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Today Oh-chan is 29. My brother is 23. Yep! They share the same birthday. I should send Sean an email or something.

Yay my stockings and socks fit! The leg-warmers on the other hand don't. I'm going to see if I can go trade them for something else. Now that I've found a brand of socks to fit my fat calves, I'm going to invest. I feel so cute in my red argyle stockings today. :D

Today, the kids will be setting up for the festival tomorrow so I don't have class in the afternoon. Yay! I can finish my World Heritage display and maybe escape early. Or maybe I'll bring On Writing Well and type up some more entries for [ profile] kotobayori.

After rereading the book, makes me want to go back and reread what I wrote for [ profile] je_holiday and edit again but, I will resist! But it would be a good exercise to go and analyze my own writing and see what habits I have and try and break them.

No time for breakfast today!
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I just have to get tickets on Wednesday. I'm totally going to wake up early and go to Lawson and buy them before work. No joke. There's no garuantee that I'll get tickets for the showcase so I have to go to this one.

Shouldn't get too excited until I have the tickets in my hands.

Breathe, Heather. Breathe.


I love myself today. ♥ I wrote. Treated myself to some lunch out. Spent some quality me-time window shopping. I got some お世話になりました presents for Lydia and Tomoko though I want to get a little something more for Tomoko for letting me stay at her place. Got some cinnamon tea which is really delicious (I might get some for Tomoko). Got a straightener with Bic Camera points so it was free. Now I'm watching Nepleague. :)

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So, I went to get my nails done again.  My nails grow super fast.  So I wanted to go get them filled in but she ended up doing them all over again.  She gave me a 10% discount because they had grown so much in only 2 weeks, but I still had to pay 6,600 yen.  Shit!  I went for a slightly darker pink this time so now you can actually see the gradation.  I feel so girly!

So the next time I take money out of the bank, I'm going to be dipping into my savings.  I am putting myself under house arrest until pay day except for Andrew's birthday next week.  I love how I suggest a quiet hang out dinner at home and it's turned into a huge outting.  I should have just made the plans myself instead of asking for opinions.  This is what happens when Blake takes the helm.  I talked them out of doing nomihodai (who the hell is going to drink enough to make it worth it on a Monday except for Andrew?) but it's still going to be 3,800 or something for dinner.  I am kind of bitter because I didn't even spend that much on my own birthday and no one organized or paid for me.  Correction: Really bitter.  So I'm giving myself a budget of 20,000 yen until next payday.  I bought some more cereal and milk so breakfast is covered -- I have coffee at work so I shouldn't buy any on the way to work.  Lunch is covered.  It's really only dinner I have to worry about.  I should take a good look at what's in my kitchen and plan to use what I've got.  It'll have to buy less and use things up and I've had for ages.  What can I use soybeans for?  I should check my Cooking Navi.

I'm reading Fast Food Nation right now.  Super interesting.  I wonder if it's going to ruin my love of McDonald's forever.  Although I watched Super Size Me and I was alright after about 2 weeks. 

Picture from the other day:  Kumi and I reunite after 10 years!  I was stalking people on Facebook and seeing how so many people I used to work with or go to school, or even from childhood, have gotten so huge.  Like, I shouldn't throw stones because I'm not the smallest girl but it took me a while to even recognize them, they'd put on so much weight.  Fuck losing the wait, if I can maintain what I am, I'll be happy.

I wrote an email to mom and dad today and updated them on the move home/school plan.  I'm kind of weirded out by the fact that I am hoping to get into U of T or York so I can live at home for a while.  I've been out of the house for 6 years now and only seen my family about 2 weeks once a year on average since then.  It's not so much that I miss them... I mean, I do, but it's more like I feel kind of guilty.  I know mom wants to fix up the house to sell it (eventually) but dad isn't home that often and she's tired from work.  It's probably about time for me to repaint the basement again.  And I don't think the living room has been done yet either.  I know the biggest reason that I hate Ontario is because I don't have a social network there.  But once I get a job or get back into school, I'll meet people.  I'm not too worried about that.  Or I'll take up a hobby or something.  I found out how to get certified by the BC Teacher's College if you study outside the province so it's just a matter of getting it transferred and then finding a job in BC.  What I'm scared of, though, is going to school in Ontario and getting stuck there. 

