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Furoshiki class was awesome.  I've tried all the patterns that we learned by myself at home as well as a few others.  I got complimented on my ma-musubi knots a lot.  She is such a nice lady!  I bought a new one to tie up books and tissue boxes. :)  I love studying cultural things like that.  Dressing up for dinner was great too.  Everyone looked so snazzy.  We ended up eating at some asian restaurant in the Shin-Maru Building in Marunouchi.  I wish I had more cause for going to that area of Tokyo -- it was really pretty with all the trees strung up in lights.  And I saw the old front of Tokyo station for the first time.  Too bad it's under construction.  :(  Highlight of the night: taking pictures in front of a Christmas tree.  Will post when I get them from various folks Facebooks.  But it made me realize I really have lack of nice going out clothes now.  And sexy shoes.  The red are nice, but I want nice sexy black patents.  Sigh.  Maybe I'll look in Marui tomorrow after sending money home.  Payday!  I've also got to look for stocking stuffers/presents for Justin, Ben and Takeshi.  Tama has to work so I don't have to worry about getting her anything.  I learned that Ben plays the piano (and is buying a keyboard soon) so maybe I'll be able to find a book of scores at the music shop tomorrow.  NEWS!?  HELLYES.  Or Christmas carols?

Now it's midnight and I should go to bed.  I have a sinking feeling I have three classes to teach starting first thing tomorrow.

It's 3 degrees C right now. *______*

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I am so excited about this drama.  I just watched the first episode (an hour and a half! woo!) and Miura Haruma can totally have my babies.  That kid has a grin to die for.  What kills me is he's only 18.  He's born in Heisei and that's where I draw the line.  Sigh... I can at least admire is amazing acting.  I can't wait for more of this drama.  It's got that serious note that I was sort of expecting from Ryuusei no Kizuna.  I wish I could read that book; I wonder if Higashino is translated into English.  I don't think he's as popular as Murakami but I should try looking.  I finished A Short History yesterday (I definitely recommend it!) so I'm looking for a new read.  I've finished everything in my wee library.

Maybe I should go to bed and wake up earlier.  I went to sleep at 9:45 last night and got up at 6 and I feel refreshed and productive.  I could take a shower and actually eat breakfast (I love my new toaster oven!) and watch an hour of drama and mail myself some fics to read at work.  And still have time to kill by writing this entry! 

My fucking echeck finally cleared yesterday and my new Animal Crossing game is in the mail!  Hopefully I have it by the end of the week but I don't know how fast HK mail is.  I'm also waiting for mail from mom.  And Kevin is about two months overdue for a letter but I knew it was too good to last with that boy.  Maybe he'll get off his ass and write me after he gets my last "threatening" postcard.  I'm feeling kind of neglected these days.

I'm having Amanda and Nikki over for dinner tonight.  I'm trying this tara-pizza recipe and making burgers.  I hope they like it.  Amanda is flying out on the 18th but that weekend is going to be crazy.  I have to work that Saturday (only 1 period) and that night is her supposed "surprise" leaving party and then I'm gone away to Nagano for a night and probably most of the Monday on the staff trip.  I will go over to Shin-Matsudo and hang out that night, for sure because her last night.  I hope (and kind of doubt she will) she doesn't make plans to go out or something.  We kept saying we should go party in Abiko one last time but they both are whining about money and such so I don't think that's going to happen.  I don't know if Nikki would be up for it eventually down the road either.  They are both having so much grief with companies not paying finally month's salary, even though it's the law.  It makes me really hesitant to leave in November next year if I'm going to lose out on my last month's pay.  Even if I got half, it would be alright.  I'd like to stay until the end of the term but I don't know how welcome I would be imposing on Andrew for a month and commuting from Tokyo to Kashiwa (if that's even where I am) every day.  I wonder if the company would pay that.  They say they pay up to 20,000 a month for transport.  I will have to talk it out with Tatsuya if that's what I'm going to do.  I need to make sure I keep in touch with Jun because I want him to write a recommendation for me for UBC.  I wanted Steve Ng from Orientations to write my other because he loves me and I was with Orientations for 3 years but he's gone off to Toronto although, I'm sure he would still do it.  Maybe I could ask Alex, my old boss from Nova, to write one even though I only worked at Nova for 2 months but I got great reviews from them.  I really wonder what the results of my final evaluation were...

