Aug. 20th, 2008

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Nishikato porn.
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My fucking batshit neighbour came calling last night.  I thought she figured out whatever the fuck her problem was or moved out since it's been a month or so since she bugged me last. 

I was at home, watching the Olympics and Dane Cook, my new man crush, and chatting with Yvonne when the door bell rings.  I go and check who it is -- it's that fucking lady from the third floor.  I didn't open it becuase why should I?  I can't understand what the fuck she wants and it only makes me angry.  It was nearly 10pm too!  What the hell?  Even jerk off people selling shit stop knocking around 8 or 9.  I thought she would go away (having the TV on doesn't mean I'm actually home, or maybe I was in the shower) but she rang twice more before getting the picture.



She came back this morning.  The door bell rang so I got up to check who it was -- maybe I was getting a package no one told me I was getting and they're delivering or something.  NO.  That would be fine but it's this crazy bitch again!  I checked the clock before crawling back into bed.  It wasn't even 8am yet!  Are you freaking insane?!  She tried to catch me once before work and I clearly didn't have time to talk to her then, so what makes her think that this time would be any different?

I swear, if she comes back one more time (and I bet she will) I'm actually going to tell her to fuck the hell off in any language I can manage.  Maybe she'll get the idea.
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S: Arashi's new single "truth/Kaze no Mukou e" goes on sale today!

A&M&N: Of course, "truth"'s image colour is red x black.

S: The video clip has that kind of feeling, eh.

M: And there's some lily white also.

A: I see~

S: Red, black, white.  What about the star of "Maou", Ohno-san?

O: Purple!

S: The need for a 4th choice has come out.

O: Purple... it creates a kind of mixed up feeling, but actually it's red here! LOL

N: Which one is it~

S: Well, the video clup is pretty cool...

O: Before the chorus?

S: Yea!

N&O: It's great~

M: I like it too!  It feels great to dance to.

S: It's good whether you listen or watch it.

A: Surely, that's exactly it!

M: And it's been quite a while since we've danced so hard and that's the point, I think!  So, what is the image colour for "Kaze no Mukou e"?

A: White.

S: I'd say white too.

O: Silver!  Wasn't the video clip kind of silverish?

M: It's got a whitish-silverish feel.

N: I say white too.

S: Why?

N: Because the video clip... was white.

S: Of course, that image is strong.

M: But even the Olympics are like that too, there are so many colours in white and that image is strong.

N: And this song has that kind of image?

M: Yea, it feels like the various colours in white are lifting you up.

S: Isn't the highlight of the video clip the five of us dancing together, and the feeling?  I would definitely want to listen to this before a match!
A: For everyone it'd be a fight, I think.  Like, before club activities, or like before fighting with your mom. LOL

N: Hey! You shouldn't deliberately fight with your mom. LOL

S: Before a match on those kind of days! LOL

O: I think for me, it'd be when the match is over.  It'd be a kind of refreshed feeling.

A: It's because when you listen together, can become good friends.  I think it's the kind of song that you listen to in the morning to get energized.  If you can get the evergy for one day, it's good.

N: It feels really good to be listening to it!

M: If it's a song that becomes synonymous with this year's Olympics, we'd be so happy!
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2008年8月15日 大野智

Hello, it's Maou~!  Did you watch episode 6!?  Did you watch me? Musaka-chan had lots of activity, didn't he~!  I talked about fishing with Musaka-san~!  Next year we made a promise to go tuna fishing together. LOL  I got the hook from when Musaka-san caught a tuna.  Thank you very much!  Give me another one, ne~ LOL
So, episode 7!  Tonight's Ryou is trembling too!  And can they stop the revenge plan this time!? And, a parting with that person...!?  Look forward to it!

August 15th, 2008  Ohno Satoshi
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Néojaponisme: TohoShinki Rages Against the Machine

(aka TVXQ!) are a popular Korean boy band and national heroes. An media executive working in Seoul tells me: “Korean internet users’ passion for TohoShinki is something similar in intensity to their belief that Dokdo is Korean land.” Now the group has crossed the Straight of Tsushima and taken over the Japanese music scene with the force of a Mongolian invasion. Their latest single 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 hit #1 on the Oricon chart a few weeks ago. Backed by the #1 record label Avex Trax and Korean music production powerhouse SM Entertainment, there is very little preventing TohoShinki from further dominating the Japanese music scene.

There is one area, however, that remains “off-limits”: TohoShinki are apparently blacklisted from TV Asahi’s long-running music show Music Station. According to a TohoShinki staff member’s blog, the band and their managers have been pushing the producers of Music Station extremely hard over the last few years to appear on the show. Now with three Oricon #1s in the bag — an extremely rare feat for a non-Japanese band — the excuses coming from Music Station are just not adding up.

Lest you see a sinister nationalist motive here, the blacklisting has nothing to do with Toho’s non-Japaneseness. Avex and SM also represent popular Korean female star BoA, who appears on Music Station and other Japanese TV shows regularly. There is only one reason why TohoShinki is not invited on Music Station: an intentional blockade from Johnny’s Jimusho, the production company behind Japan’s long-standing boy band monopoly.