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I want to avoid comms until this flailing about Ashita no Kioku subsides. I got the video and I like the song more now, I will conceed. I think it's been said a million times already, but I really like the concept of the video. I want Ohno to paint a pretty tree and swing on my walls. But I still think the song is nothing special. Where's the Muteki video! I want that one.

I'm up stupidly early on a Sunday and that makes me sad. The crows were at it again but it was probably a combo of them and my internal clock saying that it's time for work, don't be late! It would have been a perfect morning to finish my laundry if it wasn't rainy and miserable outside. My bathroom is in desperate need of a workover... I am going to steal some cleanser from work tomorrow and try scrubbing my tub. There's some kind of black buildup on the bottom that isn't mold because it won't go away with my mold cleaner. I want to know what Ben's mom used to attack their toliet because it was sparkling when they left and you don't even want to know what it looked like before.

I'm meeting [ profile] aeslis in Shibuya later today to sell some stuff at Mandarake. I thought I would sleep in until noon and then not even leave the house until 2 but it seems like I'll be ready to go by noon or 1. Haha And then! I'm meeting an old classmate at 5:30 for dinner. Kumiko and I were in middle school together. Or maybe it was high school? In Singapore. She moved to SAS and then I went back to Canada. She went to university in Hawaii and she just moved back to Tokyo. I bet she's got a wicked accent now. I'm so excited to see her!

[ profile] happenstanc3 did this kink list thing and I wrote something for her. It's really shitty but it's something. It took 45 minutes and I didn't even get to the happy ending. Maybe I'll do the list too; it might help the creative juices.

Okay, I copied everything into word and I have to pare a list of 388 down to 100. This is supposed to be common tropes/themes in fic? I want to see this somewhere:
3. Aliens make them have sex (fuck or die; fertility rituals; intoxication; taking one for the team)

Ohmiya; 368 words )
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I'm going to return the phone on Saturday.  The only thing I really, really like is the front window but you can't push any button to read it, it has to be a certain one.  It's cute to be able to see "メールあり" but it was annoying making so many mistakes when I was typing my texts at work.  It's nice and new but otherwise it isn't selling me.   I just hope that the guy doesn't give me grief since I'm going to be by myself.  I've changed back to my old phone and it just feels so much more comfortable.

I even got myself a new layout set up and Inoue Joe ringtone. xD  The new phone gets to stay home until Saturday when I take it back.  I should reset it and just stick it in the box.  Then it will be out of the way and ready to go back.  I just didn't like it.  It's as simple as that.  しょうがない。

I'm hungry.. I should check the food I bought on Monday.  I wonder if those veggies are any good still.  I don't know what I want to eat.  It's been I don't know how long since I did the dishes.  Terrible.  I want to try making 甘露煮 but I have to simmer the fish for at least an hour.  Maybe tomorrow.

Also going to check out Uniqlo for a new skirt and print some pictures.  I feel much better after making up my mind.
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Okay, so Andrew and I met up for dinner and he gave me his JLPT2 study stuff so I can start thinking about that.  I got a new backpack -- pretty pink Coleman thing for 3,300. :D  I also found Freecell at the bookstore in Ueno station.  And then we had donairs for dinner.  Yum.  Though now I'm hungry and miserable.  We spent 2 hours in a phone shop discussing changing to Softbank since Andrew's contract with AU is up and he's getting jerked around. 

Ah, and it had been such a good day until then!

I ended up trading in points (which I didn't know what they were for anyway) and got a new handset... and I regret it so bad.  I switched to a different, cheaper plan so my bill won't get any more expensive even though I have to pay 840 yen a month to pay off the handset but still.  The biggest thing that I hate is that I can't put it in English.  I don't need it really but I want it.  But even without that... I don't think I like it.  The interface isn't as nice as mine (though you can download new ones, I just never bothered) and I don't like the buttons.  The screen pixelates the emojis and it makes all this fucking noise whenever it does anything.  I haven't gotten around to messing with the sound settings but I feel miserable after doing this (I should feel so happy to have new things!) and I have a massive headache right in the middle of my forehead and behind my eyes and I want to curl up and cry. 