Ahh, I'm thinking too far ahead of myself again.  I just need to try and get through November.  It feels so busy even though there is only one full week (plus a day) for me.  I have to think about my 6th grade lessons this Friday as well.  It's another four lesson day today so I wonder how much I will get done.  At least I am finished my round of anitbiotics so I'm not feeling sleepy all day.

This short entry turned into a monster.  But I haven't written about life stuff in a while, I guess.
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→ No classes = automatic win. Was actually productive: worked on my hallowe'en poster, finished colouring, even wrote!
→ New toy for Heather. I can deal with being single. :D
→ Katsudon. NOM.
→ Found Hallowe'en costume (Pikachu or panda suit from Donki Hote. Need to choose). Although, won't buy it if Andrew doesn't have a party. Even though those things are freaking sweet.
→ D no Arashi.

Still haven't found Happy Birthday mp3 to download. Not that I looked terribly hard. But where are the uploads? I must stalk NEWS comm.


Oct. 6th, 2008 07:42 am
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I slept in. It's been so long since I've done that... I swear I only hit snooze twice. I guess Ohno's singing wasn't enough to wake me up again. I don't feel as grumpy and rushed as I usually do when that happens (Hey! I even have time to post) so I hope today won't feel like aaaaagggees to me. O_O I got ready in 10 minutes. I think that's a record. I don't know what my schedule is today but I hope first period is free.

New fic idea: the Seven Ages of Man.

I made a list last night; now I have ten ideas to write/on the go. I'm only one woman! I want to collab with someone. I think that would be super cool. コラボレーション!

It's rainy (and probably cold) outside today. Not even raining but this misty kind of bullshit. In anycase, everything is wet. I think I should wear my contacts today; actually I think I should wear them more. My glasses are perpetually dirty and smudged and now scratched (though I thought I got that coating) and I think I need a new Rx so I should use the last of my lenses up so I can get new ones. I wonder how much eye exams cost in this country and/or if they are covered by insurance. With the amount of people who wear glasses/contacts, I would hope so. I kind of want new glasses just because they are so cheap. But I get so many compliments on my frames (that cost me damn well enough) that I'll keep these for a few years. But definitely before I go back to Canada.

Damn, I wrote an entry and still have 10 minutes to spare!
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I woke up early (for a weekend) and have got my futon out in the sun. I will leave it out there for a few hours since I haven't been taking care of it properly for a few months. I should get laundry in and out as well but I haven't quite gotten out of my sleepiness yet. I came across a new fic about male geisha (NEWS). The header looks pro so I hope the writing is decent.

No plans today. Leigh called me last night about going somewhere next weekend so I told Andrew to get on calling around and seeing about ryokan for Saturday night. We're going to go to the autumn festival in Sawara. I should figure out the travel stuff and let him do the hotel. I am a bit concerned because it's a fairly popular festival and I wonder if we'll be able to get a room. I don't really mind which one we choose (I'm down for cheap) but if we go with the most expensive one, I don't mind. I should pester him about that today.

As always... I should clean. I don't know what it is about Japan. The floors just seem to get so dirty so fast. I don't wear shoes in the house so I don't understand. The dust is parasitic. I was going to post the Anan favourite men list but I don't know if anyone gives a crap. LOL. It was interesting going through and figuring out names. I still can't remember how to read half of the first names though.
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Why does it seem like everything I plan gets fucked up above and beyond?  Going to Andrew's friend's gig in Shibuya last weekend -- everyone except for us two bailed last minute and we met 2 and a half hours later than we had planned.  It turned out fine becuase she didn't end up performing until 2.30am but still.  I just hate people holding me up.

