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Miura Daichi

Miura Daichi (三浦大知); born August 24, 1987 (making him 22 today!) in Okinawa, Japan. Debuted in 1997 with the dance group Folder but took a hiatus in 2000 when his voice started changing and focused on some other things, like dance, voice training and the guitar. He made a comeback in 2005, debuting as a solo artist. To date, he's released 8 singles (and 1 album), the latest being "Delete My Memories" that was released on May 20 of this year. As if it's not obvious, his cites Usher and Justin Timberlake as major influences on his music.

Okay, so I've known about this kid for a while, thanks to Andrew who sent me a couple songs off his 2006 album. I liked them but didn't really think to investigate further. Now I have just gotten reaquainted with him through Asian Pop Addict. I didn't realize he choreographed his own stuff, though I do remember him having some slick mooves. This kid isn't all that popular, unfortunately, because clearly he's got talent. It's probably because he's a little bit of a paper bag. :( Kind of like JJ Lin. I didn't notice in the last video I saw cuz he had a hoodie up the whole time (and all his photos have half his face in shadows). But he's got the kind of style I love on boys and his face kind of grows on me by the end of the video. This is prossibly going to become a new favourite song.

PS: I forgot Shukudai was on. Damn! That's what happens when I read HP porn.
PPS: 24hr TV is on this weekend! Do not forget.


May. 17th, 2009 11:58 pm
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I have been feeling terrible and funky all day.  I am still feeling nauseated and I should have gotten over that ages ago.  I got home and read fic all day.  Reading about intense human relationships in the aftermath of my friend's wedding might not have been such a good idea.  I wonder what love is really like. 

I still haven't heard from my mom or brother, who I sent a couple MSN messages to asking him to give me an update.  JC said he would stop by and check up on my mom and bring my dad some donuts.  I can't believe he still remembers that my dad's favourite is sour cream glazed.  If only I had stayed in Ontario... maybe we would have ended up together in the end.  Well, it's not the end yet, but our paths are no where near coming together and there are many other factors... I won't dwell.  But I think there's a reason why every time I see him, we ended up talking about the what ifs.  It's always bad timing.  I don't want to stay in Toronto and he doesn't feel the urge to leave.

I'm still waiting.

The is a storm raging in Kashiwa tonight.  It's rainy and windy, whipping the trees around like rags.  I hate when it gets like this because the wind gets caught in the pockets of my building's architecture--the balconys, the hallway outside, between my room and the house next door--and it just howls.  It makes sleep very hard to find.  I feel exhausted so it shouldn't be hard but it is.  Thank god I only have to teach Araragi tomorrow.  It's pretty much a waste for me to go in; I almost wish I didn't have to.  Or that they would let me leave.  There isn't a point in me sitting at my desk doing nothing.  I'll write some letters or scribble some ideas down for some stories.  I really am just not getting inspired these days.  Maybe I should start something for the book I keep saying I'm going to write.
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I feel refreshed after my nap. I didn't really fall asleep for the first hour so I set the alarm again for another 30 minutes but slept for an hour in the end. I've gotten lucky today: there was a huge rainstorm just after lunch but stopped when it was time for me to go home and then it started some time during my nap. I did hear some great rolling thunder though. Hopefully it's nice tomorrow so I can hang some laundry out. I love waking up to rain. ♥

Eigo Note 1 is retarded. I'm going to cut out most of the 3rd hour of the first lesson because it's stupid. I think it's kind of fun to get the kids to make meishi and exchange it with their friends -- I always approve of arts and crafts time. They really liked saying hello in different languages. Jambo and anyeonghaseyo is always a favourite.

I should make some rice so I can cook left overs. I want to try making chai mushi-pan tonight. Although I don't think I'll be have enough chai spices to be able to make it ever again. I'll have to go through my recipes and pull one together from all three of them. Exciting!

I've been reading [ profile] arashiroadtrip lately and it's fantastic. I wish I had gotten in on it. I love all of those writers and their styles compliment each other well. There's sex but most of it actually happens off screen which usually pisses me off but it works here--it's tantalizing and makes me want to read more. I'm more than half done!

