Mar. 11th, 2009

aide: (翔 → Roadtrip)
I just have to keep telling myself that: six more days, six more days, six
more days. I feel another cold coming on, maybe. I can't tell if my throat
is starting to hurt or if its just the weird canker sore that I suddenly
have on the back of my tongue. I am exceptionally tired today which is
making me think of not going on my run but I HAVE to go. I will lose weight
(or at least get back into shape) before Yuka's wedding. Before I go back
to Canada. I will. I have to be motivated since no one else is going to
motivate me. All those times I cursed Mr Torrance for making us run 3 laps
of the field before PE class everyday... what I wouldn't do to have him
breathing down my neck now. It will probably harder to make myself go when
I'm on holidays. I just have to be strong The longer the running time I
get up to, the cooler the songs I can put my play list. I really want to
run to KAT-TUN's Rescue for some strange reason.

Everyone is running around like headless chickens setting up for graduation
on Friday. I'm going to drop my silks off at the dry cleaners after work
today and I hope they can get my skirt done by tomorrow because I want to
wear it. I wonder how much that is going to set me back. I also need to go
to Bic Camera and get a new hair dryer because using the aircon doesn't work
as well as I would like it to. I don't have any plans this weekend but I've
already gone into Tokyo too much in the last 30 days so I'm going to make a
point of staying home this weekend and do nothing. Might rent a DVD. I
feel like a lump staying home all weekend but it costs so much to go
anywhere. I need to set money aside for Korea too. Andrew thinks we are
just going to roll up to some hostel and get a room. That makes me very

Maybe I should just nap flatout like Kakizawa-sensei. Or finish reading
IWGP. I've only got 2 chapters left and then I'll have finished reading my
first manga in Japanese. :D I would read more if the ones I wanted to read
weren't 20 volumes and counting.
aide: (大野 → Pouty)

I want Arashi (or at lease Oh-chan) to dance like that. But I know it's never going to happen. I can dream. Gah. I found the "Quest Crew" channel on YouTube and they had most of the videos for download as well, and the other's I managed to rip myself so I have all of them for my iPod now. So I can turn myself on by watching these fine young men rip up on the stage on the train now. I think boys dancing to Britney is my new favourite thing.

Today was day 2 of running. :D I was faster that I thought? Or rather, I didn't estimate the halfway point properly and was done by set before I made it home again but whatever. The feet hurt less today after lacing up tighter, but it just might be I'm that out of shape. Fuckme. Who would have thought after all the walking I do in Japan?

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