Tonight, Yvonne is in town for an interpretting gig for work and we were going to meet up for some dinner and karaoke around 7pm but then her boss wanted her to take out these Italians that she seems to be baby-sitting and Andrew's working so now we aren't meeting until 10.  I want to feel pissed because ... fucking schedule your shit!  And if you have plans...gufghkadskfjdsaf.  It's frustrating because I can not recall the last time I was the one who was doing the rescheduling; I'm always the one being rescheduled on.  It fucking blows.  I almost want to say fuck it and just stay home because I won't get home until after 1 since I'll be taking the last train home and then it'll be 1:30 or nearly 2 before I get to sleep and then I have to get up at 630 for work.  And I have a 5 lesson day.  Granted it's the same 5 lessons all day... so I don't really have to think about it but it doesn't make me want to do it any more.  

I'm torn because I want to see Yvonne and catch up and tell them about my batshit neighbour, I don't want to be exahusted tomorrow.  Although, this week it doesn't seem to make a lick of difference when I go to sleep, I'm still tired.  Usually I don't want to go out but today it's the opposite.

In other news -- we had a new teacher start today.  If I heard correctly, he's Shiratori-sensei, 23 years old and just graduated so he'll just be an assistant/helper for the 2nd years I think.  The old guy from last semester didn't come back after summer... apparently he's in the hospital.  But he was really surly, so whatever.  Too bad the new guy is a paper bag. :/  Maybe it was the stiff suit.  

Booked me a private lesson on Sunday.  It's just a trial so it'll only be enough to cover my train fare to Ueno and a coffee but if he wants to continue then it'll be a little be extra and an excuse to go into Tokyo every week.  Maybe I should invest in a pass.  I should see how much that would cost.  It would definitely cut down on trainfare when I go hang out with Andrew.  

dksfjadkfsj.  And here I was all excited to go to karaoke and maybe get drunk and act like a fool but now I just want to go to sleep.  And I'll be missing Himitsu again... And knowing my luck it'll be something good.  No more canned vacation footage please.
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Shit, if I convert Haneru Tobira for my iPod I will draw so much attention to myself as I cackle on the train. I think Ohno/Aiba should now henceforth be called the Obaka Pair. And there must be fic.

It's 2:30. WTF. I can't sleep. I won't sleep definitely now after watching that. Ugh. Thinking too much. At least my computer isn't lagging like a mother fucker anymore. After cleaning the registry. Ugh...

Forgot to take my stack of CSI DVDs back to the store. Japan is fucking harsh with late fees. 20$ in late charges after only 2 days. And yet, I returned a book to the library almost a week late and they didn't bat an eyelash. Bought a bunch of magazines too: TVFan and Anan for me (I'm going to post their top 30 loveable guys list tomorrow when I finish decoding names) and a fashion mag for Alison. She wanted Fruits but I couldn't find it when I went to the store. I swear I saw it last time but maybe they only print a few copies each month. This one had a freebie with it so hopefully she likes it.

I really am not happy with LJ lately. Way back when there was no rich text editor and now it's gone again after so many years. It pissed me off becuase it added in all this fucking junky code into my entries that was totally unnecesarry but it was so much easier to go CTRL+I or CTRL+B when I wanted to format. And the beta profile is hideous. DNW.

When are my hormones going to get back to normal? I hate being this bitchy all the time.
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1. I need another weekend. I'm pooped. But it was super fun.
2. My yukata is moldy. D: Attempting to salvage with a vinegar soak before washing.
3. Everyone seems to be pairing off again and that makes me depressed as usual.
4. Destini's shirt tried to be delivered twice this weekend and of course I wasn't here. But now I can't leave until it comes.
5. DVDs are overdue. FUCK.
6. I am craving (snail) mail.
7. Am trying to set up a video chat with Cleaveley but our schedules couldn't be any more different.
8. Where the fucking shit is my rich text option on my update page? Is anyone else having this problem?
9. I just realized I missed Himitsu. I completely forgot. That's a first.
10. I am slightly appauled that I had about 100 entries to go through when I got home.
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Okay, this is totally random but I need to make out of it before I forget this feeling.

