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Today was Johnny's Mail Day at my house.  My anniversary present came: it's smaller than I thought but so cute.  Tickets also came!!  We're on the 3rd baseline and pretty near the back of the dome, but we're halfway up the front block.  It's going to be great!

The guy who killed that Nova teacher 2 years ago is on the news again.  They are saying he's changed his look so many times which is why he hasn't been caught yet.  He's had (or is going to have) surgery so that's making it hard.  I wonder if that's the whole reason.


Family Club Bulletin #46: Anniversary Issue

Matsumoto Jun: 100 Questions & 100 Answers

  1. Full name: I’m Matsumoto Jun.
  2. Occupation: Mmm… what is it? I do everything.
  3. Date of birth: 30 August, 1983
  4. Height as of November 2009: I didn’t measure it exactly so I don’t know.
  5. Weight as of November 2009: I didn’t measure it exactly so I don’t know.
  6. Eyesight as of November 2009: I’m going to get my eyes tested ♪
  7. Handedness as of November 2009: Probably right.
  8. An ability you think it’d be good to have as of November 2009: The ability to communicate with various beings.
  9. Please tell us your blood type with an adjective: A so-called nonchalant A-type.
  10. Your birthplace and one thing you'd boast about that place: Tokyo. A long time ago, the place was Edo.
  11. Please tell us three skills: I can twist my fingers in weird directions/I can remember detailed things/Arashi’s intro quiz
  12. Please tell us two strong points of your personality: Meticulous/Excitable
  13. Please tell us one weak point of your personality: Stubborn
  14. What is the charm point of your outward appearance? Around my eyebrows~eyes
  15. An unconscious habit? I touch my nose.
  16. An unconsciously used phrase? “Something”
  17. Something you can’t calm down without? Cellphone
  18. What colour is your cell phone? A greenish-blue.
  19. Your ideal time to get out of bed? 7
  20. Your ideal time to go to sleep? 1
  21. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Get out of bed.
  22. What do you do before sleeping at night? Turn off the lights.
  23. On a scale from 1 to 5, your ability to wake up is? It’s 1.
  24. What’s your ideal way to spend a day off? Start drinking at lunch.
  25. Average bath time? 30 mins I guess?
  26. In my room, here is comfortable!: My desk
  27. Please tell us your ideal breakfast: Rice, miso soup, grilled fish, natto. Midoriyama Studio’s morning set.
  28. Do you have a specialty dish that you cook? Pasta (tomato sauce).
  29. What moment you are most likely to laze around in a day? When I’m on the sofa watching TV.
  30. If you have something you’re obsessed with, please tell us: Jigsaw puzzles
  31. A treat that perks you up? Sushi!
  32. Food that brings you down? Celery
  33. What’ s a delicious food you've discovered as an adult? Kohada1
  34. What (clothing) style have you recently gotten into? The clothes I want to wear that day.
  35. Do you have a fashion item you buy unconsciously? T-shirts and hats.
  36. What makes you think, “Wow, my stress is gone~”? Drinking with my friends!
  37. What's the thing you are weakest at in the whole world? Irrational things.
  38. Please tell us your special skill: Volley shoot
  39. What’s your small daily happiness? Being able to see beautiful scenery when it can be seen.
  40. Something you keep in mind in your job: Sincerity
  41. Something you’d like to try in your job: A ensemble cast all of the same generation
  42. The greatest joy in your job: When I see people’s delighted faces and feelings.
  43. Something you think is tough in your job: Nothing.
  44. Something you think you’ve grown in: My way of thinking.
  45. A skill you’d like to develop in your job: My way of living.
  46. What’s your field of expertise? I don’t want to choose by myself.
  47. What’s your area of weakness? I don’t want to choose by myself.
  48. What is work to you? Work
  49. What is Arashi to you? Arashi
  50. I like this about Arashi!: It’s unchanging.
  51. Sum up the charm of Aiba Masaki in one word: Energetic
