Jan. 21st, 2009

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So yes, I have a date tomorrow and possibly the weekend as well (my, aren't we getting ahead of ourselves).  The cynic in me is keeping my hopes down (as it should before I meet him).  I was talking to Justin about boys and he trawled Craigslist and came up with this ad of a guy who sounded pretty decent and interested in art and history and nerdy stuff like me so I replied.  I need to get over my hangup about meeting people online and personals.  All the gays do it, at least.  Anyway, I didn't make the same mistake I made last time.  We've exchanged a handful of emails (though reasonably information filled) and are meeting for dinner tomorrow night.  There are just too many coincidences...  His name is Keisuke, he's 1 day older than I am, likes art, museums, temples and all that wonderful business, and he has the same last 4 digits in his phone number.  He went to school in the States (Hawaii, I think) for a year and is joining the workforce this April.  It almost sounds like everything I want on paper.  We'll see how it goes...

If nothing else, he could be a cool new friend.  Though we both established from the get-go what we're looking for so I think that will help.  Justin should rename himself Love Doctor and start charging.
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I met Satsuki for dinner in Ginza tonight (kind of a dumb idea cuz we can't afford anything...).  It was great to see her, she looks exactly the same.  We talked about old friends, what we're up to these days, her run-ins with Johnny's and music.  She's on the job hunt right now but actually wants to sing.  She played a couple of her songs for me and wow.  She's got an amazing voice.  I really hope that she gets a chance at a record deal.  I want VIP seats and to be able to say I know someone famous. :D

I figured out what to wear on my date tmrw.  Black button-down (possibly black sweater, depending how cold it is), jean cut-off skirt, purple tights, black flats.  I wish that it was warmer so I could wear my new green coat.  It's not big enough to wear my fleece hoodie underneath. :(  I guess I have to stick it out until it warms up to wear it.  But it's so prettyyy~~

Last session of Quiz Show tomorrow~  And it's Aoki-sensei's class so it will be enjoyable.  I think?

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