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Man, the weeks just seem to fly by.  It's going to be summer holidays before I know it!

I got an email from Mom finally!  Things are fine.  She's been busy with work conferences and the Quilt Guild.  Maybe I should join up when I go back. XD  Though it'll be too hot to quilt in the summer.  She also sent an recent picture of my brother.  O_O  Holy shit.  He looks so much like my dad.  Seriously.  But he finally cut his hair after like 4 years.

Boo, I don't have time to find more family pictures. )

Grade 6 all day today.... なんか。。。嫌だ。寝たいなぁ~  There's probably going to be something fucked up about the schedule. 

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So, I went to get my nails done again.  My nails grow super fast.  So I wanted to go get them filled in but she ended up doing them all over again.  She gave me a 10% discount because they had grown so much in only 2 weeks, but I still had to pay 6,600 yen.  Shit!  I went for a slightly darker pink this time so now you can actually see the gradation.  I feel so girly!

So the next time I take money out of the bank, I'm going to be dipping into my savings.  I am putting myself under house arrest until pay day except for Andrew's birthday next week.  I love how I suggest a quiet hang out dinner at home and it's turned into a huge outting.  I should have just made the plans myself instead of asking for opinions.  This is what happens when Blake takes the helm.  I talked them out of doing nomihodai (who the hell is going to drink enough to make it worth it on a Monday except for Andrew?) but it's still going to be 3,800 or something for dinner.  I am kind of bitter because I didn't even spend that much on my own birthday and no one organized or paid for me.  Correction: Really bitter.  So I'm giving myself a budget of 20,000 yen until next payday.  I bought some more cereal and milk so breakfast is covered -- I have coffee at work so I shouldn't buy any on the way to work.  Lunch is covered.  It's really only dinner I have to worry about.  I should take a good look at what's in my kitchen and plan to use what I've got.  It'll have to buy less and use things up and I've had for ages.  What can I use soybeans for?  I should check my Cooking Navi.

I'm reading Fast Food Nation right now.  Super interesting.  I wonder if it's going to ruin my love of McDonald's forever.  Although I watched Super Size Me and I was alright after about 2 weeks. 

Picture from the other day:  Kumi and I reunite after 10 years!  I was stalking people on Facebook and seeing how so many people I used to work with or go to school, or even from childhood, have gotten so huge.  Like, I shouldn't throw stones because I'm not the smallest girl but it took me a while to even recognize them, they'd put on so much weight.  Fuck losing the wait, if I can maintain what I am, I'll be happy.

I wrote an email to mom and dad today and updated them on the move home/school plan.  I'm kind of weirded out by the fact that I am hoping to get into U of T or York so I can live at home for a while.  I've been out of the house for 6 years now and only seen my family about 2 weeks once a year on average since then.  It's not so much that I miss them... I mean, I do, but it's more like I feel kind of guilty.  I know mom wants to fix up the house to sell it (eventually) but dad isn't home that often and she's tired from work.  It's probably about time for me to repaint the basement again.  And I don't think the living room has been done yet either.  I know the biggest reason that I hate Ontario is because I don't have a social network there.  But once I get a job or get back into school, I'll meet people.  I'm not too worried about that.  Or I'll take up a hobby or something.  I found out how to get certified by the BC Teacher's College if you study outside the province so it's just a matter of getting it transferred and then finding a job in BC.  What I'm scared of, though, is going to school in Ontario and getting stuck there. 

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I like my new dress. I should already know that since I bought it but I'm terrible at passing up sales and this that fit. Because those don't seem to come along as much as they should. It's a nice pastel green sundress but not... more like... smock? Adjustable straps and elastic waist around the chest but you have to (or should?) wear a shit underneath. That's how it was designed anyway. And there's a cute eyelet pattern around the hem. It gives me aboslutely no shape but that also covers the lumpiness. It never cesses to amaze me how Japanese clothes are so flowy and just hang off the body; it doesn't look weird on tiny Asian women but make me look like a whale.

I haven't heard from mom in ages. I'm kind of starting to get concerned? Her MSN was left on yesterday and I sent a couple messages but then figured out it was 9am so she'd be at work. I don't know, what's so difficult/time consuming/taxing about firing off a short reply? Unless something happened and she's doing damage control. Maybe I should email dad and Sean to see what the hell is going on.

Today is going to be a short day. There's no class in the afternoon because of home visits and an assembly during 3rd and 4th. I only have 1st and 2nd and then I'm free~! But I can't go anywhere. I need to make a plan for English club this week so I'll have something to do. I need to make another appointment at Plaza Clinic. Maybe I could go on Thursday? I want to go before Yuka's wedding but I should really wait until after pay day. Well, I don't even know if I could get an appointment that soon anyway.