Fucking Stormy Team is slow with Smile this week. I downloaded it raw but haven't even watched it yet, nor have I watched 2 with subtitles. I'll watch 3 with dinner so that I'm sort of up to speed with what's going on. Jun says we get to learn about Hana-chan's past this week.

Time for dinner! Yay leftovers!


Apr. 28th, 2009 05:26 pm
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Tomorrow is a holiday, Showa Day, so that means it's ~Wine Night~ for me!  I picked up a bottle of a Japanese wine to give it a try.  I was wavering between this Reisling from Iwate and this stuff called "Koshu wine".  I decided to get the most bang for my buck: the Koshu was 750ml for 780yen vs 500ml for 999yen.  I'll try the other on some special occasion.  I'm going to make spaghetti carbonara tonight and have a nice night in. :)  I'm looking forward to it. 

Nothing is on TV and I don't have a huge backlog of dramas to watch (though I am tempted to watch Quiz Show episode 2 raw since I am impatient) so I might try writing something.  I feel some ideas stirring; I spent my free afternoons at work yesterday and today researching child speech development and baby "milestones". 

Tomorrow will be a laundry and cleaning day since [personal profile] vintage_belle is coming to stay on Saturday.  Any idea when, Elle? 

I got an email from Sachiyo yesterday.  I haven't seen her since... Nikki left.  O_O  That was December.  We made a nail & dinner date after Golden Week.  I'm going to treat myself and see what this nail business is all about.

I want to suggest a feature for the lunchtime broadcast: Foreign Japanese Pop Artists.  I don't know about anyone else, but it really interests me to learn about people who aren't Japanese/weren't born here and are making it.  I have so many artists I want to recommend that might not be so well-known (free promo! since these are the kids going to be shelling out money to see concerts and stuff after I'm gone) but they only have enough time to play 4 songs, at most.  Inoue Joe is at the top of the list, m-flo featuring Monkey Majik -- two birds with one stone (though maybe I should get the original since I only have the remix), Utada (Apple & Cinnamon from the new album, though she doesn't need any promo).  There's also Ito Yuna, Def Tech, DBSK, BoA, Alan?  I don't have that many songs from those artists.  Maybe Ito Yuna's "Mahaloha" that feature's Micro from Def Tech.  Micro's actually Japanese but he's a returnee. 

It's partly for my own selfish reasons of wanting to hear music I want to hear, but I think it would be kind of inspiring to learn about these people who came to Japan and are working hard in a foreign country.  It is possible to become fluent in another language (and Japanese people seem to think their language is so hard).  And maybe one day, you can do it too!  I should also gather up some songs of Japanese artists who have made it outside of Japan, singing in English, for another day.  But those are much rarer; I can't think of any off the top of my head.
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やっぱりスウィングが大好きだべ! It's been a long time since I've clapped at the end of a movie.  This makes me wish I had picked up an instrument when I was a kid.  All the kids in band got to go on awesome trips.  Speaking band, here's the brass band from my school.  Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the music.  I can't remember if I posted this or not. :/

If you are looking for a feel good movie with excellent music and a fantastic cast, watch Swing Girls.  The Japanese DVD comes with subtitles so I might try and find a used copy at Book Off.  It's well worth owning. :)  Lydia told me it was awesome and I wonder if that's because Ueno Juri plays the lead.  I love Hiraoka Yuta and Kanjiya Shihori.  Motokariya Yuika is in it too (she was one of the guest's from Shukudai-kun this past week).  I love watching movies and learning that I know (or recognize) more of the cast than I thought. 

Now I can go return my DVDs and pick up the things I forgot to get at the drug store yesterday: vasaline and eye drops.  I also should go to the post office and send off packages to Alison and Lydia.  I founds something random at the store, Rika, I think you'll love it.  XD

I checked the CD shop in Takashimaya yesterday for AAA but they were out too (unless you have to ask for it?  They're hoarding them behind the counter?) and saw the Inoue Joe is releasing his debut album today!  Titled "Me! Me! Me!".  I'm seriously thinking about buying it because I want to support awesome musicians my age.  AND!  I just checked his blog and he said he's having a concert in July!  I seriously want to get tickets.  They're giving away a bunch but the sign up site isn't working just yet.  I wonder where they'll be selling tickets through.   And when.
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I think I've said this before, and probably about the person who I think wrote this, but I want love in my life like that. 

