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(I'm just going to edit this entry again. Save your flists.)

So the theme of this years 24hr TV is "Start! Take the first step~" and so Shige learned to play the steel drums. He went to Trinidad & Tabago to meet these two girls who play and made his own drum. The girls came to Japan for the performance and they did a medley and ahh~! It was so good! I want that on video! Shige was so moved by his own performance, he cried. Aww~ And I agree with Yamapi, he better continue to play. I'd try to get to a News concert just to see that!

So they've raised some 800,000,000 yen so far but seriously, I wonder how much they spend on this charity event. They've got Matsushima from Othello going all over Japan visiting World Heritege sites (though that's probably by a network-owned car), they've sent Shige off to Jamaica, they've got a few boats up in Aomori/Hokkaido for the girl swimming the channel, they've got Oshima and another guy and a bunch of kids in Sri Lanka searching for jewels. Not to mention renting out the Tokyo Big Site location and paying all the staff... I really wonder if there is much to donate to charity after all is said and done. Maybe Lydia can enlighten me since she knows more about television production than I do.

I'm going to have to start watching Newsfan's releases more closely for 24hr releases. I want that Shige part! And his English was totally adorable.

And I think this is becoming my favourite icon of all time. :D

Nagura Jun of Neptune went to Fukushima prefecture on his darts tour. I love how people greet each other in Japan! And I notice it all the time in daily life here, just saying hello to people on the street. And they have no shame about asking your age. It's a lot different from western culture. I heard somewhere recently that in Japan, asking someones age is a way of showing that you are interested or care about them and you want to be more familiar with them. One granny said the thing she wants to start is learning how to use a computer. So cute!

It's time for Ryo's dart tour of Japan and he's off to Nagano prefecture somewhere. I think this is the first time I've actually heart his Kansai accent. I think it suits him more than standard Japanese. His face was priceless when he met some jr high students who were Yamapi/Koyama fans. Poor guy. XD And none of the old folks know who he is. Haha.

Thoughts on 24Hr TV 32 so far...
It's not as tear inducing as last year's was. Of course there are a lot of "I was in a terrible accident/got cancer/was born with this disease/disability" stories that have been touching but each of the News member's tasks aren't so moving. I guess with a theme like "Take the first step," it's more happy.

News is also a kind of boring personality... from what I can tell, they're just standing around a lot. And they are so obviously not used to this kind of job. They miss their cues a lot and talk over each people on the video feeds a lot but they have gotten visibly better as the show's gone on. For a while this afternoon, all they did was check in with the swimmer (Yamapi's job) and the runner (Tegoshi's job) and played the plea for donation video.

I guess I should take a shower while there's nothing interesting going on. They're going to do the Dance Koshien contest now. I see some MJ inspired groups.

Daigo and Keila are leading a blind boy who wants to climb Mt. Fuji. I always enjoy Daigo's antics. Especially when he's doing air guitar with sounds in the middle of a forest. Poor kid.. he's so exhausted and they are already half way up. He got altitude sickness! They climbed the mountain the same day as that big earthquake recently. The plants were shaking so much... and they showed footage of an office in Shizuoka. Damn. I've never seen/felt such a big quake. The guide says that Fuji hardly ever shakes during a quake, so it really was a big one.

Ahh~ I feel like crying again. T___T

Horiuchi Ken's task was to go to India and teach a village to make paper! These kids had never seen paper before and wanted to write and draw. It was really intersting seeing how they could make paper with things they've got. I remember trying to make paper from newspaper with my friend when I was a kid. The kids looked so happy! And they drew a picture on a big sheet that they made and sent it over.

Coming up is Koyama's task, I think. He went to learn sign language and is going to perform a shadow show with some kids. :D I need to pay more attention to Koyama. ♥

There's some discussion going on about the ethics of arguably the largest charity event in Japan (at least that I know of) on [ profile] aramathedidnt. After hearing about DBSK's court happenings on Asian Pop Addict and how they're trying to get out of their exclusivity clause and just how much money they probably make (10-15% of all revenue??), it makes me wonder about Japan. And suddenly it makes sense why half of Arashi still live at home. Hell, it's why I'm moving back home.

Speed is on again this year? Boo.

Koyama and the kids were amazing. Japanese sign language looks much easier than American and he's gotten really good at it. He's crying too as are all the parents... I'm really touched. That's another video for the collection. I recommend everyone to watch that cut if you can find it.

