avoid hanging out with him again.  He wanted to check out some "underground" music there (which I didn't really clue into until later) and we spent an hour wandering around the dinky little streets trying to find this retarded club that we walked right past when we got there because it was so tiny.  We ended up meeting some random foreigners on the street and drank with them.  One guy actually graduated from UBC the same time I did with a major in History.  Totally random. 

I had to transfer at Takadanobaba to get home but I didn't really feel like going back because my night had been such a let down so I called Andrew.  Blake, Keisuke and Justin were over and so we got more liqoured and went to Nichome.  It was kind of a bust but we had fun.  Felt like totally ass today and caught a cold from someone even though I only kissed Blake and he's fine.  That's not cool.  Then we stayed in and watched Star Trek and made cake today.  We also did a little CSI experiment on Ben's bed and found a lot more than we really wanted to know.  And it wasn't the sheets that were the problem.  I just got home now...

This entry was a lot longer than I expected.  After 3 attempts, I have now decided no more meeting people off the internet.  Even as friends.  There are just too many fucking weirdo losers out there and I don't need any more friends.  I have great wonderful friends already.  

Thank god I don't have classes tomorrow.  Even though I still have to fucking go.
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Birthday party was awesome.  Small and intimate: Andrew, Ariel, Justin, Blake (new bff) and myself.  We went for yakiniku in Ueno and scarred Ariel a bit with some sexy talk at dinner and then went to karaoke.  Blake is my hair band duet partner.  Then we were loud obnoxious drunk gaijin on the way back to the train with me practically yelling how I want to have sex.  Or rather than I'm only want to have sex with K.  If he isn't interested, I'll shop around.  He emailed me today to wish me happy birthday (and I thought he'd forgotten!) and said he's super busy these days... I suppose I understand?  I want to understand but I need a bit more explaining to really believe it.  I'm this close to sending him an email that says, "Want to come over and fuck?"  Blake says I should just put it out there, what's there to lose?  True.  It's not like he and Andrew are fast friends (I don't think they've hung out since that time I met him) so it wouldn't be awkward or anything.  Maybe the next time I'm drunk.  I bought those fucking condoms; I want to use them!  They weren't cheap!

On a different but slightly related note, I love Blake.  He's everything I want in a boy: the outward impression of an attractive straight boy but with the insight of a gay man, minus the gayness.  It's hard to describe but he reminds me a lot of Chris.  Who I haven't heard from yet.  I expect the birthday wishes to keep coming tomorrow.  The ex-bff is online and hasn't started a conversation with me.  He's forgotten.  Not even a half-assed Facebook message.  Only an hour and a half after my birthday ended, but better late than never.

In the grand scheme of my birthdays, this has probably been the best.  At least in a very long time.  Aside from Ben and Kohei not coming due to school/prior engagements, it was all people I really love and am so happy to have close to me.  No shitty weather screwing up the trains and no fiascos with location or anything.  I got a present from Jun and wishes from teachers and students at school.  The only thing I am wishing I had is someone to sleep with.  I want some sex on my birthday for once.  Maybe next year...  XD

It's 1am and I'm workng my way through some water so I don't feel wholly hungover tomorrow.  I'm having nabe and okonomiyaki with some teachers after work (and after getting my new gaijin card and paying my taxes).  Dan is in town for a month and he wants to go out tomorrow night.  He said 9ish which in Gayland is more like 10 so I might be able to go but I don't know when Seki-sensei is going to kick me out of her house.  I told him I couldn't go and maybe it would be best if I didn't.  My two nights drinking in a row last weekend might explain why I feel so tired this week.

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I really, truly do.   She's a nice girl and a liberal mind.  But... I really don't know what was the fucking deal tonight.  I should have kept a better eye on the time and gone home on the last train.  Maybe.

