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This is awesome.

Nakamaru could take some lessons from this kid. I love how much he's getting into it.
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out. (:

Doing this instead of sleeping... )

I met Yoshinobu today and omg, I fell in love. He's so adorable and well-behaved. Though he did cry a lot, he was not fussy and didn't care that he got passed around from person to person the whole afternoon. I can't wait for Aya to upload her pictures since I am stupid and didn't ask anyone to take pictures of me with my own camera. >_>

And now it's bedtime.
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I just saw this posted on [ profile] aramatheydidnt. This kid is going to go far in life if he's that good at 9 years old. And unlike most child stars, it's nice to see that he still acts like a kid. :)

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Miura Daichi

Miura Daichi (三浦大知); born August 24, 1987 (making him 22 today!) in Okinawa, Japan. Debuted in 1997 with the dance group Folder but took a hiatus in 2000 when his voice started changing and focused on some other things, like dance, voice training and the guitar. He made a comeback in 2005, debuting as a solo artist. To date, he's released 8 singles (and 1 album), the latest being "Delete My Memories" that was released on May 20 of this year. As if it's not obvious, his cites Usher and Justin Timberlake as major influences on his music.

Okay, so I've known about this kid for a while, thanks to Andrew who sent me a couple songs off his 2006 album. I liked them but didn't really think to investigate further. Now I have just gotten reaquainted with him through Asian Pop Addict. I didn't realize he choreographed his own stuff, though I do remember him having some slick mooves. This kid isn't all that popular, unfortunately, because clearly he's got talent. It's probably because he's a little bit of a paper bag. :( Kind of like JJ Lin. I didn't notice in the last video I saw cuz he had a hoodie up the whole time (and all his photos have half his face in shadows). But he's got the kind of style I love on boys and his face kind of grows on me by the end of the video. This is prossibly going to become a new favourite song.

PS: I forgot Shukudai was on. Damn! That's what happens when I read HP porn.
PPS: 24hr TV is on this weekend! Do not forget.
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I've never been into SMAP before, but damn this CM makes me want to. I just can't get enough of KimuTaku's hip swinging and Nakai's sassy walk. And how Shingo's like FML on the the left. Kusanagi and Goro are just... there.

Sorry the quality is poo, couldn't find any torrents. I think it just came out today.

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Usually the only kind of chatting my old uni friend Derek and I do these days involves him sending me random quotes from or videos featuring huge queens and 'mos. Here's the latest offering that just... Really makes me fucking glad not to be an American. I would rather be Canadian and proudly embrace our pole-running-into ways.

First, Miss Teen South Carolina and now this.


Apr. 10th, 2009 11:35 pm
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OH. MY. GOD.  I have not laughed so hard in AGES.  What the fuck is that old fart Johnny thinking now? 

The song doesn't do anything for me one way or another but the video is fucking GOLDEN.  Shige is a fucking PIMP.  This video is all about Shige.  Tegoshi actually looks like his age for once.  Yamapi has my fucking hair!  He shouldn't ever go light.  He is the prime example of what happens when you bleach asian hair: it goes orange.  Is he trying to pull off a more mature (ie fluffier) version of his Stand Up!! era hair? 

I love NEWS on a one-dimentional level: I like to imagine what they look like naked.  I won't lie.  They can only kind of sing but not really and they can sort of dance solo but can't get in sync to save their lives but THIS VIDEO.  The choreography is such crack you can overlook the badness.  Electric slide anyone?  Makes me think of Ally McBeal on an acid trip.  I love it. 

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I slept for 12 hours last night and I could nap right now.  How fucked up is that?  And I have a headache.

Got my laundry done but I'm still not unpacked.  I was going to go up to Iwatsuki today but my laziness prevailed.  It's supposed to be nice tomrorow so I'll get off my ass and go in the morning.  I hope there are still some sakura left on the trees.  I should try and get to bed at a reasonable time tonight too since Himitsu is being preempted again.

I finished Mei-chan last night; I smell an SP.  I'm going to watch Voice 10 tonight and more Korean HanaDan.  It's so addictive!  I'm still waiting for more Love Shuffle, Kami no Shizuku and Rescue.  Why the hell are those taking so long? 

It's really wrong how much I love this commerical:

I've watched it about 5 times today.  Ba ba ba ba ba ba~ Yagi!