They've got Shoten doing a 24hr TV special? Boo. I guess even NTV can't pre-empt something as institutionalized as Shoten.

7:15p (but actually written at midnight and drunk so pardon)
FINALLY Yamapi's task! Of course, they left the best for last. Yamapi decided to start scuba diving because of a promise he made to his childhood friend who was in an accident that left him in a wheel chair. They promised to go scuba diving so his friend could take a picture of a manta ray. Okay, so to be honest, Yamapi has always been kind of dull to me (despite being fucking hot) but here... he just shone. He really cares about his friends. And him calling his friend Shu-chan, and being called Tomo by his friend was just heart-warming. And omg, as if I didn't want to go to Okinawa before... just gorgeous. The pictures Shu took in the water with Yamapi are going to be treasured forever.

After the VTR his friend read a letter he wrote to Yamapi, thanking him for the opportunity to go diving and that he knows he's busy but he should try and get his diving lisence so they can go again and take a picture of a manta ray (what Shu wanted to do originally) and Yamapi's trembling lip and his cheeks turning pink as he tried not to cry was just priceless! And then afterwards, his comment... as if I had any doubt he was straight before. xD

Oh, and Kame had shown up before--like, WTF. But it was so they could sing Seishun Amigo for Shu-chan. Touching!

And then I went drinking so I don't know how it ended, but I don't think Imoto made it to the end of her marathon. And it looks like the Democratic Party of Japan is out!
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I wanted to watch it but I didn't know when it was on. Lucky me!

The first 20 minutes are promising and it actually looks like Yamapi can play basketball. It makes me want to play again... I wish I had done a sport seriously. Though OFS wasn't really top in terms of sports excellence. But how lame is the "star player dating the cheerleader" trope? But obviously that's going to end! Seriously, only in Japan are university students thinking about married. And have mom be all excited about it. I can't wrap my brain around it.

Aibu Saki and Yamapi have the same hair colour. XD

I'm going to enjoy this show if only for the fact that I know exactly what's happening on the court. And for the awesome cast.


Apr. 10th, 2009 11:35 pm
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OH. MY. GOD.  I have not laughed so hard in AGES.  What the fuck is that old fart Johnny thinking now? 

The song doesn't do anything for me one way or another but the video is fucking GOLDEN.  Shige is a fucking PIMP.  This video is all about Shige.  Tegoshi actually looks like his age for once.  Yamapi has my fucking hair!  He shouldn't ever go light.  He is the prime example of what happens when you bleach asian hair: it goes orange.  Is he trying to pull off a more mature (ie fluffier) version of his Stand Up!! era hair? 

I love NEWS on a one-dimentional level: I like to imagine what they look like naked.  I won't lie.  They can only kind of sing but not really and they can sort of dance solo but can't get in sync to save their lives but THIS VIDEO.  The choreography is such crack you can overlook the badness.  Electric slide anyone?  Makes me think of Ally McBeal on an acid trip.  I love it. 

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What it was about Jun's hair (which I'm liking-- it's Bambino Jr!) that was bothering me:

He's doing the Yamapi Fringe.  That fucking little front piece that falls across his nose that bugged me so much.  I think Yamapi looks good all the time (even with the perm or whatever he has going on these days) but that fucking was like "I WANT TO CUT IT OFFF".  Jun's isn't nearly that bad but that's what it is.  I totally hotlinked from Yuckie; so shoot me.  She said "don't reupload".  So I didn't.  Just think of this as "free advertising". 

Mmmm I'm totally not sleepy.  I should get up at 8 tomorrow so I can be lazy and eat something for breakfast and do my hair and get pretty for the long day.  I've got to be in Azabu Juban at 11am to sign my new contract and that shit is going to take like an hour because stupid boss is probably going to wax poetic about what our contracts say (as if it's going to be tragically different from last year) and do paperwork etc.  I will find out for sure that I'm back at Toyoshiki (I fucking better be) and if I got a raise.  Last year they gave only a couple people raises who did good jobs.  I did a good job, but I hadn't been with them for the whole year so I didn't qualify.  Bullshit but whatever.  They don't have any excuses this year and I had perfect attendance and my school even requested for me personally to come back.  That's got to count for something.  Stupid Tatsuya hasn't even given me my fucking observation comments yet.  I'll ask for them tomorrow, I guess.

