Mar. 12th, 2009

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I am currently watching 3 shows and they are all awesome and just started Love Shuffle. I'm strongly attracted to all the male leads, even Daigo and the nerdy shrink. Especially O-chan. It's the hair and the (squinty) eyes. Ughkdfj. And Karina! ♥ I love your fucked up head.

I've got new episodes of Mei-chan and Voice (soon to be two once the SD version comes out for 6) to watch this weekend. And I should probably watch My So-Called Love too so I can delete it. And The Witch of the West is Dead (or whatever it's called).

I am meeting at boy on Saturday~ He gets big points for actually calling me to apologize to say he couldn't meet tomorrow, how about the day after? Who does that anymore! He's got some sudden government baito. It was kind of an awkward conversation since I didn't know what I wanted to do, I just left it up to him. I'm sure it'll be fun. :)

Tomorrow is graduation! I actually need to get up on time so I can shower and do my ladies' things in the morning. Don't forget the camera!

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