I've still got this stupid cough and weird voice that I developed in Korea.  Maybe I should make a trip to the doctor, although I'm sure he's already seen enough of me this year.  I'm trying to stay away from dairy for a while and see if that helps, even though I'm craving some yogurt right now.  Gotta get well for my karaoke date with Sho-kun soon!  I should mail him and make a plan since he has to start work again before I do.  I need to meet up with people and give away this freaking kimchi that is taking over my fridge.
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I need to buy this DVD when I get back to real life.

The big faggy 'BYE' is the running joke of the moment in my gay posse. I laughed out loud in class yesterday cuz one of the boys in first year said 'bye' just like her. Oh the irony! It's around 3:50. Poo shitty video quality.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 09:54 pm
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I feel recharged after my relaxing day. It went by much slower than usual. I thought it was like 3 after I took my shower but it was only 1230.

Oh no he didn't. )

Made a new mushi pan flavour today. The texture is really nice but it wasn't as cinnamony as I would have liked. I'll tweak the recipe and try again.

Cinnamon Tea Mushi-pan )

Andrew took video yesterday at the park. XD Don't tell Ariel. She is so into him.

And now I have episode 5 of Love Shuffle to watch! ♥
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I got a lot done today... I should clean up the kitchen so I don't invite any friends but I am too stuffed to do anything.  I really am thinking of just lying down and passing out.

I met up with Tomoko and we exchanged gifts.  She loved the book I bought her!  I was worried she might have already bought a guide on Singapore but I figured she would have been too busy to do that.  She bought me a furoshiki in Kyoto, it's cream with rickshaw-carrying pandas on it!  So cute.  I'm going to wrap my tissue box in it. :D

Met Ariel for lunch in Ueno and we caught up.  She was in NYC for the last two weeks so we updated each other about our love lives, or lack there of.  It was gorgeous and warm out so we walked around Ueno Park with coffee.  The cherry trees are starting to bloom but it's still a good week or two away from being really good.  We must make a point to go after getting back from Korea.  I'm afraid they'll all be gone by then.  Then we went to karaoke for an hour and sang angry songs.  I tried 曇りのち、快晴 and Joe Inoue's 幻.  曇りのち is actually really hard to sing. D:  It doesn't help that I don't really know the second verse well (at all).  幻 is really enjoyable to sing. :)  Ariel likes all my music choices and wants me to make her a mixed tape.  I'm totally going to try and convert her to Arashi.

I tried doing shabu shabu but steamed for dinner.  It was a mild success.  Instead of having a pot of dashi and cooking in it, I wrapped everything together in foil and dressed it with dashi and soy sauce and steamed it.  It was... alright.  The meat all clumped together and the mizuna was over-cooked but otherwise it was tasty.  I made ponzu sauce to go with it too.  It was slightly on the sour side but tasty none the less.  I wanted to make mushi pan tonight too since I got cinnamon...  Ighf  I'm so full!!  Though sitting down probably isn't doing anything for my digesting.  I want to read Lydia's new chapter but I want to pay it my full attention and I can't do that with my food-induced coma.  ごめんね。

I watched My So-Called Love last night, finally.  I didn't really like it.  It was so artsy and I hate art films.  I don't want to have to think or infer what's happening/happened.  I want to switch off and have everything spelled out for me so I don't have to think.  Barbie didn't pissed me off and there was even some gayness but otherwise... I didn't really get it.  Some of the translations were really wrong too.  I've been noticing that more and more lately, even with Japanese dramas.  I really wonder why some translators do it the way they do.  Anyway, I've watched it so I can delete it now and free up some disk space.

Sho's new AU commercial is out.  I thought he would bust out the ペラペラ English since there is a white dude in it but it's him being all tour guidey for the boss.  I downloaded it for his face at the end.  The phone is pretty butch too.  I like it.

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I want Arashi (or at lease Oh-chan) to dance like that. But I know it's never going to happen. I can dream. Gah. I found the "Quest Crew" channel on YouTube and they had most of the videos for download as well, and the other's I managed to rip myself so I have all of them for my iPod now. So I can turn myself on by watching these fine young men rip up on the stage on the train now. I think boys dancing to Britney is my new favourite thing.