  52. Sum up the charm of Matsumoto Jun in one word: ?
  53. Sum up the charm of Ninomiya Kazunari in one word: Opinion
  54. Sum up the charm of Ohno Satoshi in one word: Gentleness2
  55. Sum up the charm of Sakurai Sho in one word: Hard worker
  56. Actually, this part of Arashi is weak!: We have a passion for curry.
  57. When do you think, “I’m glad to be in Arashi?? During the casual times, I think. After a concert.
  58. Until now, what kind of Arashi has it been? An Arashi supported by everyone.
  59. From now on, what kind of Arashi are you aiming for? An Arashi that can enjoy everyone.
  60. Something that’s made you happy recently: A jigsaw puzzle’s finished!
  61. Something that was fun recently: I went to a sushi shop with my close friends.
  62. Something that was upsetting recently: Michael Jackon passed away.
  63. Something that’s been on your mind lately: Suddenly some stranger took my picture.
  64. Something you’re wondering about now: Pro baseball
  65. Do you have a jinx? No.
  66. What’s your favourite word? Best wise (Keith Richard’s words)
  67. Please tell us your favourite motto: Continuation is power.
  68. What’s your creed: If you try, you will succeed.
  69. What’s the source of your smile? Daily life.
  70. What has someone said to you that made you happy? Thank you.
  71. When have you thought, “This person is really great~”? When I see their charming parts.
  72. There is this kind of privilege for being my friend!: I’ll lend you various DVDs.
  73. There is this kind of privilege for being my girlfriend!: I’ll be by your side.
  74. What’s your ideal male image? Ichiro3
  75. What’s your ideal female image? Madonna
  76. Please tell us one of your specialty date plans: I don’t have anything like that.
  77. Something you want to try and give as a present to the person you like: I don’t have that either.
  78. Words you’d like to try saying: You’re in love with me, aren’t you?4
  79. A place you’d like to go once: Spain
  80. Something you’d like to try once: Construction/architecture
  81. One day, you suddenly turn into Aiba-kun! What do you want to try? A “Tensai! Shimura Dobutsuen” location shoot.
  82. One day, you suddenly turn into Ninomiya-kun! What do you want to try? Games
  83. One day, you suddenly turn into Ohno-kun! What do you want to try? Painting pictures.
  84. One day, you suddenly turn into Sakurai-kun! What do you want to try? Writing raps.
  85. What Arashi song exactly fits your mood right now? The song I feel like listening to now is “Love so sweet”
  86. What Arashi single has left a deep impression? “Truth / Kaze no Mukou e”
  87. What Arashi album has left a deep impression? “All the BEST! 1999-2009”
  88. What Arashi concert tour has left a deep impression? I remember them all!
  89. If there were 5 hours added to a day, what would you do? Watch movies and read books.
  90. If you weren’t in Arashi, what kind of job would you have settled into? I think I’d probably be in this industry.
  91. Please tell us your biggest past crisis: I was involved in a traffic accident (grade 2).
  92. Please tell us how you get out of a pinch: Runaway!
  93. Please tell us one of the Seven Wonders of Matsumoto Jun: My toes are long.
  94. Please tell us one of the Seven Wonders of Arashi: No fights in ten years.
  95. What’s the most necessary thing in your life? Something to believe in.
  96. Please tell us the knack for enjoying life: Looking around yourself.
  97. What’s the treasure only for you? All the people who are connected to me.
  98. When do you think, “This is the greatest happiness!”? Whenever I complete something.
  99. If you were to give a title to this life, what would it be? “Continuation” or “Believe”
  100. What’s your greatest ambition in life? I have no ambitions.
1 「小肌」 A type of fish
2 「ユルさ」 Can also be translated as looseness, slowness, generosity
3 Professional baseball player Ichiro Suzuki, plays for the Seattle Mariners.
4 「お前、オレに惚れてんだろう?」  The infamous airport scene from Hanadan?

Nino's 100Q / Aiba's 100Q

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