Took Taka's American friends visiting from Korea out tonight.  Had dinner, then went to an izakaya and then karaoke.  Then when we were done singing around 2:30 and trying to figure out what to do... it took forever.  The boys wanted ice cream so I lead them walking away from the station, stopping at the first conbini we could find.  Fuck, Kita Senju blows.  There is nothing really near the station!  Anyway, trying to figure out what to do...  Jason and Andy (I think?!) were staying at Taka's old place, since he lives with Rie now, which was only a 15-20 minute walk away.  And I don't know where Taka and Rie live but I don't think it was much farther. 

In the end, we sent Andy and Jason off in a cab to their place and I thought I was going to nap on Rie's couch until first train but when we got a cab, she stalked off.  So Taka paid for my cab from Kita Senju home (9000 yen!!) and chased after her.  He was fucking wasted but she didn't seem that drunk.  I know it was late, but fucking what's the problem?  You want to go home?  So fucking delegate and get shit done.  Nikki said to me once that... she didn't know why she was dating Taka (more as a jibe against Taka than Rie) but... yeah.  We were all having a good time and then something happened.  I made a crack to Jason and Andy about a domestic dispute.  

Man... he's such a nice guy.  Why can't he be single?  Sigh....  Or having a hot younger brother.  I'd go for that.


Dec. 23rd, 2008 12:03 am
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I LOST AN EARRING. どんだけ~?! How is that even fucking possible?

Shit. I'm really drunk. I reallly want to have sex rightnow. But that isn't happening. Watanabe-sensei didn't come to the after party. :(

They are doing a preview for the Odoroki SP tonight on AnS. LAME. I'm gonn awatch porn instead. I would read but there isn't as much NC-17 (or even R) fic for [ profile] je_holiday or [ profile] je_ficgames. And when is my shit gonna get posted?! Does anyone have good shit to read? I'm out.

BUT I did get wine from the bonenkai. I'm tempted to drink it alone by myslef. But that would be lame. And a sign of alchoholism. V bad. だめ! だめだ!
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I wonder how tomorrow is going to be.  I hope I'm not sporting a hangover or something.  That would suck.  But thankfully I have first and second period free.  And it's a normal 50-minute class day.  
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Amanda's party was fun.  I saw people I haven't seen in a while: Christian, Masa and Takayuki (who's English seems to have worsened since the Shin-Matsudo festival), Ty was there though we only talked as we were leaving, Kotoyo and a handful of people who I've never met.  Amanda and Nikki were properly wankered as per usual.  I'm sobering up now with my bottle of water and trying to fight off this headache.  Happy hour at the Hub is dangerous: jumbo cocktails for 260 yen.  I only hope that Amanda has as much fun next weekend on her surprise party.  I should get her a parting gift then.  Since I haven't done anything in the way of birthday or Christmas gifts.  Furoshiki?  That's a good idea.  Andrew's got me thinking.  They were supposed to come follow us for some karaoke but never showed up.  That makes me kind of sad.  I will definitely have to make a point of dragging Nikki and Christian out for karaoke before she leaves since I don't know if Amanda (or I, for that matter) have time before she flies out on the 18th. 

The boy came down with a fever so that might explain the lack of mail the last couple days.  The vibes are getting stronger.  Andrew says we'd better meet soon.  I agree.  Just let it grow organically, that's been working good so far.

Yukiko, a friend from middle school/high school is in town tomorrow so I'm going to meet her and another friend who I haven't seen in years.  I hope it isn't awkward.  It might be but I don't know.  We're going to meet for dinner in Shibuya.  I'm expecting my package to come in the early afternoon tomorrow and I need to wash my towels.

I started writing my [ profile] je_holiday fic finally.  ANGST ON.  I've gotten the thumbs up from [ profile] shourai and [ profile] everystarrfall so I'm feeling confident about it.  I just hope I can carry it through.  I have an idea in my head of where I want it to go -- some big confrontation and possible fall-out.  I just hope I don't lose steam or run out of time.  I'm feeling a little less pressure now that I've got a solid start.

