Apr. 20th, 2009 12:10 am
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While I was writing some random Sho/Koki bit for this meme, I came across this Japanese rhyming insult dictionary. I'm not sure exactly how it's supposed to work but hilarious none the less.

It's after 12 and I'm not sleepy. My cycle is fucked.
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I either need to eat less rice or drink less milk or go for a walk or something after lunch because this drowsiness business is not cool.  Tomorrow there is no school lunch so I'll go out with the teacher for lunch.  I heard talk of everyone going for kaiten sushi but that might have just been the 2nd year teachers.  Last term they asked me but I'd brought my own lunch so I stayed back by myself. :( 

Today Kaneko had to ditch out of class to have a meeting with the principal and a student's mom.  I don't know why they couldn't have scheduled it during a free period or after school but they probably bend over for the parents and that's when she was free.  As if she has a job.  Whatever.  So he left me with the class alone and they just did their worksheets as usual.  Half of them didn't do anything but that's normal for the course.  Nagase... I love that kid.  He tries sometimes but he's kind of bad.  Half the time him and his friend (Ito?  Sato?  I can't remember) just go and wave me over.  Then they just point at their blank sheet and expect me to tell them the answers.  

N: Miss Heather Teacher!  Hint!  Hint!  Give me hint!
H: Which one?
N: Hint!
H: どっち?
I: どっちって。
N: Here. (Points to the top of the page.  Which wasn't what they were assigned to do.)
H: No, it's wrong.  Do 1, 2 and 3.
I: Noって。
N: I don't know!  Hint! (Continues pointing.)
H:  それじゃねぇ!こっち!

And then they proceeded to laugh at me (or with me?) for my manly Japanese.  I need to watch less Arashi/male talent.  Although Imai-sensei speaks like that too. XD  Sigh...  Half of the time they just guess words until I tell them it's correct.  That was my highlight of the work day.

I found my book. :D  Takeru is so pretty~  It's actually his second book and I almost wish I'd gotten the other one because it looked like it had more fun pictures in there rather than him just tromping around in nature.  But it might be the only glimpse of Hokkaido I'm going to get and I'm suddenly nostalgic for home.  It looks like it could have been shot in Alberta. 
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今夜は朋子ちゃんのVdayパーティでした。 すごく楽しかった! 
たくさん面白い人出会った。 よかったなと思ってさ。 
翔ちゃんと私は超上手いコンビでしたよ。 ビデオを撮れたら良かったな。 残念。 今度是非、ピエロカラオケで!
今、眠くない。。。 もう2時だけど。
明日は日曜日~ 休日! 良かったね!

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Nino drama special info: It's called Door to Door~僕は脳性まひのトップセールスマン ("I'm the top salesman with cerebral palsy") airing March 29th (I believe).  From TBS:
Remembered for his excellent performance in "Ryuusei no Kizuna", Ninomiya Kazunari's new lead role will be in the final chapter of the moving drama trilogy.  Ninomiya was awarded the 15th Hashida Prize for his performance in the first installment, "Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekita Kana" (aired 22/03/2006).  For the second installment, "Marathon" (aired 20/09/2007), he won the monthly Individual Galaxy Prize (September) among others, as well as winning the Individual Broadcast Prize for the first time as an actor at the Heisei 19 Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival in the television category.  The series finale will be the an adaptation of the story of the life of a man named Bill Potter from northwestern America, who was an active salesman while embracing the obstacle of being born with cerebral palsy.

Because of cerebral palsy, his hands and feet are more or less paralized and he can't speak well.  Even though everyone said it would be impossible for him to work, he never gave up.  Even though people said "Don't come again," and turned him away, he was never discouraged.  If they said no, he would think of a better way to propose things.  Before long, he will open the doors of everyone's heart with his bright, honest, positive and warm character.  Showing that "Every person's life has many troubles", this is the moving story of one man's earnestness that will soak into your heart.

