Feb. 2nd, 2009

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Before work is dangerous bsns.
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It gives me a cheap thrill. But maybe that's because I am cheap? I am
really enjoying this. This is my ideal sex. I am not really exactly sure
on Lydia's definition between "sex" and "porn", but this is so sappy and
romantic I almost want to barf. Except I would really but all bubbly and
blushy and happy if it was happening to me. She'll have to explain that one
to me. 1,778 words and I'm nearly done. Who can I get to beta this?

I think there is a special way to painting nails that I'm not aware of
because they look so crappy. And I managed to fuck one up after I fixed it
for the second time. :< What a waste of polish! I wonder if I could go get
a manicure and bring my own colour for them to use. I think they do that in
Canada. Or see about doing acrylics or whatever once. Yeah, not for 9000
yen. DX
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This is how I wish I felt after Arashi in May.  Really.  That was a fucking awesome show.  I only knew about half of the songs (and no Switchblade 327) but it was just lkgjadfkjdf!!!  We got there just before 7 (it would have been closer from Shibuya after all) and a staff guy said we could sit closer because 75% of the 2nd floor was empty!  There were two girls directly in front of us who got drunk and flailed around (because that was not dancing) but otherwise it was great.  There was such an array of people from people our age (actually most of the audience) to an elderly couple, punks, rockers, those Elvis impersonators from Yoyogi Park on Sundays even.  And Brian Setzer seems like a genuinely nice guy from his stage presence and the little he said.  And the music!!! :D  Such a talented man and group of people in general.  I'm so glad I impulse bought those tickets.  Ariel enjoyed it too.  I took her non-classical concert virginity tonight.  I even took some sneaky audio on my phone but I can't download it from there and it probably sucks.  Maybe I'll use it as my ringtone for a while.  Ahhdlkjdf~ !! I'm just really fucking happy right now. :)) 

AND Nagase is the guest on Shukudai tonight.  What a great Monday! 

I have an hour: maybe I can finish this fic too.  That would just be the cherry on the fucking cake.

I need to make sure I make time to hang out with Ari because I have just realized how much I missed having girl friends.  We have also decided to make the gay boys do straight things for us more often.  No more Arty's, no more faggy queens trying to pick fights with Ariel.  We are going to celebrate our birthdays this weekend with karaoke and possibly clubbing.  We don't know when Andrew and Ben get back (they suddenly went to Cambodia) but we're going to make them man up for a nice $50 dinner for us at some point.  Maybe it will have to wait until the 21st. 

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