Apr. 8th, 2009

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So, I didn't want to believe I was becoming one of those people that got hit by hayfever or whatever but around my 2nd spring in Vancouver I noticed my eyes got really itchy and would get sneezy for a few weeks.  It was a real bitch because I couldn't wear my contacts.  I went to the doctor on my 3rd summer and he asked if I had allergies and I said no.  His response was, well, now you do.  :(  I was fine last spring here, but it's back again.  My eyes feel like sand paper and my nose is kind of runny.  I feel fine otherwise (my cough is pretty much gone now) so I know it's not a cold.  My eczema is back and raging but I think that's more related to my inability to stop scratching to let the damn shit heal.  I saw a commercial for these allergen blocker eye drops so I'm going to try and look for them today.  The ones I have don't do anything special; it feels good for about a minute and then it's back to itchy again.  

I'm awake before noon.  I actually woke up at 930 on my own but it was Andrew's fucking spamming from his 日大入学式 at Budokan that made me get up.  Not only that, but Blake and Ben's responses that were also sent to me.  Well, it's for the best.  I should be able to get to bed around 11 tonight (not 3:30 again) and get up on time to go sign my new contract.  I hope it doesn't take an hour like last time...

I've been rereading Harry Potter porn.  There was this one I remember that I really wanted to read again but of course, don't have it bookmarked so I don't know if I'll ever find it again (or where I even read it in the first place, it's been a while).  It's not exactly what I was in the mood for, but I am not finding it in JE fandom right now.

My new DVD player is ace.  I have to watch Swing Girls and then I can go out and do my errands.
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やっぱりスウィングが大好きだべ! It's been a long time since I've clapped at the end of a movie.  This makes me wish I had picked up an instrument when I was a kid.  All the kids in band got to go on awesome trips.  Speaking band, here's the brass band from my school.  Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the music.  I can't remember if I posted this or not. :/

If you are looking for a feel good movie with excellent music and a fantastic cast, watch Swing Girls.  The Japanese DVD comes with subtitles so I might try and find a used copy at Book Off.  It's well worth owning. :)  Lydia told me it was awesome and I wonder if that's because Ueno Juri plays the lead.  I love Hiraoka Yuta and Kanjiya Shihori.  Motokariya Yuika is in it too (she was one of the guest's from Shukudai-kun this past week).  I love watching movies and learning that I know (or recognize) more of the cast than I thought. 

Now I can go return my DVDs and pick up the things I forgot to get at the drug store yesterday: vasaline and eye drops.  I also should go to the post office and send off packages to Alison and Lydia.  I founds something random at the store, Rika, I think you'll love it.  XD

I checked the CD shop in Takashimaya yesterday for AAA but they were out too (unless you have to ask for it?  They're hoarding them behind the counter?) and saw the Inoue Joe is releasing his debut album today!  Titled "Me! Me! Me!".  I'm seriously thinking about buying it because I want to support awesome musicians my age.  AND!  I just checked his blog and he said he's having a concert in July!  I seriously want to get tickets.  They're giving away a bunch but the sign up site isn't working just yet.  I wonder where they'll be selling tickets through.   And when.
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I found AAA at Shinseido. :D  I guess they just have the sample on the shelf only if they have stock.  I thought fuck it and just bought it.  Even though I'm seriously dipping into the funds now.  I can't spend anymore than absolutely necessary until pay day which isn't until next week and even then, isn't going to be a full pay because March was a short work month.  And I'll get like half for April too so I have to watch myself until May.  :(

WHAT THE HELL STINKS.  I just did the dishes last night and the moeru gomi is tied off.  I DON'T GET IT.

Anyway, no more spending.  The only thing I want to buy now is Inoue Joe tickets but concert information isn't released yet.  The venue isn't even set in stone yet.  I should give Ariel a head's up so she can come with me.  It's on a Tuesday, which kind of sucks ass.  But it's in July so maybe I'll be on 夏休み by then.  I'll know tomorrow after getting all the details from work.  I hope I get a raise.  Fucking perfect attendance last year, bitches! 

What should I watch tonight... AAA DVD?  Roswell?  I have 4 new episodes of Love Shuffle too.  And some Hanadan (I need a different name for the Korean one.  Isn't it Kbot-Nam?) too.  So much to watch, so little time!  Especially since I shouldn't stay up til 3am again tonight.  Gotta be out of the house at 1045 tomorrow.
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What it was about Jun's hair (which I'm liking-- it's Bambino Jr!) that was bothering me:

He's doing the Yamapi Fringe.  That fucking little front piece that falls across his nose that bugged me so much.  I think Yamapi looks good all the time (even with the perm or whatever he has going on these days) but that fucking was like "I WANT TO CUT IT OFFF".  Jun's isn't nearly that bad but that's what it is.  I totally hotlinked from Yuckie; so shoot me.  She said "don't reupload".  So I didn't.  Just think of this as "free advertising". 

Mmmm I'm totally not sleepy.  I should get up at 8 tomorrow so I can be lazy and eat something for breakfast and do my hair and get pretty for the long day.  I've got to be in Azabu Juban at 11am to sign my new contract and that shit is going to take like an hour because stupid boss is probably going to wax poetic about what our contracts say (as if it's going to be tragically different from last year) and do paperwork etc.  I will find out for sure that I'm back at Toyoshiki (I fucking better be) and if I got a raise.  Last year they gave only a couple people raises who did good jobs.  I did a good job, but I hadn't been with them for the whole year so I didn't qualify.  Bullshit but whatever.  They don't have any excuses this year and I had perfect attendance and my school even requested for me personally to come back.  That's got to count for something.  Stupid Tatsuya hasn't even given me my fucking observation comments yet.  I'll ask for them tomorrow, I guess.

I'm meeting Taka for drinks tomorrow night somewhere in Akihabara so I'm just going to hang out in Tokyo.  Go somewhere, find a cafe and get caffeinated and read Wicked.  Andrew's free to do some filming for our CM around 430 so I'll go hang out there in the afternoon.  I don't even know when Taka will be free for drinks.  Probably around 7.  I've got to call him tomorrow.

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