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Jun. 13th, 2009 06:39 pm
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I only took off a centimetre or so in the front but then went quite short in the back because it's going to be hella hot soon. My stylist said I look really good with straight hair as well as curly. He thinned it out a bit so he's not so heavy and blah. I like it. :) We also traded numbers so hopefully I'll have a new drinking friend.

I'm going to Enoshima with Akira and his friends on the 27th. Bryan will be there as well. See, I don't know what his angle is, but at least it feels like he's interested in me. Maybe he'll have a cute friend.

Now it's time to cook. Baked salmon, salad and bruchetta. :D
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So, I went to get my nails done again.  My nails grow super fast.  So I wanted to go get them filled in but she ended up doing them all over again.  She gave me a 10% discount because they had grown so much in only 2 weeks, but I still had to pay 6,600 yen.  Shit!  I went for a slightly darker pink this time so now you can actually see the gradation.  I feel so girly!

So the next time I take money out of the bank, I'm going to be dipping into my savings.  I am putting myself under house arrest until pay day except for Andrew's birthday next week.  I love how I suggest a quiet hang out dinner at home and it's turned into a huge outting.  I should have just made the plans myself instead of asking for opinions.  This is what happens when Blake takes the helm.  I talked them out of doing nomihodai (who the hell is going to drink enough to make it worth it on a Monday except for Andrew?) but it's still going to be 3,800 or something for dinner.  I am kind of bitter because I didn't even spend that much on my own birthday and no one organized or paid for me.  Correction: Really bitter.  So I'm giving myself a budget of 20,000 yen until next payday.  I bought some more cereal and milk so breakfast is covered -- I have coffee at work so I shouldn't buy any on the way to work.  Lunch is covered.  It's really only dinner I have to worry about.  I should take a good look at what's in my kitchen and plan to use what I've got.  It'll have to buy less and use things up and I've had for ages.  What can I use soybeans for?  I should check my Cooking Navi.

I'm reading Fast Food Nation right now.  Super interesting.  I wonder if it's going to ruin my love of McDonald's forever.  Although I watched Super Size Me and I was alright after about 2 weeks. 

Picture from the other day:  Kumi and I reunite after 10 years!  I was stalking people on Facebook and seeing how so many people I used to work with or go to school, or even from childhood, have gotten so huge.  Like, I shouldn't throw stones because I'm not the smallest girl but it took me a while to even recognize them, they'd put on so much weight.  Fuck losing the wait, if I can maintain what I am, I'll be happy.

I wrote an email to mom and dad today and updated them on the move home/school plan.  I'm kind of weirded out by the fact that I am hoping to get into U of T or York so I can live at home for a while.  I've been out of the house for 6 years now and only seen my family about 2 weeks once a year on average since then.  It's not so much that I miss them... I mean, I do, but it's more like I feel kind of guilty.  I know mom wants to fix up the house to sell it (eventually) but dad isn't home that often and she's tired from work.  It's probably about time for me to repaint the basement again.  And I don't think the living room has been done yet either.  I know the biggest reason that I hate Ontario is because I don't have a social network there.  But once I get a job or get back into school, I'll meet people.  I'm not too worried about that.  Or I'll take up a hobby or something.  I found out how to get certified by the BC Teacher's College if you study outside the province so it's just a matter of getting it transferred and then finding a job in BC.  What I'm scared of, though, is going to school in Ontario and getting stuck there. 

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I got my nails done! I was a little bit thrown because it's in this swanky apartment over a Mos Burger. I called to make sure they were open because I was so confused and she was like "Oh, what time is good?" She wasn't busy so I didn't have to wait long but she's rented out a 1K apartment that she turned into her salon. It's very... gyaru. There's Laura Ashley and flowers and girly shit everywhere but she was really nice. I only had to pay 3800 or so and she said they'd last 2-3 weeks and then I should come back to get them filled or I can take them off. I'll see what they look like when they grow out a bit. They are subtle and girly and pink!

So I was trying to take a picture of my hair to document what it looks like right now and what I can do to make it better and whatever. And I went a bit mental... You can see the progression into retardation. I didn't end up taking a decent picture to see what my hair really looks like but... oh well.