It's only a phone!  I'm just worried I can't take it back.  I just wanted a new phone--even though I like the one I have and didn't really like any of the others.  I didn't like the others more than I like my own, not enough to change but I did anyway.  I should have looked at other models, gone to Yodobashi Camera or something and actually played with them and I would have seen right away.  I don't see why I can't take it back on Saturday (providing I can... I'm not canceling, just returning the hardware I don't want) when I'm out and about in Tokyo if I really, really hate it.  And I probably will.  It will be a bitch to trek from Hiroo to Ueno and then back to Shibuya or wherever I'm meeting Kumiko though.  UGH.

I feel so wretched.  Really, really awful.  The most aggravating thing--all the shit I downloaded on my other phone can't be transfered so I have to pay to get it all again if I want. DX  I better like the damn phone if I do that.

Yes, I realize how fucking lame I am that I am so upset about this.  That's what makes it even worse.  And I didn't even spend anything!
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So, I'm expecting a delivery today.  Usually they come around noon when I'm at work so I have to call and fuck around getting them to redeliver it.  If it's Kuroneko Yamato, the shop is right across the street so they can run in right over.  This time it's coming by Sagawa transport and even though the website says that it's left the Kashiwa branch, it hasn't arrived yet.  It's 8:30pm!  Not that I haven't gotten deliveries as late as 9pm before but come on.  I'm listening super closely for any traffic on my street.  Usually I can tell when someone stops in front of my building.

Edit: Yay!  It arrived finally!  9pm. >.>

It is so windy tonight; it's howling.  It's like a baby typhoon out there.  I wonder, when is typhoon season supposed to start?

And this is exactly how I'm feeling about my computer more and more lately:

Okay, I don't think I like Toma's new hair at all.  I'm watching him on that show where there's two guests and they eat 4 dishes and they have to guess which the other person hates... Yamapi was on it once and talked about how he likes girls with big boobies.  Yeah... at one point, I thought, "Shit, Toma, you look really Chinese."  I really, really don't like it.

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Why is it that CD Japan always has a listing up for goods before any of the Japanese distributors do? I want to place an order for this book somewhere since it's limited. It's supposed to be released in two weeks; talk about short notice. I guess I'll check again tomorrow.

I got a solid 8 hours of sleep--actually woke up before the alarm went off at 5:55--but I still feel a bit tired. I don't have class first period so I can have a coffee and read my book or something. Or look productive and put some stuff together for elementary school (not that I have to do anything really). Then just one first year class and then two electives (Eiken test prep)for the 3rd years. But Kaneko is doing all of them. -__- So it's going to be a very long day.
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So I went to Ootakanomori and ended up getting other things. I got a cute green dress (though I was looking for a skirt--I see everyone wearing the kind I want but I can't find one!) but passed on the earrings (because I couldn't find the store). Got a new pair of stockings. Kinokuniya didn't have Freecell; it didn't show up on the computer's search even though the website lists it stock (I wish they would tell you which stores). I didn't bother asking at the counter to see if they could order it or anything... it's a new magazine so maybe they haven't decided to stock it yet. Well, if Kino doesn't stock it, who does? I doubt that Wings in Takashimya will have it; if they did, it's probably sold out already anyway. :/ I could order it online but then I'll be paying double for shipping and fees. No thanks. I will have to make do with scans of hot Sobaya Sho.

I couldn't transfer money for Elle's doujinshi. I didn't realize you couldn't do it at the machines after the bank closes (unless you're an MUFJ account holder). I'll have to do it tomorrow.

Some of my 6th graders saw me at the station. X3 They were so cute. "Heather-sensei da!!" I don't think I will ever get tired of that.