1. School was meh; it was good until club. I never know what I'm supposed to do. I had them make weather flash cards and then play Memory and some girls were screwing around and I asked them what they are doing and she basically said it's boring so their screwing around. Then why are you here? Join some other club. Or none at all. I'm sure it's not as mandatory as I am lead to believe.

2. Walking home I saw Suzuki, this kid from second year at ToyoChu. AND HIS LITTLE BROTHER. OMG I couldn't help grinning stupidly after seeing them. He didn't really say hi to me, just a little bow (as usual) but I always had a kind of... bad impression of that kid. He always talks during class and talks back but he looked so sweet with his little brother. (Suzuki is about as tall as I am and he could just put his hand on top of the brother's head! SO TINY!)

3. Further down the road, I saw this old guy (I think he's Mr Watanabe if he lives where I think he does) who I see almost every morning and some afternoons and he always says hi to me. I guess I'm not hard to remember.

Anyway... aside from school, it made me feel good. If I don't belong, at least I have made a place for myself. :) I wish this feeling happened more.

Going to Andrew's friend's gig tonight; Amanda bailed just like I thought she would and I haven't heard from Justin yet. Tomorrow is Amy's going away party in Daikanyama so I'm just going to stay at Andrew's all weekend and save some time and train fare. But before I go there's so many things I want to read and watch! And I have to shower and get ready and all that. Good thing I have until 9pm.

See you Sunday night!


Sep. 25th, 2008 07:20 pm
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I have no reason to watch CSI: Miami anymore now that Speed is dead. T___T I totally didn't see that coming! Damn you Rory Cochrane for wanting to be a movie actor. I thought you were gonna hook up with the porn star in season 3 but no, you decide to take a bullet to the chest instead. Sigh.

Still feeling bluesy these days. Looked at tickets for X'mas and I'll be looking at dropping about 2 grand. I don't think so. It was a nice thought while it lasted.

It's nearly the weekend! Party weekend~ Going to Shibuya tomorrow night to some club to see Andrew's friend perform and then Amy's farewell party on Saturday night. Got an email from Christian today about a picnic on Sunday but they're still hashing out details. That would be fun. Christian always garuantees a good time.

In other news... well, I met this dude on Mixi or something like that, I can't remember now, late last year and we were exchanging emails for like 2 months... and then around my birthday we decided we should meet up but couldn't nail down a time and then he stopped mailing me. Oh well, I thought. Then, I get an email from him this week out of the blue! He changed addresses but don't know how recent that is. Anyway. That's interesting. And no random requests for blowjobs so I figure he's pretty upstanding. No pun intended.

Oh blast.

Sep. 25th, 2008 07:16 am
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I totally spaced.  Haneru no Tobira SP was on last night.  I was even home by 7.  I totally could have watched.  Blast.  Oh well, it'll be uploaded by tomorrow anyway. 

It's Thursday... it doesn't feel like it but I don't know what it feels like.  I've been doing kanji tests on my DS and the higheset I got was 118/150.... ALMOST passed.  But I'm still stuck at the 80/150 bench mark.  I need at least 120 to pass.  Gotta study up!  Also have to pay my fees for the test.  

I had the fleeting thought of going home for Christmas.  Not because I particularly miss Canada or my family (I miss some of my friends a lot) but I think I just need a break from Japan.  I just don't know if I want to drop that kind of cash only to fly back again a year later (except that will only be one way).  I think that would be a nice surprise... if I didn't tell anyone I was coming.  Although I might give mom and dad a heart attack.  Either that, or go somewhere else.  Even within Japan.  Go somewhere, stay in a ryokan... even though they are fucking expensive.  Maybe Aomori?  Just because it's far.  Maybe Yvo would be game.  Although now she has a man in town; and also doesn't get wicked holidays like I do.  I'm torn.  I'll look into flights back to Canada at work today; if I can get a good price I'll seriously think about it.  I don't have to worry about being dirt poor this year.  But then there goes at least 1K of the money I'm supposed to be saving for school.  Decisions...

