May. 22nd, 2009

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So this week has been fucking shitty overall.  On Wednesday, Yao, the Chinese boy at school had 3,000 stolen from his wallet.  He thinks that it was Kobayashi, his helper/friend but of course denied it when asked.  But it was rather suspicious that Kobayashi started feeling sick and then went home early.  Luckily I had Chinese langague support installed on my computer so Yao could type and then translate to Japanese.  It wasn't perfect but better than me floundering in two languages I can't speak fluently.  I don't think the money was ever found.

Yesterday I had no classes because grade 6 are in Nikko.  I went to Toyoshiki and worked on my Japanese-singing-in-English thing for English club (and found so much good stuff!) and then to Ni-shou for 5th period.  Which ended up being 6th period but whatever because they had some kind of practice.  Naito-sensei had to leave early so I would be by myself.  Alright, that's fine.  I pretty much teach alone anyway.  But the fucking class were 15 minutes late and then took at least 5 minutes to put all their stuff away and no one had their book or nametags and they chatted the whole time.  And then when I gave them their work to do, which was pretty much just homework since they didn't even have time to write their names, I was one copy short.  So I went to the teacher's room to run off a copy and when I came back, one boy is lying on the floor at the back of the room clutching his stomach.  I thought maybe he was sick or something but I think another kid punched him.  I flagged down a teacher walking in the hall for help and ran for the nurse since I thought it was serious but I guess not.  And then the vice-principal was supposed to come and do the end-of-day aisatsu but he disappeared.  I didn't know what they were supposed to do (which ended up just being "Sayonara" and then they are free to go).  Ugh. 

I just get the feeling that no one takes me seriously.  I didn't yell at them like I usually would, but maybe I should have. 

This morning I wake up to a dozen crows outside my apartment.  They are flying all over the place and fighting in the street.  Where the hell did they come from?  They are huge.

I think I might try to get tickets to Nino's play this summer.  Anyone interested?  How many tickets should I try for?  Of course this has to happen when I am on a super tight budget.  If I don't score, I'll get my money back anyway.  It's right when I'm off work for summer!  I wonder what show time/date would be the least busy. 

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