I bought lots of groceries; I should get cooking even though it's late and I don't want to. I'm going to make burgers as I watch Nepleague! I got some really yummy looking cheese buns to go with them. :3

Note to self: the Triumph store in Ootakanomori does carry larger sized bras. And not terribly expensive either? Well. The only one in the proper size--one style in the whole fucking store than came in an 85E--was on sale for 3,000 yen. I didn't ask what the normal price was. I tried on an 80F but it was just a bit too tight around the ribs. Cups fit though which is the most important part. Good to know; Anna bought me some when she was in Dubai last week so the girls aren't hurting yet.
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Well, I didn't find a dress but I did find a really gorgeous turqoise knit top for the wedding reception. I was going to shell out up to 10,000 at Zara for a dress but they had nothing! I think there were four in the entire fucking store. One was alright but it was one of those sack dresses that have elastic on the bottom which only look good on skinny people. I am starting to hate shopping because nothing in this country looks good on me. That should be enough motivation to start working out but... I kind of like my size. I'm not grossly overweight but it feels a lot worse than it is when I live in a country where the average person is still a size 2. And they have no boobs so everything fits weirdly and makes me look huge. It's really annoying to shop here because every store carries the exact same stuff. All the same colours, all the same patterns, all the same styles. Fuck. I can't wait to get back to Canada so I can go to RW&Co and Jacob. Shit.

The knit was only 3,990 and I will be more likely to wear it again than a dress, in all honesty. That with a white tank and my black pencil skirt will look really good. Got a necklace to dress it up. I will try to wear my stilletos but... probably won't. I have black flats that will work just fine.

Didn't end up going to the movie. I was done a lot earlier than I thought and didn't want to hang around that much. I'll go watch something on Wednesday after work for Ladies Day. I should try to do some writing while I've got the itch. Get something out while I wait for more Entourage to finish downloading.
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Justin's got a sudden lunch date so I'm on my own for shopping. But that means I can stay close to home and go to Ootakanomori instead of trekking out to Koshigaya. Not as big but really, that mall is too big. I am going to make a day of it and go take in a movie tonight too. Yatterman is still playing but only twice a day and no late show. I don't want to pay 1,800 for it, even if it is that good. If it's still in theatres next week, I could go on Wednesday. But I think I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it for 350. Slumdog Millionaire just opened so I think I'll go watch that. Or Twilight, even though I know that's a renter. I asked Ariel if she wants to come but she'll probably say no.

I think I am going to end up missing The Quiz Show a lot. I usually am out Saturday nights. And I don't have TiVo or something to record it. I guess I'll just be downloading it. Smile was more interesting than I thought it would be, surprisingly. When they say, "It's a human love story," that doesn't really tell you anything at all, and what the hell is a "human love story" anyway? I will be interested to see how things develop. I loved Shun's 3 lines. LOL

Now that I don't have to meet anyone, I can have a "my pace" kind of day. I just woke up (after having a really weird dream and about shopping for bras and then having the store run over with roaches and they wouldn't get out of my shoes) and if I'm going to have to stick around until 8.50 for the movie, I don't have to go mid-afternoon. I can do my shopping, get coffee and then get dinner. Bonus: I can watch more Entourage before I have to leave. :D
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Ariel's recital was amazing. I regret not having my camera to video tape her. Just amazing. She's a pro. Not that I know dick about playing the violin but she was the best performer there, even better than a violin instructor. Her pianist was really cute too. XD I hope she has another recital so I can go and tape her playing.

We went to visit Anna in the hospital afterwards. She's staying at St. Luke's International Hospital in Tsukiji. It's kind of trippy because in Sujata Massey's Shimura Rei series, the protagonist's cousin works at St. Luke's. So I've know about it for a few years and now I finally went. She was so happy to see us! Apparently no one else has come to visit, except for her mom who flew in from Dubai (where she lives?). The diagnosis is an e. coli infection of the kidneys. From sex. She passed out at work and was running a fever and has been for the last three days or so and she has to stay until Thursday. We brought her like 10 books to read and I gave her the moogle I made, which she loved. :) Fingers crossed that I never have to be hospitalized because she has to pay 30% of everything, I think. Which is like 250$ a day, just on the room. Insurance, what a joke. Anyway, hope she gets well soon!