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I haven't felt compelled to write about anything lately.  I used to post 3 times a day about reasonably different (and relative?) things but perhaps the well has dried up.  Fandom is kind of dead although last night's Himitsu was a hoot; Masaki is such a chicken and it's almost scary how much Ohno doesn't flinch.  That deserves a fic but I'm not the one to write it.  I don't even have the drive to finish the writing I've started -- and I have 3 projects on the go at the moment.  D:  I've rearranged Baby part 2 about three times and think I've finally found one that works.  It's just a matter of sitting down and writing now.  Do I see an end in sight yet?  Not really.  The fic games piece is more or less finished in terms of progression, I just have to flesh out (oh the puns) the last part and I can put that one to bed.  Then Equilibrium... that's been dormant for about a month now.  

Elementary today: one class of grade 4 and two of grade 5.  A spectacularly light day.  I'm actually using the stuff IES sent me and I think it'll go well.  There's a CD to project the image on a screen and I was told the school had one but it would be the biggest bitch in the entire world to pack up and move it every lesson.  I'm going to ask them if they have a multi-purpose room and have the kids come to me instead.  Then they wouldn't have to tear apart their classrooms when I want them to play a game or whatnot.  Chances are, they probably don't.  :/  WTH, Japan is so "technologically advanced" but the schools are stuck in the dark ages.  They don't even have overhead projectors!  And used to think that was ancient technology.  I was mistaken.

I'm going to try writing at work today during one of my free periods if I can get on the computer... I bet the damn thing will piss me off too much though to make any progress.  I will bring my kanji books and DS and get some studying done.  I should also figure out what the shit they want me to do for this PTA festival in October and make some plans at least if not some progress.  I'll go raid the art room.  They wanted something "Hallowe'en"... maybe I'll just have print-outs for kids to colour of witches and vampires and Hallowe'en stuff.  That only really requires me to make lots of photocopies and provide colour pencils. 

I want to go back to bed.  I hope it doesn't start raining until after I get home.     

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That should be a relief, to know that it's already Wednesday but that just makes things a bit more stressful because I know that I have only 2 more days to prep for elementary school.  I think it's lower grades this time so I'm just going to teach them alphabet still... it's easy.  But there needs to be a bit more colouring going on for the young'ins. 

Finished the moogle last night after much sewing and resewing and then realizing that I stopped too early from reading the pattern wrong so had to add a bit more... it's kind of wonky looking but not bad for a first attempt.  Took a picture with my phone last night so it won't be super high qual when I get that uploaded.  I hope Keigo likes it!

On the plus side, I have one of everything today. 

I get this feeling that I'm waiting for something but I don't know what it is.  
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That just means another day to slack off.  I did get my laundry done, vacuumed and did the dishes.  I started making a moogle but have gotten waylaid by not having the stuffing or a tapestry needle to sew anything together.  I've written 1,423 words for Baby so far.  I'm not sure how this part is going as compared to the last.  I'm trying to keep up with the realism but I can't tell anymore.  I need a second opinion.  It feels like it's dragging almost because I covered 9+ months in 4400 words and I've only covered barely 2 in 1400 this time. XD  How do I get myself into these situations?  I hope it makes for a good read anyway.

I've been so starved for really good fic these days it seems (or I just read everything way too damn fast?) so I have no choice but to write something I would enjoy reading.  Maybe I'll see if the NEWS comm has anything worthy.

OR I could study. XD  I bought the Kanken game for DS yesterday so I can study and practice more.  I'm totally going to fail level 8 at this rate.  I might study for a while before Shukudai comes on after writing some more.  

And now for shits and giggles, a baby picture.

