Sep. 12th, 2008

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Today was boring.  Actually did "work" in my classes but the kids in the elective class don't fucking talk which makes conversation very difficult.  It was the most Japanese I've used with students ever.  And it was stuff they know but are too shy or whatever to just understand it because they don't want to stand out for having learnt what they are supposed to know.  Ugh.  

They changed the schedule on me for elementary tomorrow.  Fucking christ.  I spent all of today thinking about what to plan and then I get an email from Tatsuya at fucking 8pm telling me they changed it.  Why don't they just tell me what I'm going to teach because they sure as hell don't follow the schedule I make for them.  I guess everyone's learning the alphabet this semester.

The baby story is off the ground!  Um... maybe halfway through the backstory and I'm at 2,200 words.  It's going to be epic.  I wrote 1700 today alone!  If I am lucky, I'll be able to write as much tomorrow.  I don't have class after lunch tomorrow and they have sports day practice so maybe I'll just ask to go home.  Or ask to borrow a laptop and write at school.  That might be more productive.  And I need a better title than "Baby Story" because that just reminds me of that stupid TLC program.

On a different, but related topic: Has anyone had a condom break on them during sex?  Did you feel/notice it?  What was it like?  I'll screen the comments on this one so you don't have your whole sexual history out in the open for all enquiring eyes to see. 

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2008年9月12日 大野智

Hello it's Maou~!
Finally the last episode is here!  Thinking back, it went by in an instant!  Those 3 months were so completely enriched!*  Well, what's going to happen to Ryou and Naoto in today's final episode!?  Honestly, I can't say.  LOL  In any case, please watch the tension filled final episode!  My first drama "Maou" was really good!  Thank you!!  And after this Ninomiya Kazunari's lead in "Ryuusei no Kizuna" will start!! It's my beloved Kazunari's performance so I'm going to watch it ♥
Everyone stay tuned too!

September 12th, 2008  Ohno Satoshi

*Maybe he's talking about how he's loaded now. XD
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Heard about NEWS' new single from [ profile] trivialaffair and so had to go scope it out on YouTube. I thought it was a pretty ho-hum sing-a-long tune; not terrible but nothing earth shattering. It's catchy enough but the moment I learned that it was written by SEAMO -- I won't go as far as to say I love it -- but I like it a lot more now. :D I'll pick it up when it drops.

The video is pretty high on the scale of lame though. I'm all for simple (it reminds me of We Can Make It) but the dancing is pretty fucking gay. Too much pastel! Ryo's hair... :|||
生まれた事 出逢えた事  Umareta koto Deaeta koto
今 傍にいれる事 「ありがとう」  Ima Soba ni ireru koto 「arigatou」
君のHappy Birthday  Kimi no Happy Birthday
1年に一度の魔法 特別な日  Ichi nen ni ichido no mahou Tokubetsu na hi

For being able to be born, for being able to meet you
Now, for being able to be by your side, "Thank you"
Your Happy Birthday is a once a year magic, a special day
I escaped from school early. They changed the entire semester's schedule without telling me. That made me so mad. Fuck. Why did I even bother? And they gave 4th grade two lessons this semester instead of just one so I don't have so many free periods. What the shit. D:

I need to give some shout outs to [ profile] shourai, [ profile] honeycorrupts, [ profile] trivialaffair and [ profile] everystarrfall for helping (or cheering) me on my baby!fic. It's Respect for the Aged day on Monday so that means no work. :D I hope I have it in me to write another 1500 words before Maou comes on.
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I love Happy Birthday. Maybe it's the YamaP paper cups at the end. :X



Sep. 12th, 2008 10:53 pm
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What is the point of that?  Seriously.  Just means they're going to do an SP but ... how?  It'll all be flashback or something.  Ugh.
Why couldn't they have left well enough alone?

Enjoyable none the less. 


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