Tomorrow I might go to Zara to look for a dress for Yuka's wedding. Or a nice top but I kind of want a dress. I don't have any dresses that I can wear everyday. Justin wants me to go to Laketown, since he doesn't want to come down here but maybe I can talk him into it. Although, it is only 290 yen and 30 minutes to get there.
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I found AAA at Shinseido. :D  I guess they just have the sample on the shelf only if they have stock.  I thought fuck it and just bought it.  Even though I'm seriously dipping into the funds now.  I can't spend anymore than absolutely necessary until pay day which isn't until next week and even then, isn't going to be a full pay because March was a short work month.  And I'll get like half for April too so I have to watch myself until May.  :(

WHAT THE HELL STINKS.  I just did the dishes last night and the moeru gomi is tied off.  I DON'T GET IT.

Anyway, no more spending.  The only thing I want to buy now is Inoue Joe tickets but concert information isn't released yet.  The venue isn't even set in stone yet.  I should give Ariel a head's up so she can come with me.  It's on a Tuesday, which kind of sucks ass.  But it's in July so maybe I'll be on 夏休み by then.  I'll know tomorrow after getting all the details from work.  I hope I get a raise.  Fucking perfect attendance last year, bitches! 

What should I watch tonight... AAA DVD?  Roswell?  I have 4 new episodes of Love Shuffle too.  And some Hanadan (I need a different name for the Korean one.  Isn't it Kbot-Nam?) too.  So much to watch, so little time!  Especially since I shouldn't stay up til 3am again tonight.  Gotta be out of the house at 1045 tomorrow.
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Arashi doujinshi. But I feel so lame doing it. It's such a crap shoot. (I should sell back the stuff I bought before... or auction it off?) Though I have learned the name of the circle I like (includes HanaKimi's mangaka!) but I think they are quite popular so the store wouldn't have any. They are also more expensive because of that I think (starting from 1000yen). It's only in Ikebukuro so it's not a horrible trek and they even have lots of goods for cheap (DANGER). Maybe I'll go in April for a personal shopping day.

I haven't moved from yet since getting home. I don't know what I'm going to cook for dinner. I have chicken breasts but nothing else to make with them. They need to be cooked because they are going to go bad. Maybe I'll chop them up and make nuggets... though I don't have any eggs or yogurt to coat them with. I guess I have to go to the conbini after all. :/

They already went bad.

What a day

Mar. 19th, 2009 06:22 pm
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I feel exhausted.  And I didn't even really do anything today.  I had 2 classes with Kaneko and it was just kgjadsfffffff.  I can't believe how fucking disorganized that man is.  He said to me in 2nd period, "I am mentally and physically exhausted."  HOW?  What is it that is so tough and draining that you are doing that all the other teachers aren't?  Nothing as far as I can tell.  I ended up ranting a little bit to Imai-sensei about it when I had class with her.  His lessons are pointless.  It's supposed to be English class, not fucking Social Studies.  I'm all for contextualizing stuff: give them a short passage about WW2 to set the scene for Sound of Music--in Japanese, if you must--and they can read it in their spare time.  It would also help if you brought you fucking shit to class.  He wasted 20 minutes today because he had to go back downstairs twice.  Imai-sensei was like... well, then who's going to teach 3rd year next year?  I don't care.  Anyone but him. /rant

Doctor says the toe is looking better slightly but he's still worried about the redness.  Finish the antibiotics and keep doing what I'm doing with it.  Go back if it gets worse.  Thankfully I didn't have to wait that long to hear him tell me that.

Got the rest of the things I need to wear my kimono!  For 9000 yen. T_______T  Ugh my life.  Thankfully I won't have to buy those things again (and if I think about it, I didn't pay for 1 obi and got the other for 1000 yen at a flea market).  The most expensive thing was the obijime, the braided cord that goes over the top of the obi.  I went with the longer size because I am bigger than the average Japanese lady and it cost 5000 yen alone.  Makes me cry.  But the lady was really nice when I asked her which colours I should get.  I will try it on after dinner and do a test run before Saturday.  I'm excited to help Ariel tomorrow! :D

Speaking of which, my sleeping arrangements for tomorrow are still up in the air.  I really don't want to go home after shopping just to go back out to Yoyogi (well, Roppongi, then Yoyogi) the next day.  It's all Dan's fault.  

