Feb. 6th, 2009

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LJ you ate my fucking entry I HATEYOUUUUU.


Feb. 6th, 2009 07:37 am
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And hopefully it goes by quickly.  At least I'm doing two different lessons today so I'll have a little bit of variety.  Actually, elementary school goes by really quickly.  I've got 5 lessons today which sucks.  I don't get off easy at all this year.  Actually Hirakawa-sensei asked me if I (or the ALT) could come to Ni Shou twice a week next year.  I don't know if it's a Kashiwa BOE perogative or his personal one but this school loves English and want the kids to be fluent in it.  I guess I'll tell Tatsuya when I see him next week.  Can I really handle 1 more year of this? 

So apparently Ariel and I are going out this weekend.  She'd mentioned it on Sunday and I thought yeah, sure but then midweek I didn't really feel like it.  I should be watching my money and saving etc but that isn't really happening so much.  Not as much as it should but that's always the way.  I've got J:COM coming on Saturday morning for maintainence and then I wanted to get my hair cut.  It's that time again.  I want to wear my grey silk shirt but I haven't dry cleaned it since my bonenkai in December.  I don't know if there is any place around here that will do it in 1 day for a decent price.  There are a couple cleaners near school; I should go check it out for future reference anyway.  The little mom-n-pop place at the corner from me will probably take a week to do it.  We're going to try this place called Lex.  I asked my Japanse friends where's good and that's what they told me so we'll check it out.  Apparently famous people go there?

I found my old website archved too.  Some of them don't work and all the images are gone so you can't really tell what anything looked like.  My Ayumi one was really nice!  Damn.  And it had like 12 layouts.  I didn't realize. 

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I'm home!  And I just realized I could (and will!) get my hair cut tonight and get that out of the way.  Durr. 

Then I can do my laundry when I get home. 

I need to clean up tonight because I'll have some strange man in my house maintaining my internet. 
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His first name is Mitsutaka.  Nakajima Mitsutaka.  We always talk about the randomest things.  Today he said, except for food, he doesn't really like Japan.  He would rather be German.  Japan is a weird country.  It's so advanced but all the administration is still done on paper.  It's so stupid.  Good times.  I decided to go get my hair permed in two months again.  Maybe my hair will be long enough then to have it how I want?  Maybe it didn't last so long last time because it was longer and therefore heavier?  I don't know.  I think they didn't put as much solution on it the last time.  Anyway...  I brought him the ぐい飲み cup I bought in Miyajima.  I bought 5 as souveniers but didn't really know who to give them all to.  I wanted one originally but I got another souvenier from there and he's so awesome.  So I wanted to give him that.  

H: So, over New Year I went to Hiroshima.  正月で、私は広島に行きました。
M: Oh really?  Was it good?
H: Yeah.  I brought you something.
M: おみやげ?
H: Yeah. 
M: おお~宮島 。。。あっ、オレに?! うれしい! チョウうれしい!

And then he showed it off to the girls working the till.  It was so cute.  Then he said he'll buy me a present next time.  Hahaha.  I went to look for a new top to wear tomorrow but no luck.  However, Uniqlo has some new innerwear so I bought a couple new tank tops and the straps come off!  I wanted one like that (or a strapless one) for a long time but then I realized I don't have anything I would wear it underneath.  And I got three new pairs of tights: green, blue and black.  Maybe I'll wear black tomorrow.  I am thinking: black/white top, jean skirt, black tights and red shoes?  Ariel wanted me to wear my sexy strapy heels but I can't even walk to the Hub from home in them (they are not made for walking) and I would be so miserable if I wore them.  The red ones aren't exactly "come fuck me" heels but they're cute and comfortable.

Ate at the 立ち食いそば place in Abiko station.  Shouldn't have had the egg. :<  Tummy is not happy.

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