Feb. 21st, 2009

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Thank you Lydia!!

Your parcel got delivered this morning which I think might be a first. The stupid post office always delivers shit during the week when I'm not home but I got lucky this time! I'm so excited to cook mee goreng! And have the merlion on my keys with Yamapi. Haha. I'll put something together to send you. :)

Today I have an appointment with the doc in Hiroo at 2. So I've got a couple hours to putter at home (CLEAN UP HEATHER, GOD) before I ship out. I can't decide if having an appointment earlier is better or not. Half the time I'm late but then if I make it at 4 or 5 I lose to will to get up and go out. If only the clinic wasn't so far away... I usually make a day of it and meet up with Andrew afterwards to make the most of my train fare but I haven't today. I don't really feel like hanging out? I want some me time. After my two parties, I want to just vegetate and maybe not eat for a while.

I am going to work on OT5 today. I've got a few things to update and I also want to get the HTML validated. I asked my most to take a look and she said it could be because I'm not closing the P tags. I never thought that mattered. My CSS is perfect though. :) I also read this artcle at Smashing Magazine so I'm going to tweak a few things like the page titles, even though I'm using frames.

Edit: Well! That only took... over an hour. I didn't realize HTML was so fickle. Like, really. Even if you don't use the alt tag, you still have to put it in. Any, all of my code is perrrrrrfect now! And I have 20mins to get ready to leave the house. >_>;;

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