May. 11th, 2009

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So I went to Ootakanomori and ended up getting other things. I got a cute green dress (though I was looking for a skirt--I see everyone wearing the kind I want but I can't find one!) but passed on the earrings (because I couldn't find the store). Got a new pair of stockings. Kinokuniya didn't have Freecell; it didn't show up on the computer's search even though the website lists it stock (I wish they would tell you which stores). I didn't bother asking at the counter to see if they could order it or anything... it's a new magazine so maybe they haven't decided to stock it yet. Well, if Kino doesn't stock it, who does? I doubt that Wings in Takashimya will have it; if they did, it's probably sold out already anyway. :/ I could order it online but then I'll be paying double for shipping and fees. No thanks. I will have to make do with scans of hot Sobaya Sho.

I couldn't transfer money for Elle's doujinshi. I didn't realize you couldn't do it at the machines after the bank closes (unless you're an MUFJ account holder). I'll have to do it tomorrow.

Some of my 6th graders saw me at the station. X3 They were so cute. "Heather-sensei da!!" I don't think I will ever get tired of that.

I bought lots of groceries; I should get cooking even though it's late and I don't want to. I'm going to make burgers as I watch Nepleague! I got some really yummy looking cheese buns to go with them. :3

Note to self: the Triumph store in Ootakanomori does carry larger sized bras. And not terribly expensive either? Well. The only one in the proper size--one style in the whole fucking store than came in an 85E--was on sale for 3,000 yen. I didn't ask what the normal price was. I tried on an 80F but it was just a bit too tight around the ribs. Cups fit though which is the most important part. Good to know; Anna bought me some when she was in Dubai last week so the girls aren't hurting yet.
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I'm so excited for it. I just hope I don't get sleepy before then.

It's official: I make burgers better than anyone. I should stop eating at burger joints because they are never as satisfying as my own. All you burger lovers out there: try putting cream cheese on next time. SO GOOD. I didn't really read the signage at the bread shop properly (I got too excited by the "time service" sign) and only saw "Cheese Buns", not "Cream Cheese Buns". But it turned out super delicious. I also made a rocola, tomato, cucumber and salmon sashimi salad. I don't really know what rocola (or "rocket salad", as my dictionary tells me) is, but it's got a nice strong flavour and the cherry tomatoes were so sweet.♬ I still have one burger left if I get hungry later, or left overs for dinner tomorrow.

I feel so good when I cook. I don't know why this feeling doesn't make me want to cook more.

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