Jan. 8th, 2009

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It's hard to think my three weeks off are over already.  It feels like I didn't do any resting but for the last 3 days and well, I really didn't.  I was so busy most of the time, I was hardly home at all.  But when I was, I didn't even leave the house and now it shows.  ;_;  Poor room, you look like you were never cleaned in the first place.  Sob.  I should feel more icky than I do now, but I did manage to get into bed around 11:30pm but still not as perky as I usually am for 7:15am.  At least I didn't sleep in which is always my biggest fear after throwing my internal clock off.

Today's To-Do list?
  • Plan 6th grade's lesson for tomorrow
  • Study kanji (23 more days!)
  • Write Equilibrium (though I'm not quite sure how to move to the next stage)
  • If that fails, work on Sho/Shige collab (I'm going to find a direction Triv!)
That's it really.  I have to do the first thing, or I'm fucked tomorrow, but the others are only what I'd like to get done.  If things go as they have in the past, no classes for me today so I will be free to do my planning at least.  And then when that's done (hopefully by 2nd period) I can do whatever! :D  I most definitely should study a little bit everyday.  I want to pass my test.  I wonder if I'll see any of my students there.  Hahaa.  That would be hilarious.  I was looking through my drill book yesterday and I do recognise a lot of the words, it's just a matter of learning the fucking readings now.  I really need to put more effort into this language.  I see my みんなの日本語 textbook staring at me everyday and it kind of mocks me.  I shouldn't leave it until I get back to Canada to learn.  I wonder if that creepy brown dude is still taking lessons... maybe I should go back.  

Need to eat and dry my hair.  It feels like it's going to be cold today.

I want a new moodtheme.  But the first was a bitch enough to install. D<

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Finally watched Odoriki SP5.  Does anyone else think the vacuum experiment was a repeat?  I am fairly certain they did that on an A no Arashi at one point or another.  I love Sho in Oxford shirts and v-neck sweaters.  Who else heard him squeek 「分かってる!」  I loved it. 

Caught up with Bloody Monday.  Otoya (aka Sato Takeru) is my new favourite eye candy.  Not to mention Narimiya Hiroki.  Mmm.  But what's with Otoya!?  He can't be on the bad side! ... He's turning 20 this year. ;_;  Does that make me a pervy old lady for thinking he's hot?

Haven't caught up on G no Arashi yet but it's the stupid Air Guitar saga which I didn't care for the in the first place and doesn't exactly need subtitles anyway. 

It's 11:30... I'm not really sleepy.  But that could be due to the half a box of chocolate I ate.  And now I feel sick for it.  That's a bit of a stupid move on my part... I guess we'll see if I still have allergies or not.  Not much I can do if I still do. 

There are so many dramas on this season that I want to watch.  There's one on nearly everyday and they all start next week!  I hope a lot of them get subbed.  For the most part, all the primetime ones do.  I wonder who's picked up Ohno's new drama?  No big buzz about that lately and it starts in a week.  I'll have to do some poking around this weekend.

No word back from Bruno about Saturday either yet.  I'm getting the feeling nothing is going to happen.  Going to Roppongi is really a bust unless you plan on staying out all night.  I don't mind going with him, even if it's just the two of us after Tomoko goes home but yeah.  I'm losing my ambition to go as always happens when things don't get planned.  I don't like leaving things til the last minute. 

Bah.  Well, I've got a fucking long ass day tomorrow.  I don't even know what my goddamn schedule is.  I didn't even bother making one and they expect me to teach right off the bat tomorrow.  D<  Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have forgotten and not scheduled me anything.  Not likely since I even had to teach today.  Kaneko is back and as featherbrained as ever.  The kids totally have no respect for him.  They were never that noisy when I was teaching them.  I wouldn't stand for it.  They know he will.  In any case, I just made a review worksheet for them anyway... and if we go through it fast, then we'll play Alphabet Chain.  Even if the older kids like that game.  I'm really wanting this semester to be over already.  At least for elementary school.  I don't really like being the teacher.  Or at least, give me a fucking cirriculum to work with.  It's one thing to give me a textbook but that doesn't really tell me what they are supposed to learn, especially since there is no way they will finish even 1/10th of the book anyway.  Ugh.  It's totally frustrating.

I just realized I haven't done my health check yet.  That was I supposed to do in April.  Oops.  If you want me to do it, fucking schedule it for me and tell me when and I'll be there.  Fucking retards.  I'm going to forget about it again unless they press me for it.  Maybe I'll get away with not having it this year~  Or maybe come time to renew my contract they'll dock me or something.  Touch wood.

もう疲れた。 寝るよ~ 早起きから。 おやすみ。

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