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So I'm updating OT5.  I think I should just make a note on there that says "will updating once a month" kind of thing.  Because I'm really bad about updating.  It really depends on how much fic is being written.  Anyway.  So, I've read some great pimp posts that extole the glitter and sequins of Johnny's and I thought I read a good "bio" about Arashi recently but maybe I didn't.  Anyway, I want one!  Someone write one for me?  Oh, I think it might have been when [personal profile] vintage_belle and I were talking when she visited.  I want it to be humorous and kind of retarded because fic isn't supposed to be taken seriously.  I don't know, it was just a fleeting idea.

I think I've got like 20 fics to add...  Shower first, HTML later.

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Thank you Lydia!!

Your parcel got delivered this morning which I think might be a first. The stupid post office always delivers shit during the week when I'm not home but I got lucky this time! I'm so excited to cook mee goreng! And have the merlion on my keys with Yamapi. Haha. I'll put something together to send you. :)

Today I have an appointment with the doc in Hiroo at 2. So I've got a couple hours to putter at home (CLEAN UP HEATHER, GOD) before I ship out. I can't decide if having an appointment earlier is better or not. Half the time I'm late but then if I make it at 4 or 5 I lose to will to get up and go out. If only the clinic wasn't so far away... I usually make a day of it and meet up with Andrew afterwards to make the most of my train fare but I haven't today. I don't really feel like hanging out? I want some me time. After my two parties, I want to just vegetate and maybe not eat for a while.

I am going to work on OT5 today. I've got a few things to update and I also want to get the HTML validated. I asked my most to take a look and she said it could be because I'm not closing the P tags. I never thought that mattered. My CSS is perfect though. :) I also read this artcle at Smashing Magazine so I'm going to tweak a few things like the page titles, even though I'm using frames.

Edit: Well! That only took... over an hour. I didn't realize HTML was so fickle. Like, really. Even if you don't use the alt tag, you still have to put it in. Any, all of my code is perrrrrrfect now! And I have 20mins to get ready to leave the house. >_>;;

One True

Feb. 7th, 2009 01:33 am
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Finally got through all those fucking links.  T_____________T  It's only 1:30!  That only took me... a day?

Check it out.  What do you think of the design?  Simple and clean.

I've got to add more fics though.  I've got more memories and new friend's fics that deserve to be listed too. :)  I wonder how many I even have on there.  It's too much to count.  There's more than 100.

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I hate redoing links.  It's fucking annoying.  I know that if/when I change the layout again, I'll probably scrap the frames and then I'll have to go back and take out all the target="_top" things again.  Ugh.  Why do I do this?  Cuz I'm a masochist.

Kenta's gf pisses me off.  I don't get why she cries all the time.  She doesn't want to be with him anyway!  Ugh.  I totally want him and Manabe producer to hook up. XD

Back to fixing these links... then I'll turn in.  Maybe before 1am.  The J:COM people are supposed to come between 1-3pm so that means I can sleep in at least.


Feb. 5th, 2009 07:45 am
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I really should updated OT5.  I haven't touched it since August.  I did a bit of coding at work one day but its so fucking annoying when I can't access half of the links in my memories to see what they are actually about because rarely does the post's title tell you anything constructive.  I don't want to scrap it because I put a hell of a lot of work into that thing... It's just pretty much my list of things I like rather than any kind of "archive".  I should check out that person who PM'd me about archiving my stuff is doing.  They were looking to do all fics, not just the good ones.  Hm.  I new header for OT5 is in order as well.  I want to use Sketch Rockwell. :D  And I'm bored of the feet.  I'm totally turning away from images and going for all text layouts these days.  They are just so much cleaner. 

I thought this post would be more relevent but it isn't.  I'll see what I can get done at work today (if I have time to code at all... at least that does make me look busy and no one can understand what's on the screen regardless of the langauge it's in).  I think I have 3 classes again...  No one sends recommendations for fics anymore.  Maybe I change it to just the master list and give each entry a proper heading.  It would save me time coding... I really hate c/ping code on three different pages and I'm not perfect so sometimes I screw it up.  Maybe I could find some HTML that will highlight certain key words.  Or I'll have to colour code it myself.  I don't know.  I'll see what I can come up with at work.  I'm going to install Photoshop so I can at least play around with a new header and layout today.  Make a new/better style sheet for one.

