Aug. 25th, 2009

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Miura Daichi

Miura Daichi (三浦大知); born August 24, 1987 (making him 22 today!) in Okinawa, Japan. Debuted in 1997 with the dance group Folder but took a hiatus in 2000 when his voice started changing and focused on some other things, like dance, voice training and the guitar. He made a comeback in 2005, debuting as a solo artist. To date, he's released 8 singles (and 1 album), the latest being "Delete My Memories" that was released on May 20 of this year. As if it's not obvious, his cites Usher and Justin Timberlake as major influences on his music.

Okay, so I've known about this kid for a while, thanks to Andrew who sent me a couple songs off his 2006 album. I liked them but didn't really think to investigate further. Now I have just gotten reaquainted with him through Asian Pop Addict. I didn't realize he choreographed his own stuff, though I do remember him having some slick mooves. This kid isn't all that popular, unfortunately, because clearly he's got talent. It's probably because he's a little bit of a paper bag. :( Kind of like JJ Lin. I didn't notice in the last video I saw cuz he had a hoodie up the whole time (and all his photos have half his face in shadows). But he's got the kind of style I love on boys and his face kind of grows on me by the end of the video. This is prossibly going to become a new favourite song.

PS: I forgot Shukudai was on. Damn! That's what happens when I read HP porn.
PPS: 24hr TV is on this weekend! Do not forget.
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Just on the heels of the mini pimp post I wrote last night, now this: he's come down with influenza!

The official press release says he was supposed to appear on the programme "Music Edge" last night but he got a high fever last week and went to the hospital and was diagnosed with Influence Type A. The doc said he had to rest for a week so that's why the appearance was canceled, sorry to all the fans and staff people for the inconvenience. He's scheduled to make another appearance on Thursday, but he won't able to because of the flu.

And from Daichi himself: "I've caught the new type influenza so I wasn't able to make my appearance. I think timing of this infection is due to my own poor health management. I'm apologizing to you personally by getting better as soon as I can, so I can sing, dance and perform for everyone. I'm so sorry it turned out liked this."

And I just read on [ profile] aramatheydidnt this morning that Sato Takeru's come down with Type A too! :( I hope I haven't jinxed myself by telling Alex that I haven't been sick in months. Hearing things like this really shocks me sometimes: you can't help but think that people in the entertainment industry/celebs are some how a different kind of people--always perfect, always healthy (unless it's drug/alcohol related). This is a reminder that they are regular human beings and can get sick, just like the rest of us.

But the good news is: new album Sept 16th!

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