Feb. 10th, 2009

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I don't even have anything interesting or noteworthy to say here but I feel the need to post.  That's a bad sign.

I've got 4 lessons today if Kaneko shows up.  Only two if he doesn't.  I wonder if it's going to be another gongshow like December.  I don't want to go through that again.  It sounds really awful but... They don't pay me enough for that.  And I'm not really in a position to make demands, especially not to the school because I'm not even employed by them.  And the company could care less what I actually do everyday as long as no one complains about me.

Speaking of the company... I think Tatsuya is coming today.  If not today, then Thursday.  Tomorrow is a holiday!  And as retarded as I think it is having a day off in the middle of the week, I'm kind of glad for it.  I can stay up and watch CSI: Miami after Mei-chan. 

I spent the day yesterday making up activities for the firsties.  I haven't shown them to Imai-sensei yet.  She'll probably give me "Heather time" today in class since 1-3 is pretty ahead of the rest of the classes so I think they are done.  I think I'll bring my stuff for Go to Sleep, Wake Up and one of the worksheets I made.  Last time he gave me crap for using big words and not demonstrating the instructions.  I know I have to do that even more for 1st year but I don't half of the time.  But they are picking up my instructions pretty easily now.  I hope.

I think these drugs are doing something.  I wasn't in a terrible lot of pain last night when I was watching Cashmere Mafia (so good!) and wasn't hyper aware of the tension in my jaw so that's a good thing.  I suppose I should write mom and tell her the latest as well.  I don't know what she'll say, maybe she'll look up some homeopathic stuff.  Or say, "Suck it up, tough break," since nothing can really be done.  I don't even know.  If it's still hurting by next week, I'm going to ask him to do an x-ray.  I want to know what the hell is going on.
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I have a date tomorrow~ And I've met this person before so I know he isn't totally creepy and unattractive. I met him at Andrew's X'mas party in 2007 and slipped him my phone number before we parted ways but he never mailed me. And then yesterday I got this email from some random address I didn't know saying that they were changing addresses (in Japanese) and I couldn't read the name. Anyway! So we started talking today and he said he wants to eat my cooking again because it was so delicious (if you impress them with turkey, you can impress them with anything).

K: ほんとに!? やったー ありがとう~ 楽しみしてるな。Heatherの家に食べに行っていいの?(Really!?  Yay!  Thank you~  I'm looking forward to it.  Is it really okay to go to your house?)
H: いいよ~ 超狭いけど。 (It's fine~ It's super small though.)
K: ありがとう~ 狭かったら、泊まるのは難しいかな・・・?(Thank you~  If it's small, I wonder if it will be difficult to stay over...)

I don't know how we jumped from eating to sleeping over but there it is. :P If he wants to get up at 630am and be out the door at 8 when I go to work, that's fine by me. I don't know if he will actually stay tomorrow but since I said I had an extra futon (whether or not it gets used is another matter...), it's kind of been agreed upon. XD He only lives at Sugamo so he could take the train back at 12:20. Just go with the flow and see what happens. Tonight would have been better since it's a stat holiday tomorrow but he had plans. Maybe it's for the best so I can clean up my house tomorrow! Really give it a good scrub. Especially the bathroom. Just in case. ;)  Randomy, I don't think I've ever had sex on a week day.

He said he wants to eat my specialty dish... I don't know if I have one. I think I'll make coconut chicken. It's exotic and he's probably never had it before. My specialty I think is pad thai but I can't get the ingredients in Japan. DX

I really am not expecting anything. Just hang out, eat some food, watch some CSI maybe. It's been more than a year since I've even talked to this guy. I asked why he never mailed me and he said he had no confidence in his English skills and didn't have time to study. Now he does. I'm totally being used for my English ability but I'm using him just as much for his Japanese, you could say. I told him I thought it was because I had flirted too much (and maybe scared him off). He replied, "そんなことないよ!嬉しかったし。♥  ほんとはもっといちゃついて欲しかったくらいだし。でも、英語で話せないと思ったから。” (That's not true! I was really happy. Actually I wanted to flirt more. But I thought I couldn't speak English.)

Word of the day: いちゃつく means "to flirt". XD

Anyway.  He's the same age as I am (maybe '84) and graduating this spring and is going to be a nurse. :DD

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