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I wanted to watch 24hr TV, I really did.  I wanted to see Jun's drama even though the medical speak would go over my head but I'm only just able to tune in now.  It's probably around 2 hours so it must be nearly over.  Hakone was fun but I only had four hours of sleep.  The onsen was fun but a bit much?  What made things worse, is that my phone died.  I also forgot the earphone attachment so I'd have to depend on subtitles on my phone's TV but then the batteries died.  I had two bars this morning but it died around 4pm.  We left Odawara on the 7.20pm train but I didn't realize it takes 3 hours to get back from there.  I saw some guy watching on this portable TV.  I knew I would miss the first part, Aiba's task I think, but I thought I would make it back for the drama.  I kind of feel like... if i can't watch from the start, why watch at all?  It'll probably be subbed in the next week or two so I could watch it then. 

To make matters worse, the weather has been crappy beyong belief.  I don't think I've seen so much water fall from the sky, ever.  It's really fitting for this drama...

"I want to die."
"So die!  It would better if you did." 

i feel like I want to cry.  I feel depressed and a bit angry at having my plans screwed up (though centred around TV: I know how lame that is) and having lack of sleep and now, after I get home, I'm starving.

It was pouring buckets when I got off the train and eventhough I had an umbrella, it was fucking useless.  It was a cloth umbrella, which dries quickly, but is by no means waterproof so I was being dripped on all the way home.  I was also soaked from the knees down.  My shoes, my feet, my shorts...  And I get home and find my fucking kitchen soaked.  My fucking exhaust leaked all over the kitchen again.  It's still pouring so it must have been worse or someone came and covered it up sometime today.  I just can't bring myself to be bothered to mop it up.  

I wonder if I should just take a nap and then come back to 24hr TV later.  Even though I know it will be up for download tomorrow (or maybe within hours) it doesn't feel the same as watching it live on TV.  

I don't know what is wrong with me today.  It started so well... Maybe being around two lovely couples today... and getting an note from Stephen saying he's back...  Things never work out the way you want them to, eh?
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I have kept in contact with very few of the friends I made when I lived in Singapore all those years ago... now that I'm in Japan and most of those people have come back here, I have only met up with two of them and only once a couple of times!  It seems like such a waste... I should make more of an effort.  Get on Facebook and stalk those people...

I went to my friend Yuka's house tonight for dinner with her family in Shinagawa and to catch the last of the summer's fireworks from their place.  The weather has been like a bitch in heat lately and it was absolutely torrential today so we weren't sure if they would go off but they did.  Their apartment is on the 16th floor and has a gorgeous view of Odaiba, the Rainbow Bridge, the big Ferris wheel, and Fuji TV.  The fireworks were quite far, but we had an unobstructed view.  They were only 10 minutes, which is short by Japanese standards but pretty normal for North Americans so it was nice.  Yuka's mom made Singapore Chicken Rice and it was cho oishii!!  She even packed me up the leftovers to take home!

I've known Yuka since grade 4 or 5... I thought it was closer to middle school age but apparently not.  I guess that makes sense because I knew Aya at the same time and we were in the same grade 5 class.  So I've known her for over ten years.  I went to their house for lunch in October but haven't seen her since then.  This time, I got to meet her brother for the first time since Singapore and wow has he changed.  Granted, the last time I saw him he was in elementary school, probably 6 or 7 years old...  He's in his last year at Keio High School and is probably looking to going to university overseas.  He was this short, shrimpy little boy and now he's about 6', tanned and beefy -- he plays American football at school (and their team is the fucking UNICORNS).  His English is amazing, seeing as the last time I met him... I don't remember him speaking at all, let alone in English. 

