Apr. 14th, 2009

aide: (斗真 → OH CRAP)
I should have gone to bed at 1130 when I was feeling sleepy instead of watching Shukudai-kun, hilarious as it was.  Ayase Haruka bugs me but watching them make boob jokes and gestures was well worth it.  However, it's now 2am and I'm not sleepy.  Not like I have anything on tomorrow but I should start trying to readjust my interal clock sooner rather than later.

I guess I definitely won't sleep in front of the computer so I should crawl back into bed. :/
aide: (翔 → Finger!dance)

Just entered for the chance to win tickets to Inoue Joe's first showcase live. :DDD  Actually, it was already entered apparently?  Whatever.  No information available other than the show is on July 21st.  I finish work on the 16th.  *happy dance*  I will buy tickets ASAP as information comes out anyway (since they won't announce winners until 2 weeks before the concert).  I'll figure out what to do with the extras if I win.  I'm taking JR with me for sure. :D

It was a problem with Firefox apparently.  The staff people actually repsonded to my email, I am impressed.

Watching the last two episodes of Roswell season 1 and making a moogle.  Finally going to do one properly.  I've already got 3 legs finished!

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