I thought I would have needed more time to pay this it's due but I just couldn't stop reading.  I'm actually lucky to be able to get to bed before midnight!  It made me laugh, it made me think, it made me feel, it made me cry.  I can't ask for anything better in a work of fiction -- of any variety.  I highly recommend you read Southend; change the names of three of the characters and you've got yourself a work of high quality original fiction. 

I would kill a small forest for my own printed copy of this. 

I'm moved to speechlessness.  This kind of seems rambly so I will stop there and go to bed. 

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真相報道 バンキシャ!  (しんそうほうどう  ばんきしゃ, some kind of news program)

NTV (same channel as Zero and Shukudai-kun, yo!)



It's not 100% but she said it would probably make the show this weekend. OMG I MIGHT BE ON TVVVVVV. I don't know if they'll show me talking because... I just suck and I didn't say much. Andrew was the main interviewee but you might see me! If anyone knows how to record off the internets/knows someone, could you tape it? Because... that would just make my life. Since my getting on Cool Japan doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I don't get NHK digital anyway.

I hope I lost some weight dancing in my Pikachu outfit.  I was sweating up a storm.  I hope there are some good pictures.

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But of course they are idiots and deliver it during the day so I wasn't here. I'm getting better at this phone conversation thing. If I just ask if they can speak English they'll know my Japanese is bad. You never know, they might bust out some prewritten script to prompt me. It works. In any case, it's coming tomorrow night! :DDDD What could it be?!

Work was blah. Some kid broke a window just as I was leaving. I didn't go check it out but one girl went into the nurse's office so I think her hand was bleeding. I'll see it all taped up tomorrow. Next month's schedule looks sooo empty! I have 3 free days with no lessons (2 for midterms and exam review and one for the choir contest)! Too bad I can't just not come to work on those days.

I felt exhausted today. Which is weird because I got enough sleep. Another rainy and cold day... and I must have slept in a strange position because my waist hurts today. It's the first time I've had my waist hurt. And only on one side. Unless that was from my little one person dance party last night. I was givin'er pretty hard. It definitely made the day seem to go slower when everytime I bent a certain way I would have pain. ><

I have crap loads to watch still... and I'm downloading more!
-- Code Blue 10 & 11
-- D no Arashi 50, 51, 52, 53
-- Maou 10 & 11 (even though I saw them on TV)
-- Arashi no Shukudai-kun 103
-- Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru
-- Moshimo Tours SP Sho, Jun and Aiba were on to promote the VS SP but they were just commentators. Boring; Delete.

And now for something completely different: FIC RECS!
I keep complaining about the lack of (good) fic but lately I have come across some gems. Holy shit. In no particular order:
Lust, Destiny, Desire (Ryo/Shige [NEWS]) by [ profile] misticloud I am trying to come up with a description or summary but my mind is blank. This is dark, raw, angsty, passionate, driving. It's not your typical love story. She just wrote the last chapter (although I'm gunning for an epilogue) so you can read the brilliance in it's entirety. I am going to read it again in one sitting.
Finale Revisited (Naoto/Naruse/Shiori [Maou]) by [ profile] venus_aurea EPIC LULZ. She rewrote the end of Maou -- how it should have ended. Nothing but crack here.
The Five (Arashi) by [ profile] emilenshook Awesomely AU. WW2/Cold War setting which is something new to me and brilliantly written. I read it at work today (or at least what's been posted so far) and was itching to comment because I was just floored.
The Magician (Arashi) by [ profile] primroseshows Another AU. Four of them live in a tiny town not on any map in a dull grey existence until Ninomiya the Magician comes to town. An excellent story (and also complete!) that sweeps you right along. I had so much fun reading it.

I hope you find something worth reading in there. And now I'm going to change my layout again. I dislike this one.


Sep. 23rd, 2008 08:41 pm
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Can someone please write me Arashi and moles? Seriously. I would love you forever and ever. I think DnA episode 41 is my favourite so far.

