Jan. 6th, 2009

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So I got fucking pissed with this bullshit lag my compy had going on when there were no problems with the registry and no spyware.  So I thought, had to be a virus, right?  So I tried scanning and left it on (cuz it's taken 3 hours before...) and it's stalled after scanning only 1000 files.  I try and try and it stalls after a few thousand.  So I went to Zone Alarm and was looking for help and apparently I'm not the only one with issues.  They know about it and are trying to fix it.  It was fine before I upgraded.  Other people are having performance issues with version 8 so I downgraded and we're working good again. :D  Video playback skips a little bit but at least it's watchable for the most part.  (Which might be due to the scan running.)

Sigh... I hate computers so much sometimes.

I'm going to make Oneeman's hayashi rice again tonight.  And try not to burn the onions this time.  I just hope the beef is still good.  I froze it but it's looking kind of brown and not from being cooked. :/ 

Went to buy a frame for my 7 lucky god's picture and the one I got was too small!  Just barely.  They must have used some weird fucked up non-standard paper size for it.  Now I have to go back to Bic.  But I looked at cameras and am going to buy a new one next pay check anyway.  I'm looking at one similar to Justin's or a pretty girly one.  The one Justin has is a bit more powerful but the other is pretty (and comes in like 8 colours) and cheaper.  I just need to go back and make sure they fit my memory card.  I know Justin's does but this model is one after it.  I don't know about the Z model.

Fujifilm FinePix F60fd
Colours: black, silver
Size: 59.2×92.5×22.9mm
Weight: ~163g
Lens: 3x optical zoom, 12.0 megapixels
Screen: 3.0" colour LCD
Memory: internal ~25MB, xD, SD, SDHC cards
Video: AVI, motion JPEG, 640×480px, 320×240px, 25 frames/sec, audio
Fujifilm FinePix Z250fd
Colours: red, white, pink, black
Size: 55.7×92.0×20.0mm
Weight: ~134g
Lens: 5x optical zoom, 10.0 megapixels
Screen: 2.7" colour LCD
Memory: xD, SD, SDHC cards
Video: AVI, motion JPEG


Jan. 6th, 2009 11:52 pm
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My birthday is in 42 days.

I will be turning 24.

According to Daishoin Temple at Miyajima, Heisei 21 (2009) is going to be a year riddled with atrocity for me.  D:  Coincidently, it's the same for Andrew so I won't have to suffer alone.  That doesn't make me feel good about the coming year, even though I've done the temple and shrine pilgrimages and such to get as much good luck as I can. 

I really would like to be in a relationship this year.  That would be nice.

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