Ninomiya Kazunari
Though this is the third work I've made with this staff, it's become like a lifework.  I can't say anything about the director other than that they are really unique, and I'm happy to have been blessed with these costars.  I've been asked, "Isn't a role of someone with cerebral palsy difficult?" but that's not the case at all.  I'm capturing cerebral palsy as one "individuality".  Of course there are also parts that give me a hard time, but that's the role of a boy who will continue living. Society might think it's a handicap but I act without thinking it is one.  I came to think merely over-beautifying isn't good;  I want to let people learn through this work what cerebral palsy is while at the same time thinking of how I should portray it's "individuality".
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My ears are fine today, thank god.  The last thing I need (though it would be totally fucking ironic and fitting) is an infection of any kind.  Which I know I'd get from the mountain of drugs they'd give me if I didn't have one already.  It's migrating to my lungs so I'm getting phelgmy and a totally sexy rasp going on but I can handle that.  Hopefully it will clear on it's own.

It's sunny today! :D  Maybe it will be warm enough to wear my no-so-new-anymore green coat.

I should study for a bit this morning, cram in the handful of kanji which I never get right, which I will write in my LJ now so that I can see this post and remember and writing things out is my usual form of study.  Bear with.

横 オウ → 横行
化 ける、かす
究 きわめる
曲 がる、げる
軽 ケイ → 経由
仕 つかえる
写 うつす、うつ
主 ぬしおも
*拾 シュウジュウひろ
*集 シュウ
*進 シン
*習 なら
重 かさねる、かさなる
暑 ショ
消 ショウえる、す → 消防車

昔 セキショク
*整 ととのえる、ととの
相 ソウあい → 相手、手相
待 タイ → 期待
代 わる、える、しろ

炭 タン → 石炭
柱 チュウ → 電柱
追 ツイ → 追放
定 さだめる、さだまる、さだ
調 ととのう、ととのえる ⇒ 整
笛 テキ
都 みやこ
度 たび
*投 トウげる
登 トウ
等 トウひとしい
湯 トウ
童 ドウわらべ
*配 ばる
反 る、らす
*表 ヒョウおもてあらわす、あらわれる
病 む、やまい
面 おもおもてつら
由 よし
落 ラクとす
*練 る → 寝る
和 やわらぐ、やわらける、なごむ、なごやか

43 words out of 200 that I screw up sometimes. :/  But only about 9 that I screw up always.  Chinese is a godsend at times like this.  If I just remember how to read it in Chinese (which, of course, isn't as easy as it used to be) that's more often than not close to the on-reading which will jog my memory.  Like 整理 seiri/zheng li; 鼻 bi/bi (zi); 打算 dasan/da suan.  Take that all you 3rd graders!  I'm gonna kick you asses!  I don't know if I'll be able to do as well as my 92% last time though...  UGhdfa.  I don't even know why some of those readings are listed because they are never used.  At least they haven't come up in any of the practice tests I've taken.  Like the million readings for 和.  Hopefully the real test is easier than the practices, as it was last time.  This time I won't be writing any characters wrong.  I made sure to check the stroke orders.  Someone told me the Chinese and Japanese write some differently but that's crap.  It's the same.  I've just been writing them wrong all these years because my teachers never drilled stroke order into my head.  I just guessed how to write them and guessed pretty well, most of the time.  But I always write the ear radical backwards (as in 都 and 階). 

~Sigh~  I just want this to be over.  Then I'll think about taking 7級 in May but that's going to be way harder than this because I'll have to learn synonyms and antonyms plus all the readings and stuff.  I don't know if I'm ready/willing to do that. 

I'm downloading My So-Called Love even though I hate Barbie Hsu.  I am really feeling the need to immerse myself in some Chinese.  Any drama recommendations?  I haven't seen anything that has caught my eye since Why Why Love. :/

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It's hard to think my three weeks off are over already.  It feels like I didn't do any resting but for the last 3 days and well, I really didn't.  I was so busy most of the time, I was hardly home at all.  But when I was, I didn't even leave the house and now it shows.  ;_;  Poor room, you look like you were never cleaned in the first place.  Sob.  I should feel more icky than I do now, but I did manage to get into bed around 11:30pm but still not as perky as I usually am for 7:15am.  At least I didn't sleep in which is always my biggest fear after throwing my internal clock off.