Need angry idol icon.

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I just watched Enchanted on DVD (and my player didn't screw up, thankfully).  What a cute movie!  I love how Disney can spoof itself but not make it look cheezy at all.  I could have used a little more screen time with Dr McDreamy but oh well.  I enjoyed it anyway.

Ariel and I are going to be the Ladies Who Lunch again on Friday and go to Asakusa.  I'm going to help her look for a yukata to wear for hanami on Saturday.  We'll be early, since the peak bloom period isn't supposed to start in Kanto until the 25th of March so hopefully that means it will be not so busy.  I'm trying to organize a place to stay over because I don't want to trek all the way into to Tokyo (again) wearing kimono.  And Ariel will need help dressing.  Ben's parents are visiting so I'm going to try staying with Ariel but Dan was supposed to maybe be staying with her since it's his last night in town.  And I haven't seen him yet... oops.  Bad friend?  Maybe.  Though I'm the flexible one and he never emailed me.  In my defense.  Anyway, I'm going to finally get the rest of the odds and ends to wear my kimono. :)  If only my contacts would arrive before then...

I like wearing flip-flops at work.  I might get a pair of sandals to wear in summer there.  The toe looks much better this morning after getting cleaned and dressed properly and starting anitbiotics.  Should be almost as good as new by tomorrow.

Hello new friends!
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I either need to eat less rice or drink less milk or go for a walk or something after lunch because this drowsiness business is not cool.  Tomorrow there is no school lunch so I'll go out with the teacher for lunch.  I heard talk of everyone going for kaiten sushi but that might have just been the 2nd year teachers.  Last term they asked me but I'd brought my own lunch so I stayed back by myself. :( 

Today Kaneko had to ditch out of class to have a meeting with the principal and a student's mom.  I don't know why they couldn't have scheduled it during a free period or after school but they probably bend over for the parents and that's when she was free.  As if she has a job.  Whatever.  So he left me with the class alone and they just did their worksheets as usual.  Half of them didn't do anything but that's normal for the course.  Nagase... I love that kid.  He tries sometimes but he's kind of bad.  Half the time him and his friend (Ito?  Sato?  I can't remember) just go and wave me over.  Then they just point at their blank sheet and expect me to tell them the answers.  

N: Miss Heather Teacher!  Hint!  Hint!  Give me hint!
H: Which one?
N: Hint!
H: どっち?
I: どっちって。
N: Here. (Points to the top of the page.  Which wasn't what they were assigned to do.)
H: No, it's wrong.  Do 1, 2 and 3.
I: Noって。
N: I don't know!  Hint! (Continues pointing.)
H:  それじゃねぇ!こっち!

And then they proceeded to laugh at me (or with me?) for my manly Japanese.  I need to watch less Arashi/male talent.  Although Imai-sensei speaks like that too. XD  Sigh...  Half of the time they just guess words until I tell them it's correct.  That was my highlight of the work day.

I found my book. :D  Takeru is so pretty~  It's actually his second book and I almost wish I'd gotten the other one because it looked like it had more fun pictures in there rather than him just tromping around in nature.  But it might be the only glimpse of Hokkaido I'm going to get and I'm suddenly nostalgic for home.  It looks like it could have been shot in Alberta. 
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Subaru Shoten fucking sucks balls. I'm never going to bother going there again even though it's right next to school. There's no point since I don't even rent from Tsutaya.

I tried to find Sato Takeru's photo book today but alas. I did end up buying Arashigoto after seeing it was only 1400 yen and also a bilingual Japanese cookbook. :D I'm going to build my housewifey repetoir! And I bought cake.

Kame is a guest on Onee Mans tonight. I want to see him be with his comrades. And then Mei-chan at 9! I'm also cooking mee goreng for dinner and I'm so fucking excited. I just hope it turns out... I should get cracking; it'll be 8pm by the time I'm done probably.