I'm meeting Taka for drinks tomorrow night somewhere in Akihabara so I'm just going to hang out in Tokyo.  Go somewhere, find a cafe and get caffeinated and read Wicked.  Andrew's free to do some filming for our CM around 430 so I'll go hang out there in the afternoon.  I don't even know when Taka will be free for drinks.  Probably around 7.  I've got to call him tomorrow.

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I love Happy Birthday. Maybe it's the YamaP paper cups at the end. :X

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Heard about NEWS' new single from [ profile] trivialaffair and so had to go scope it out on YouTube. I thought it was a pretty ho-hum sing-a-long tune; not terrible but nothing earth shattering. It's catchy enough but the moment I learned that it was written by SEAMO -- I won't go as far as to say I love it -- but I like it a lot more now. :D I'll pick it up when it drops.

The video is pretty high on the scale of lame though. I'm all for simple (it reminds me of We Can Make It) but the dancing is pretty fucking gay. Too much pastel! Ryo's hair... :|||
生まれた事 出逢えた事  Umareta koto Deaeta koto
今 傍にいれる事 「ありがとう」  Ima Soba ni ireru koto 「arigatou」
君のHappy Birthday  Kimi no Happy Birthday
1年に一度の魔法 特別な日  Ichi nen ni ichido no mahou Tokubetsu na hi

For being able to be born, for being able to meet you
Now, for being able to be by your side, "Thank you"
Your Happy Birthday is a once a year magic, a special day
I escaped from school early. They changed the entire semester's schedule without telling me. That made me so mad. Fuck. Why did I even bother? And they gave 4th grade two lessons this semester instead of just one so I don't have so many free periods. What the shit. D:

I need to give some shout outs to [ profile] shourai, [ profile] honeycorrupts, [ profile] trivialaffair and [ profile] everystarrfall for helping (or cheering) me on my baby!fic. It's Respect for the Aged day on Monday so that means no work. :D I hope I have it in me to write another 1500 words before Maou comes on.
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I really can't wait to see all the hearts and keymashing comments I'm going to get for this chapter.  I'm killing myself as I write it.  I wanted to finish last night but I spent 2 hours fucking around on YouTube watching m-flo videos instead and hoped that staring at the screen would make something happen. 

4,237 words and still not at the sexy times yet.  Shit.

I still have 2 episodes of Maou to catch up on but I will finish this first.  I watched Code Blue and goddamn Yamapi why are you so stoic?  I think I need to get into watching News variety shows to see a more stupid and goofy side of him.  It makes my heart break.  Well done on the waterworks last week, but I didn't quite believe it... not as much as Ryou and her bawling.  That lady's got it.

MORE WRITING.  [profile] everystarrfall are you ready?  I want this shit back ASAP when I send it to you!
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I know it's summer when I sleep in past noon and don't get my day started until ... well, it's 3:45 and I haven't "started" my day yet.  Having no plans really makes me lazy.  Didn't Andrew mention shopping?  Apparently, that wasn't today.  Oh, it's tomorrow.

I wrote straight porn.  And I liked it.  I will have to do that again sometime soon.  Sho-chan and Hikki?!  Or Ohno and his threesome?  Wouldn't that just be, well, swell?

I think I have a created a NEWS fanboy out of Ben.  Well, it was inevitable after showing him Yamapi's AnAn shoot.  When we went to Karaoke on Thursday, we sang (or tried to sing) Summer Time and we also mangled One Love.  And he already likes Taiyou no Namida (it's becoming a karaoke classic with me and Andrew, along with Jidai -- the only Arashi song he knows).  We actually did One Love pretty well -- he can read the words but I know the melody.  I should learn the words to Summer Time, it's a fun song to sing.  I only know the chorus and like 1/8 of Shige's rap.

I thought I had something of substance to write about... but apparently not.  Do I ever, really? 

My room needs a clean up.  There's crap everywhere.  And I need to do a good scrub down before I leave because I'll be gone for 5 days and I bet you some creepy crawlies are going to find their way in.  Need to minimize the mess and things that will attract them.  I should go through my closet and drawers and purge as well.  I missed the pick up date for clothes (again) but if I get them out before I leave, maybe they'll be picked up when I'm away. 