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Maybe shot of whiskey was a bad idea.  I felt fine until the train, as transportation and drun kdon't go well with me.  D:  Hopefully this Pocari Sweat will help things and I got a tuna bread thing from Family Mart to soak up the beer and I hope to be okay.  I watned to write more but can't see straight.  Bad.  D:  I hope andrew gets sex tonight even if he is a bit of a paper bag.  At least it's sex.  And once I again, I am living vicariously through someone else. 

I just hope to not be disgustinly hungover or groggy tomrw.  Gonna sleep in as much as i need and see where we go from there.  Might finish the fic fi I feel ambitious and get encouragement. Hinto hinto~ 

OkY. must stop now.
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Shin Matsudo festival was fun.  Met some new folks and some old folks.  And yea... things with Stephen aren't going anywhere because although I was the one who invited him, I pretty much ignored him the whole time.  I think that's telling.  And all the guys that I could be interested in have fucking girlfriends, but that didn't seem to stop Vicky.  Good for her?  Anyway.  It was fun and I am looking forward to the Kashiwa festival next weekend.  I should get Andrew and Benben to come out for it.  That would be fun. 

I'm most definitely drunk right now but have to take out my lenses at least and drink more water.  Not that I have any plans tomorrow althought Takayuki asked me if I had plans tomorrow; though that doesn't mean he's going to call me.  :/  WHY IS IT SO UNFAIR?  Is wanting a Japanese boyfriend so unfair?  So difficult?  Apparently. 

Arashi ticket hotline is live.  I'll see if I have tickets for the National Stadium concert tomorrow!           
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Last day of school = start of summer holidays.
Start of summer holidays = drinking.
Happy hour at The Hub = jumbo cocktails for 290 yen.
Last day of school + drinking x jumbo cocktails = drunk Heather
Drunk before dark = WIN x INFINITY

I can't be that wasted if I can still do math.

Himitsu is on at 10, no fucking around with me tonight.  2nd eps of Maou and Code Blue subbed to watch and also food to cook but that might be a bit ambitious with the amount I wants to sleep. 

Posted Six.  READ.  STALK.  PIMP.  Where stalking came into the equation, I don't know.  It was the Moscow Mules.  Seven is already started.  Might write tomorrow when I clean up this dump.  After I sleep innn~  The thought is glorious.
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In all her bitchy, blazing glory.  Jesus motherfucking christ.  I have sweat so much in the last 2 days... it's not even funny.  Good for the skin, sure, and I don't think I smell (that much) but I would rather stay fresh and dry.  But it doesn't seem like that's going to happen until October.  I forsee this being quite an expensive summer in terms of my power bill.  I wonder if I should invest in a fan?  I do like the heat to a certain degree... sometimes it is nice to sit with a nice breeze and enjoy the sunny weather but not today.  UGH.

I went on another drinking/spending binge this weekend too.  This week.  I spent 10,000 on Monday when I went to Aeon... then I spent about 7,000 last night on drinking.  We had a work drinking party/dinner at this nice restuarant/izakaya in Kashiwa near the station.  I was hoping Watanabe-sensei would come because I'm bored of the other two younger teachers (and I don't think Tamaya-sensei is actually that young... and Ohkuro-sensei is boring) but he didn't.  Afterwards we had an after party; we went to karaoke as usual.  I was a bit pissed because we went to Shidax and they are fucking expensive.  Plus they were all ordering food as well... I ate a bit but not much and only had 2 beers... not really worth 3,400 yen even for 2 hours to karaoke.  Miyoshi-sensei... god I love him.  He reminds me a bit of my dad for some reason.  He's just so... jolly.  Even when he's yelling at the students to shut up in the hallway he makes me smile.  When we left the restuarant he says, "Okay, where are we going now?  Karaoke?  Heather, you're coming."  HAHA..  I was going anyway... but it seems I've made a name for myself as a party girl and karaoke queen.  Everyone sang a few (the only person to rival me was Miyoshi-sensei) and I whipped out my 18-ban because they wanted me to sing a Japanese song.  So I sang Sakura sake (of course it was Arashi!) and got a great round of applause afterwards. 

