Aug. 31st, 2009

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Aso is out. The Liberal Democratic Party is out.

I don't really know what the difference between the "Liberal" Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Japan is, but it's a change from the the last few decades of power so there should be some changes.

Holy shit.

I'm just seeing the votes now, the LDP has 93 seats while the DPJ has 283 so far! And Sho-chan looks hot despite having held a concert tonight. I hope he has a day off tomorrow. I wonder which way he voted (cuz you know he did). I wonder if the rest of Arashi voted. Apparently, this year was expected to have the highest reported voter turn-out. I wonder when this will be over; this news coverage has been going on since 9pm. When will they all get to go home?

I finally caught up with my RL Sho-chan and his girlfriend and had dinner and went to some karaoke. Good times! His gf is such a cutie. She wants to meet up once a month (I guess she likes me that much), but I'll wait for her to contact me. She's a hair stylist so maybe I can get her to do my hair from now on?

Time to sleep! Stupid typhoon looks like it's going to ruin my plans for tmrw.

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