Jan. 5th, 2009

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So, [livejournal.com profile] trivialaffair did it so that means I must do it too. Here's a compilation of everything I wrote last year. Well, ever, since I only started writing last year. This is going to double as fic archive action. I just hope my laggy computer doesn't make me too angry. I have very little patience for that kind of thing. And I don't know what the fucking problem is. I ran spyware and registry booster programs and nothing has changed. :/

February 2008

So, I had been reading fic for a while and (like most people) though, "I can do that. I have a fucking major in English Lit." And so I started writing. I was a bit squeemish about writing 'ships and sex at first. That quickly fell by the wayside.

17thStrip TripGeneralR5,305

March 2008
I got pretty good reviews on Strip Trip so I decided to write more. And I ended up writing Ohmiya. And then I got inspired by Angela Aki and wrote the angstiest thing ever. I wanted to write something that made you cry and I succeeded!

4thIn-Flight ServiceOhno/NinoR2,023
9thMile High - In-Flight Service IIOhno/NinoNC-173,240
27thYour Love SongAiba/ShoG1,582

April 2008
My most productive month for fics. Wrote a couple fics for people and a sequel to Your Love Song.

8thMaybe If... - sequel to YLSAiba/ShoPG2,098
12thMorning RitualsAiba/ShoG350
16thWhat a FeelingOhno/ShoG597
18thField of FlowersAiba/JunNC-172,188

May 2008
Another present and then. I decided to undertake my epic fic project. Gay samurai love story set in feudal Japan. And I'm still not finished. ;_;
6thMillions of PeachesSho/AibaNC-173,095
18thEquilibirum - Chapter 1
19thEquilibirum - Chapter 2 PG2,517
26thEquilibrium - Chapter 3

June 2008
I totally jumped on the "Sho's injury" band wagon and wrote a few fics on that bend. And more Eq.

3rdOnly HumanGenG638
17thEquilibrium - Chapter 4
29thEquilibrium - Chapter 5 PG3,368

July 2008
More Eq and my first attempt at het. Yamapi/Toda Erika aka Aizawa/Hiyama from Code Blue. Hot doctor sex!

17thEquilibrium - Chapter 6 PG2,400
25thEquilibrium - Chapter 7 PG1,646
29thAnger ManagementAizawa Kousaku/Hiyama MihokoNC-172,385

August 2008
Summer vacation! I only wrote one chapter of Eq (and at the end!) and experimented with writing styles and formats. Captiviation is probably my favourite fic I've ever written.

22ndEquilibrium - Chapter 8 R5,180
 Exercises in HumanityGenPG500
28thCaptivation; Perfection.Sho/OhnoR1,600

September 2008
Inspired by Triv's baby fic, I decided to write my own. I did a lot of research into pregnancy and single fathers for it and I'm really happy with the product. I want to write more adventures of Baby Sakurai. :3

13thBaby - Part 1Sho-centricR4,447
22ndBaby - Part 2 PG3,974

October 2008
Not really much inspiration this month, work was kind of kicking my ass.

25thWithout WordsOhno/NinoPG739

November 2008

Just wrote a continuation but otherwise had no time/energy to write.

2ndWithout Words II

December 2008

This year I signed myself up for a couple of challenges. The deadlines were 1 day apart which was kind of stressful but I managed to pull it off and I really like what I produced.

[livejournal.com profile] je_ficgames What IfAiba/JunR4,374
[livejournal.com profile] je_holiday The Stroking of BoysAiba/Ohno/ShoNC-174,941

Total fics: 23 (I only counted Equilibrium once.)

Total word count: 74,992 That's fucking a lot. Well, half of that is Eq but... actually, I thought it would be more.

Favourite: Captiviation; Perfection. and Baby. I actually like everything I've written but I've forgotten the earlier stuff.

The Best: Cap;Per. I put a lot of work into that.

Most underappreciated by the universe: I'm going to say Equilibrium. There are a few people who comment every time and I've gotten a lot of great comments on it but never as much as when I write porn.

Most fun to write: Anger Management.  Because I actually have experience having sex with a guy as a girl.  It was more real to write.  And who doesn't fantasize about fucking Yamapi?

xiest: Oh, god.  3:21, or Cap;Per.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you":  I don't actually think I have any of those.  If I had to pick one, What a Feeling?

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I guess I would have to say Equilibrium but only because I've been working on it for so long.  But they are as much my own characters as the people they are based off at this point.  The only other would be Baby.  That really needed a lot of introspection.

Hardest to do: The Baby fic.  I don't know anything about having a baby and I really wanted to get it accurate.  And it was a hard topic to write about, even if I haven't gone through it.

Biggest disappointment: I can't say I'm disappointed with anything I've written, but I don't love the earlier parts of Eq as much as I did.  They need a lot of work.

Most telling: I would say either Strip Trip, or What If.  I wrote both from very personal experiences and probably tell the most about the kind of person I am.

My own observations: I don't write short fics.  Shit.  And I don't stick to one pairing (though I do exclusively write Arashi).  I would like to break out and write News or more Yamapi fics but I have a list of things I want to write first.  Finishing Equilibrium is at the top of the list.  

Speaking of Equilibrium, I wrote a new chapter (finally)!

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