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I went to buy a hair magazine to see what styles are trendy now and what I want to get done next time and was looking for Freecell with Sho making soba in it. I couldn't find it (probably have to go to Kinokuniya for that) but I did pick up Wink Up. I don't usually bother with the idol magazines because I don't read them and the photo shoots are shit and boring. BUT. The June issue has Sho-chan on the cover and an individual photo shoot. WITH CHILDREN! It's so worth it. Even if he does look so totally airbrushed.

Toma is looking super buff in his clothes, even though I totally did not recognize him with his new hair. Is anyone watching his drama this season?


May. 9th, 2009 05:38 pm
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I want to do something with it but I don't know what.  The perm I got last month is basically gone.  It wasn't really a perm... just waves.  Bah I should have waited a week and gone back when Nakajima-san was there.  He knows what I like!  But I have no style.  I want a hair cut that I can just wash and go.  No epic styling that needs to be done; no fuss, no muss.  I should go to the bookstore and pick up a hair magazine maybe and see what's in there.  The problem with Japanese mags though is that they always have so much volume and curl bullshit that you don't really know what the actual style is like.  And Japanese hair is straighter than mine is so it falls the way it's cut.  Or something.  And even though I told him once, "Just do what looks good," it's not the same as Tannis.  I miss her.  ;_;  Alison said she's moved salons and probably charges $100 or something now for a cut.  I would go back to Rain anyway; all the stylists there were awesome and had great training, I'm sure.

If nothing else, I need to get my bangs trimmed.  Maybe I should just go in one day after work this week and get a small trim and my bangs fixed.  They just look like total shit all the time and I just end up pinning them up every day.  I think part of the reason my hair is bugging me is because the dye is growing out.  In a bad way.  The whole reason I got my hair dyed in the first place was to get ride of the heinous root situation and now I'm back where I was 6 months ago.  I shouldn't have even bothered.
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So that was my trip to Iwatsuki.  It's only 50 minutes away on the Tobu Noda line, and is famous for it's doll makers.  The last couple pictures are from the display on the train platform.  It was a bit too late to go look in many shops when I was leaving, but most of them made the samurai armour ones.  I didn't see many dolls for girls, but I didn't honestly look that hard.

I thought there would be a plaque or something in the park that said "This is where Itwatsuki-jo used to be" but if there was, I couldn't find it.  There were two gates still standing, however and quite a few signs.  I haven't deciphered them yet.  I also went to some of the temples and shrines around the castle because they would have been there since the Edo period when the castle was built. :)  I will definitely go back and make changes to Equilibrium to build up the town now. 

I was going to caption all the pictures, but I can't be bothered. :P  The 4th picture is of the old Han office (before Ken [prefectures] there were Han) which used to be a samurai school.  I went in and saw the rooms and talked to the attendant who told me about it all.  They learned reading and kendo but not writing, apparently.  And it was the kids jobs to do chores like keep stuff clean and pull out the storm shutters.  The area where the castle used to be--the Hon Maru, Ni no Maru, and San no Maru and the most of the moat--are now all residential areas.  They still have the same names though!  There were only two gates, the Otemon and another at the back, but now there's a paved road going right through the middle.  Only a little portion of the old castle grounds is the park, the Shin Guruwa (新曲輪).  And as I thought, no valley.

I loved going around the temples though.  I remember reading about Japanese funeral/burial rites when I was writing Nagase's death and read about how the funeral industry in Japan is such a cash cow.  Obviously but the size of some of those tombs!  It's cheaper to just put the spouse's (or entire family's) names on the tomb at the same time so they paint the living relatives' names with red paint until they die.  There was even a pet tomb.  I think the ones with bubble wrap still on are new?

New hair cut. :D  Not really so new because I've had it before but it's lookin' good now.  I'm sad my usual guy wasn't there, but I asked them to pass on the kimchi to him.  It's the first time he wasn't there!  Usually he is on Saturdays.  Maybe he switched with someone.  I'll go back at the beginning of next month and get my bangs trimmed for Yuka's wedding.  UGH I'm SO WHITE.  I took like 5 pictures to get one that didn't look gross.  I'm still having trouble finding foundation to buy. :/  Maybe I should take what I've got to the store and ask them to give me the closest thing.

