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This guy just came knocking on my door trying to sell me a mansion unit and we ended up exchanging numbers.  He's the second one to ask to be friends, with the same line of "I don't have that many foreign friends so yokkatara let's exchange mail."  And I don't know how to say no.  I deleted the last guy who wanted my address after a month because he didn't have the balls to mail me and I couldn't care less.  This guy today was pretty cute (oh, how shallow I am) and the same age as me.  I don't see what's the difference between this guy and the dudes who picked us up in Ueno Park a few weeks ago.  Nothing ended up happening with the guy I gave my number to there either; I mailed him middle of last week asking if he was free on the weekend but he was busy.   The ball's in his court and I'm pretty sure he won't return it. 

We'll see what happens here.  I do need more friends in Chiba/Kashiwa to hang out with.  If nothing else, I'll see if he wants to go drinking one night but he'll probably be busy anyway.  End of story.  I guess they don't mail you because they think it might be creepy/stalkery?  Well, how does a girl know if you're interested if you don't call her?  Whatever.  I'll probably end up deleting the number in the end.

Only in Japan...
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I am currently watching 3 shows and they are all awesome and just started Love Shuffle. I'm strongly attracted to all the male leads, even Daigo and the nerdy shrink. Especially O-chan. It's the hair and the (squinty) eyes. Ughkdfj. And Karina! ♥ I love your fucked up head.

I've got new episodes of Mei-chan and Voice (soon to be two once the SD version comes out for 6) to watch this weekend. And I should probably watch My So-Called Love too so I can delete it. And The Witch of the West is Dead (or whatever it's called).

I am meeting at boy on Saturday~ He gets big points for actually calling me to apologize to say he couldn't meet tomorrow, how about the day after? Who does that anymore! He's got some sudden government baito. It was kind of an awkward conversation since I didn't know what I wanted to do, I just left it up to him. I'm sure it'll be fun. :)

Tomorrow is graduation! I actually need to get up on time so I can shower and do my ladies' things in the morning. Don't forget the camera!
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I want Arashi (or at lease Oh-chan) to dance like that. But I know it's never going to happen. I can dream. Gah. I found the "Quest Crew" channel on YouTube and they had most of the videos for download as well, and the other's I managed to rip myself so I have all of them for my iPod now. So I can turn myself on by watching these fine young men rip up on the stage on the train now. I think boys dancing to Britney is my new favourite thing.

Today was day 2 of running. :D I was faster that I thought? Or rather, I didn't estimate the halfway point properly and was done by set before I made it home again but whatever. The feet hurt less today after lacing up tighter, but it just might be I'm that out of shape. Fuckme. Who would have thought after all the walking I do in Japan?
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So I can sit and sift through my flist and read entries before work because the goddamn fucking server won't let me sign in or see anything marked 14+. D< 

Aiba looks amazingly feminine is his Frau shoot.  It's the eyes.  I had to zoom in to see if he was wearing guyliner or not. 

I've got at least 4 lessons today, I think, starting with second year right off the bat.  Yay.  I am.  So.  Excited.  (SHOOT MENOWPLSS.)  I can't even remember what they did yesterday.  Dude, the exams are fucking next week and this class was only just starting Program 10.  It's only reading so it is just review but still.  Most of the first year classes finished last week and third have been done for a month.  They are going to be so fucked for the entrance exams next year. 

If you like me at all, please send things to keep me from getting grumpy at work.  I probably won't have any marking today (since I had so much yesterday). 

I had a point but it seems to have gone on a wee walk.  I'm going to email K today and say hi.  He didn't reply about my birthday last night though.  It's one thing to need to make time to see people, but firing back an email does not take that much effort.  He could even write it in Japanese if he was pressed for time; it's not like I won't be able to understand it.  My Japanese is better than his English, possibly.  Or comparable at least.  But I can definitely code switch faster than he can.  I'm not obsessing.

This is why I either need to stop crushing on people, or get into an established relationship where I know exactly where I stand with him.  That's what feeds the crazy, because I don't know.  GKludfakjdf.  Okay.  No more on this subject.  At least today.

