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The guy dresses like an actual straight boy in his off-time. Baggy jeans, skater shoes and a backwards cap.

I fucking love it.

What am I talking about? Rehersal footage. Also known as pure gold. The only good thing to come out of the recent hate meme.

What else can we glean from these clips? Ohno is a lazy mother fucker and I love that too. And I am going to rip the audio of Aiba's solo from the DVD when I get it.
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It shocks me sometimes how much fandom freaks out about little things. No matter how good a driver you are, as soon as you get behind the wheel, you risk getting into an accident.

I, on the other hand, am just laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

Let's remember that this is Matsujun's 2nd accident (that we know of). Though, that was just a scrape (and it wasn't even his car) but that's 2 more accidents than I've ever been in. Though, he has probably clocked more driving hours than I have. To me, this is just more evidence that Japanese people are poor drivers (need a recall the day a taxi nearly clipped me while I was in the zebra crossing?). Not only that, they are so ill-prepared for bad weather. Hello, this isn't Okinawa; Kanto does get snow, however infrequently. Thank you, global warming. That shouldn't be an excuse for accidents. And fuck, it was only 1cm! It's winter—rain + cold = black ice. You should have snow tires on your car regardless.

Maybe it's because I'm Canadian and snowy winters are a given. It snowed nearly every day I was home this past X'mas. Vancouver is exactly the same: if they get more than 3cm on the ground, the busses grind to a halt and city goes into shock. I can forgive that because the GTA is mountainous. I'm sorry but Tokyo is flat as a board.
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Today was Johnny's Mail Day at my house.  My anniversary present came: it's smaller than I thought but so cute.  Tickets also came!!  We're on the 3rd baseline and pretty near the back of the dome, but we're halfway up the front block.  It's going to be great!

The guy who killed that Nova teacher 2 years ago is on the news again.  They are saying he's changed his look so many times which is why he hasn't been caught yet.  He's had (or is going to have) surgery so that's making it hard.  I wonder if that's the whole reason.


Some expected and unexpected answers. )

Nino's 100Q / Aiba's 100Q

I've turned off emailing of comments, so my inbox doesn't get spammed. 
++ If you want to translate this into another language, you don't have to ask. Just credit properly and send me a PM with the link when you're done.

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I had hoped it was an email from the concert dept saying the hotlines were live... it was this instead:

It's Matsumoto Jun:D

This is a thank you mail because
our best album "All the BEST! 1999-2009"
has reached over a million in salessparkles

Thanks to everyone's support, it's a first since our debut!
The first, you guys!!
We've reached a millionpeacenosign

Thank you so much:D

From now on, we're going to work together
with our staff to vigorously make music
that many people can listen to and enjoydash

sparklesThank yousparkles

So cute! But it looks so ghetto with shitty Docomo emojis.:<

Who's eating bran cereal with yogurt for dinner? I am. Although it's more like... brany-yogurt-mush now.
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What it was about Jun's hair (which I'm liking-- it's Bambino Jr!) that was bothering me:

He's doing the Yamapi Fringe.  That fucking little front piece that falls across his nose that bugged me so much.  I think Yamapi looks good all the time (even with the perm or whatever he has going on these days) but that fucking was like "I WANT TO CUT IT OFFF".  Jun's isn't nearly that bad but that's what it is.  I totally hotlinked from Yuckie; so shoot me.  She said "don't reupload".  So I didn't.  Just think of this as "free advertising". 

Mmmm I'm totally not sleepy.  I should get up at 8 tomorrow so I can be lazy and eat something for breakfast and do my hair and get pretty for the long day.  I've got to be in Azabu Juban at 11am to sign my new contract and that shit is going to take like an hour because stupid boss is probably going to wax poetic about what our contracts say (as if it's going to be tragically different from last year) and do paperwork etc.  I will find out for sure that I'm back at Toyoshiki (I fucking better be) and if I got a raise.  Last year they gave only a couple people raises who did good jobs.  I did a good job, but I hadn't been with them for the whole year so I didn't qualify.  Bullshit but whatever.  They don't have any excuses this year and I had perfect attendance and my school even requested for me personally to come back.  That's got to count for something.  Stupid Tatsuya hasn't even given me my fucking observation comments yet.  I'll ask for them tomorrow, I guess.

I'm meeting Taka for drinks tomorrow night somewhere in Akihabara so I'm just going to hang out in Tokyo.  Go somewhere, find a cafe and get caffeinated and read Wicked.  Andrew's free to do some filming for our CM around 430 so I'll go hang out there in the afternoon.  I don't even know when Taka will be free for drinks.  Probably around 7.  I've got to call him tomorrow.

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