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His first name is Mitsutaka.  Nakajima Mitsutaka.  We always talk about the randomest things.  Today he said, except for food, he doesn't really like Japan.  He would rather be German.  Japan is a weird country.  It's so advanced but all the administration is still done on paper.  It's so stupid.  Good times.  I decided to go get my hair permed in two months again.  Maybe my hair will be long enough then to have it how I want?  Maybe it didn't last so long last time because it was longer and therefore heavier?  I don't know.  I think they didn't put as much solution on it the last time.  Anyway...  I brought him the ぐい飲み cup I bought in Miyajima.  I bought 5 as souveniers but didn't really know who to give them all to.  I wanted one originally but I got another souvenier from there and he's so awesome.  So I wanted to give him that.  

H: So, over New Year I went to Hiroshima.  正月で、私は広島に行きました。
M: Oh really?  Was it good?
H: Yeah.  I brought you something.
M: おみやげ?
H: Yeah. 
M: おお~宮島 。。。あっ、オレに?! うれしい! チョウうれしい!

And then he showed it off to the girls working the till.  It was so cute.  Then he said he'll buy me a present next time.  Hahaha.  I went to look for a new top to wear tomorrow but no luck.  However, Uniqlo has some new innerwear so I bought a couple new tank tops and the straps come off!  I wanted one like that (or a strapless one) for a long time but then I realized I don't have anything I would wear it underneath.  And I got three new pairs of tights: green, blue and black.  Maybe I'll wear black tomorrow.  I am thinking: black/white top, jean skirt, black tights and red shoes?  Ariel wanted me to wear my sexy strapy heels but I can't even walk to the Hub from home in them (they are not made for walking) and I would be so miserable if I wore them.  The red ones aren't exactly "come fuck me" heels but they're cute and comfortable.

Ate at the 立ち食いそば place in Abiko station.  Shouldn't have had the egg. :<  Tummy is not happy.

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Went and got my hair did today. I won't be doing anything but a cut for a long time. I went in for a cut and colour today since the blonde had to go. They told me it was an hour wait (I got there just after 11) so I came back at 12:15 but it wasn't til nearly 1pm that I got into a chair. No problem. I've waited that long before. So I told him I wanted a trim - 1-2cm off since I haven't cut it since August; to which he replied, "Why?!" - and colour and he said cool, thought about what to do and then said let's rock. He said that when the colour fades in a few weeks, there would be a difference because half of my hair was bleached and the other was natural. Anyway, after the girl dried my hair... the top was a nice golden brown but the bottom was.. like black. Really dark brown. It would have faded out to the same in about 2 weeks he said but he wanted to dye it again. So they did and this time I had 2 people working on me and then in the end it came out nice. A polished up tone of my natural colour. By the time I got out of there, it was 5pm. Holy fuck.

The upside of getting coloured at the salon: if it looks shitty, they'll do it again on the spot for free.

I'm 75$ poorer, but I look like new hotness. :D  Now with picture:

Now all I want to do is sleep. Or play Nintendo. I have to wrap this gift for tomorrow but couldn't find fucking wine wrapping anywhere. Found proper fabric paint so I can start on Andrew's shirt; I now need a ruler and tape to put the design on. Then paint, iron, wash. Luckily I have 2 days left.

Wrapping is done.  Man, wrapping bottles is a pain in the fucking ass.  I feel like a bit of a cheap ass for just buying a bottle of Canadian Club but it was supposed to be 1000 yen present and dude, I would fucking love to get this present.  I was going to go for shochu but I don't know about sake.  But I do know that CC&G is awesome.  Also wrapped it in my new furoshiki for transport!

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I got the same nurse as last time and while it hurt, it's really working. Hopefully that was the last time! Well, maybe one more for the other areas. Mm. We'll see how it goes in January.

Went to the new pretty Koshigaya Laketown mall. It's only 230 yen for me from Kashiwa! Fuck yeah! And only takes 30 minutes. I have to change twice but that's still not terrible. Closer than Kashiwa no Ha Lalaport even. And it's huuuuuge. I meet Justin and we went shopping for X'mas presents. Andrew and I decided to make name cards for Justin but I got him a little Stitch magnet for his fridge (or desk at work... mine is metal). The only thing I have left to do is get a couple more stocking stuffers and work on the design for Andrew's shirt. I'm really hoping I don't screw it up because the shirt was 30$. If it was cheaper, I wouldn't care. I need some masking tape to make the design then I should be ready to go. The ink bleeds, but not too much. And it's permanent once dried, but I want to wash my test before I go ahead with it. Otherwise... I'm left with a ruined shirt. :/ When I go out today, I'll stop by the art store and see if they have proper fabric paint. Just in case. Tokyu Hands might have some too.

