Feb. 20th, 2009

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Birthday party was awesome.  Small and intimate: Andrew, Ariel, Justin, Blake (new bff) and myself.  We went for yakiniku in Ueno and scarred Ariel a bit with some sexy talk at dinner and then went to karaoke.  Blake is my hair band duet partner.  Then we were loud obnoxious drunk gaijin on the way back to the train with me practically yelling how I want to have sex.  Or rather than I'm only want to have sex with K.  If he isn't interested, I'll shop around.  He emailed me today to wish me happy birthday (and I thought he'd forgotten!) and said he's super busy these days... I suppose I understand?  I want to understand but I need a bit more explaining to really believe it.  I'm this close to sending him an email that says, "Want to come over and fuck?"  Blake says I should just put it out there, what's there to lose?  True.  It's not like he and Andrew are fast friends (I don't think they've hung out since that time I met him) so it wouldn't be awkward or anything.  Maybe the next time I'm drunk.  I bought those fucking condoms; I want to use them!  They weren't cheap!

On a different but slightly related note, I love Blake.  He's everything I want in a boy: the outward impression of an attractive straight boy but with the insight of a gay man, minus the gayness.  It's hard to describe but he reminds me a lot of Chris.  Who I haven't heard from yet.  I expect the birthday wishes to keep coming tomorrow.  The ex-bff is online and hasn't started a conversation with me.  He's forgotten.  Not even a half-assed Facebook message.  Only an hour and a half after my birthday ended, but better late than never.

In the grand scheme of my birthdays, this has probably been the best.  At least in a very long time.  Aside from Ben and Kohei not coming due to school/prior engagements, it was all people I really love and am so happy to have close to me.  No shitty weather screwing up the trains and no fiascos with location or anything.  I got a present from Jun and wishes from teachers and students at school.  The only thing I am wishing I had is someone to sleep with.  I want some sex on my birthday for once.  Maybe next year...  XD

It's 1am and I'm workng my way through some water so I don't feel wholly hungover tomorrow.  I'm having nabe and okonomiyaki with some teachers after work (and after getting my new gaijin card and paying my taxes).  Dan is in town for a month and he wants to go out tomorrow night.  He said 9ish which in Gayland is more like 10 so I might be able to go but I don't know when Seki-sensei is going to kick me out of her house.  I told him I couldn't go and maybe it would be best if I didn't.  My two nights drinking in a row last weekend might explain why I feel so tired this week.


Feb. 20th, 2009 04:27 pm
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Work went by quickly.  All my kids did really well.  It's almost like they can speak English~  The last class was short because the teacher was yelling at a couple girls and didn't send anyone down to get me (but that's fine with me).  Poor Kubo-sensei... she's got laryngitis and was giving these girls hell.  :(  I wonder what they did.  Booked it out of work at 230 and got the bus and picked up my gaijin card by 315. :D  I also picked up some cream mochi to bring to Seki-sensei's house tonight.  Got my taxes done too... they really should have some information on the fucking city website about what you're supposed to bring.  I didn't know I was supposed to bring my health insurance... well, they just needed to know how much I pay a month and actually they put more than I actually would have paid for the year on my forms but whatever.  The goverment is going to pay me 230 yen back.  Yay!  I can buy almost buy two cans of coffee for that.  The guy who helped me was a dick though.  I also saw Arai-sensei there randomly. XD  He was skipping out on work too to get his taxes done.  Love it!

I should make a note of what I should bring to do my taxes next year so I don't go through this fiasco a third time.

To make things even better, I managed to get all my crap done early enough so that I could come home and relax (aka check flist) and change my clothes!  It really warmed up today and it was a sweat house inside the tax office portable.  I'm considering jumping in the shower to freshen up a bit before changing.  Then I'll take the bus back to school at 5:15 to meet the teachers.  Even if I end up leaving Seki-sensei's house around 9 I don't think I'm going to go out.  I'm too tired!

In other news.. it look like my closet barfed all over my room.  There are clothes everywhere.  I really need to pick up this weekend.  It'll have to be tomorrow afternoon when I get back from Hiroo.

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