Posted first fic to [ profile] kotobayori. It's short and kind of crappy... but I had some fun writing it anyway. Check it out!


New blog

Sep. 5th, 2008 12:12 am
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Well, another blog.  Food blog.  Posts about food and recipes: [ profile] oishii_tabemono  So far, there is nothing there.  I will be moving/reposting the recipes I've posted here and then all new ones there.  Hopefully I keep up with it.  Wrote more for ficgames... fixed my little problem.  It's not panning out as I planned.  Maybe better?  Maybe worse?  I'll write a bit more and then see what [ profile] shourai  has to say about it.  So far, so good.

Perhaps it's bedtime... maybe I'll be able to wake up "on time" tmrw.  On time to... procrastinate more. 

I have 1 stamp on my Seishun 18 pass left... Andrew's busy (as usual) so maybe I'll take a day trip somewhere around Chiba this weekend.  I need to go into school tomorrow and find out at least what time I should show up on Saturday, if not what I'm supposed to be doing.  I have a feeling I have to be there in the balls of the morning and I am not looking forward to that.

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Néojaponisme: TohoShinki Rages Against the Machine

(aka TVXQ!) are a popular Korean boy band and national heroes. An media executive working in Seoul tells me: “Korean internet users’ passion for TohoShinki is something similar in intensity to their belief that Dokdo is Korean land.” Now the group has crossed the Straight of Tsushima and taken over the Japanese music scene with the force of a Mongolian invasion. Their latest single 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 hit #1 on the Oricon chart a few weeks ago. Backed by the #1 record label Avex Trax and Korean music production powerhouse SM Entertainment, there is very little preventing TohoShinki from further dominating the Japanese music scene.

There is one area, however, that remains “off-limits”: TohoShinki are apparently blacklisted from TV Asahi’s long-running music show Music Station. According to a TohoShinki staff member’s blog, the band and their managers have been pushing the producers of Music Station extremely hard over the last few years to appear on the show. Now with three Oricon #1s in the bag — an extremely rare feat for a non-Japanese band — the excuses coming from Music Station are just not adding up.

Lest you see a sinister nationalist motive here, the blacklisting has nothing to do with Toho’s non-Japaneseness. Avex and SM also represent popular Korean female star BoA, who appears on Music Station and other Japanese TV shows regularly. There is only one reason why TohoShinki is not invited on Music Station: an intentional blockade from Johnny’s Jimusho, the production company behind Japan’s long-standing boy band monopoly.

Almost since the show’s inception in the late 1980s, Music Station has been the exclusive citadel of Johnny’s. Popular ’80s boy band Hikaru Genji appeared on the show almost every week. Johnny’s Jimusho’s other acts then rotated week by week, meaning that there were usually two Johnny’s act on every single show. This scheduling made some sense when Hikaru Genji was at the top of the pop charts. Around 1991, however, Johnny’s acts completely stopped charting on the Oricon. At this point, there was an almost “boy band hiatus” in Japanese pop culture: Hikaru Genji had peaked, SMAP had yet to take off, and most consumers rejected idol pop for “live house” rock bands. In spite of early ’90s consumers clearly signaling their disinterest in Johnny’s Jimusho acts, the company’s boy bands still appeared week after week on Music Station. The not-so-shocking conclusion: Japanese TV producers do not book talent based on their popularity as much as the TV station or producer’s organizational relationships with specific powerful talent companies.

This is still true 15 years later. Music Station is fiercely loyal to Johnny’s for unknown reasons and will generally ignore “what the kids are into” in order to put Johnny’s acts on the show. When Johnny’s boy band rivals like Da Pump or w-inds scored hits on the chart, Music Station would not offer them an invitation. So in the late 1990s, Fuji TV’s rival Hey Hey Hey Music Champ started to give these non-Johnny’s boy bands guest slots, and as a result, Johnny’s Jimusho completely boycotted Hey! Hey! Hey! for almost five years. When the main producer for Hey! Hey! Hey! changed around 2003, the non-Johnny’s acts were not invited back and suddenly Johnny’s Jimusho returned in full force. It’s either one or the other.