He told me all his classes are in English... so Keio must have an immersion stream?  I can't find anything like that on the website.  If that were true, I'm sure there would be more English on the site.  Well, if they are at the top of Japan's Ivy League and you're paying roughly ¥1,235,120 a year in tuition (yes, I looked it up), I should think they would have something like that.  He's in the highest English class and that would definitely be full-on seeing as he's writing essays, not just paragraphs and stupid grammar exercises.  It's also an all-boys school, which I didn't know.  (Keio operates both boys' and girls' high schools, I've learned.)  Must be like Vancouver College and LFA?  Anyway, he asked me to edit his English paper and it was pretty good.  There were a few grammatical errors and stuff and he has taken some TOEFL writing course and it shows.  I fixed some mistakes and offered him some advice about wording and making his argument clearer.  I'm really nerdy so I enjoyed it...  his mom gave me ¥2000 for helping him!  Not that I did it for the money... but I told him if he ever needed any help, just give me a call.  And Mrs Uda was saying she wants to practice her English more... so I have an open invitation. :D  They'll pay me in food.  It was really great.  I am going to jump on that invitation more often.

I also got the Hagiwara's address from Yuka's mom; Yoko and I were best friends until she moved back to Japan in grade 6.  We wrote letters for a few years and she had an email address but I never got any replies.  I tried writing a postcard when I first got here but it got returned.  Luckily, Mrs. Uda kept in contact with Mrs Hagiwara.  I think she said Yoko moved out but her mom can contact her for me anyway.  They still live in Yokohama but moved house.  I'll have to write a letter and see what kind of response I get.
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Another flash thunderstorm is coming!  You have no idea how much that excites me.  We don't get thunderstorms in Vancouver, there isn't enough pressure in the system, not like Toronto.  So it's really nostalgic... we had one on Saturday.  Too bad having the storm break doesn't make it any less muggy.  :/  But I love how the sky turns yellow just before a storm...  Luckily I did my grocery shopping.  I got all the proper ingredients to make coconut chicken again and also daikon stew.  I'm not sure which one I want to have tonight.  I also got a garlic miso-yaki pork chop and tofu to make miso soup.  Hmmm so many choices!

Edited Chapter 6.  It's ready to go!  Just waiting for a beta edit.  :D  I hope the pace is picking up...  Well, it isn't.  It's not really a "face paced" story.  I just hope it isn't boring anyone.  
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Second trip to immigration today.  Woo.  This had better not take up my entire day.  I wonder when they'll let me go... really they isn't any point to my being at school, once I finish what I have to do.  I can't remember when they sent me home last time.  I think it was after lunch.  That's good enough, I have a feeling the immigration office will be less busy after lunch.  I wish I had something portable to write on.  It would be a perfect oppourtunity to hash out the bulk of this chapter.  I could be old skool and handwrite it... but we'll see.  Or I'll bring some kanji to study?  Or a book to read?  I should update my iPod with One Love.  I should do a LOT of things... I need to look through this guide book Ishizuka-sensei gave me last year for Kamakura and make notes of all the things I want to see on Saturday.  I thought I read somewhere that we'll be having the 6th typhoon of the year/season this weekend?  I hope not.  That would just suck too much.  MSN weather says it'll be cloudy on Saturday.  I can deal with that.  I just hope it doesn't change by then.

Sent money to JE for a ticket ballot yesterday.  September 5th, come on!  That's the same day the photo book is released and I'm getting mine delivered COD but I don't know when.  I said "evening" and Japanese "evening" extends well into night.  My Visa card was delivered around 9pm.  That works.  I'll be dead tired for the Sports Festival but at least I won't have (or had) a 4 hour bus trip this time.  I also left my good (and new!) umbrella at the Post Office when I was sending my money. :/  I should go by on my way to the station today (Yes, I am going to be lazy and take the Noda line one stop to Kashiwa station to get on the Joban) and ask if they have it.  I'm sure they do... I just need to figure out how to ask for it.  忘れ物ありますか?昨日私はここに傘忘れた。 That's probably not even remotely grammatically correct but all the important words are in there.  "Lost thing", "yesterday", "my umbrella", "forgot". 

I think Andrew leaves for Canada today?  Or tomorrow.  Chelsea left yesterday, I hope she had a good flight. 

