Feb. 4th, 2009

aide: (大野 → Ohno-man)
Work was boring.  As usual.  LJ decided to do maintainence when I was rereading Arashi Family. :<  I need to finish that now!  Jun said that Tatsuya called him to set up a time to come watch me.  DNW!  He didn't come last term so I think he will make sure that he comes this term... I told Jun I wanted him to watch a 1st year class.  Hopefully he comes when I said next week.

I sold my camera at Hard Off for 5000 yen.  It would have been 6000 with the AV cable but I couldn't find it.  I never used it so I don't know where it would have gone.  But it's off my  hands and I've got a few bucks in my pocket now. :D

I'm going to find a new layout for [livejournal.com profile] kotobayori.  This one is bigging me.  I hate scrolling down to see the first entry.  It's really annoying.  To me.  But I'm the mod and can do whatever I want.

aide: (大野 ・相葉 → Bitch slapped)
Don't go buying bread products after work because then I won't be hungry until 9pm and then won't feel like cooking (though I managed to make the strangest ramen/noodle thing from whatever I had in my fridge: yakisoba noodles, shoyu nabe tsuyu, momen tofu, cha xiu, tomatos?).  I am in love with Nagase.  I would marry that man.  Shove off Aibu whatsherface.  You're not hardcore enough for him.  And I need to make a point of watching Domoto Kyodai too.  Sunday nights?  I think that's when it's on.  

I haven't gotten around to rewatching Marathon yet... but I did see the news clip for Door to Door.  I'm really looking forward to this special.  I wonder how long it will take to be subbed.  Stormy is probably doing it and how long did they take to do Marathon?  Ugfkjgfs.  

It's Ariel's birthday tomorrow.  Justin and I are going over and we're going to cook dinner and watch Mean Girls. :D  I don't know what I'm going to do for mine... if anything.  It's on a Thursday and I think my liver could use a rest still from my last drinking experience.  The only good thing about that night is that I didn't barf. 

I don't even know when Andrew and Ben are getting back from Cambodia.  I think next week sometime.  Asshole didn't even text me to say they were leaving. 

I should join Justin on his Sexy Body diet.  Ideally, I'd like to go back to Canada 10lbs (or 10kg?) lighter and have everyone be like "Wow! You're so hot now!"  Or something.  But I love carbo-loading.

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