This kind of no-compromise, strong-arm financial tactics are the bread and butter of Johnny’s Jimusho’s business strategy. Any media company that does something against the wishing of Johnny’s will find themselves completely and utterly frozen out from use of product-moving Johnny’s talent. Since Johnny’s is a production office, rather than a media company, they have smartly forged financial bonds with every single record label and media conglomerate, meaning that any negative action towards Johnny’s will result in a direct loss of revenue for the offender. No one is exempt. Recently, a Kodansha gossip magazine reported on Ohno Satoshi (lead singer of Arashi) smoking marijuana (the horror!) and having a threesome in a karaoke box (the sound of little hearts breaking). Johnny’s responded immediately by forbidding all Kodansha magazines from using Johnny’s talent in any projects and retracting Kodansha annual publishing of Johnny’s Jimusho calenders, which are normally a revenue bulwark. Kodansha may suffer a decline in net sales from this action, making them wonder, in a very hostile market, whether such a story was really “worth it.”

Listening to Japanese business leaders and politicians, I know we are supposed to believe that Japan has always avoided a devilish American-style competitive capitalism motivated by profit. Everyone in Japan values “preserving social harmony at all moments.” Johnny’s Jimusho, however, is a perfect example of the corporate bullying that tends to easily dominate “harmonious” markets. Johnny’s also acts as a fierce conservative force, making sure that the industry does not change or embrace new technologies that would alter the current power balance. The relation between Johnny’s and Japan is like if your 75 year-old grandfather somehow had the power to set internet policy for Hollywood.

When you ask Japanese music insiders on what it would take for Japanese entertainment companies to change, the answer is always: “We are basically waiting for Johnny to die.” This is what strategy for industrial progress in Japan has come to: wishing the speedy demise of the king. I hope TohoShinki has the quiet patience and a few decades required to bring real change to the world of J-Pop.

W. David MARX
August 14, 2008

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I pimp because this is amazing and I've watched in ten times today. I can't tell if I like it for the video or the song. Or the fabulous combination of both.

[ profile] everystarrfall, you are brilliant. You can have my babies too.
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Title: Equilibrium - Chapter Seven
Pairing: Sho/Aiba, Ohno/Nino
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,646 (ahhh it's so short)
Summary: Historical AU fic with a romantic twist.
Note: Character development! Nothing but talk, pretty much. Short but totally set up for later events. The next chapter: the RISING CLIMAX.
Special thanks to: [ profile] everystarrfall. Lover.

Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three (locked -- join for it) / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six

( Chapter Seven )

Shoot me.

Jul. 7th, 2008 07:05 pm
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I really am a masochist.  Not only did I fuck around with the coding for OT5 at every free moment at work, I fucked around for another 2 hours at home.  I've just finished.  God, it's mostly my own recommendations.  And even still, I left some out that I'd like to recommend but then what would other people have to recommend?  Haha.  I wanted to post all of [personal profile] vintage_belle's stuff but I refrained.  And I didn't want to be a douche and recommend my own stuff. 

Do have a look and let me know if anything could be improved.  After staring at the coding for hours I wouldn't be surprised if there were some errors or things out of order.

CHECK IT OUT: OT5: an Arashi Fiction archive

I didn't eat dinner yet... I haven't even started cooking.  I don't want to cook at 7pm... ugh.  But I should.  I know I should.  Veggie curry tonight.
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So... [profile] everystarrfall and I were talking about starting an archive for Arashi fics because... let's be honest, a good half of the stuff that gets posted to [profile] arashirabu is crap.  Okay, that's a bit harsh.  There is some good stuff, but there is also a lot of not-so-good stuff.  Anyway, tired of slogging through the mess that is there (do the mods even do anything?) we decided we need to make an archive.  I think I worked on this thing for... 5 hours?  About that.  I didn't even have dinner.  That's what happens when I get immersed in a project.  I dont' know where my good HTML editor went but the one I have is weird so I was using Notepad the whole time.  If you see any mistakes, let me know.