Today's To-Do list?
  • Plan 6th grade's lesson for tomorrow
  • Study kanji (23 more days!)
  • Write Equilibrium (though I'm not quite sure how to move to the next stage)
  • If that fails, work on Sho/Shige collab (I'm going to find a direction Triv!)
That's it really.  I have to do the first thing, or I'm fucked tomorrow, but the others are only what I'd like to get done.  If things go as they have in the past, no classes for me today so I will be free to do my planning at least.  And then when that's done (hopefully by 2nd period) I can do whatever! :D  I most definitely should study a little bit everyday.  I want to pass my test.  I wonder if I'll see any of my students there.  Hahaa.  That would be hilarious.  I was looking through my drill book yesterday and I do recognise a lot of the words, it's just a matter of learning the fucking readings now.  I really need to put more effort into this language.  I see my みんなの日本語 textbook staring at me everyday and it kind of mocks me.  I shouldn't leave it until I get back to Canada to learn.  I wonder if that creepy brown dude is still taking lessons... maybe I should go back.  

Need to eat and dry my hair.  It feels like it's going to be cold today.

I want a new moodtheme.  But the first was a bitch enough to install. D<

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From the Chorus Contest, around Kashiwa, Karuizawa and other assorted pictures.  Now I have to do a write up and post them since I haven't written on my vox blog for a while.  Now I actually have something TO write about. 

Work was good.  Only 4 classes.  I met Tezuka's sister!  She's as bad with English as he is.  I guess they just don't have the language gene.

I got to join Kondo-sensei's grade 4 class and learn calligraphy today!  :D  I was so excited.  And nervous.  But... I'm really good (compared to 10 year olds).  It was my very first time with a brush and I shocked everyone.  Hirakawa-sensei was like, "OMG YOU GUYS LOOK!!" and showed my work to the kids.  I wanted to die but they were all cheering me on.  He even said, "She's really good, don't lose to her!"  Haha.  The 10+ years of art training have paid off!

Haru no Kaze - Wind of Spring

I'm trying to finish jhols tonight.  I think I've resolved most of the problems I was having yesterday.  Can I not write anything of a reasonably short length (~2000)?  I'm estimating the final word count around 4,500.  I should get a load of laundry in and take it to the dryers since I won't have any time this weekend.  And then I have to hunt for some dinner.  I'm out of groceries again and I don't think that stew in the fridge is any good anymore.  I can't remember when I cooked it.

Anyone else see Prince William's dick on DListed today?  XD
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I just got this sudden idea after reading the label of my Nivea chapstick. Things you might find handy to know if you ever come to Japan! What is this mutant English they have created!?

Lip cream [リップクリーム]: chapstick/lip balm. Which is funny, because neither of those are creamy in the slightest. Guys wear chapstick/lip balm. Guys lips get chapped. Lip gloss on the other hand? Not unless you gay.

Pie sheet [パイシート]: pie crust. They come in frozen square sheets so... I guess that kind of makes sense.

Gasoline stand [ガソリンスタンド]: gas station

Toilet [トイレ]: washroom/bathroom. That's pretty much the same in most Asian countries I've been to, whereas for us, a toilet is just the porcelain throne.

Skinship [スキンシプ]: physical contact. They say the Japanese are not big on touching each other (unless you're familiar) but that's a load of bull. I see kids in my schools sitting on each other and wrestling all the time. I guess this one comes from skin + relationship; it took me about a month to figure out what the heck this one meant.

Mansion [マンション]: apartment (complex). A (usually) concrete apartment block is called a mansion and the units are also called mansions. Houses are houses and really big houses are still just houses. I could really give some people the wrong impression if I said I lived in a mansion.