So, I'm supposedly doing the [profile] je_ficgames but I haven't even thought of my prompt or what the fuck I'm going to write.  Not in the slightest.  The deadline is November.  And if I want to write something more significant than a one-shot (even a 5000 word one) it will take longer than a few weeks.  I started Equilibrium in May... and we're not quite halfway through yet.  I should work on that today while I'm riding my keymash comment high.  And the archive needs more work as well.  I should get the rest of the fics on the list posted and do a comprehensive count.  I still want to find a commet box or something for it but I need to find a good script.
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Today has just been the crappiest day ever.  I had 3 classes - 1st year and 3rd year were doing my lesson plans, the fifth time around for me so I was really hating them by that point.  And then I had to teach 2nd year solo.  Oh yes, alone.  Kaneko-sensei has been away since last week but no one has told me what happened.  Even if he's deathly ill he'll still come to school so I'm thinking it's an accident or family emergency.  Either way... I had to teach by myself.  I teach 4-5 or sometimes 6 classes of elementary kids every Friday who for the most part can't understand a thing I'm saying... but 2nd year of Jr High makes me nervous?  Well, fourteen year olds can talk back.  There was another Japanese teacher there for "support" but they are as useful as the elementary teachers.  I had Ohara-sensei with me today, and all the kids are scared of her so at least they weren't rowdy and fucking around during class.  But I have to do it 4 more times...

On top of that, there is a speech contest coming up so Nakamura-sensei asked me to look for some stories for the student doing it, and to do a lesson plan for the conversation elective on Monday, and I had to decide on something for grade 6 tomorrow... it was a busy and stressful day.

On top of that... BUGS.  I took a shower tonight and when I stepped out I saw this black thing on my kitchen floor and knew even without my glasses that it was a monster roach.  MONSTER.  Fucking like the size of my index and middle fingers together.  There was some screaming and flailing and crying involved but I managed to trap it and stun it with my laundry bucket and then throw it outside (along with my waste paper bin... I'll rescue that tomorrow).  I don't have anyone to do it for me....... so I have to suck it up and do it and then cry about it later. 

I hope that tomorrow goes without any stress or problems.  I get a bit of a break because one class is a week behind so I'll get to do two different lessons instead of five of all the same.  And it's the last week of term so I won't be back there until September.  Ahhh summer vacation starts next week!  I'm seeing Stephen at some point tomorrow... I'm not overly excited.  That's a sign.  Even as friends..... ahgdaf.  I just feel so trashy.  What. dfkjdfsadfjd.  And Himitsu wasn't on tonight for some reason.  And that just made me more depressed. 

I talked to Yuka and I am probably going to go visit her in Osaka during the first week of August! :3

Now since I can't write and don't want to watch Yamapi (though totally fuckable in scrubs) on TV without subs I will sleep.           
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I had more classes cut today so I wrote.  I had a breakthrough finally!  What was screwing me up so much was trying to do two histories at the same time that only meet for a brief period before breaking and then coming back.  I found a solution so I can move on.  1,575 words now~  I wrote the bestest line evar and I want to share with someone but no one is online. T______T  Why have you foresaken me?  After getting fucked around by the internet at school today I still have no one to flail talk to.

I watched Summer Time again because it was open in Real Player when I got home.  I took some screen caps because I want to laugh everytime I see Massu's face.

Ugh, I enjoy myself way too much when I do this.  Time to cook.  And write more!  Now that I don't have fucked up internet that takes an hour for a page to load.  No jokes. 
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This is the best convo in the history of evarrrr. I so totally want to post my Ohno Cock observation on [community profile] a_ra_shi    but the preteens will probably cry.

This is only the first part.  So far, we has 28 pages of wanking about the wankery of Johnny's.  This is what fandoms should be all about.  Don't worry, it gets worrrssssse.


EDIT:  I need to stop posting 258604 times a day about meaningless shit Arashi so I'm editing this one.  I amend with the hottest Sho pictures evarr.  I told [profile] sanctified_x  about my favourite Sho hair and forgot how disgustingly attractive he was in this G no Arashi. 

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Yamapi's visit to Korea.

I am in shock.  Complete and utter shock.  I have new found respect for people who work in the entertainment industry, being able to react to that situation with such grace.  I'd say "Think twice," to anyone who wants to be famous after seeing that.  I think it was the same thing when Jun and Mao went to Hong Kong to film the HanaDan movie.  I can't say that I wouldn't freak out a little bit at seeing someone famous, especially someone I'm a fan of, but this is out of control.  Do fans act like this in North America?  I don't even know anymore.

I don't even know what to think about this.

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