OT5: an Arashi Fiction archive

Send stuffff.
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Got mail from Jweb today about Ohno's new AU CM.  He sings the theme song for this model phone or plan or whatever and you could download it!  I didn't listen to it til I got home and saw the Zoom In clip of it.  It's cute!  Don't know if it would be every affective as a ring tone though.  I'll figure out something to do with it.  I like having Kitto Daijoubu as my tone.  :D


Now to start working on a new crochet project and make some dinner.  After dinner, I will write more.  I got 500 words out for chapter 4 at work.  :)

EDIT:  BSB + SMAP = OMFG.   Shingo is fat.  And Nakai can't carry a tune in a bucket.  Kimura is foxy and can harmonize?  Well done. 
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Amazingly I haven't posted in ... 3 days?  I think that's a record.  XD  Might have something to do with the fact that I've been writing my face off all weekend and Chapter Three is posted.  Phew~  4,403 words of glory.  I'm still waiting for the landslide of comments... I haven't made my fandom fame yet.  It occured to me the other day... I can't publish this if I want to.  (After I change the names and fix stuff that come out in the end, etc etc.)  I don't want to end up like Cassandra Claire.  I actually remember that happening too in the HP fandom.  Wow... It's kind of amazing how these internet events infiltrate RL and we remember them years down the road... That burst my little bubble but oh well. 

Work was a fucking bust yesterday and will be today too.  They cancelled all my classes cuz they are just handing back midterms.  I had the 2nd year elective class yesterday and I'll teach Araragi today but otherwise I will be sitting at my desk.  Kaneko-sensei gave me some marking to do at least.  It's a nice day so maybe I'll go outside and read some of my book.  I'm over halfway done, I just have to 我慢 and get 'er done. 

So, like everyone else, I have been obsessed with this video:

It's just so cracky and wonderful.  And it's the Step and Go costumes!  Even the fucking cape makes an appearance. :3  I actually like the song... It reminds me of high school when Chris and I would drive around listening to techno (aka "Gino Beats") and hanging out at Tim Horton's.  That was the highlight of our existences.  And then having to be home by 10 because Christina had a curfew.  I actually had a dream the other night which is only a hazy memory now... I think Arashi might have made an appearance.  But in any case we were in some rural place, maybe in Japan but it might have been China, and there was a Timmies being constructed!  I don't remember anything else, but I do remember feeling supremely pissed off that where I lived didn't have a Tim's.  : /  [/random]

It's so wonderfully viral I tried making some icons but... mmm they are just cropped out of screencaps.  So they probably look like shit.  I want crisp images but when you sharpen the colours go wonky so I didn't.  I can't decide which I want to use and all my icons now have a PURPOSE for once.  I can't get rid of any of them!  I might have to shell out and buy more...


Alright, fingers crossed that the server is fixed at work and I can get on my email before 3rd period.  It would also be nice of LJ and MSN weren't blocked anymore but I won't be greedy.
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Yoshida Brothers - "Rising"

I must find torrents nao.
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I am not doing myself any favours by comparing my word count to this.  It is amazing.  I can only hope for half the response when I post my fic.  I just broke 2000 words.  I get antsy and just want to finish but I can't rush.  If I want this to be some really good shit, I can't rush.  I have to take my time and edit, edit, edit.  I need to do Claire Wright proud.  Spanks to [profile] tohshimari for giving me some comments so far.  I hope I will have this first chapter done by tonight!  There's nothing on TV, no shows to watch (although I do have the latest AnS but it can wait), nothing urgent.  I don't even have dishes waiting to be done. 

In addition to pimping Right Back to You, I should also pimp Immortal Arashi.  To be honest, I really was hestitant to start reading it.  The writing isn't great, but she actually has a style that is easy to read (and easy to ignore/forgive any errors).  It might not be to everyone's taste, it's quite out there.  It seems a bit like LoTR mashed together with Buffy sprinkled with JE.  But who knows, that could be a great mix? 

I am so full from sushi and yakitori.  I hit the grocery store after returning videos and couldn't be bothered cooking so I stormed the pre-made food section.  I am going to make curry sometime this week because those potatoes are starting to spud like crazy.  They look a little extra-terrestrial, actually.

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