I want more Voice.  Eita's hair bugs me (get a fucking brush, dude!) but Toma looks foxy.  I like dark hair on him best.  :D  The girl bothers me.  It's her lips.  Looks like she OD'd on the collagen a little. 
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I know I really like someone when I get really obsessive that they don't email me as much as I want to email them.  I'm restraining.  As Andrew says, people don't have time, they make time.  And if he isn't making time to even email me, well.  I don't want to think actions speak louder since I thought things were going in a pretty good direction.  I'm really trying not to obsess.  I swear.

I decided I want to eat yakiniku for my birthday so I sent off a reservation request to Gyuukaku.  They should call me tomorrow to confirm it?  I will have Andrew call anyway and confirm the number since I don't actually know how many people will come.  Probably not all the 8 that I counted. 

Also, we're going to Korea for a 5-day trip at the end of March.  I'm really excited.  I did some reading on Travel Wiki today and that psyched me up even more. :)  I have to go to immigration to get a re-entry visa two weeks before we go (on Graduation Day) but otherwise, I'm good.  I should probably buy some won now since the rate is so wonderful (although it probably doesn't change much?).  W1000 is Y86!  

I was going to make nikujaga for dinner tonight but then I didn't really know what to eat with it.  And I'm too hungry now and don't want to wait an hour for it to cook.  Though, I don't think the leftover thai I have is going to fill me up at all.  

Got new AV cables and 28 Dresses to test them out.  The sound wasn't too terrible for my CSI marathon last night though...


Feb. 15th, 2009 07:49 pm
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Something is wrong with my DVD player.  Or the cables.  The sound is all fuzzy and it's really hard to understand what they are saying (and of course there are only subtitles in Japanese).  I forgot to pick up cables before coming home.  I'll have to go tomorrow when I go to return my DVDs.  I can't afford to get late fees.  Not for 3 DVDs at 150yen a disc.  I've still got 5 episodes of CSI: Miami to watch. 

Went to Monzennakacho with Andrew and Justin today.  One of the oldest Hachiman temples in Tokyo is there and they have flea markets twice a month.  I found a nice cream coloured obi for 1000 yen!  I'm going to see about getting it dry cleaned and then figure out how to wear it. :/  I wonder what larger ladies have to do with kimono because even though they are supposedly "one size", they don't exactly fit if you are fuller figured.  The pattern that's supposed to go in the center doesn't line up if you try and tie it the way I found online.  I've still got to get a few more ties before I can wear my kimono properly.  And an occasion to wear it! 

Tomoko's party was really fun last night.  I met a lot of really interesting people and even got the number of some guy.  He goes to Reitaku University and looks like a cuter version of Atsushi from Exile. XD  He said I should go to his university and meet people.  Haha.  Really nice, I hope we'll hang out again.  I also met the infamous Haruhisa who Tomoko told me about but... he didn't do anything for me.  Really good cook, though.  Her friend Sho was hilarious.  He's a grade 6 teacher in Kamagaya and we talked about elementary school English and I told him if he gets excited about English, the kids will follow suit.  There were so many good moments.  I really wish there had been some video.  Haha.

I would rather be watching Voice (Eita!  Toma!) but I paid for these DVDs. :/  Gotta watch them.

No new emails from K.  He said he liked the picture I sent of the chocolate and that staying at my place isn't hard but he's really busy these days.  Understandable.  I put the ball in his court for that reason but it still makes me feel uneasy.  Sigh.

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He didn't stay but it was a good date anyway. :D  Though now I feel like it was kind of a waste to clean up so thoroughly.  But it had to be done, I suppose.  I even went and bought condoms!  Well, it's good to have them in the house anyway, just in case.  Don't want to end up like Miharu.  There was some minor league cuddling(?) while we watched TV so I'm happy with that.  Haha.  His English has gotten really good!  Though I don't really remember from a year ago how it was... but we didn't have any problems communicating (with the help of a dictionary :P). 

K's email: "I'm sorry to go back home...  Because our leader suddenly decided to hold a meeting. :(  That's too bad.  But I was really happy to see you.  Thank you for your dish.  It's very delicious.  I wish I could eat your dish again." 

