Mar. 1st, 2009

aide: (山ピ → Peace Out Bitch)
I've been silent this weekend, Lydia tells me. 

I spent Saturday being lazy and doing laundry and doing quiz things on Okcupid and then some guy messaged me and we started talking.  He's going to work for Square Enix and just got to Japan on Friday and we ended up meeting up in Koenji.  It was ... an interesting night.  He was an... interesting guy.  Not my type at all and I will probably avoid hanging out with him again.  He wanted to check out some "underground" music there (which I didn't really clue into until later) and we spent an hour wandering around the dinky little streets trying to find this retarded club that we walked right past when we got there because it was so tiny.  We ended up meeting some random foreigners on the street and drank with them.  One guy actually graduated from UBC the same time I did with a major in History.  Totally random. 

I had to transfer at Takadanobaba to get home but I didn't really feel like going back because my night had been such a let down so I called Andrew.  Blake, Keisuke and Justin were over and so we got more liqoured and went to Nichome.  It was kind of a bust but we had fun.  Felt like totally ass today and caught a cold from someone even though I only kissed Blake and he's fine.  That's not cool.  Then we stayed in and watched Star Trek and made cake today.  We also did a little CSI experiment on Ben's bed and found a lot more than we really wanted to know.  And it wasn't the sheets that were the problem.  I just got home now...

This entry was a lot longer than I expected.  After 3 attempts, I have now decided no more meeting people off the internet.  Even as friends.  There are just too many fucking weirdo losers out there and I don't need any more friends.  I have great wonderful friends already.  

Thank god I don't have classes tomorrow.  Even though I still have to fucking go.

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