Almost since the show’s inception in the late 1980s, Music Station has been the exclusive citadel of Johnny’s. Popular ’80s boy band Hikaru Genji appeared on the show almost every week. Johnny’s Jimusho’s other acts then rotated week by week, meaning that there were usually two Johnny’s act on every single show. This scheduling made some sense when Hikaru Genji was at the top of the pop charts. Around 1991, however, Johnny’s acts completely stopped charting on the Oricon. At this point, there was an almost “boy band hiatus” in Japanese pop culture: Hikaru Genji had peaked, SMAP had yet to take off, and most consumers rejected idol pop for “live house” rock bands. In spite of early ’90s consumers clearly signaling their disinterest in Johnny’s Jimusho acts, the company’s boy bands still appeared week after week on Music Station. The not-so-shocking conclusion: Japanese TV producers do not book talent based on their popularity as much as the TV station or producer’s organizational relationships with specific powerful talent companies.

This is still true 15 years later. Music Station is fiercely loyal to Johnny’s for unknown reasons and will generally ignore “what the kids are into” in order to put Johnny’s acts on the show. When Johnny’s boy band rivals like Da Pump or w-inds scored hits on the chart, Music Station would not offer them an invitation. So in the late 1990s, Fuji TV’s rival Hey Hey Hey Music Champ started to give these non-Johnny’s boy bands guest slots, and as a result, Johnny’s Jimusho completely boycotted Hey! Hey! Hey! for almost five years. When the main producer for Hey! Hey! Hey! changed around 2003, the non-Johnny’s acts were not invited back and suddenly Johnny’s Jimusho returned in full force. It’s either one or the other.

This kind of no-compromise, strong-arm financial tactics are the bread and butter of Johnny’s Jimusho’s business strategy. Any media company that does something against the wishing of Johnny’s will find themselves completely and utterly frozen out from use of product-moving Johnny’s talent. Since Johnny’s is a production office, rather than a media company, they have smartly forged financial bonds with every single record label and media conglomerate, meaning that any negative action towards Johnny’s will result in a direct loss of revenue for the offender. No one is exempt. Recently, a Kodansha gossip magazine reported on Ohno Satoshi (lead singer of Arashi) smoking marijuana (the horror!) and having a threesome in a karaoke box (the sound of little hearts breaking). Johnny’s responded immediately by forbidding all Kodansha magazines from using Johnny’s talent in any projects and retracting Kodansha annual publishing of Johnny’s Jimusho calenders, which are normally a revenue bulwark. Kodansha may suffer a decline in net sales from this action, making them wonder, in a very hostile market, whether such a story was really “worth it.”

Listening to Japanese business leaders and politicians, I know we are supposed to believe that Japan has always avoided a devilish American-style competitive capitalism motivated by profit. Everyone in Japan values “preserving social harmony at all moments.” Johnny’s Jimusho, however, is a perfect example of the corporate bullying that tends to easily dominate “harmonious” markets. Johnny’s also acts as a fierce conservative force, making sure that the industry does not change or embrace new technologies that would alter the current power balance. The relation between Johnny’s and Japan is like if your 75 year-old grandfather somehow had the power to set internet policy for Hollywood.

When you ask Japanese music insiders on what it would take for Japanese entertainment companies to change, the answer is always: “We are basically waiting for Johnny to die.” This is what strategy for industrial progress in Japan has come to: wishing the speedy demise of the king. I hope TohoShinki has the quiet patience and a few decades required to bring real change to the world of J-Pop.

W. David MARX
August 14, 2008

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Finally got out of my rut and made up for the last crappy short chapter by breaking 3,000 words.  And I'm not even at the sexy times yet.

Stepped on a shard of glass from my broken wind chime and bled on the floor for a bit.  That was great.  I really should vacuum.

Had an earthquake -- JMA 2 in Kashiwa.  It felt big and scary.

I'm supposed to go tutor Keigo but it's raining and there is thunder peeling and I don't want to go out in a storm.  Too bad our lessons aren't dependent on the weather.

I want to finish this tonight but I don't know if I'll be able to get my groove back after teaching.  I also have Maou 6 and 7 to watch and Code Blue to download.  PS does anyone know how to rip mp3 from video?  I want the remix of Day in Our Life from SCP so bad.  Why could they not have danced that way in the Truth video?  Why!?

New Look

Aug. 20th, 2008 11:06 pm
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I tried doing one of those pictures with the big eyes that the Japanese girls do but I just look retarded.  It's not as nice and curly at the back beacuse it was shorter but in a few weeks I can get it redone and fix that up. :D  I like it!  I have to actually spend time styling in the morning now... or at least put product in before it dries so that it don't look just poofy.  I likes it!  I look more like my mom now... I wonder if I have a picture with a perm from back in the day.  She used to have poodle hair back in the 80's.  It was like a helmet. 

Am I as cute as Aiba-chan? XD  I want his hair but I think mine would need more processing that just a perm.  My stylist (for I will ask for him from now on) Nakajima-san said it suited me; that's the best praise you could get, when it comes to hair. 

It took 2 hours to do though... luckily I brought a book with me.  He was telling me that even though asian hair is thick, it's weak whereas caucasian hair is thin but really strong.  He had to do two applications of solution and an extra 10 minutes in the heat thingy but it came out great.  :D  And now he knows how to do white girl hair.  It was a learning experience for everyone.

I am in love with the New Kids' new single.  What is wrong with me?

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