I always think I have a lot more to say than I actually do.
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I don't know if I fell asleep. I tossed and turned all night. I think I was thinking about fic which always prevents me from sleeping. I woke up to check my phone and didn't even realize the alarm was going off. I feel alright but I can see myself crashing after lunch, as per usual.

At least I didn't sleep in.

I thought I had gotten some love this morning when I see thirteen new emails downloading. It was my fucking aunt sending me goddamn forwarded emails. Six forwards and no real email. What the hell is that shit? I can't even say I'm not related to this one. Because I am. I thought she was more intelligent and socially adjusted than her deadbeat husband but I guess I was mistaken. If you aren't going to write me even a short note once and a while, I'd rather not hear shit from you at all.
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This full time teaching thing is great but I want the perks that come with it.  It's pretty much solidified what I already knew about wanting to be a teacher -- I can just imagine how much better it will be when the kids will be speaking the same language I am and I can wield absolute power and do things my way.  That makes me sound tyranical but I don't really know how far I can go in terms of discipline.  But I think they are starting to realize that if you aren't paying attention, I am going to call on you.  I show mercy for no one.

It's not really any more work than I do on a regular basis.  I got all the planning done in that one day, so now it's just execution but the stress is definitely higher.  Not stress, per se, but... responsibility.  Makes you more tired.  I don't know if anyone gets what I mean.  I don't even know if I do.  Tajima-sensei gave me some encouraging works when I was doing my photocoping (aka killing a small forest) for my classes next week.  That made me feel good. :)

Got an email from Mom mentioning Dad having surgery and I freaked out.  She hadn't mentioned anything about it before and gave me no details so naturally I jumped to conclusions.  Dad has a kind of... lump?  Fat deposit or something on his neck and I'm always worried that it's actually a tumor or something.  I called home during work and when Mom answered the phone I started wibbling.  "Daddy's having surgery...?"  And then she laughed and said it was no big deal.  He fell on a tire 15 years ago and had to sit on a donut cushion for a while and apparently after all this time it's turned into a cyst or something and keeps getting infected so the doc is going in to clean it up.  Just elective, day surgery.  I'm kind of glad no one walked past seeing me crying on the phone in the main foyer. 

The boots are working out.  No blisters on the walk to and from work today. 

Am updating a shitton of fics on OT5... I am not even going to bother with listing "recommeded by" anymore because 90% of them are mine.

Did you know that serif fonts are used in large bodies of text because the little tails make your eye follow the words better and promote understanding?  I didn't!  The things you learn from Smashing Magazine.

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If you have/seen any, let me know. Shige? Does Shige squee?  We'll have to settle for the rabu rabu icon, I guess.

Email from mommy:
"I should invite Sean over for dinner sometime soon. I hardly see him anymore. I never know when Dad is going to be home to plan ahead. I should just send Sean a text and ask him what is a good day for dinner. I don’t want to wait until I have to ask him to shovel snow for me. Yes, Sean is an adult now. I actually keep forgetting how old you two are. “Sean is going on 22, Heather will be 24!” My babies!!! How time flies…"

Oh, I love my mom. :)  I wonder if she was doing a happy dance because I am starting to talk about when I'm coming home.  And I'll be moving in with the parents at 24...... god, I'll be one of those --- what the hell are they called --- fuck, I can't remember.  Just like Japanese people who live at home til they get married.  Although I won't be living at home until then, just a few months until I move back to BC.  Ahhh I'm actually looking forward to it?  I like being able to hang out with my mom, I really miss that.  And get a carrrrr.  I am itching to get some wheels.  MY own wheels.  Or basically adopt my dad's car since he's never home anyway. 

Ahh now I get to use the "nostalgic" mood. :)
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Mom just made my night/day with her email:

We all met up at the Best Western Sunday morning for brunch. It was actually quite nice. Sarah is starting to behave more like a normal person, although she still likes to be the centre of attention, she doesn't freak out if no-one is listening to her. Oh, my darling cousin.  I may be able to tolerate your presence yet, the next time we meet.

I wrote a huge blog for Vox about Supermarkets.  Basically I rehashed Aiba-chan's secret for my friends and family with shiney videos included.  I had them all uploaded and everything but the sound on two of them was fucked so I have to re-up them.  I'm quite impressed with my own level of comprehension, I must say.  It only took me... maybe an hour to write that entry. 

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