Jan. 7th, 2009

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So, this guy who used to be a student of mine at Nova.  His name is Takeshi and he's the only student I gave my number to cuz I thought he was cute and would be cool to get some Japanese friends my age when I first moved here.  I helped him with his English once and he wanted me to look over something for his EiKen or TOEIC thing and I suggested my house but he said, "I shouldn't, I have a girlfriend," as if coming to my house was somehow a crime.  Anyway.  He was online for the first time in ages tonight and said hello because I need to be more out there with boys if I ever expect to catch one. 

He said I've gotten prettier (from the pic on MSN).  I would like to believe it but I'm sure it was just angle and lighting.  But he's recently single so maybe something could happen.  At least he knows I'm here and available for coffee (and also single).  We'll see.  It's stupid and small, but I feel good about it.

Yay new layout.

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