Today was day 2 of running. :D I was faster that I thought? Or rather, I didn't estimate the halfway point properly and was done by set before I made it home again but whatever. The feet hurt less today after lacing up tighter, but it just might be I'm that out of shape. Fuckme. Who would have thought after all the walking I do in Japan?
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I didn't realize (because no one tells me these things) that it was a short day at Ni Shou so my first two lessons were way over-time.  I only had 4 so I thought I would be able to ditch after lunch unless they invited me to do suji with one of the classes again but there wasn't even a 5th period!  So I got to leave at 1230.  And it was pisssssing rain.  I wore my boots thinking that I would be sneaky and not get wet but for some reason, they kick up SO much backspray and so I was wet to the back of the knees by the time I got to school.  I took the bus home and dropped off stuff and then went out again to the immigration office.  It would either have been today or next week and I figured I should just go and get 'er done.  Then I won't have to worry about it later.  Why is it that everytime I have to go to Chiba the weather is completely shit?  It's a conspiracy or something.  Anyway, I got there at 3pm and was out by 3:20!  If I had known it would have been that fast and painless, I should have fucking done it when I got my visa renewed.  But I'm stupid.  I splurged for the multi on the off chance I do have the funds to go somewhere (Singapore in September?!) so that I don't ever have to go back to that fucking hellhole again.

But there goes 7000 yen in one day so I'm going to go out this weekend except for Sunday when I have to meet Andrew in Harajuku to make Yvonne's (belated) Xmas present.

I got my results from the kanken: I passed!  I got 93%. :D  I'm proud of myself.  Maybe I'll try level 7 next... but it's more complicated with synonyms and antonyms and stuff.  I'll have to look into it.  Luckily it's 3 times a year so if I decide to pass this round, I won't have to wait that long.  Unlike the JLPT... I should decide on doing that pretty soon so I can get materials and start studying.  Even though the test isn't until December.  I say I'll start studying soon but I won't crack a book until October, I bet.

I finally got that video to upload after converting it.  Here's the school orchestra playing a Final Fantasy medly on Wednesday's assembly!

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I watched this first thing this morning and it got me thinking... what is he up to these days?  It's been a while since 改变自己 came out.  So I found out that Leehom just released a new album last week!  Excitement!  Except, my search for a torrent has been fruitless so far.  It only came out on the 26th so I guess it's a bit soon for rips?  Or I'm just not looking in the right places.  Jpopsuki has let me down.  We'll see what my music communities come up with, otherwise I'll post a request.  The first single is a pretty ballad starring the pretty girl from Speed.  I don't know her name. 

Oh and I'm writing again.  2,098 words of chapter 9.  Maybe... half through?  It's action.  I've never written action before.  I hope it doesn't suck.  And my podcasts are working again with iTunes!  Today is going to be a good day!  I'm meeting Tomoko for lunch and karaoke at 1230 and then off to Yuka's for dinner tonight.  I'm debating whether to come home and then go... but probably won't.  I have to leave here around 4:30 anyway.  I'll bring my DS and play FF4 somewhere if I have extra time.  Save myself 500yen in train fare.  I hope they like the wine and umeshu I bought, and appreciate my seven lucky gods furoshiki that I bought. :D
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Tomorrow I'm heading to Asakusa to get a charm for dad's Christmas present, and will probably grab lunch with Andrew and troll around.  Then I'm meeting Tomoko for a lesson at 5.  I've got Destini's package all put together; I just hope I put enough glue and tape to keep the envelope closed!  I will drop it off at the post office on my way out tomorrow.  I have to start writing my cards and get those out as well.  

Today I got to watch a folk dance group, Araumaza, at school.  They did some folk dances and songs and taiko!  It was really awesome.  They did few songs from each season.  The last was a winter festival song that accompanies the Chichibu floats and I just found out that the Chichibu night festival is one of the 3 big festivals in Japan (along with the Gion Festival and Takayama Festival).  It happens every year on December 2nd and 3rd and I did some research thinking it would be cool to go to as least one of the big three, especially since it's in Saitama prefecture.  Except, it's on the other side of Saitama prefecture -- 3 hours and 2000+ yen away.  There goes that idea.  They also did the Shishimai (Lion dance for New Year) and did you know that the lion is supposed to bite your head to bring you good luck?  All the teachers got their heads knocked and a bunch of the kids.  They also did a few songs from Okinawa as well.  I love Okinawan music.  I have to go out and search for a CD of sanshin music before I leave Japan.  At the end, the vice-principal pointed me out and I can't help but feel a little bit used.  He gave some spiel about how next year the 5th grade will start studying English and the 6th graders will have moved up to middle school, and when they meet foreign people or go study overseas they can talk about Japanese culture and the folk dances that they saw today.  

