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Many thanks to [ profile] littlealex for reintroducing me to the whimiscal idiocy that is KAT-TUN. I am set for viewing until the "new" Himitsu no Arashi-chan starts at 10. :D

I really like my job sometimes. I ran into one of my favourite students on the way home yesterday. Minami-chan from the Araragi class last year, she graduated and is going to school in Chiba now (I think). She said she wished she could go back to first year and having English class with me again~ ♥ What a sweetheart.

I was looking over some worksheets from the third years (they are learning "It's ~ for (me) to..." right now). The best sentence ever: "It's easy for me to talk with girls." They also played Ashita no Kioku that day at lunch. :D

They played Kumorinochi Kaisei at lunch today! I also had 2 of the Himawari students (the special class at elementary school) in one class. They can't keep up with my speed and I feel bad but the girl (I don't know her name, it was the first time) enjoyed it. She said thank you especially to me after school. I wasn't even going that fast--numbers larger than 20 are still hard for them--but it's tougher for the Himawari kids. I wonder how they'll do later on.

There's going to be a principal's meeting in a few weeks, where a bunch of the neighbouring school principals will come to my school and watch me teach English with Yahagi-sensei (the English co-ordinator for grade 6 this year). We've decided to cut out a bunch of the current lesson because it's stupid and not very involving. I'm glad he shares my sentiments on some of the draw backs of this course.

I sent off the ballot for 見知らぬ乗客 today for [ profile] shourai, [ profile] vintage_belle and myself. I chose the matinee (14:00) on the 23rd of July. My logic is that weekday matinees won't be as busy because people will have to work or be at school still (maybe?)... You only got one choice, but you could say you were willing to take anything else that opened up to increase your chances. Lucky for me, I'm on holidays and have absolutely no plans for summer so I can (theorectially) go to any show. Fingers are crossed; we'll find out in 2 weeks.

It's 6pm. I'm going to make chicken teriyaki for dinner to go with my salad. No carbs... which is going to come back to bite me in an hour or something. Maybe I'll make some miso soup to go with it. I've still got some kimchi nabe left too.

I love my conbini. The wife is such a happy person. She made sure I realized I was buying mirin (I ran out) and then was kind of shocked that I was cooking... I guess I get dinner from there more often than I realize (or would like to admit). I'm going to make a teriyaki chicken sandwich for dinner. OH YES.

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Date: 2009-05-28 10:57 am (UTC)
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I think KAT-TUN is one of those groups you need to take a break from every now and then to truly appreciate them (says she, after only knowing about them for, what, six months?) They can get a bit tiresome with their bitching and in-fighting, but it's when you remember that they can be adorkable, entertaining idiots as well that reminds you how much you like them. I think I need to revisit some cKT specials myself, I've been feeling the lack of KT-love in my heart. Arashi kind of ninja'ed their way into my heart instead. ;)

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Date: 2009-05-29 12:18 am (UTC)
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That is true. Arashi's dug in there heels and hasn't really left room for anyone else. So it's really refreshing when I realize/remember how much I like NewS and KAT-TUN but then feel kind of bad that I don't follow them as much. I guess it's for the best--I only have so much time to waste.

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Date: 2009-05-28 04:38 pm (UTC)
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Good luck at getting good seats!
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Date: 2009-05-29 04:12 am (UTC)
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lol whimsical idiocy. that's one way to put it :DDD

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