Mar. 18th, 2009

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I just watched Enchanted on DVD (and my player didn't screw up, thankfully).  What a cute movie!  I love how Disney can spoof itself but not make it look cheezy at all.  I could have used a little more screen time with Dr McDreamy but oh well.  I enjoyed it anyway.

Ariel and I are going to be the Ladies Who Lunch again on Friday and go to Asakusa.  I'm going to help her look for a yukata to wear for hanami on Saturday.  We'll be early, since the peak bloom period isn't supposed to start in Kanto until the 25th of March so hopefully that means it will be not so busy.  I'm trying to organize a place to stay over because I don't want to trek all the way into to Tokyo (again) wearing kimono.  And Ariel will need help dressing.  Ben's parents are visiting so I'm going to try staying with Ariel but Dan was supposed to maybe be staying with her since it's his last night in town.  And I haven't seen him yet... oops.  Bad friend?  Maybe.  Though I'm the flexible one and he never emailed me.  In my defense.  Anyway, I'm going to finally get the rest of the odds and ends to wear my kimono. :)  If only my contacts would arrive before then...

I like wearing flip-flops at work.  I might get a pair of sandals to wear in summer there.  The toe looks much better this morning after getting cleaned and dressed properly and starting anitbiotics.  Should be almost as good as new by tomorrow.

Hello new friends!

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