I'm going to Abiko after I get this laundry done to get my hair did. I was going to wait until January but I have a feeling it's going to get crazier once schools are done and stuff with girls getting their hair done for Coming of Age day in January. I'm getting a cut and see if they can colour it. The curls are kind of ... dead. Again. I don't think he put as much chemical in last time but they would look better without the brassy blonde. Not a fan. And my fringe has grown out. In only a month! That's not cool. I need to get this taken care of so I look good in all the holiday pictues. I'll probably get there around 11. The washer is only just doing it's rinse cycle.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 01:49 am
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So, you may or may not know that I have tattoos.  Two of them to be exact.  And seven piercings, all in my ears.  I had eight but one never healed properly so I let it close up.  I want one of my targus pierced but am hesitant to do it, especially in Japan.  The hygiene standards are high here and it's going to be pricey whereever I go (but at least there's only 5% tax in Japan and you don't tip) but Amanda's had some problems with hers.  Which is more likely her own fault for not caring for it properly than the fault of the piercer but still.  

Piercings don't appeal to me much anymore... or I wonder if they ever really did.  I don't have any desire to get any other part of my body done, though I have had fleeting thoughts about a navel ring, but the aftercare puts me off.  It's the least painful place to get it done I've heard, it's just skin, but also the most likely for infection afterwards.  And I'm not that slim so no one would ever see it.  Not that anyone sees my tattoos either.   Piercings hurt like a beast for weeks -- possibly up to a year -- but tattoos really only hurt during.  Afterwards, it's just tender and itchy when it's healing.  And they are addictive...  when I get back to Canada, I will get another cherry blossom on my shoulder as rememberence of my time in Japan. 


I wanted to get my zodiac on the back of my neck -- a kind of hybrid cross between pisces and aquarius because my birthday is on the cusp but I never got it done.  I also want script somewhere in a crisp gothic style but I don't know what I want it to say or where I would put it.  I saw the trailer for... I don't know the name of it but Angelina's new movie and there's a scene where you see her bare back and all her tattoos and it got me thinking.  I have coloured ones but plain black just looks so classy... Even if they aren't the same style or theme, they fit together when they are black. 

New Look

Aug. 20th, 2008 11:06 pm
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I tried doing one of those pictures with the big eyes that the Japanese girls do but I just look retarded.  It's not as nice and curly at the back beacuse it was shorter but in a few weeks I can get it redone and fix that up. :D  I like it!  I have to actually spend time styling in the morning now... or at least put product in before it dries so that it don't look just poofy.  I likes it!  I look more like my mom now... I wonder if I have a picture with a perm from back in the day.  She used to have poodle hair back in the 80's.  It was like a helmet. 

Am I as cute as Aiba-chan? XD  I want his hair but I think mine would need more processing that just a perm.  My stylist (for I will ask for him from now on) Nakajima-san said it suited me; that's the best praise you could get, when it comes to hair. 

It took 2 hours to do though... luckily I brought a book with me.  He was telling me that even though asian hair is thick, it's weak whereas caucasian hair is thin but really strong.  He had to do two applications of solution and an extra 10 minutes in the heat thingy but it came out great.  :D  And now he knows how to do white girl hair.  It was a learning experience for everyone.

I am in love with the New Kids' new single.  What is wrong with me?
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It never seems like I get to accomplish as much procrastination on the weekends as I used to.  Probably because the level of shit that I find the need to do has risen to appalling extremes not that I have made it my mission to watch Dの嵐.  I thought about writing the next part of Equilibrium because I got the perfect idea for this chapter but I didn't get around to it, or couldn't find the right start (as is becoming the norm for me these days). 

Saturday when to Hiroo and had my 3rd treatment and met Justin for dinner.  I had a really fun conversation with the nurse for like half an hour about Japan and pop culture.  And you bet JE came up. X3  She's asked me who my favourite actor was and I said Nino and she was like "What?  Why!"  Ahaha... he is a great actor and cute (even if he looks like he's 13).  Went back to the restaurant Andrew and I found when I was there last and while it was good... the オススメ menu wasn't a great as the last time.  I was a bit disappointed but had some really great mushroom risotto.  Met up with Andrew and went back to his place and studied and watched some Star Trek before bed.  I fucked up and thought that Rie had planned Taka's birthday party for Sunday night but actually it was Saturday so I missed it.  I was probably going to bail anyway if it had been Sunday... I don't feel so bad blaming it on my sheer retardedness rather than just being too tired/cheap to go.