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I like. I better, since it took like... I think safely over an hour to customize. And now it's 8pm and I haven't even started to think about dinner yet. I haven't even tackled the dishes from yesterday yet.

And it seems that I am the only one with this rich text problem. I don't know what the fuck happened. Is it Firefox? Is it LJ? It's driving me nuts anyway. I suppose on the plus side, it makes me practice HTML (oh OT5 you are so neglected these days...) and it keeps LJ from inserting all the stupid redundant code that is so unnecessary. You win some...
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I know it's summer when I sleep in past noon and don't get my day started until ... well, it's 3:45 and I haven't "started" my day yet.  Having no plans really makes me lazy.  Didn't Andrew mention shopping?  Apparently, that wasn't today.  Oh, it's tomorrow.

I wrote straight porn.  And I liked it.  I will have to do that again sometime soon.  Sho-chan and Hikki?!  Or Ohno and his threesome?  Wouldn't that just be, well, swell?

I think I have a created a NEWS fanboy out of Ben.  Well, it was inevitable after showing him Yamapi's AnAn shoot.  When we went to Karaoke on Thursday, we sang (or tried to sing) Summer Time and we also mangled One Love.  And he already likes Taiyou no Namida (it's becoming a karaoke classic with me and Andrew, along with Jidai -- the only Arashi song he knows).  We actually did One Love pretty well -- he can read the words but I know the melody.  I should learn the words to Summer Time, it's a fun song to sing.  I only know the chorus and like 1/8 of Shige's rap.

I thought I had something of substance to write about... but apparently not.  Do I ever, really? 

My room needs a clean up.  There's crap everywhere.  And I need to do a good scrub down before I leave because I'll be gone for 5 days and I bet you some creepy crawlies are going to find their way in.  Need to minimize the mess and things that will attract them.  I should go through my closet and drawers and purge as well.  I missed the pick up date for clothes (again) but if I get them out before I leave, maybe they'll be picked up when I'm away. 

So, I'm supposedly doing the [profile] je_ficgames but I haven't even thought of my prompt or what the fuck I'm going to write.  Not in the slightest.  The deadline is November.  And if I want to write something more significant than a one-shot (even a 5000 word one) it will take longer than a few weeks.  I started Equilibrium in May... and we're not quite halfway through yet.  I should work on that today while I'm riding my keymash comment high.  And the archive needs more work as well.  I should get the rest of the fics on the list posted and do a comprehensive count.  I still want to find a commet box or something for it but I need to find a good script.
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OT5: an Arashi Fiction archive is LIVE.


I just spent the last... 4 hours coding.  I enjoy it to an unhealthy degree.  Added fancy icons and some Java and took out all those target="_blank" things because I read this article and was like woah, that makes sense.  I want to figure out how to put an RSS feed on the site but I think I might have to have a journal-type interface for that and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to work that sNews thing that the layout I snagged was designed for.  The only thing I couldn't get to work was the code to make the disclaimer font size change.  I wanted it smaller (or maybe I should word it differently?) but it wasn't havin' it.  I also updated our spreadsheet of fics so I need to add the ones that aren't starred.  That... I will do tomorrow.  I will code at work because now I unlocked and unhid all my files. >3  YOSH. 
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We had another person send links to us and they asked if we had gotten permission to archive... maybe "archive" is not the right word we should call this.  Maybe we should change it to "directory".  I should write a note on the index page that it is a LINKS directory, not an archive.  People can't get pissed off with just a link to their work (when it is probably already public on LJ anyway).  I don't forsee a problem... but I don't know.  Some people might be bitchy.  I have frozen the site for now and hidden all the pages until we can send messages... *ahemStarr*  At present there are 29 authors listed and about 80 fics... ._.  oh my eyes...  I at least organized the code for the Master List so that things are easier to find. 

Andrew was supposed to be on some show called "Unbelievable" tonight at 8 on Fuji but it's some weird show, "The Customer is God".  Lame.  I was looking forward to it when I remember that it was on.  Maybe he got the date wrong?  Hrm.

In that case... I suppose I should rustle up some food.  I need to stop getting so immersed HTML and throwing off my feeding schedule.   And then I go sit and watch V6 on TV instead.  Gahhhhhh.     
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So... [profile] everystarrfall and I were talking about starting an archive for Arashi fics because... let's be honest, a good half of the stuff that gets posted to [profile] arashirabu is crap.  Okay, that's a bit harsh.  There is some good stuff, but there is also a lot of not-so-good stuff.  Anyway, tired of slogging through the mess that is there (do the mods even do anything?) we decided we need to make an archive.  I think I worked on this thing for... 5 hours?  About that.  I didn't even have dinner.  That's what happens when I get immersed in a project.  I dont' know where my good HTML editor went but the one I have is weird so I was using Notepad the whole time.  If you see any mistakes, let me know.

