Aug. 29th, 2009

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I just saw this posted on [ profile] aramatheydidnt. This kid is going to go far in life if he's that good at 9 years old. And unlike most child stars, it's nice to see that he still acts like a kid. :)

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Instead of spamming your flists, I'm just going to edit this entry as I watch 24hr TV.

This year's theme is "START! 一歩踏み出そう" (Start! Take the first step). The shirt, which I like and have been meaning to pick up, was actually designed by Pixar. They aren't broadcasting from Budokan this year. I wonder if they change locations every year? I didn't watch in 2007. Outside they had a hand shaking event where you can drop your pledge for the year off and the fangirls were going apeshit! And AKB48 was there but no one wanted to shake their hands. XD

I'm watching Massu's task right now. He's learning synchro with this boy with some muscle disorder challenge from a high school synchro team from Tokyo. He's finally gotten rid of that damn Cruella de Vil colouring, or at least it's faded so it doesn't look so bad. Massu is one of the guys in News that just kind of blends into the background for me. He's that cute one to the side. He's got a cute smile and a banging body. Arguably better than Yamapi's. He's ripped but surprisingly slim in his swim trunks (boo why doesn't he wear a speedo like the rest?); he looks bigger when he's wearing clothes. But the bright patterned pants have to go.

Becky is as adorable as ever. She and Shige went to Ibaraki to pick lotus roots in the pre-show. Sweaty Shige is just. You can say I will have sweet, sweet dreams tonight.

Tego's perm makes him more girlier looking than ever. And Yamapi is pretty but totally sounds like he's reading the cue cards... because he is.


News is performing Kibou ~Yell~ right now. And they are putting the lyrics on the screen as always. And the crowd is eating it up even though they kind of suck live. But that's not what's so bad.

"Get break & thuru
Fly to High Wiz News."


Yamapi's gone off to Ibaraki to interview folks and wow, he's got some personality for once! None of the old people he's talking to (except this housewife) know him and he's really frank with everyone. This makes for good TV. Throw Johnny's idols into the countryside where no one knows them. XD

Just finished watching the special drama. Waaahh I cried so hard at the end. Ryo did a fantastic job but Kuroki Hitomi! She stole the show. And Yamada wasn't bad either. It's beeing released on DVD too.

Now it's some segment headed by Cream Stew (who I've never heard of), Tutorial and Neptune. They'll show embarrassing footage of 100 comedians and celebrities. I don't think anything else interesting is going to be on until 7am tomorrow when they show the documentary of story behind the special drama. Too bad I'm not sleepy. It'd be a good time to turn in right now.

Damn Shige was ugly at 16.

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