May. 24th, 2009

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I want to avoid comms until this flailing about Ashita no Kioku subsides. I got the video and I like the song more now, I will conceed. I think it's been said a million times already, but I really like the concept of the video. I want Ohno to paint a pretty tree and swing on my walls. But I still think the song is nothing special. Where's the Muteki video! I want that one.

I'm up stupidly early on a Sunday and that makes me sad. The crows were at it again but it was probably a combo of them and my internal clock saying that it's time for work, don't be late! It would have been a perfect morning to finish my laundry if it wasn't rainy and miserable outside. My bathroom is in desperate need of a workover... I am going to steal some cleanser from work tomorrow and try scrubbing my tub. There's some kind of black buildup on the bottom that isn't mold because it won't go away with my mold cleaner. I want to know what Ben's mom used to attack their toliet because it was sparkling when they left and you don't even want to know what it looked like before.

I'm meeting [ profile] aeslis in Shibuya later today to sell some stuff at Mandarake. I thought I would sleep in until noon and then not even leave the house until 2 but it seems like I'll be ready to go by noon or 1. Haha And then! I'm meeting an old classmate at 5:30 for dinner. Kumiko and I were in middle school together. Or maybe it was high school? In Singapore. She moved to SAS and then I went back to Canada. She went to university in Hawaii and she just moved back to Tokyo. I bet she's got a wicked accent now. I'm so excited to see her!

[ profile] happenstanc3 did this kink list thing and I wrote something for her. It's really shitty but it's something. It took 45 minutes and I didn't even get to the happy ending. Maybe I'll do the list too; it might help the creative juices.

Okay, I copied everything into word and I have to pare a list of 388 down to 100. This is supposed to be common tropes/themes in fic? I want to see this somewhere:
3. Aliens make them have sex (fuck or die; fertility rituals; intoxication; taking one for the team)

Ohmiya; 368 words )

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