What a sweet boy!  I told him I want to cook for him again too and to send me mail when he has time.  Too bad he can't come to Andrew's party, or mine if I decide to do something for my birthday.  I feel like going bowling.  
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I have a date tomorrow~ And I've met this person before so I know he isn't totally creepy and unattractive. I met him at Andrew's X'mas party in 2007 and slipped him my phone number before we parted ways but he never mailed me. And then yesterday I got this email from some random address I didn't know saying that they were changing addresses (in Japanese) and I couldn't read the name. Anyway! So we started talking today and he said he wants to eat my cooking again because it was so delicious (if you impress them with turkey, you can impress them with anything).

K: ほんとに!? やったー ありがとう~ 楽しみしてるな。Heatherの家に食べに行っていいの?(Really!?  Yay!  Thank you~  I'm looking forward to it.  Is it really okay to go to your house?)
H: いいよ~ 超狭いけど。 (It's fine~ It's super small though.)
K: ありがとう~ 狭かったら、泊まるのは難しいかな・・・?(Thank you~  If it's small, I wonder if it will be difficult to stay over...)

I don't know how we jumped from eating to sleeping over but there it is. :P If he wants to get up at 630am and be out the door at 8 when I go to work, that's fine by me. I don't know if he will actually stay tomorrow but since I said I had an extra futon (whether or not it gets used is another matter...), it's kind of been agreed upon. XD He only lives at Sugamo so he could take the train back at 12:20. Just go with the flow and see what happens. Tonight would have been better since it's a stat holiday tomorrow but he had plans. Maybe it's for the best so I can clean up my house tomorrow! Really give it a good scrub. Especially the bathroom. Just in case. ;)  Randomy, I don't think I've ever had sex on a week day.

He said he wants to eat my specialty dish... I don't know if I have one. I think I'll make coconut chicken. It's exotic and he's probably never had it before. My specialty I think is pad thai but I can't get the ingredients in Japan. DX

I really am not expecting anything. Just hang out, eat some food, watch some CSI maybe. It's been more than a year since I've even talked to this guy. I asked why he never mailed me and he said he had no confidence in his English skills and didn't have time to study. Now he does. I'm totally being used for my English ability but I'm using him just as much for his Japanese, you could say. I told him I thought it was because I had flirted too much (and maybe scared him off). He replied, "そんなことないよ!嬉しかったし。♥  ほんとはもっといちゃついて欲しかったくらいだし。でも、英語で話せないと思ったから。” (That's not true! I was really happy. Actually I wanted to flirt more. But I thought I couldn't speak English.)

Word of the day: いちゃつく means "to flirt". XD

Anyway.  He's the same age as I am (maybe '84) and graduating this spring and is going to be a nurse. :DD
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I met Satsuki for dinner in Ginza tonight (kind of a dumb idea cuz we can't afford anything...).  It was great to see her, she looks exactly the same.  We talked about old friends, what we're up to these days, her run-ins with Johnny's and music.  She's on the job hunt right now but actually wants to sing.  She played a couple of her songs for me and wow.  She's got an amazing voice.  I really hope that she gets a chance at a record deal.  I want VIP seats and to be able to say I know someone famous. :D

I figured out what to wear on my date tmrw.  Black button-down (possibly black sweater, depending how cold it is), jean cut-off skirt, purple tights, black flats.  I wish that it was warmer so I could wear my new green coat.  It's not big enough to wear my fleece hoodie underneath. :(  I guess I have to stick it out until it warms up to wear it.  But it's so prettyyy~~

Last session of Quiz Show tomorrow~  And it's Aoki-sensei's class so it will be enjoyable.  I think?

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So yes, I have a date tomorrow and possibly the weekend as well (my, aren't we getting ahead of ourselves).  The cynic in me is keeping my hopes down (as it should before I meet him).  I was talking to Justin about boys and he trawled Craigslist and came up with this ad of a guy who sounded pretty decent and interested in art and history and nerdy stuff like me so I replied.  I need to get over my hangup about meeting people online and personals.  All the gays do it, at least.  Anyway, I didn't make the same mistake I made last time.  We've exchanged a handful of emails (though reasonably information filled) and are meeting for dinner tomorrow night.  There are just too many coincidences...  His name is Keisuke, he's 1 day older than I am, likes art, museums, temples and all that wonderful business, and he has the same last 4 digits in his phone number.  He went to school in the States (Hawaii, I think) for a year and is joining the workforce this April.  It almost sounds like everything I want on paper.  We'll see how it goes...