The test was great.  I got off at the wrong station and had a little freak out but the officer at the koban was very nice and helpful.  It was only another 10 minute walk to where I needed to go in the first place and once I got to the right route, I just had to follow all the people.  I thought the test was at 11:30 but actually it was 11:50 so I had lots of time to spare.  Went to the wrong room at first; I read the sign where all the test numbers were posted correctly but for some reason thought that 1102 was on the 2nd floor... another blonde moment.  I've been really bad for those this weekend.  But the woman beside me said I was in the wrong place and another took me down and showed me where I should go.  When I walked in all the kids were like "Eehh?  Sensei?" (They must have ALT's too)  It was a bit awkward because I knew all eyes were on me as they showed me to my seat.  I was expecting it, since I wrote the test for 2nd grade kanji but it's different when you are experiencing it in real life.

It was easy!  There weren't any questions I didn't know but I did make one mistake for sure.  I'm confident that I passed and maybe in the high 90's!  I just have to wait patiently for the results to come.  It was really irritating because the kids were whispering to each other and asking to go to the bathroom through the whole test.  Why didn't you go before?  It's 40 minutes!  Can't you sit still and hold it until it's over?  I know it's a test for kanji at a low elementary level and they were all 7-8 years old, but it really took away from the seriousness of the test.  I was so tempted to look over to the kid beside me and shush him but I refrained. 

Came home and caught up on my fic reading and watched a Hanadan special on TV... Just was lazy.  I wanted to get a load of laundry done but it was rainy and shitty so I couldn't.  I went to bed at 10pm and woke up on my own at 5:30 this morning.  I could have gotten up but decided I liked sleep better.  I'm expecting a pretty relaxing week at school.  Midterm exams are on Thursday and Friday so I anticipate having more than a few classes cancelled for self-study, especially for 2nd and 3rd years.  Fine by me.  With this plot bunny in my head, I'll have my own thing to work on.  I could be ambitious and take my Japanese textbooks to school and keep on doing some studying.  I want to write the level 8 test in October and unlike 2nd year where I could already read half of them, the 3rd year words are pretty new to me. 


Mar. 13th, 2008 08:19 pm
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I just got back from going to Truth in Abiko to get my hair did, as recommended by Amanda and Nikki.  Amanda wanted me to get in with her crush Kenji (who if its the guy I think it was, kept giving me looks like he knew me - cuz he knows Amanda and Nikki and all white people know each other automatically) but it was super busy so I didn't want to push my luck.  I had to wait for an hour to get in and stupid me, sat in the salon.  I should have gone had dinner and come back.  Oh well.  I got my hair cut by this guy with long Bon Jovi hair and for once didn't want to chop it all off from the top!  I don't know what the girl who cut my hair last time was thinking.  But I got what I asked for!  Yay!  I was thinking of telling the person DON'T cut the top layer cuz its finally just getting long enough but I didn't have to.  He just clipped off the deadends and left it as is.  GENIUS!  So going back there.  :D  I am, however, not in love with my colour like I was the last time I went blonde.  It's not as blonde as I had wanted to go, but I also really liked my rich (natural~) brown.  D:  I feel really bad because Nikki did it for me and spent a lot of time doing it.  Also without gloves so there was some skin burning so I feel really bad.  It's not that she did a bad job, it's just not what I'm grooving right now.  I'll leave it in and let it grow out a bit more and then dye it back when it starts looking scraggly and gross.  Maybe it will start lightening on its own now that spring is coming and I hope to be outside more.

Ugh... now I am almost not hungry since I haven't eaten.  I also don't want to wash the dishes so I can't cook anything.  I was going to make daikon stew but I don't have any ginger so it looks like it's spaghetti tonight.  I'll try that sauce I bought~  And watch Honey & Clover.  I'm excited that Binbo Danshi is getting released finally.  I was wondering what was going on with that cuz Oguri Shun is super hot right now (well, hot always but I mean popularity-wise on the tails of Hana Kimi and movies and such).  Crows Zero is coming out on DVD soon too.  I wonder if it will come subtitled.  Anyway... better tackle these dishes so I'm not eating at 10 o'clock.  Hair pictures coming!


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