I wish I had my camera on me to take some video but I'm never well prepared.  So I did some YouTube searching and found some of the things I saw today. :)

↑ Hachijo Island Taiko (Hachijo Island entertainment)

↑ Mizuguchi Bayashi (Mizuguchi accompaniment)

↑ Shishimai (Lion Dance)

↑ Arauma Odori (Wild Horse Dance)

↑ Hounen Odori (Harvest Dance -- this is a Kagoshima version)

↑ Chichibu Yatai Bayashi (Chichibu float accompaniment)


Oct. 17th, 2008 08:08 pm
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→ Work was good. 6th graders had "career day" (they went to visit various jobs to watch) so they changed my schedule around but it worked better for me. Four classes of grade 2 and the last of grade 3. Did "classroom instructions" all day but it went quick.
→ There were a few trouble kids in 2-4 who got sulky and the teacher had to pull them aside and they sat out for the rest of the class. Then during lunch break, she dragged them into the teacher's room and made them appologize to me for giving up in my lesson. XD I was like, "Uh.. okay! Let's work harder next time, okay?" It was so cute and yet... kind of like, WTF at the same time. She's such a cute teacher (shorter than me and about my age) so I guess she has to be a hardass with her kids.
→ I LOVE 3-4. They were so well behaved! When I asked them make lines or circles they didn't chat like all the other classes. AND THEN. AND THEN. When I told them to make a line, these boys were like, "Make a line! Like EXILE!" and started doing the Choo Choo Train dance where they're lined up and rotating!!! XDDD I DIED. BEST DAY EVER.
→ I escaped right after that class so I got home 2 hours early~!
→ Ryuusei no Kizuna in 1.5 hours!!
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It's early... for everyone but we're celebrating today so we can have tomorrow to rest up before a new week. It's going to be a full house tonight... I don't even know how many people are going to come. It seems like we invite new people daily. So far, I've counted 13 people and I'm sure there are others I forgot/didn't know were invited. I just realized Christian is coming but I also invited Sachiyo... but she's so flakey I don't know if she's actually coming. But Amanda and Nikki are and the three of them are attached at the hip. Could but awkward but I couldn't really care less. Grow up already.

Sawara was so freaking cool!! It was a bit of an ordeal making our way out there. I missed my transfer at Abiko so I had to wait 30 minutes for the next train to Narita station and Andrew and Bruno were late too. The Keisei line kept stopping randomly. I feel terrible because Leigh waited in Narita for an hour before I showed up and she came all the way from Goi. But it worked out... it was kind of shitty and rainy so we went for coffee and waited an hour for the next train. Apparently the station master said there's only trains every hour because no one goes to Choshi. LOL

The weather was shit when we arrived but ended up clearing up by mid-afternoon. The historical district is so beautiful! The Ono River goes through and you can take a boat tour for 1000 yen but we thought that was a bit steep so we just walked. There were people in festival garb everywhere and huge carts with figures on top where the musicians rode. They were covered up with plastic to keep them dry at first but luckily we could see them without later on. When the festival actually seemed to get going around 3-4pm everyone was dancing in the street. I took some video but the sun was right in front so it's a bit glarey. Even little kids were dancing! And festival food... YUM. I binged a bit (meaning I had some and not none like usual because I'm cheap) because this is likely the last festival of the year that I'll go to.

We saw a kimono shop on the way in and stopped on our way back to the station and spent nearly an hour in there! There was a resale section on the second floor and two ladies working there were so kind when we bombarded them with questions and asking for suggestions about colours and stuff. I found a green kimono (!!) and got a dusty pink obi (though it's more for yukata becuase it's the half size one) and a black haori (short jacket) with a chrysanthemum? design. All for 3500 yen! Andrew got a few haori and a little bag for Christmas gifts and Leigh got a kimono for 2100 yen. I am going to make sure to go back there before I leave Japan.

Alright! Now time to get ready and leave in half an hour to meet Andrew for grocery shopping!
*Will edit pictures with descriptions later~~
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1. My love for Ryo has grown (as in, now I have some because I didn't before). <3 Need to find more Ryo!porn.
2. Big love for Ohno's new haircut. Just shave your head, Jun; start fresh.
3. Andrew showed me Mirotic. <3 I might have to hunt down that album as well.
4. I have decided I need more sempai music: TOKIO & V6
5. There are kitties around my flat. They squeel right outside my door. I fed one cheese. BAD IDEA. It's never going to leave now. BUT ITS SO PRECIOUSSSSS.
6. I think my day is pretty free tomorrow because the kids will just be studying for their midterms.
7. Though I had somethign else to say but I can't remember now. O_o

Andrew sent me this yesterday. I love it! The song gets a bit boring and repetative later on but the video is cute. And she's hot!

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