If nothing else, he could be a cool new friend.  Though we both established from the get-go what we're looking for so I think that will help.  Justin should rename himself Love Doctor and start charging.
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So, this guy who used to be a student of mine at Nova.  His name is Takeshi and he's the only student I gave my number to cuz I thought he was cute and would be cool to get some Japanese friends my age when I first moved here.  I helped him with his English once and he wanted me to look over something for his EiKen or TOEIC thing and I suggested my house but he said, "I shouldn't, I have a girlfriend," as if coming to my house was somehow a crime.  Anyway.  He was online for the first time in ages tonight and said hello because I need to be more out there with boys if I ever expect to catch one. 

He said I've gotten prettier (from the pic on MSN).  I would like to believe it but I'm sure it was just angle and lighting.  But he's recently single so maybe something could happen.  At least he knows I'm here and available for coffee (and also single).  We'll see.  It's stupid and small, but I feel good about it.

Yay new layout.

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I have nothing accessable in the house and I don't want to cook anything at 10 o'clock.  I should take a jaunt to the store and get a snack.  I can't sleep if my tum is grumbly and I don't want to sleep yet even though I could.  Too much sleep is just as bad as not enough.

Sachiyo came by to get the pictures off my camera; it was her first visit to my place.  I feel like we haven't been the best of friends but it was nice talking to her on the way home last night.  I told her my most recent tragic boy story and we had a laugh about it.  She asked me what kind of Jboys I like but I didn't really know how to answer.  Just... normal?  I didn't think I had a type.  I am attracted to asian guys cuz I grew up in Singapore, surrounded by them.  It's not that I'm only attracted to them but whatever.  I don't even know how to explain it.  I told her about Watanabe sensei too.  She saw the group picture on my desk from our trip and she was like, "This guy?  Kakkoii~!"  She picked him right out of the bunch.  She said he's Johnny's-ppoi and I guess he is.  He does do his eyebrows, I'm pretty damn sure.  So I guess that is my type and then she was like thinking if she knows anyone like that.  Haha.  What a sweetie.  Well, that isn't at all shocking, seeing my taste in music.

Lesson with Tomoko was fun.  Some white guy came in and sat next to us and said hi, asked if we were having a lesson and then went about his crossword.  When we were getting ready to leave he asked me if I was seeing Tomo-someone tonight.  I gave him the blankest look ever and then he asked my name... he mistook me for someone else.  That's never happened to me before.  He felt right embarassed.  Haha poor guy. 

There's a Book Off right at Matsudo station so I went to see if they had anything and I ended up buying Summerland by Michael Chabon and Toujours Provence by Peter Mayle, which was on Claire Wright's reading list.  I've only read the first chapter and I'm really enjoying it. :D  Yay travel writing!

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Why do we feel guilty for being up front about our feelings and intentions?  I didn't know that I would end up not liking Satoshi when we met; if anything I was more sceptical that I would.  I feel like a bitch.  Yes, it was my fault for leading him to believe that something might be there but honestly, I thought there was too.  I was getting warm fuzzies when I saw that he'd mailed me.  Maybe it's because I'm (clearly) more mature than he is and (definitely) have more experience in this regard because I know what I want and I won't settle.  I'm not one of those flakey Japanese girls (or boys) who will date someone they don't even really like just to say they have a boyfriend.  How much could he really like me after only talking through emails?  Even after 3 weeks.  I'm trying to justify this to myself and I talked about it with Andrew while we climbed Mt. Tsukuba today (YES I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN!) and he said that I'll feel better in a few days, and I probably will.  Satoshi and I are just cut from different cloth, obviously.  Would he rather me lie to him and pretend and have him fall for me more and then break up with him because it wasn't working out?  I think I did him a huge favour, even if he doesn't think so now.

From: Heather 11/24 Mon 15:36
I think I should be the one to apologize.  I think I should tell you that we should just be friends.  I told you my friend said to be careful about meeting because the feeling might not be there.  I don't think any more feeling is there so we should be friends.  [That sounds so ESL.]