This has very quickly turned into quite a rambling entry.
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I should start a hate list because I can't remember everything that I hate.  For one, I hate rain.  Well, that's not entirely true.  It's quite calming and rather refreshing to sit on my aunt's deck or front porch in the early Spring and listen to the rain falling with a good book.  Even today would be nice; I could stay inside and listen to the rain splashing in the puddles and air out my apartment (and maybe find the source of that god awful fucking smell in the kitchen) but nooooooooo.  I have to out in the rain and walk to work.  Not approved. 

Let me rephrase: I hate going out in the rain.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to a fucking bitch of a storm (luckily no water leaking in my exhaust vent this time) but it's calmed down to a steady misty drizzle.  At least I won't be completely soaked to the skin by the time I get to work. 

I need to invest in a laundry basket.  It always seems like I have so much laundry to do, mere days after doing it, but I think its just because it's all over the floor, making it seem like there's more than there actually is.  And I should start putting my clothes away when they are dry instead of leaving them in a pile on my drawers.  There are a lot of things I should and shouldn't do... maybe I should make a list of those too. 

The One Love PV is out today, I'm in the midst of downloading it.  Some funky CG watercolour look this time.  I really wish they would go back to the bright colours (pre-Happiness) but that style suits the mood of this song at least.  Jesus, could the message be any clearer?  They are on the top of a wedding cake.  Subtle, boys.  Very subtle.  They filmed it before Nino and Jun cut their hair but after Ohno so everyone looks good.  Not my favourite video by any stretch but it's sweet.  Even the words, from what I can understand of them, are pretty for a love song. 

I'm nearly finished JPod.  I put it down for the weekend, I just don't feel like reading at home.  I do most of my reading when I travel (when it doesn't give me a headache) or at work.  I've got about 50 pages left, I'll probably finish it today.  I know that I have 5th period free... I think I have 1st off too?  I can't remember.  3 lessons again today, probably going to start doing verbs with the 1st years. 

Maybe I should leave now... it's 7.42am and I can go grab some breakfast and take my sweet time.  Maybe even take the bus.  If I can get there before the one before the 8am bus then I will wait and not feel rushed.  That fucker is never on time, and even less when it's raining.  What's the fucking point?  It only has to come from the station which is two blocks away, I don't understand.

I should clean this weekend (again).  I don't know why but Japan is so dusty.  I'm not surprised that the kids clean daily because after a week, everything in my apartment has a layer of dust on it.  I should go get a duster or something and clean, go through my clothes and get rid of shit.  Should also get an iron and maybe a toaster this weekend.  Although, I don't know where I could put a toaster over... I might have to move all my vanity stuff.  Where?  Hrm... good question.
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I was searching on the TFP website for the start time so I can watch the Maou and Hanadan episodes and YAMAPI was on in March!  Not that I had a TV in March but... damn.  I doubt I'd be able to find that file on the Internets. 

Andrew's party was fun; all the usual suspects.  I invited Stephen who I met at Amanda's party the night before because he mailed me and said he was bored and had mentioned having a pair of roller skates that he brought to Japan (...why?).  Nice guy, Andrew approves.  But I'm not getting caught in that trap again and I don't even know what's going on so I'm not even going to think about it.  Just see what happens and roll with it.  Maybe he'll just be my "let's go be touristy and SEE Japan" buddy. 

I've got my laundry started and I've been doing some tidying this morning.  I already feel more rested knowing that I don't have to get dressed or showered or even leave my little cocoon for any reason (except maybe to get some food).  I want to get this fic finished for Ro and might even do some work on the Epic but we'll see how far I get sucked into the Jdrama/TV vortex.

Itierary for the day:
1:00pm - VS Arashi on FujiTV
Himitsu no Arashi-chan
Last Friends
Stand Up!!

Maybe.  That's an ambitious intin for the day if I want to get any writing done as well. 

I also just realized that my OTP icon isn't my OTP at all.  D:  So I am scouring for a Sho/Aiba icon to replace it.  GAH.  Well, you can't really tell.  Unless you get out the scan and check it.  Ugh.

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