I can't remember anymore right now, but I'll try and do this every once in a while; it's interesting don't you think?
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I got my kanji test results today:

I PASSED!! 92%!! 合格しました!

I'm so happy. :) I felt really good about it and that's a good indication for me. Although I only got 1 really wrong... the rest I guess I just didn't write the kanji correctly so they marked me wrong: 鳴る、鳥、聞く、読む、楽しい. Naru and tori I can never write properly so I'm not surprised and I know where I write yomu wrong but I thought I did tanoshii correct.  Oh well.  I passed!  With a pretty little certificate to frame.  Now I need to start studying for 8級 in October. :DDD
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It never seems like I get to accomplish as much procrastination on the weekends as I used to.  Probably because the level of shit that I find the need to do has risen to appalling extremes not that I have made it my mission to watch Dの嵐.  I thought about writing the next part of Equilibrium because I got the perfect idea for this chapter but I didn't get around to it, or couldn't find the right start (as is becoming the norm for me these days). 

Saturday when to Hiroo and had my 3rd treatment and met Justin for dinner.  I had a really fun conversation with the nurse for like half an hour about Japan and pop culture.  And you bet JE came up. X3  She's asked me who my favourite actor was and I said Nino and she was like "What?  Why!"  Ahaha... he is a great actor and cute (even if he looks like he's 13).  Went back to the restaurant Andrew and I found when I was there last and while it was good... the オススメ menu wasn't a great as the last time.  I was a bit disappointed but had some really great mushroom risotto.  Met up with Andrew and went back to his place and studied and watched some Star Trek before bed.  I fucked up and thought that Rie had planned Taka's birthday party for Sunday night but actually it was Saturday so I missed it.  I was probably going to bail anyway if it had been Sunday... I don't feel so bad blaming it on my sheer retardedness rather than just being too tired/cheap to go.

The test was great.  I got off at the wrong station and had a little freak out but the officer at the koban was very nice and helpful.  It was only another 10 minute walk to where I needed to go in the first place and once I got to the right route, I just had to follow all the people.  I thought the test was at 11:30 but actually it was 11:50 so I had lots of time to spare.  Went to the wrong room at first; I read the sign where all the test numbers were posted correctly but for some reason thought that 1102 was on the 2nd floor... another blonde moment.  I've been really bad for those this weekend.  But the woman beside me said I was in the wrong place and another took me down and showed me where I should go.  When I walked in all the kids were like "Eehh?  Sensei?" (They must have ALT's too)  It was a bit awkward because I knew all eyes were on me as they showed me to my seat.  I was expecting it, since I wrote the test for 2nd grade kanji but it's different when you are experiencing it in real life.

It was easy!  There weren't any questions I didn't know but I did make one mistake for sure.  I'm confident that I passed and maybe in the high 90's!  I just have to wait patiently for the results to come.  It was really irritating because the kids were whispering to each other and asking to go to the bathroom through the whole test.  Why didn't you go before?  It's 40 minutes!  Can't you sit still and hold it until it's over?  I know it's a test for kanji at a low elementary level and they were all 7-8 years old, but it really took away from the seriousness of the test.  I was so tempted to look over to the kid beside me and shush him but I refrained. 

Came home and caught up on my fic reading and watched a Hanadan special on TV... Just was lazy.  I wanted to get a load of laundry done but it was rainy and shitty so I couldn't.  I went to bed at 10pm and woke up on my own at 5:30 this morning.  I could have gotten up but decided I liked sleep better.  I'm expecting a pretty relaxing week at school.  Midterm exams are on Thursday and Friday so I anticipate having more than a few classes cancelled for self-study, especially for 2nd and 3rd years.  Fine by me.  With this plot bunny in my head, I'll have my own thing to work on.  I could be ambitious and take my Japanese textbooks to school and keep on doing some studying.  I want to write the level 8 test in October and unlike 2nd year where I could already read half of them, the 3rd year words are pretty new to me. 

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