From: Satoshi 11/24 Mon 16:03
ごめん。I can't find my words!  Just I feel hurt.  Why didn't you say so before meeting?  Cuz my dreaming was becoming big day by day.  Nope, it's not your fault!  I don't have to blame you!  Okay, I got it.  Thanks for great dream!  Bye-bye.

From: Heather 11/24 Mon 22:06
I feel really terrible about everything but I needed to be honest.  I'm sorry you are hurt but it will be better in the long run.  I am sad that my feelings changed suddently too.  If we had met sooner we wouldn't have gotten to this point.  All the best.

I told him that Andrew said to be careful about it but I don't think he understood what I was getting at.  Obviously not since he says he can't stop crying.  ARkjggakjfd why do I feel like the bad guy here?!  It really feels like he hasn't left his little town--no, his fucking house--ever and I am the first friend he's made and I turn around and dump him.  I really pity him and that feels wrong too. 

I don't even know what else to say about this.  So I won't say anything.

Yeah, so on to not so shitty news.  Andrew wanted to go enjoy 紅葉 (kouyou, "red leaves") before all the leaves fall off the trees so we treked out to Tsukuba today.  I've only taken the Tsukuba Express once and was appalled at the price.  It cost 700 yen one way but the rapid only takes 25 minutes from Nagareyama Ootakanomori and stops only once.  From the station we had to take a 40-minute shuttle bus (another 750 yen) to Tsukuba Jinja on Mount Tsukuba and there we visited the shrine and walked up the mountain.  OH MY GOD.  I just did my exercise for 2008.  It was a 2.3km course up to the 871m (2,858ft) summit of 男体山 (Nantai-san, "Man Body Mountain").  It took us about 2 hours with all my breaks.  I have much respect for Japanese old folks that climb mountains in their free time.  Whenever we passed people, we greeted them (or they greeted us) "Konnichiwa~".  It was really cool.

It started raining when we got to the top and we couldn't see shit because of the fog/clouds and it was fucking cold.  We took the cable car down (570yen) back to the shrine and then at some udon at a nice shop that had a pregnant kitty. :D  And then came home, cold and wet.  I brought my camera but it sucks so I didn't take that many pictures.  I'm going to snake Justin's when he gets his uploaded to Flicker.

Pic spam under cut. )

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I just can't win.  Andrew warned me... and of course, I didn't listen.  No one ever does; they have to do it themselves.

What the fuck am I talking about?  The boy. 

Great on paper.  That's probably the worse back-handed compliment you could give someone.  You're great on paper, but not for me.  

We met today for the first time and I feel like a total... something nasty.  I'm shallow, I admit.  He isn't what I thought he might be in person but wasn't totally horrible.  I'm no prize in the looks department, despite what he seems to think.  It's not all about looks and I've come to realize I end up falling for the "not classically good-looking" types anyway.  But it was the personality.  Which I had a taste of over email, but it's not the same.  I like to be complimented as much as the next person but... when ever sentence (or several times in ONE sentence) has "Kakkoii!" or "Sugoi~!" in it, it loses all meaning fast.  He was just too easily amused.  And I don't know if that was nerves or if that's what he's like 24/7... but whatever might have been there was gone pretty fast.  And I feel like such a skank for feeling that way.

Maybe that psychic was right.  My love life is on holiday until I turn 25.  And if this is the kind of bullshit I have to go through, I think I'm okay waiting.  Or I can just be evil and pray that Taka breaks up with Rie (or vice versa) and I can date him.  Good on paper and I'm attracted to him.  That's a winner.

Red Cliff was ... good?  John Woo knows action but it was a bit much.  Like, the entire movie except for maybe 20 minutes was action.  I tried to just listen to the dialogue (and not laugh at the terrible dubbing) and I could catch more than I thought I would but definitely not as much as I might have three years ago.  That makes me very upset.  I tried not to read the Japanese subtitles... not that they helped me terribly when I did.  I need to read about the Tale of the Three Kingdoms and Red Cliff now.  But I got wicked ideas for Equilibrium now. :D

Andrew's renting a movie with Cris right now so we're going to talk about our kouyou trip before bed so I have time to write more fic.  Got a wicked and great feedback which will help push me over the edge.  I would feel more at ease if I could finish it tonight. 

