Feb. 16th, 2009

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I know I really like someone when I get really obsessive that they don't email me as much as I want to email them.  I'm restraining.  As Andrew says, people don't have time, they make time.  And if he isn't making time to even email me, well.  I don't want to think actions speak louder since I thought things were going in a pretty good direction.  I'm really trying not to obsess.  I swear.

I decided I want to eat yakiniku for my birthday so I sent off a reservation request to Gyuukaku.  They should call me tomorrow to confirm it?  I will have Andrew call anyway and confirm the number since I don't actually know how many people will come.  Probably not all the 8 that I counted. 

Also, we're going to Korea for a 5-day trip at the end of March.  I'm really excited.  I did some reading on Travel Wiki today and that psyched me up even more. :)  I have to go to immigration to get a re-entry visa two weeks before we go (on Graduation Day) but otherwise, I'm good.  I should probably buy some won now since the rate is so wonderful (although it probably doesn't change much?).  W1000 is Y86!  

I was going to make nikujaga for dinner tonight but then I didn't really know what to eat with it.  And I'm too hungry now and don't want to wait an hour for it to cook.  Though, I don't think the leftover thai I have is going to fill me up at all.  

Got new AV cables and 28 Dresses to test them out.  The sound wasn't too terrible for my CSI marathon last night though...

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