I think I want to start taking more pictures to justify my new camera. I should make a point of taking one picture a day -- more for my ~other blog~ than this one since I haven't updated that one since... after my epic drunk episode which was a month ago. Oops. I'll start with dinner.
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I did everything I wanted to get done today. :D I returned my DVD, I picked up a stamp, and I found all four volumes of IWGP at Book Off (for 350 yen each!). I also picked up Lipstick Jungle by Candance Bushnell for some light reading, even though I haven't even started Summerland yet. I also ate pizza for dinner. All in a day's work.

Ariel said "they" were planning to go out last night and of course I didn't get the email until 9pm. People were meeting at Hachiko at 10 and there was no way I was going to make it (I think I was in my pjs) and I didn't want to stay out all night so there was no point in going just for 1 hour. I had already done that once. Then I got an email from Blake today asking where I was last night and he told me about the shitshow that went down. It was supposed to be Shibuya and then people were late and it turned into Takanobaba and then it became Nichome... he also ran into his ex and proceeded to drown his sorrows in gin and didn't get home until 5pm today. And he lives in Shinjuku for fuck's sake! I almost feel like I missed a good night. Almost. The gays can't seem to make up their fucking minds in a timely fashion. Ever.

Ariel and Dan didn't even end up going to Nichome either. I wonder what they did instead.

At Book Off I found a Mr Kiasu comic book. I was so tempted to buy it for 150 yen but I don't want to start collecting books that I'm only going to have to get rid of because of the charges of shipping to Cananda. It made me think of Lydia and then, oh the irony! Tomoko tells me she's been posted to Singapore for 3 months! She'll be there from the beginning of April to July. It's her first time living overseas and she asked if I could give her some tips/pointers/advice. And introduce her to some of my friends who still live there. I'm thinking of Yukiko and Lydia. For some reason, I don't have a problem with introducing friends face-to-face but doing it online seems kind of strange to me. Do you think that's strange? I don't even know what kind of advice I could give her since I haven't lived there for 7 years.


Feb. 15th, 2009 07:49 pm
aide: (斗真 → Pose :D)
Something is wrong with my DVD player.  Or the cables.  The sound is all fuzzy and it's really hard to understand what they are saying (and of course there are only subtitles in Japanese).  I forgot to pick up cables before coming home.  I'll have to go tomorrow when I go to return my DVDs.  I can't afford to get late fees.  Not for 3 DVDs at 150yen a disc.  I've still got 5 episodes of CSI: Miami to watch. 

Went to Monzennakacho with Andrew and Justin today.  One of the oldest Hachiman temples in Tokyo is there and they have flea markets twice a month.  I found a nice cream coloured obi for 1000 yen!  I'm going to see about getting it dry cleaned and then figure out how to wear it. :/  I wonder what larger ladies have to do with kimono because even though they are supposedly "one size", they don't exactly fit if you are fuller figured.  The pattern that's supposed to go in the center doesn't line up if you try and tie it the way I found online.  I've still got to get a few more ties before I can wear my kimono properly.  And an occasion to wear it! 

Tomoko's party was really fun last night.  I met a lot of really interesting people and even got the number of some guy.  He goes to Reitaku University and looks like a cuter version of Atsushi from Exile. XD  He said I should go to his university and meet people.  Haha.  Really nice, I hope we'll hang out again.  I also met the infamous Haruhisa who Tomoko told me about but... he didn't do anything for me.  Really good cook, though.  Her friend Sho was hilarious.  He's a grade 6 teacher in Kamagaya and we talked about elementary school English and I told him if he gets excited about English, the kids will follow suit.  There were so many good moments.  I really wish there had been some video.  Haha.

I would rather be watching Voice (Eita!  Toma!) but I paid for these DVDs. :/  Gotta watch them.

No new emails from K.  He said he liked the picture I sent of the chocolate and that staying at my place isn't hard but he's really busy these days.  Understandable.  I put the ball in his court for that reason but it still makes me feel uneasy.  Sigh.

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