On the plus side, I met a girl in Matsudo for a trial lesson and it looks like she likes me and wants to continue so I'll have another private student.  She's 25 so maybe a new friend too. :)     

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Alright.  I know that Jboys are not aggressive when it comes to dating.  Or sex.  And that might just be the understatement of the century since... I practically threw myself at Hiroki last year and went home with him (which was a first) and while he did make the first move in bed, whiskey dick happened.  Andrew's (or Justin's?) friend said that you just have to be nothing short of a whore and just get them all worked up first so they'll go home with you because they are too chicken shit to make the first move.  I know this.

What am I going to do with a boy who (at 28) hasn't even held hands with a girl, let alone kissed one?  I told him to leave it to me to show him (*winkwinknudgenudge*) though that makes me sound kind of slutty (which I had to explain).  I said just to have confidence because that's hot.  He can ask me to do anything and I am really affectionate but I won't push him.  I don't even have that much experience!  I'm still waiting for a reply.  :/  But you know... I've kind of always wanted to be the one in charge and have my way with a guy. >D

It's all the gays I know and fucking sex classes I've taken and Savage Love I read.  

His response: 凄い!初めて知った!!とても勉強になる。ありがとう♥ うん、へザーはとても優しい So, I'm falling for you rapidly, I think ♥♥ [Wow! I never knew that!!  I really learned something.  Thanks ♥  You so sweet]
At least he doesn't think I'm a slut. :D
Finally figured out how to get the smart list thing to work properly. Waiting for the amazing smartness of iTunes to kick in.

And was finally was honest with Stephen.

10/9Thu 9:56
Frm: Stephen
Sub: Your Friend
Hey, so what kind of mischief did you and your friend get into last weekend?

10/9Thu 13:04
To: Stephen
Sub: Re:Your Friend
Ugh it was kind of shitty cuz I had to wait arnd for her to finish work and she kept getting held up. >( Just the usual mischief.
Ok, I think I should say this cuz I feel like an asshole. And I feel like a bitch say this so I guess I lose either way. Better to be straight and adult abt it. I do want to be friends but I can't sleep with you. Which is too bad because it was pretty fantastic. But its just not there for me and I don't want to be one of those girls who have sex for the sake of it. That's assuming u still would want to but I'm talking what ifs. Ok. I'll stop my rambling and hope I didn't lead you to a bad impression of me.

10/9Thu 16:41
Frm: Stephen
Sub: Re:Your Friend
I am a bit confused because I didn't feel that I was pressuring you in anything anyway. I thought we were friends and enjoyed hanging out. I guess I was wrong??? I can still be friends because that's what I thought we were or at least I assumed we were. I will leave it up to you. Hope you had a good day at work. Later.
PS: I'm not upset.

10/9Thu 16:45
To: Stephen
Sub: Re:Your Friend
No, you weren't at all. But because we ended up in bed after we hung out the last few times I thought it might become an expectation. I just wanted to clear that up... cuz I felt weird. I needed to assuage my weirdness. >_<

There. Now I should be able to hang out with him and stop feeling weird. Or like I'm leading him on. Or whatever. Providing he still wants to hang out with me after this. I don't know. He's mature; maybe I'm not.

Work was actually... enjoyable. I spent the first 2 periods staring at my computer and talking to [ profile] honeycorrupts, thinking about my lesson plan for tomorrow. Then I made posters for each of the 3rd year classrooms about "classroom instructions" (sit down, stand up, make a circle, etc.). In the morning, Imai-sensei had me mark 3 questions of the 1st year's exams and then I spent the afternoon marking 2nd year exams for Kaneko-sensei. Since I stayed half an hour later yesterday to help Nakamura-sensei record the listening test for the 3rd years, I got to leave 30 mins early today. I'm debating going to Abiko and getting my hair did cuz it's pissing me off tonight but I don't know if Nakajima-san is there on Thursdays... I suppose I could call and ask but I'm lazy. I'm going to call Justin as soon as I post this.