OT5: an Arashi Fiction archive

Send stuffff.
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New layout that I don't hate!
[personal profile] maiaide  [info]maiaide  [personal profile] maiaide  [info]maiaide  [personal profile] maiaide  [info]maiaide  [personal profile] maiaide 

Took me too damn long, but I finally have it how I like it (more or less).  With Arashi!  I wanted to use that picture some how because it's just too genki not to.  I even got Firefox all decked out to axe the ads so I don't have it fucking up my layout and looking fugly.  Sigh... productivity at it's finest.  I also spend the last too long fixing up tags a little and organizing.  I deleted a bunch of stupid irrelevent posts.  Not nearly as organized as it should be but if I keep things in order from now on, we'll be golden.  But I still can't bring myself around to organizing iTunes...

Skipped dinner again... well, not really if you could lots of chocolate and donuts at Keigo's a meal.  Oops. 

I have no freaking idea what the hell I'm going to do with Grade 6 on Friday.  I thought about the alphabet but that might be too easy for them...?  Well, they are only 12 and they had trouble just doing names of the months last year so maybe I shouldn't think too highly of them.  Maybe just do some fun games with the alphabet.  I've got an assortment of Grade 1 and Grade 6 classes so at least I'll have some variety in my day.  Then Andrew's party Friday night, a What Did You Want to Be When You Grow Up themed party, but I have no details as of yet unless he's updated Facebook.  Amanda's surprise birthday dinner is tomorrow night as well... fuck, I'm just bleeding money this week.  I am so fucking tired I think I am just going to have a lie in this weekend and do this mountain of laundry and kill some braincells with junk food and TV.  And writing.  Sorry, Chels.  I'm flaking.  :/ 

I am not super sleepy right now -- in fact I'm more sugar high and crampy -- so I will probably stay up and watch episode 7 of Zettai Kareshi and 6 of Last Friends.  :D  I still haven't gotten around to rewatching Stand Up!! or HanaDan like I want to.  Maybe that will be my project for the weekend.


Apr. 10th, 2008 12:58 am
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I finally figured out how to override this mother fucker!  It's so preeeetttttyyyyyy!  I used the same image is on my shitastic website that has nothing on it.  Now that I figured out how to make prettiness I will more often.  I haven't gotten past changing the header and fiddling with colour scheme yet, but that's enough for now.  I'm proud of me. :D  And it only took a total of... 5 hours?  Oh yea.  I am not tired at it's 1am.  Bad sign...  Waiting for news from Chelsea but I am thinking we won't meet til late afternoon tomorrow.  I downloaded a bunch of MMA so I will be able to keep myself entertained tonight and undoubtedly sleep in until noon at least tomorrow. 

EDIT:  We wants to watch Odoroki no Arashi SP 4 naoooow.  Why is it taking forever to circulate the internet?  Gyao.  I saw the last experiment (相葉の夢: Mirrorman goes Skiing) at Andrew's on Sunday, but that's all.  Needs moaaaar.
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I have actually been looking for a new web host on and off since died.  But that was... hrm.. going on 4 years ago now?  Yea, it's been a while.  I never looked seriously because the only "free hosting" out there as Geocities or Yahoo or the like.  They spam you with fucking ads and its just a pain.  Needless to say, nothing happened. 

But!  I found a place!  I stumbled across someone's personal domain and they said they were looking for hostees so I sent off a request and bam.  I'm hosted.  Problem is, I don't really have anything to put on it!  Really, I just miss messing around with Photoshop and HTML.  I spent the whole day thus far, aside from a break to do laundry, fiddling with it and relearning how to make style sheets.  It's been fun!  I checked out an icon tutorial and made a pretty Aiba picture to put on it.  :D  I'll probably end up using the space as a dumping ground for my writing (which I am determined to start doing more of, I swear!) and fanlistings and stuff.  I had a bunch back in the day... I wonder what happened to them? 

It's still in the growth stages and very, very simple but I'm proud of it.  To throw something so simple together took me four hours?  Damn.

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