I met Taka after the afterparty for more drinks.  He said he would be heading back to his parents house and stop in Kashiwa for drinks that night and we would see how our schedules matched because I didn't know what was happening after my nomikai but he was in Ueno just as we finished karaoke so he came out and we had a few drinks at the Hub before they closed.  Then we had street ramen and went back to my place and crashed.  Ahhh if only he was single.....

We farted around in the morning, watched TV, got some lunch, I did laundry and then we left.  He went to buy some fresh clothes and go to his parent's place and I went to Abiko to get my hair cut.  I think I met the infamous Kenji because he asked if I was Amanda's friend.  He's is amazing.  I love my haircut.  :D  It's pretty much the same but he put loads of layers in the back while keeping the length so I can make it messy and flippy now and the front curls on its own now.  And my fringe is fixed.  I even got a free mirror as a gift for coming back to the store three times.  Next time I go, I get an official member's card.  Haha.. what service.  Does that mean I get offered coffee when I go next time?

Dan's farewell party was tonight.  A bunch of people just came to Ben's place and had some food and drinks and then we went to karaoke.  Another unsatisfactory karaoke experience...  I really don't like going with lots of people because I like singing so I don't feel like I get my money's worth.  1060 yen for an hour without booze.   Karaoke-kan is also expensive.  And they we pissing me off at the end because everyone was standing around with their thumbs up their asses when we were leaving.  I was getting quite frustrated because I hate leaving it until the last train.  It makes me anxious.  Anyway... it was fun but hot as fuck.  They only have 2 aircons, one in each bedroom and even though we had the windows closed the cool air didn't go outside Ben's room at all.  It might have had something to do with the twelve-odd people in the room as well...

Ahhh so finally I'm home.  I didn't drink much today because I couldn't take it in the heat.  It just made me feel sick.  I am almost done my sports drink and the room is nice and cool now so I'll be able to sleep.  It's supposed to be cloudy and shitty so that means it's going to be humid as fuck.  I have a load of laundry to do and I should take a stab at writing more of this chapter.  I am in the process of downloading Maou so I can watch it and see what everyone is raving about.  I can't wait for subs eventhough I'm sure they'll be out by broadcast next week. 

God I fucking stink.  To shower or not to shower?  That is the question.  I am extremely low on bodysoap so... it'll just be a bit of a rinse.  I should blog about Tanabata for the family tomorrow as well.

Grocery shop?
Download Maou
Watch Maou
Email JC back
Email Mom
Email Alison
Clean the bathroom (ahhh I really don't want toooooo)
Clean the washing machine
Do something about my Aeroplan points
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For punishment.  Dinner was good, glad I went but FUCK.  I can drink a hell of a lot more than I think I can or do.  I don't feel drunk in the head but my stomach says otherwise.  Maybe I drank too much water?  And now my stomach hurts and feels like a balloon about to burst.  D:  I want to sleeeeep... but I don't want to be in bed when I feel the urge to hurl.  What the fuck... I was fine when I got home.  After half an hour in bed I start to feel sick.  Maybe it's something we were served at dinner?  But it was oh, so tasty. 

But I found this on YouTube.  XD  Chibi!Ohno!  Even despite the fug hair he was fucking hot.  Be my boyfriend!

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I skipped dinner (even though I went grocery shopping) and decided to scarf a bag of chips and drink beer instead.  I needed to make room in my fridge anyway.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Only time will tell.
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Had CEO day with Andrew.  Was super fun.  But didn't do any of the shopping I had planned to do.  Ate tonkatsu which I have been craving lately and took purikura.  Went to karaoke with Dan and Co.  Sang Sirius and rocked it.  Watch out Chelsea, we are totally singing all of Dream "A"live next week.  For reals.  Among other things?  "Taiyou no~ Namidaaaaaaaa~!"  I am moderately drunk right now, even though I dozed on the train home.  Managed to plan most of my epic but want to bounce off someone and still have some kinks to work out.  Who's going to be around tomorrow?   

My mojo is back.  For now.  Aw yeah! 

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