I need to organize my iPod... I realized yesterday I had the wrong kanji for Koda Kumi's name. >_> Durrr. Need to fix that. And find out why there are two Amuro Namie's when the kanji is the same. D


Sep. 25th, 2008 07:20 pm
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I have no reason to watch CSI: Miami anymore now that Speed is dead. T___T I totally didn't see that coming! Damn you Rory Cochrane for wanting to be a movie actor. I thought you were gonna hook up with the porn star in season 3 but no, you decide to take a bullet to the chest instead. Sigh.

Still feeling bluesy these days. Looked at tickets for X'mas and I'll be looking at dropping about 2 grand. I don't think so. It was a nice thought while it lasted.

It's nearly the weekend! Party weekend~ Going to Shibuya tomorrow night to some club to see Andrew's friend perform and then Amy's farewell party on Saturday night. Got an email from Christian today about a picnic on Sunday but they're still hashing out details. That would be fun. Christian always garuantees a good time.

In other news... well, I met this dude on Mixi or something like that, I can't remember now, late last year and we were exchanging emails for like 2 months... and then around my birthday we decided we should meet up but couldn't nail down a time and then he stopped mailing me. Oh well, I thought. Then, I get an email from him this week out of the blue! He changed addresses but don't know how recent that is. Anyway. That's interesting. And no random requests for blowjobs so I figure he's pretty upstanding. No pun intended.
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And that is an indication of a good night in my books.  I did have fun.  I love festivals.  Even if we just ended up standing around in the middle of the road like obnoxious gaijin but it was great.  Met 2 of Masa's high school friends who are also Amanda's private students, ran into Masa for like 2 minutes before he buggered off again, saw all the old Nova folks and met some new people, good times.  I should have eaten more.  All I ate was some takoyaki, yakitori and some corn bread from 7-11.  And a shitton of beer.  I almost wish I had stayed but I know that Nikki and Amanda don't even have AC and even with fans, I'm sure it would be fucking unpleasant, especially with the amount of people who were going back there.  It was for the best that I went back on the last train. 

It's official: nothing more to happen with Stephen.  That was made plainly obvious in my drunken state.  Pretty much from the get go.  When everyone assembled and we were walking to the festival we hardly even talked and then when we got there, I didn't talk to him at all.  I mean, he's a big boy and can take care of himself so he shouldn't need me to hold his hand but I did feel just a little bit bad when he left and it was like, "Oh right, you're here".  I would rather talk to Masa's hot friends instead.  Who, of-fucking-course, have girlfriends.  Well, that didn't seem to hinder Vicky from dragging Yuji off somewhere and probably shoving her hand down his pants. 

Woke up irked about some BNF business that really has nothing to do with me but pissed me off anyway.  Ranted to Starr and now I feel better.  I should write some fic this morning since I have no other plans but we'll how the morning unfolds.  I'm hungry but have no food, of course, so that requires a konbini trip which might be beyond me at this moment.  I have the urge to shop but I shouldn't.  Although now that I didn't hit for Arashi stadium tickets, I get 12,000 yen back so I could shop.  I am hunting for green cons at the moment.  I should go see if the Kashiwa branch of ABC mart has them in my size.  And maybe I'll go to Uniqlo or 306 House and see if there is anything on sale.  Maybe a new t-shirt or something, since I need to purge my drawers of my old ones that are ratty and gross now. 

Need to finalize travel plans today since we leave in 2 weeks.  I wonder if Justin is free? 

Downloading some old GRA episodes - miso soup and figure skating!  The good ones that I missed out on somehow. 
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Shin Matsudo festival was fun.  Met some new folks and some old folks.  And yea... things with Stephen aren't going anywhere because although I was the one who invited him, I pretty much ignored him the whole time.  I think that's telling.  And all the guys that I could be interested in have fucking girlfriends, but that didn't seem to stop Vicky.  Good for her?  Anyway.  It was fun and I am looking forward to the Kashiwa festival next weekend.  I should get Andrew and Benben to come out for it.  That would be fun. 

I'm most definitely drunk right now but have to take out my lenses at least and drink more water.  Not that I have any plans tomorrow althought Takayuki asked me if I had plans tomorrow; though that doesn't mean he's going to call me.  :/  WHY IS IT SO UNFAIR?  Is wanting a Japanese boyfriend so unfair?  So difficult?  Apparently. 

Arashi ticket hotline is live.  I'll see if I have tickets for the National Stadium concert tomorrow!           

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