Feb. 9th, 2009

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God I really hope it isn't TMJ.  That's the only jaw problem I know of (and still can't bring myself to google) but I don't want to have any chronic issues more than I already do!  :(  I really hope the doctor is helpful because I don't think this can wait a year until I go back to Canada (and then some while I get my fucking health insurance reinstated).  It's really hurting more today, I think.  Why did this happen so suddenly?

I think Nino sang Orion better than Mika.  I love the er hu/piano duet.  Too bad it's such bad quality.  Maybe someone else will have a better rip of it soon.  You should check it out. :) 

Got an email from my relative who is living in Lithuania about her trip to Egypt over New Year.  It didn't go very well. :(  I should send her an email during a free at work today.  And I want to write postcards.  I should send all the ones I don't like (haha) and clear them out so I don't have to throw them away when I move next year.  I'm still waiting for Kevin's letter.  He hasn't sent me one since ... I can't even remember now.  That's how long it's been and I'm sure I've sent him 3 in the interim.  So much for being a good penpal.  I haven't heard from Alison lately either but we've talked a bit on LJ so that's okay. :)  Maybe I'll write Heather even though I just wrote her an epicly long email last week?  I just feel like writing on paper for a change.  Does anyone want mail?  (AhemLydiacoughcough)

I want to see the new spots about the NYCC!  They haven't started to flood the internet yet although I think it was on Mezashi-なんとか TV today.  I wonder when they returned to Japan.  I should make sure I watch Zero tonight to see if Sho's there and if they report on the NYCC although I think that must be too soon?  Although news shows are a different breed.  

Dumb and Dumber are back from Cambodia/Thailand.  He said he bought presents!  I'll have to wait until Friday to get them though.  Is it only Monday?  We have a holiday this week so there's no school on Wednesday.  So stupid.  Why don't they move it to Friday and give everyone a long weekend?  

Send me email.  I don't want to be bored at work.  I accept fic. :D

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Kaneko is off again today. Lucky for me! That means I only have 1 lesson
and its Araragi which I always enjoy. This means I can do some reading and
writing today maybe. I need to do my work first and plan some activities
for the 1st years. Imai-sensei asked me to do some stuff that was more of a
full review for them since their exams are coming up at the end of the

I didn't bring my notebook with me so I don't have my Eq notes. :( Not that
I don't already know what I want to happen but I always feel better when I
have it out in front of me when I'm writing. It's motivational in a way?

Watched Sho's greeting. I'm impressed. His fluency is quite good though
his pronunciation leaves a bit to be desired. At least he didn't sound
rehersed and like he just memorized the words (ahemNinoahem). Sigh~ I
really wish he could have the chance for some immersion. It would do him so
much good.

Time for marking and then see if this ALT handbook has any good activities I
can use.
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I went to the doctor (and was in and out in under an hour!) and he gave me some anti-inflamatory drugs to take for a week and told me to try those and come back. He said sometimes there's inflamation and sometimes not, which I read on Wikipedia, so we'll see. Hopefully they work. He also referred me to his dentist friend. I asked if he speaks English and Tomita-sensei's response was, "I think, yes, he's a very gentle person." Haha... alright? I'll take that. I guess. I'll drop in on Saturday after seeing how these drugs work and see if I can get in before Tomoko's party.

I made it home just in time for Neptune League and the Mei-chan cast are on it! It's also a 2-hour special. I'm super excited. :D But they aren't on until the second half. I wish that Arashi would go on this show. They have the right number of people for a team! Maybe I'll write that as a fic. I want to see Sho and Jun get frustrated with the stupidity of Ohno and Aiba. XD

Also rented some DVDs. 3 discs of CSI:Miami Season 3 and the first disc of Cashmere Mafia. That's a new one so I had to pay more but Lucy Liu is in itttt. ♥ But I have to return it tomorrow. I wonder if I'll be able to watch it all before Zero at 11?
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この食べ物何という? What is this food called?

ッシュアンドチップス (イギリス料理、白身魚とフライポテト) 
Funsshu and Chips (English food, white fish and french fries)

I love you Takeru.  And when they asked him what he thought it was, he said, 「パンプキン的な・・・」  "Something pumpkin-like..."

No one else will probably get this or find this funny.  (Maybe Lydia?)  He is just so cute. I want to ruffle his cute blonde hair! ♥  I will go buy one of his photobooks because how can I not?  And watching Hiro thinking and looking confused is priceless.  Too bad this probably won't circulate around the internets.  And the trilingual lady is on again too!

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