Apr. 17th, 2009

aide: (井上ジョー ♥)
Really bad. Please to listen to these songs. They are only a selection of the ones from the new album (plus one that isn't). He's a fucking magician, a power house. He writes, plays and mixes all his own stuff. He's 6 months younger than I am (and exactly 2 years younger than our beloved Matsujun!) and just so amazingly talented. I really can't rave enough about this kid. His SoCal LA accent kind of is a bit grating at times but it's totally amusing to me whenever he says 'and' in his blog videos. He makes me want to go out and blog about random shit in Japan for the folks back home. The smelliest train in Chiba? Speaking of blogging, I haven't updated my Vox in a while. Not that anyone reads that or gives a shit.

Still no concert information, but I am going.

I am happy that I could finally find the lyrics for 車. I could actually catch most of them but I was like... is this really what I think he's singing about? He wrote about what happens when you don't buckle up. Yep. More to love. Kid even did the infamous Mentos/Coke experiment. He and Aiba would be great friends.

It's amazing--I know maybe 1/10th about this guy (or less) compared to Arashi but I feel more love for him that I (ever?) have for them. That's serious. I'm really in deep here; I have tried to get most of my friends to listen to him. Too bad Andrew and Justin only listen to pop and R&B. Won't even give him a chance. Oh, well. More Joe love for me! ♥

UGH I wish these fucking seasonal allergies would go away! I'm tired of sneezing. I should probably cook dinner, even though I ate 4 breaded goodies after work. Which was a total gongshow. I didn't do anything. Kaneko didn't get fired, but he's not a homeroom teacher anymore. Nakamura is still doing 3rd year and Imai is doing 2nd, Kaneko got demoted to 1st and a new pricipal. There are about 6 new teachers at Toyoshiki and another handful at Ni Shou and a new VP. I get my own desk at Ni Shou this year too! All my favourite teachers are still there. No Watanabe-sensei to look at but 3 or so new younger teachers who I might be able to be friends with. One of them wants English lessons?! So Kaneko told me. I'll see more about that on Monday, I guess. It's going to be a great year. :)

Meeting Blake for lunch before going to Ariel's violin concert tomorrow. I haven't seen him forever. He sent me a message today apologizing for a being a shit lately which I never expected. He hasn't gotten back to me yet about plans though. Smile is on in another hour and a half. I am going to try writing for this Rare Pair Meme to get out of my writer's block funk I've found myself in.

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